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Band Photo: Wormrot (?)

From: Singapore
Last Known Status: Active

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

To the diehard music fan, there is hardly an act more inconceivable than parting with The Collection. Most metal heads, those of us who still buy CDs, records, and even tapes, anyway, will pawn everything of value when times get tough, move back in with our parents, beg, borrow, steal, and take just about any form of mind numbing and depraved work imaginable to keep The Collection in our grubby, greasy little hands. Sadly, even this isn’t always enough, and in these economically turbulent and uncertain times, the hour inevitably comes when hard decisions must be made, and priorities must be put in order. More...

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Wormrot Comments On Indonesian Tour

Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot are gearing up for a headlining Indonesian tour, which kicks off tomorrow, Saturday, January 14th in Bekasi. The band will be tearing its way around Indonesia for two weeks, on what will be its first tour of 2012. Check out the tour flyer here.

Wormrot vocalist Arif Rot comments:

"The last time we 'toured' Indonesia was 4 years back. We did only 3 dates and all of them were extreme raging grindoholics! Memorable for us as it was our first tour ever in the history of Wormrot. We are more than stoked to be back grinding more dates, meeting old and new friends again. Indonesia, it's been a while. A diverse country with great unity in their scene engraving their endless dying love for extreme music. Again, less talk, more grind! See you grindonesians real soon."

See Wormrot on tour at the following shows:

Jan. 14 - Bekasi, Indonesia - Grand Cakung Outdoor
Jan. 17 - Bali, Indonesia - Bahana Studio
Jan. 20 - Surabaya, Indonesia - Decimation Fest at GSG Unair
Jan. 21 - Malang, Indonesia - Fast Fest at Denpal Hall
Jan. 22 - Semarang, Indonesia - Villa Hollywood
Jan. 23 - Klaten, Indonesia - Gedung Serbaguna
Jan. 24 - Solo, Indonesia - Gedung Kesenian
Jan. 27 - Bandung, Indonesia - Karamba Cafe
Jan. 28 - Cipanas, Indonesia - Villa Damar Indah
Jan. 29 - Sukabumi, Indonesia - Hip Hop Cafe

In other news, the members of Wormrot were also recently arrested by Islamic religious authorities while in Malaysia.

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Wormrot Members Arrested By Religious Authorities

Singapore grindcore act Wormrot has posted the following statement online about getting arrested in Malaysia by religious authorities:

"We had planned to chill at the hotel lobby. 6 people (5 smokers + 1 straight edge) in 1 room and no windows = Claustrophobic + Bad ventilation. Fiaz (Asilent’s bassist) came down to our room coz we had planned to chill with the Asilent boys as well. Suddenly, someone opened our door (Guess they have the hotel’s master card key) and asked 'Are you married?!' The minute Fit heard that question, he laughed and said 'No,' the bunch of people behind that person, started taking pictures of us!!! Talk about paparazzi… No they weren’t paparazzi.. They are from the JAIS - Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Selangor Islamic Religious Department). We were so shocked and lost for words coz we don’t think that we were doing anything wrong.

"After several questions and telling us that it is wrong for unmarried Muslim men and women to be in one room, they took our passports and we were taken to the police station to give our statements and call someone to bail us. Now.. now.. don’t blame the religion. Some people are just extremists and this Islamic rules only applied in Selangor and Kelantan. And of course only to the Muslim people. Please don’t stop visiting Malaysia because of this issue coz seriously it has a very good and dedicated Metal scene. Plus everything is cheap and you can find delicious food everywhere.

"Back to the main story… Only 5 of us were taken into custody. Arif, Rasyid, Fit, his girlfriend who is Arif’s little sister and myself. Rasyid’s girlfriend was not taken into custody coz she’s not Muslim and Fiaz was from another room. When we got out of the hotel to be escorted into the police lorry which already has some couples who were caught earlier than us, around 30 - 40 more people from JAIS, passerby and maybe some people from the media took pictures of us as though they had busted the most biggest crime for the night.

