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Twisted Sister

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Band Photo: Twisted Sister (?)

Formed: 1972
From: Long Island, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Twisted Sister & Steelheart Frontmen Help Charity

Dee Snider of TWISTED SISTER and Michael "Mili" Matijevic of STEELHEART were just some of the celebrities who came out to the home of the Coney Island Cyclones in KeySpan Stadium in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, August 25 to help raise awareness about autism and funds for autism research at the second annual Autism Speaks Celebrity Softball Game and silent auction.

Snider and Matijevic both played on the CW11 team which went on to win the game 2-0 against NBC.

All proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction benefit Autism Speaks, the nation's leading autism advocacy organization.

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Diamond Head Confirmed For Hard Rock Hell

UK NWOBHM legends DIAMOND HEAD are the latest act confirmed for Britain's Hard Rock Hell - The Winter Ball festival which is taking place from November 9th - 11th at Butlins in Minehead, UK (Somerset).


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Metal Gets Its Due On Massive Rhino Boxed Set

Heavy metal fans will be banging their heads in delight this fall with the release of Rhinos's "Heavy Metal Box," due Oct. 2. The four-disc, 70-song set boasts classic tracks from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Slayer, among dozens of others.

Arranged chronologically from 1968 to 1991, the compilation also boasts hits from bands like Deep Purple, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, Pantera, Alice Cooper, Venom, Testament, Rush and Megadeth; the project will be packaged in a box resembling a Marshall guitar amp.

The liner notes will include extensive photos, track commentary and interviews with Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford.

Here is the track list for "The Heavy Metal Box": More...

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Twisted Sister Guitarist To Record New Solo Album

MetalSucks recently conducted an interview with TWISTED SISTER guitarist Eddie Ojeda. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

MetalSucks: Are you thinking about doing another solo album anytime soon?

Ojeda: That's what I'm trying to do. 'Cause you know, I go out… once September comes, I'll be out playing constantly, I probably won't be back 'til December, because I'll be out doing this show VAMPIRES ROCK.

MetalSucks: What's that?

Ojeda: It's basically, um… it's kinda like a "Rocky Horror"-type show. They do a whole stage production with pyro and a band and a cast, and… it's very cool.

MetalSucks: Did you write the music for that?

Ojeda: No, I didn't. It's actually, it's not original music, it's like really well known rock n' roll. I mean, when I'm doing it we'll do "Burn in Hell", 'cause it kinda fits… and we'll do "We're Not Gonna Take It", 'cause, y'know, I'm being like a guest artist. 'Cause the lead guy is this singer and he usually does the whole lead thing. He also does a MEAT LOAF tribute, which is funny. He does this whole MEAT LOAF tribute and he tours England. 'Cause MEAT LOAF is SO big in England, y'know… I guess they just love it, they can't get enough of it, so… he started doing a MEAT LOAF tribute and it turned into this really big thing, and then, like, he does this show, VAMPIRES ROCK, so, y'know, half a year he does the MEAT LOAF thing, he goes out in the like the spring and the summer, and then in the fall and winter, he does the VAMPIRES ROCK thing. It basically started out as a Halloween thing that he used to do like ten, fifteen shows around Halloween, and now it's gotten even bigger, it's gonna be… well, so far, I'm doing 39 shows with them.

MetalSucks: Have you been working on a new solo album?

Ojeda: Yeah, I've been working on… right now I'm trying to pick songs. I've got a lot of stuff on tape. I'm trying to pick songs to get working on… I'm getting sidetracked alot, going to events and doing shows… I'm trying to do some voice-overs… my day… between all the events I go to and some of the traveling I'm doing just for business reasons, it's hard to get cracking, y'know what I mean (laughs)? [I] kinda feel like just going somewhere where I can… 'cause I always thought it works the best, when you just go someplace and you're not… when you work at home or, y'know, near your home, there's a lot of distractions, y'know? Sometimes it's better to go somewhere, and you're just there to record. Or just, y'know, put stuff down and start your album. And that's kinda the best way to get it done, 'cause otherwise there's always a million distractions, y'know? Before you know it, another month goes by.

