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Band Photo: Wormrot (?)

From: Singapore
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Wormrot news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Wormrot Announces Last Minute NY Show

Singaporean grindcore act Wormrot has announced a last minute surprise show this Wednesday, October 6th at Party Expo in Brooklyn, NY. Playing alongside Wormrot will be Mutilation Rites, Demilitia, and Alekhine's Gun. The upcoming Wormrot tour dates are as follows:

10/4 - Hartford, Connecticut - The Whitney House
10/5 - Philadelphia, PA - JR's Bar
10/6 - Brooklyn, NY - Party Expo

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Wormrot Posts New Tour Blog

Singapore based metallers Wormrot have posted another tour blog online via InvisibleOranges.com. An excerpt from the blog follows.

Things have been a bit rough lately. The drive from Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico was around 8 – 9 hours. Upon reaching there, we had some burritos for a late lunch. It was a nice change of appetite coz we’ve been having pizzas almost everyday. Don’t get me wrong, pizzas are good, but everyday you kind of feel quite sick of it. Hehe… Anyway, the gig wasn’t as massive as the one in Denver. Turnout wasn’t as big as the place, but it was OK, I guess. The good thing is, some of the band members from Noisear came down for the gig. Was great to meet them. One of them played in a side band called The Laughing Dog. Man, they really kill!! Brutal band!!! It was an honor to meet some of the boys from Noisear and share the stage with The Laughing Dog. And guess what we had for dinner… Pizzas.

The next morning, we left the place at around 8:30am. Had our usual snappy Starbucks coffee with breakfast from Arby’s and head off to Oklahoma City for a gig at The Conservatory. Another long ass drive! What was supposed to be a 10 hours drive became 12 hours due to some complications on the highway in Amarillo, Texas. For the 1st time in our lives, we experienced real flood!!! The flood was so bad that some cars were covered in water. That totally sucks big time, man! We were damn lucky not to get stuck in the flood coz all the Wormrot boys can’t swim, for goodness sake!! Traffic was slow coz they had to block some parts of the road. And so we arrived late while the 1st band was playing. No bullshit, just load in and fucking play! Another small turnout for us considering the size of the place. LOL… But it was a fun gig. Sound system was good and the crowd was crazy, too. There was no place for us to sleep that night. so Mike had to drive to a hotel so that we can all have our beauty sleep. Oh yeah, the promoter did get us some food though. Pizzas.

This morning, we had another early start at 8:30am, coz it is another 8 hours drive. Breakfasts at Denny’s were big portions. We had 1 free meal coz of birthday special. Saved $6, y’all!! And now, we’re on the way to San Antonio, Texas to share the stage with Phobia and PLF!! Stoked as fuck, let’s fucking go!

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Wormrot Checks In From The Road

Singapore based grindcore act Wormrot is currently embarked on a North American tour. The band has now posted a new tour blog online via Invisible Oranges. An excerpt from the blog follows:

We’ve been playing 10 shows since we’ve arrived in the US. So far things have been great for us. Mike (Tombs) is our Tour Manager or Road Warrior (quoted from Mike, Sunyata Atanamar) and he’s really been cool with making sure the tour goes well and we’re well taken care of. That’s a first time for us!

Let’s start with the show in The Bowery Electric, New York. It was a last minute gig for us. Wormrot is actually not in the lineup but Earache managed to squeeze us in. The promoter was cool to let us play last minute. It was our very first show in the US and it was fucking awesome. We also get to meet the Earache US team in the club and Mike from Sunyata Atanamar blog was there too! We didn’t know Metalsucks staff was there until we read their blog. Great people, great place, great gig! It was a great start of the tour after the 21 hours flight from Singapore!

We played in Now That’s Class in Cleveland, Ohio with Mobile Deathcamp on the next day. The drive from New York to Cleveland was an ass! It wasn’t a full house but crowd was supportive! We met lots of friends and made new friends.

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Wormrot Postpones Start Of Tour

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot has delayed the start of the band's U.S. tour. Wormrot was scheduled to perform with labelmates Order of Ennead at Santos Party House in New York City tonight (September 2nd), but have been forced to postpone the start of the "Abusing US" tour due to visa delays. The band will now be arriving in the U.S. on September 4th and will be kicking off the tour on September 6th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Front man Arif Rot commented: "I'm off to the airport this Friday night to catch our early as fuck flight to the States the next day. Everything has been prepared and we are pumped as fuck to start abusing the USA. Let's fucking go!"

The band's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Earache Records Posts 2010 Summer Sampler

Earache Records recently snuck out a free Summer 2010 sampler on Amazon.com's MP3 store. You can download the compilation for free here (U.S. customers only), featuring songs from Evile, Oceano, White Wizzard, And Hell Followed With, and more. Here's the complete tracklisting:

1. And Hell Followed With "Venomspitter" (2:26)
2. Evile "Infected Nation" (5:33)
3. Oceano "District Of Misery" (3:14)
4. White Wizzard "Over The Top" (5:08)
5. Bonded By Blood "Prototype: Death Machine" (5:54)
6. Cauldron "Chained Up In Chains" (5:10)
7. Order Of Ennead "The Concept Of Our Extinction" (4:17)
8. Gama Bomb "Slam Anthem" (2:33)
9. Wormrot "Born Stupid" (1:19)
10. Wormrot "Indonesia" (0:52)
11. Annotations Of An Autopsy "Human Dust" (3:55)
12. Blood Red Throne "The Light, The Hate" (4:19)

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Wormrot To Release Album In North America

Singapore grindcore act Wormrot is set to release the album "Abuse" in North America tomorrow, June 8th, 2010. The album will feature 23 tracks. Wormrot also has the following upcoming tour dates:

6/12 2010 Fenyes Adolf Utcai Probatermek (+ Icaros) Budapest, HUNGARY
6/25 2010 KOMA F BERLIN, DE

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Metalhit Offers Free Digital Music at MD Deathfest

Metalhit.com has organized a FREE Digital Music Compilation to be distributed at the Maryland Deathfest (May 28th-30th). The compilation will come in the form of a card, each with a unique code that will allow recipients to redeem their free compilation at the Metalhit.com website.

The card will be distributed at the Sevared Records, Paragon Records and Deathgasm Records vendor booths at the event. Stop by, pick one up, and check out the goods at these tables! Get them before they're gone (only 1,000 will be distributed).

The free compilation includes 16 songs featuring: WATAIN and PENTAGRAM, both of whom are performing at the event, as well as other stellar bands like REVOCATION, THE CRINN, WORMROT, GRAVES OF VALOR, HAIL OF BULLETS, NOMINON, CARDIAC ARREST, SECTIONED, DIABOLIC, COLONIZE THE ROTTING, ALDAARON, SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT, VULVECTOMY, and ORTHRUS.

Metalhit.com will have download cards available at other worldwide metal events this year, such as the Michigan Deathfest and the Devilstone Festival in Lithuania.

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Wormrot Signs To Earache Records

Earache Records has announced the signing of Singapore grindcore band WORMROT.

WORMROT is a three-piece band formed in 2007 by school friends Arif (vocals) and Rasyid (guitars) joined by drummer Fitri, WORMROT.

WORMROT recorded a number of EPs and splits, before recording their debut full-length album, "ABUSE." Originally released by Scrotum Jus Records in May 2009, Earache Records will re-issue "ABUSE" with a 34 track bonus disc of demos and unreleased material, in all of its punishing glory on April 12th, 2010, before WORMROT kick off a European tour. View the "ABUSE" album cover at this location. More...

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