"We were taken to the Taman Muda Police Station and had to sit on the floor to wait for the organizer, Emi, to come and bail us out. Emi arrived at 4am and he had talked to one of the JAIS staff. At around 4.15am, we were taken to another police station as there was no high ranking officer to do up the reports. Again everyone had to be escorted into the lorry to be driven to Pandan Indah Police Station. However, when we arrived there, we were still held in the lorry as the high ranking staff from JAIS have not arrived. At around 5am, when they finally arrived, we thought that we will be taken into the police station for our statements. But… in the end… we were let off with just a warning. We were nearly fined $3000 MYR ($950 USD) per person if Emi did not call his lawyer up and we being Singaporeans. Plus we weren’t doing any sexual intercourse when they entered our room. More...

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Earache To Release Grindcore Collection

Earache records has announced that they will be releasing a five disc box set comprising of four different grindcore bands. The collection will be released on November 14th and will include albums from Napalm Death, Insect Warfare, Wormrot and Narcosis. It is available to pre-order now for the price of £19.99 ($32 in the United States.)

The albums featured include:

* Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration
* Insect Warefare - World Extermination
* Wormrot - Abuse (limited edition including bonus disc featuring 34 extra tracks)
* Narcosis - Best Served Cold: Discography 1998 - 2007

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Wormrot Premieres New Song "Loathsome Delusions"

Singapore grind champions Wormrot will be releasing a new digital EP through Scion A/V tomorrow, September 20th. For grindcore fans that can't wait that long, Metalunderground.com now has an exclusive premiere of the "Scion A/V Presents: WORMROT-NOISE" EP's opening track "Loathsome Delusions," which can be streamed or downloaded as an MP3 in the widget below.

The track listing for the "Noise" EP is as follows:

1. Loathsome Delusions
2. False Assumptions
3. Outburst of Annoyance
4. Breed to Breed
5. Perpetual Extingtion

You can also check out a video clip of Wormrot playing "Breed to Breed" by heading over to this location.

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Wormrot Announces New European Shows

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot is preparing to return to Europe in less than two weeks, kicking off a U.K. trek on September 1st in Cardiff and moving onto mainland Europe on September 12th. Wormrot will be joined by Evisorax for all of the U.K. dates and Maruta for the rest of the European tour.

Wormrot guitarist Rasyid comments: "Being home for some time has been a real drag. Being on the road and playing shows are what we're good at, so we're feeling ecstatic about this UK/Europe tour! It's time to show our full commitment to the blastbeat!!"

The upcoming Wormrot tour dates are as follows:

Sep. 01 - Cardiff, UK - Undertone
Sep. 02 - Nottingham, UK - Old Angel
Sep. 03 - Belfast, UK - Auntie Annie's
Sep. 04 - Dublin, Ireland - Pint Bar
Sep. 05 - Sunderland, UK - The Borough
Sep. 06 - Glasgow, UK - 13th Note
Sep. 07 - Liverpool, UK - The Masque
Sep. 08 - Derby, UK - The Old Bell Hotel
Sep. 09 - Bath, UK - Green Park Tavern
Sep. 10 - London, UK - The Grosvenor More...

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Earache Records Offering Entire Catalog On Spotify

Earache Records has checked in with the following announcement about offering the label's entire catalog for free online through Spotify:

"Have you ever wanted to hear that awesome new track from your favorite new band, or to go back and check out the early releases from some of the most legendary names in metal, but not had the money to spend on CDs or downloads? Earache has the answer!

"Earache Records has teamed up with popular music streaming service Spotify to give rockers and metalheads instant access to a huge library of killer tunes, all of which are completely free to listen to.

"Earache's entire music catalogue is available now on Spotify, featuring over 3500 tracks from some of the most legendary names in rock and metal, including such classic acts as AT THE GATES, CARCASS, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and NAPALM DEATH, along with the latest releases from some of the hottest new bands such as EVILE, RIVAL SONS, WORMROT and many more.

"To listen to the entire Earache music catalogue, just head to this location (Spotify account required)."

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Singapore Death Fest 2011 Recap

This past Saturday White Studio at Fort Canning played host to Singapore Death Fest 2011, a gathering of some of Asia’s best and most brutal grind and death metal bands.

Fiaz Grinder, who also plays bass in Singaporean death metal act Asilent, organized the fest along with Wormrot vocalist Arif Rot and production company Echo Productions. All worked extremely hard in the weeks leading up to the fest and on the weekend of the fest itself in particular, basically forgoing sleep from Friday through Sunday to make sure everything went smoothly, and without a hitch things did go off.