MetalSucks: So, when you do get to do another solo album, do you think it will have a bunch of guest vocalists? I know last time you had [Ronnie James] Dio and Dee [Snider] obviously did some stuff, and Joe Lynn Turner…

Ojeda: Yeah. I'm definaltey gonna try and have a bunch of people on there… at least two or three, I'd like to have at least three guys, y'know… 'cause I got some songs that are really cool for certain people. But I'm not, y'know… it depends on who I can get, and scheduling. I mean, I know Ronnie [James Dio]'s up for it… for doing another one if I ask him to, y'know, uh… it might be cool, if I can find something. Y'know, that song "Tonight" [from "Axes 2 Axes"], it was kinda like, really perfect for him, y'know? And that's one of the reasons I asked him to sing it. It was almost like, I said "Wow, this really sounds like a DIO song," y'know? Even though I wrote it, it sounded like… it had a very DIO feeling to it. That's kinda why I asked him to do it. And I think it makes it a little more exciting for people, y'know… 'cause it's funny, when I asked these guys to sing, I didn't realize how many people these guys had worked with. The list, when I read the list, it reads like… 'cause I have the album on CD Baby now, so it says "Featuring guys who have played with WHITESNAKE, OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK SABBATH." (laughs) And I'd realized Rudy Sarzo played with OZZY OSBOURNE, played with WHITESNAKE, y'know, played on "Blizzard of Ozz", y'know, RAINBOW. So the list of people, when the record company puts together the list of all the artists, y'know, "featuring artists who've played with all these bands," it's a real who's who band list, y'know? And it's a CD that I only have four guest artists on, but it's like… like Ronnie. Ronnie's been in SABBATH, he's been in RAINBOW, and he's done his own thing, y'know… and Dee, Dee has done his own thing with his, uh, basically his own project… But until I get some other songs, y'know, semi-recorded… 'cause right now it's just me playing guitar on a boom box, y'know, with the songs… so until I get some basic drums down, y'know, some kind of basic tracks that sound like something, as far as laying the vocals over it, I really can't tell, y'know, who I'm gonna ask to do what. But I definately wanna [use more guest singers].

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Guitar Hero Encore Song List Revealed

The complete list of songs has been revealed for Activision's special 1980s-themed Guitar Hero title, dubbed Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. The game will ship for the PlayStation 2 on July 24.

According to Gamespot, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s is rated T for Teen and will be the last game in the series from original developers Harmonix. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater developer Neversoft is taking over the franchise beginning with Guitar Hero III, while Harmonix is preparing rival rhythm game Rock Band. Both titles are set for release later this year for multiple platforms.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s tracks:

"Caught in a Mosh" (as made famous by ANTHRAX)
"Balls to the Wall" (as made famous by ACCEPT)
"Electric Eye" (by JUDAS PRIEST)
"Los Angeles" (as made famous by X)
"Police Truck" (as made famous by DEAD KENNEDYS)
"We Got the Beat" (as made famous by THE GO GO'S)
"(I Think I'm) Turning Japanese" (as made famous by VAPORS)
"Seventeen" (as made famous by WINGER)
"Because, it's Midnite" (by LIMOZEEN)
"Hold On Loosely" (as made famous by .38 SPECIAL)
"No One Like You" (as made famous by SCORPIONS)
"Only a Lad" (as made famous by OINGO BOINGO)
"Ballroom Blitz" (as made famous by KROKUS)
"The Warrior" (by SCANDAL)
"What I Like About You" (as made famous by THE ROMANTICS)
"Wrath Child" (as made famous by IRON MAIDEN)
"I Wanna Rock" (by TWISTED SISTER)
"Round and Round" (as made famous by RATT)
"Metal Health" (as made famous by QUIET RIOT)
"Holy Diver" (as made famous by DIO)
"Heat Of The Moment" (as made famous by ASIA)
"Radar Love" (as made famous by WHITE LION)
"18 and Life" (as made famous by SKID ROW)
"Bathroom Wall" (as made famous by FASTER PUSSYCAT)
"Lonely is the Night" (as made famous by BILLY SQUIER)
"Nothing But a Good Time" (as made famous by POISON)
"Play With Me" (as made famous by EXTREME)
"Shaken" (as made famous by EDDIE MONEY)
"Synchronicity II" (as made famous by THE POLICE)

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Just For Fun

New Tracks Pouring In For Guitar Hero III

Two more tracks have been announced for "Guitar Hero III" which will see a release this fall on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Wii consoles. The latest two to be revealed include:

Pearl Jam - "Evenflow"
Priestess - "Lay Down"

Both songs will be the original studio recordings. More on that can be found here. Similarly, another track has also been revealed for the upcoming "Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s", it being "We Got The Beat" by the Go-Go's. The game is tentatively planned for a July 17th release date on the Playstation 2 and will also feature tracks from the likes of Twisted Sister, The Police, Dio, Accept, Ratt and more.