The venue was an interesting one, with White Studio being named for its virginal white walls, floor, and ceiling, and with the room being housed in a colonial era British military fort atop a hill in central Singapore. About 150 die hard metal heads from the Singapore scene began to gather early in the afternoon to mingle and peruse the bands’ merchandise before the late afternoon start time. At just after four p.m., the doors were opened, and the mayhem could begin. More...

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Womrot Posts Tour Video

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot has completed a mini-tour of Malaysia, following a mammoth six-week trek in the United States. The band will also be returning to the U.K. and Europe in September.

Wormrot has now posted a new tour video showing the sheer intensity of the Malaysian crowds during the band's recent live performances. Watch the video now below.

The upcoming Wormrot tour dates are as follows: More...

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Wormrot Announces European Shows

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot has confirmed the first dates for a European headlining tour, which is due to kick off on September 1st in the U.K. Wormrot vocalist Arif Rot comments:

"It seems like forever since we grind UK and Europe, although it's only last year. We will be back twice as pissed off. Less talk, more grind! See you grinders real soon - nabey cheebai!!!"

See Wormrot live on tour at the following shows:

Jun. 11 - Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia - Club Cinta Sayang
Jun. 12 - Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia - Arjuna Studio
Jul. 02 - Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - Kepura Cave
Jul. 09 - Singapore - Singapore Deathfest (venue TBA)

Wormrot w/ Evisorax
Sep. 01 - Cardiff, UK - Undertone
Sep. 02 - Nottingham, UK - Old Angel
Sep. 03 - Belfast, UK - Auntie Annie's
Sep. 04 - Dublin, Ireland - Pint Bar
Sep. 05 - Sunderland, UK - The Borough
Sep. 06 - Glasgow, UK - 13th Note
Sep. 07 - Liverpool, UK - The Masque
Sep. 08 - Derby, UK - The Old Bell Hotel
Sep. 09 - Bath, UK - Green Park Tavern
Sep. 10 - London, UK - The Grosvenor

Wormrot w/Maruta
Sep. 16 - Wermelskirchen, Germany - NRW Deathfest
Sep. 17 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival
Sep. 18 - Trier, Germany - Exhaus
Sep. 19 - Wroclaw, Poland - Wagon Club
Sep. 20 - Prague, Czech Republic - Modra Vopice
Sep. 22 - Budapest, Hungary - Szabad az A
Sep. 23 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Menza Pri Koritu
Oct. 04 - Lisbon, Portugal - Side B
Oct. 05 - Porto, Portugal - Hard Club
Oct. 08 - Bordeaux, France - Heretic Club
Oct. 14 - Kassel, Germany - Hotspot
Oct. 15 - Eindhoven, Netherlands - Bloodshed Festival

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Wormrot Announces Malaysian Mini-Tour

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot has announced a string of Malaysian shows in support of the band's forthcoming new album "Dirge." Wormrot recently completed a six-week long "Dirge Across America" U.S. tour, and is due to kick off a Malaysian mini-tour in June, which includes a show inside the famous Kepura cave - an ancient cave inside a mountain. The tour poster can be found after the jump. You can also check out Wormrot's video clip for "Erased Existence" at this location.

Wormrot vocalist Arif Rot comments:

"We've been touring US, UK, Europe recently and for once we never forget about our neighboring countries. We played Malaysia quite a while back and it was fucking massive. They have been asking for more, and that's exactly what they're gonna get!"

See Wormrot live on tour at the following shows:

June 09 - Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Myevo Clubhouse
June 10 - Sungai Nibong, Penang, Malaysia - Soundmaker Studio
June 11 - Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia - Club Cinta Sayang
June 12 - Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia - Arjuna Studio
July 02 - Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - Kepura Cave
July 09 - Singapore - Singapore Deathfest (venue TBA) More...

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Wormrot Posts "Erased Existence" Video

Singapore grindcore trio Wormrot has now released a new music video for the track "Erased Existence," which is taken from the band's new album "Dirge." The video for "Erased Existence" was partially filmed during a live show at The Blvd in Los Angeles, California. The video was directed by Dave Vorhes (WHITE WIZZARD, BONDED BY BLOOD), who also filmed the band's recently released video for "Spot A Pathetic."

Wormrot's entire new album "Dirge" is currently available as a free download, and the "Spot a Pathetic" video can also be found here.