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Listen To Twisted Sister's "Twisted Christmas"

AOL Music is running a listening party for the full CD of Twisted Sister's "Twisted Christmas" for the entire month of December. You can listen to the full-album stream here.

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Twisted Sister Celebrates Xmas, But Future Unclear

Billboard.com reports: Twisted Sister will put a cap on its reunion with the Oct. 17 release of "A Twisted Christmas" via Razor & Tie. "I think I made the comment that we should do a Christmas record," guitarist Jay Jay French tells Billboard. "And [frontman] Dee [Snider] said, 'You know, "Come All Ye Faithful" is actually "We're Not Gonna Take It." I think I subliminally stole the melody.'"

"So we recorded 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and put 'Come All Ye Faithful' in, and it worked with some changes," he continues. "We added a Black Sabbath version of 'Hava Nagilah' at the end of the song. Then we came up with 10 songs and decided to connect them with bands that we really love."

The sets features a duet with Lita Ford on "I'll Be Home for Christmas," while "White Christmas" was recorded in multiple languages for its European editions. "It's a great idea," Snider says. "I think the Christmas album might actually get some attention because it's a novelty record, and it might get the attention that a regular Twisted Sister album could not.

Having regrouped in 2001 after a 14-year hiatus, Twisted Sister's ongoing existence is unclear, according to Snider.

"I've told the guys that I'm done [after 2006]," he says. "I've got a lot of things plaguing me. I really resented the older bands that would not know when to get off the f*ckin' stage. I want to get out of the way and let [younger bands] have their chance in the spotlight. Am I saying I'll never do anything ever again? No. But am I serious that I want it to end? Yes. Not because anything's wrong, but because everything's right, so I want it to end while everything's right."

"If the band had never reunited we would never have known or experienced the thrill of the acknowledgment of the hard work that we put in," French adds. "I never take it for granted. It's just unbelievable. So I'm astonished by it, humbled by it and grateful for it."

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Twisted Sister To Release Heavy Metal Xmas Album

TWISTED SISTER manager Daniel Stanton of Coallier Entertainment sent the following statement to Blabbermouth.net:

"TWISTED SISTER has signed with American record label Razor & Tie for the purpose of releasing a final CD. The CD will be a Christmas album of standards done in an all-heavy metal format. Due to release date commitments, the band had to cancel several shows this summer, including two in England on June 27th [London Hammersmith Apollo] and 28th [Nottingham Rock City] and turn down four high-profile festivals in Europe. The planned release date will be in mid-October. The title, track listing and support dates will be announced by the end of the summer."

TWISTED SISTER's re-recording of their classic 1984 album "Stay Hungry", dubbed "Still Hungry", was issued in 2004 on Spitfire Records.

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"A Headbanger's Journey" To Receive DVD Release

Heavy Metal has long been a stigmatized musical genre characterized by aggressive rhythms, dark lyrics and satanic worship. "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" is a ground-breaking film that explores the history of how these stereotypes came to be and explains the motivation and truth behind the music through candid interviews with metal icons, including Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickison, Lemmy Kilmister, and many more.

"Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" two-disc set will be released by Warner Home Video on May 23, 2006 for $24.98 just in time for metal's most popular music festivals such as Ozzfest, Gigantour and Sounds Of Underground kick off. Order due date is April 18, 2006.

Sam Dunn, a thirty-year-old anthropologist, has been fascinated by the culture of heavy metal since he was twelve years old. In an effort to study its origin and cultural impact, he sets out on a global journey to find out why this music has been consistently stereotyped, dismissed and condemned and yet is loved so passionately by its millions of fans. Along the way, Sam explores metal's obsession with some of life's most provocative subjects - sexuality, religion, violence and death - and discovers some things about the culture that even he can't defend. Shot on location in the U.K., Germany, Norway, Canada and the U.S., this documentary is the first of its kind. It is both a defense of a long-misunderstood art form and a window for the outsider into the spectacle that is heavy metal.

"Heavy metal music has an enormous worldwide following that many people are unaware of because it has been overshadowed by images of violence and mosh pits," said Tehya Kopp, WHV Senior Director, Special Interest Marketing. "This documentary digs into the stereotypes and misconceptions about the artists' motivations behind the lyrics and harsh sound and explores the real side of metal in a way that appeals to metal and non-metal fans alike. It's an eye-opening documentary that is both informative and enjoyable to all audiences."

"Metal: A Headbanger's History" contains over 87 minutes of special features including:

* 16 extended interviews with metal rock icons!
* 20-minute mini-documentary on Norwegian black metal
* Footage with Lemmy from MOTORHEAD at the Rainbow
* Director's commentary.
* Travel outtakes
* An awesome interactive metal history family tree, created specifically for the DVD.

You can watch the trailer, find more information about the release and read the directors' blog at metalhistory.com.

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Heavy Metal Documentary To Premiere In March

Sam Dunn is a 30-year old anthropologist. He's also a lifelong metal fan. After years of studying diverse cultures Sam turns his academic eye a little closer to home and embarks on an epic journey into the heart of heavy metal. His mission: to try and figure out why metal music is consistently stereotyped, dismissed and condemned, even while the tribe that loves it stubbornly holds its ground - spreading the word, keeping the faith, and adopting the styles and attitudes that go way beyond the music.

Sam visits heavy metal landmarks as far flung as L.A.'s Sunset Strip, the dirty streets of Birmingham and the dark forests of Norway. Along the way, the two sides of Sam Dunn - curious anthropologist and rabid fan - collide, as Sam explores metal's obsession with sexuality, religion, violence and death, meets his heroes and discovers some things about the culture that even he can't defend. Part social document, part celebration of a misunderstood art form, this documentary is the first of its kind: a chance for metal fans to speak out and a window into a culture that's far more complex than it appears.

The film stars Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Arch Enemy, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Geddy Lee (Rush), Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) and others.

The film is written and directed by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen and is distributed by Seville Pictures.

The film opened in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec City yesterday (Feb. 24) and will open in the U.S., UK, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, Brazil, Japan, Poland and Belgium in early March.

For more information, visit www.metalhistory.com.

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Twisted Sister Video of NAMM Performance

A short video clip of TWISTED SISTER performing at the Pulse Lounge in the Hilton bar in Anaheim, California on Saturday, January 21 during an Epiphone party at the NAMM 2006 convention has been posted online at this location. TWISTED SISTER were reportedly joined for one song by POISON guitarist C.C. Deville.

As previously reported, TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider, who wrote and starred in the fright flick "Strangeland", has joined the lineup of the next Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention, presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment, to be held in Chicago, IL, March 4-5, 2006. Snider will discuss his work with Fangoria TV, as well as his planned unrated "Strangeland" re-release and sequel.

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VH1's 'Heavy: The Story Of Metal' Details

"Heavy: The Story of Metal," premiering Monday - Thursday, May 1-4 at 9PM ET/PT each night traces the evolution of heavy metal music and culture, from its dark, grim beginnings in Birmingham, England to the worldwide force that it remains to this day. In a series of four themed hours, "Heavy: The Story of Metal," explores four decades of music, each hour examining this powerful and often misunderstood genre, from metal's pioneers to its love of glam and excess; from the fight for metal's rebellious soul to its storied flirtation with the devil:

Episode One traces metal's roots in the late-60's in the bombed-out industrial town of Birmingham England to the spectacular rise of Kiss and "glam metal" in the early 70's.

Episode Two examines metal's growing pains during the 70's when both high-brow rock critics and punk rock threatened its very existence. By decade's end, bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Def Leppard gave birth to what became known as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal." Episode Three sees metal thrive in, of all places, sunny California. Van Halen, Poison, Motley Crue -- it's the world of hair metal. And, keeping everyone's Jacuzzi-soaked ego in check, a little film called Spinal Tap emerges.