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SXSW Music 2011 Day 3: Part 1

Friday, March 18th marked day three of SXSW Music. I attended the afternoon session entitled “Writing About Music in the Twenty Tens,” as it sounded like a great fit for what we do here. It was actually more geared toward the individual writer, but was applicable nonetheless. The panel of speakers had some prepared questions and discussed the need to learn multimedia and how writing professionally is a skill set in itself. Some of the examples about the latter were particularly interesting - writers get asked to do a wide range of things and the thinking is that rising to the challenge makes you a better writer. They also talked about saving your articles so that over time you’ll have enough material for a book or some sort, and discussed self publishing vs a book deal and how to find a good agent who works with your topic/kind of book (and recommended agentquery.com for searches).

There were two big day shows to choose from on this day: The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival at SXSW and MetalSucks’ “South by South Death.” I had planned to stop by the NEMHF before heading to the MetalSucks event. The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was being held across the street from Emo’s in a tent. Being highly visible on the main strip, and featuring more well known bands, it was already packed and there was a line to get in - no special treatment for having a badge even. That made it a no-brainer to walk a block down the street to Headhunters to check out the MetalSucks event.

When I arrived, it had yet to start, but Meek Is Murder was setting up just minutes later. The main floor of Headhunters is not very big, especially if you don’t count the stage, sound board, and bar. I’d guess there’s about 15’ x 25’ of usable floor space. Meek Is Murder began playing to the dozen or so people there at the time. Their sound lies somewhere under the progressive hardcore umbrella. I liked the more progressive parts, as well as the occasional cool riff or groove, but was not a big fan of the screamy hardcore parts. But it was still an enjoyable half hour set anyway. More...

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Wormrot Offering "Dirge" As Free Download

Singapore grindcore act Wormrot and Earache Records are currently offering the band's "Dirge" album as a free download. The 25 track album can be downloaded for free at this location. "Dirge" is set for release on May 3rd in North American and May 23rd in Europe. The band and label stated they decided to give the fans what they want and spare them the possibility of downloading viruses and malware from untrusted websites by offering a free MP3 download of the complete album.

Wormrot also commented:

"We realized that all you grinders were so excited for more 'Abuse' with Dirge that it's leaked, so we said 'what the fuck, here it is' - for you free in MP3 format to download right now. Get a t-shirt while you're at it you fucking cheapskates! Nabey cheebai!"

The download is a 40MB ZIP file, containing all 25 tracks in 320kbps MP3 format. All tracks are DRM free. The music video for "Spot a Pathetic" is also available at this location.

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Wormrot Releases New Music Video

Singapore based grindcore outfit Wormrot has posted a new music video online for the song, "Spot A Pathetic." You can check it out below. The video was filmed a few weeks ago in San Diego, California and the song comes from the group's forthcoming new studio album, "Dirge," which will be released in North America on May 3rd, with a European release of May 23rd to follow.

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Band Lineup Announced For SXSW Showcases

The lineups have been announced for the upcoming SXSW music showcases that will be occurring between March 16th - March 19th. Details are as follows:

Wednesday, March 16th

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party
Venue: Emo's
12:20 The Roller
1:10 Deafheaven
1:55 The Secret
2:40 Ken Mode
3:30 Dax Riggs
4:20 Trash Talk
5:10 Kylesa

Thursday, March 17th

Thrasher/Impose Day Party
Venue: Scoot Inn [Outside Stage]
5:00pm - Trash Talk
4:00pm - Weedeater
3:00pm - Zoroaster
2:00pm - Liturgy
1:00pm - The Body

Full Metal Texas / BrooklynVegan Stage
Venue: Emo's [Inside Stage]
5:00pm - YOB
4:05pm - Trap Them
3:10pm - Hull
2:20pm - Kverlertak
1:35pm - Rwake
12:50pm - All Pigs Must Die
12:05pm - Goes Cube More...

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BrooklynVegan Announces Four Day Shows During SXSW

BrooklynVegan has announced four free shows over two venues with 32 bands in total. The details are as follows:

3/16 Emo's (603 Red River Street Austin, TX 78701)
12:20 The Roller
1:10 Deafheaven
1:55 The Secret
2:40 KEN Mode
3:30 Dax Riggs
4:20 Trash Talk
5:10 Kylesa

3/17 Emo's (603 Red River Street Austin, TX 78701)
12:05 Goes Cube
12:50 All Pigs Must Die
1:35 Kvelertak
2:20 Rwake
3:10 Hull
4:05 Trap Them
5:00 Yob

3/18 Lovejoys (604 Neches St, btw 6th & 7th, Austin, TX 78701)
12:15 Owen Hart
1:00 Salvation
1:45 Kill The Client
2:30 KEN Mode
3:15 Cough
4:00 Magrudergrind
4:45 Gaza
5:30 Wormrot
6:15 Ringworm

3/19 Lovejoys (604 Neches St, btw 6th & 7th, Austin, TX 78701)
12:20 Altaar
1:00 Castevet
1:45 Wolvhammer
2:30 Batillus
3:15 Grayceon
4:00 Deafheaven
4:45 The Body
5:30 Dark Castle
6:15 Tombs

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Wormrot To Shoot Music Videos Tonight

Singpore grindcore act Wormrot will be shooting two new music videos at tonight's show at The Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. Directed by Dave Vorhes (White Wizzard, Bonded By Blood), these videos will be shot for the "Dirge" songs "Erased Existence" and "Spot a Pathetic." All those in attendance at tonight's show must be prepared to step up their game, let loose and get extreme. The band is looking for the audience to set an example that all of their future crowds should follow.

Wormrot also recently posted the song "Spot a Pathetic" online, which can be found here. The band's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

Mar 04 - Los Angeles, CA - The Blvd.
Mar 05 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House (Scion Rock Fest)
Mar 06 - Oakland, Ca - Hazmat Warehouse
Mar 07 - Sacramento, CA - On The Y
Mar 08 - Reno, NV - Ground Zero (House Show)
Mar 09 - Eugene, OR - Wandering Goat
Mar 10 - Portland, OR - Red Room
Mar 11 - Seattle, WA - The Morgue
Mar 12 - Boise, ID - The Shredder
Mar 13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Raunch Records
Mar 14 - Cheyenne, WY - Ernie November (In-store)
Mar 15 - Denver, CO - Blast-O-Mat
Mar 17 - El Paso, TX - Lipps Lounge
Mar 18 - Austin, TX - Headhunter's (SXSW South By South Death Party)
Mar 18 - Austin, TX - Lovejoy's
Mar 20 - San Antonio, TX - Karova Basement
Mar 21 - Layfayette, LA - Frankie's

Mar 22 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
Mar 23 - Panama City, FL - C-Level
Mar 24 - Tampa, FL - Ransitions Art Gallery
Mar 25 - Miami, FL - Churchill's Pub
Mar 26 - Orlando, FL - Will's Pub
Mar 27 - Atlanta, GA - Archive Gallery
Mar 28 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
Mar 29 - Richmond, VA - Gallery 5
Mar 30 - Baltimore, MD - The Talking Head
Mar 31 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
Apr 01 - Worcester, MA - Club Oasis
Apr 02 - Brockton, MA - O'Brien's Pub

Apr 03 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
Apr 05 - Peeksill, NY - Popeye's
Apr 07 - Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class
Apr 08 - Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar
Apr 09 - Chicago, IL - Pancho's
Apr 10 - Milwaukee, WI - Mad planet
Apr 11 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar
Apr 12 - Columbia, MO - Sideshow
Apr 13 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Conservatory
Apr 15 - Phoenix, AZ - Chaser's

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Wormrot Posts Song From New Album

Wormrot has debuted another new track from the band's forthcoming release, "Dirge." The new song from the Singapore grindcore trio, titled "Spot A Pathetic," can be heard in the player below. "Dirge" is set to be released on May 3rd through Earache Records.

Wormrot also has the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Tombs Announces New Tour Dates

Blackened hardcore act Tombs has revealed the dates for its forthcoming headline tour of the United States. Support on the trek will come from extreme metal act Wormrot. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below:

03/22 New Orleans, LA – Siberia
03/23 Panama City, FL – C Level Bar
03/24 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
03/25 Miami, FL – Churchhill’s
03/26 Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
03/27 Atlanta, GA – Archive Gallery
03/28 Charlotte, NC – The Milestone
03/29 Richmond, VA – Gallery 5
03/30 Washington, DC – The Red Door
03/31 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
04/01 Worcester, MA – Club Oasis
04/02 Allston, MA – O’Brien’s

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