Episode Four takes a walk on the dark side: Guns N' Roses, Metallica, thrash, grunge, and how the music and images of Marilyn Manson became associated with the Columbine massacre.

Told from the perspective of the musicians, promoters, writers and fans who have kept metal's flame alive for four decades, "Heavy: The Story of Metal," contains revealing, hilarious and sometimes shocking conversations. Interviews include Sebastian Bach, Jerry Cantrell, Phil Collen, Bruce Dickinson, Fred Durst, Ace Frehley, Rob Halford, Scott Ian, Tony Iommi, Chris Jericho, Lemmy Kilmister, Chuck Klosterman, Jani Lane, Tommy Lee, Doc McGhee, Bret Michaels, Dave Mustaine, Vinnie Paul, Mark Putnam, Riki Rachtman, Dave "Snake" Sabo, Nikki Sixx, Slash, Dee Snider, Geoff Tate, Eddie Trunk, Rob Zombie and more.

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Viking Skull Dropped From Alice Cooper Tour

British hard rockers VIKING SKULL have been forced to drop off the upcoming ALICE COOPER/TWISTED SISTER U.K. tour. "Basically, despite being added to the advertising and having the tour confirmed for seven months, TWISTED SISTER decided that they had to play the same length of time as ALICE COOPER. So in order to not have their egos dented by Mr. Cooper, they threw VIKING SKULL off the bill in order to make Alice's fans sit through 95 minutes of their not-had-a-hit-for-20-years rubbish."

"This has nothing to do with ALICE COOPER, whom VIKING SKULL have played with before and who was a total gent to the band.

"Very sorry to anyone that bought tickets for those shows but we do have a headline tour starting in a few weeks time. VIKING SKULL's debut album, 'Born In Hell', is out today."

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Iron Maiden All-Star Tribute Planned

On October 11, IRON MAIDEN fans the world over will have something new to get excited about as the newly re-launched Restless Records releases "Numbers from the Beast: An All Star Salute to Iron Maiden", a tribute to the legendary band. The album, which features MAIDEN's own Paul Di'Anno and marks Restless' return to its metal and punk roots, is produced by Grammy award winner and tribute album pioneer Bob Kulick (KISS, METALLICA, AEROSMITH), along with Brett Chassen, and features appearances from current or former members of IRON MAIDEN, KISS, AC/DC, MOTÖRHEAD, ANTHRAX, DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, TESTAMENT, TWISTED SISTER, EXTREME, WHITESNAKE, SLAUGHTER, HELMET, DOKKEN and many others.

"It's a fitting salute to an awesome band and may be the best tribute I've ever produced. I really like what we've done to these amazing songs, and more importantly, the band approves," says Kulick of the album.

"Numbers from the Beast" features 11 classic IRON MAIDEN tunes revamped in honor of the band's 25th anniversary. The final track listing is as follows:

01. Run to the Hills
02. Wasted Years
03. Wrathchild
04. Flight of Icarus
05. Fear of the Dark
06. The Trooper
07. Aces High
08. 2 Minutes to Midnight
09. Can I Play With Madness?
10. The Evil That Men Do
11. The Wickerman

The cover of every official IRON MAIDEN album has featured a zombie called "Eddie." Eddie has been painted by artist Derek Riggs for 20 years. "Numbers from the Beast" cover art was naturally painted by Riggs and is a must-have for any MAIDEN fan.

"Numbers from the Beast" marks the first release on the newly revamped Restless Records. William Hein, current president of Rykodisc and former head of Enigma Records, co-founded Restless in 1985 as a punk and metal sub-label of Enigma. Restless became a stand-alone label after Capitol-EMI acquired Enigma, and was subsequently acquired by Rykodisc in 2003. Now, back with a new sound and logo, Restless returns to its roots with the MAIDEN salute, as well as an upcoming reissue from California punk outfit 45 GRAVE.

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Twisted Sister Guitarist Gets Guitar

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French has had a guitar named after him by Epiphone. It's called the Jay Jay French Twisted Pinkburst Signature Guitar, and is based on a Les Paul Standard from Epiphone's Elitist series. The new model has the band's logo on the headstock and French's name on the truss rod cover.

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Dee Snider Remembers Keith Alexander

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider has issued the following statement regarding the passing of original CARNIVORE guitarist Keith Alexander:

"Keith Alexander lived more in his 41 years on this earth then most of us will live in our entire natural lifetime. He was as vibrant, warm, enthusiastic and positive a person as you could ever hope to meet, and I am honored to have called him my friend.

"I first met Keith while doing research for my movie 'StrangeLand'. He was a body piercer, brander and cutter at The Gauntlet in NYC and recognized me as I was browsing in the waiting area of the shop. Openly proffessing his status as a hardcore, original S.M.F. and fan of myself and TWISTED SISTER, he offered to help me with my research by inviting me back to witness an actual peircing he was about to do. I seized the opportunity for some first-hand experience. I was treated to the artful execution of a 'Prince Albert' which I was soon to find out was a male genital piercing. I was off to the races on the 'StrangeLand' screenplay. More...

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Headline News

Original Carnivore Guitarist Killed in Accident

Original Carnivore guitarist Keith Alexander was reportedly killed in a bike accident earlier this week - Monday night (July 11). His wake is being held today (July 14) between 2:00 and 5:30 p.m., and between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. at:

Scarpaci Funeral Home
1401 86th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11228

In addition to playing with Carnivore, Alexander spent a three-year stint with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, touring extensively throughout North America and Scandinavia, with some audiences numbering over 20,000.

A body piercer since 1991, Keith had performed well over 22,000 piercings and over 150 cuttings and brandings. Formerly a staff piercer for Gauntlet, Inc. in New York City, Keith spent one year as a full-time apprentice to master piercers Dan Kopka and Mark Seitchik. Gauntlet founder Jim Ward issued Keith's certificate on August 2, 1994.

You can find more information on Keith Alexander's life work and accomplishments here.

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Twisted Sister To Release First DVDplus In July

Eagle Rock Entertainment and Twisted Sister, the legendary multi-platinum metal band, are teaming up to bring the ultimate combination of DVD and CD technology to metal fans everywhere. On June 28, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release "Twisted Sister's Live at Wacken The Reunion," on DVDplus. The revolutionary DVDplus format offers music fans a full-length DVD video program and a full-length audio CD on opposite sides of the same disc.

Unlike the DualDisc format, which is marketed as an enhanced audio CD, DVDplus uses the full capacity of the disc to give consumers a double dose of entertainment. The unique mastering techniques of DVDplus can include up to two hours of video on the DVD side, plus a full-length CD program. Packaged in a jewel box, the disc has magenta printing on one side and a clear coat scratch-resistant finish on the other, making it easier to identify its content than the DualDisc. It is also backwards compatible with all CD and DVD players. List price for "Live at Wacken The Reunion" will be $19.98.

"We've been in the DVD business for a long time, and believe that DVDplus truly offers the consumer the best of both worlds: a full-length DVD video program and a full-length CD audio program," said Mike Carden, Eagle Rock Entertainment Executive Vice President and President of North American Operations. "Given our long relationship with Twisted Sister on our Spitfire label, this is the perfect combination of their talent and our desire to expand into promising new formats."

Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider and manager Phil Carson became early proponents of DVDplus technology, which was developed by acclaimed record producer and engineer Dieter Dierks. Dierks is best known for his work with Twisted Sister and Scorpions, and is also CEO of DVDplus International, headquartered in Germany.

"I first heard about DVDplus when Dieter Dierks, a German record producer pal of mine, came to New York and showed me this astonishing technology," says Snider. "I saw a massive potential that is particularly important to record companies. DVDplus is a way for them to give the consumer a package that includes everything they could ever want from their favorite artist."

"DVDplus is exactly what the industry needs," says Carson, who is also President of the North American Division of DVDplus. "It gives the consumer extra value and serves as a deterrent to downloading." More...

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Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister Plan UK Tour

Alice Cooper is to headline a UK tour at the end of the year, with Twisted Sister as special guests. The dates are: Brighton Centre November 5, London Wembley Pavilion 6, Cardiff International Arena 7, Birmingham NEC 9, Manchester MEN Arena 10, Glasgow Clyde Auditorium 12, Newcastle Metro Radio Arena 13, Sheffield Hallam FM Arena 15, Nottingham Arena 16, Bournemouth BIC 17.

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