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From: Faroe Islands
Last Known Status: Active


Heri Joensen has fronted Viking Metal band TÝR since 2002. In a quiet spell between TÝR albums, he has teamed up with four young musicians to release the debut of his solo-project HELJAREYGA. The self-titled debut album features five tracks of progressive metal with all-Faroese lyrics. Through the Eye of Hel we may travel to other worlds. Through the Eyes in the bedrock the Goddess of the Dead herself, the dread vision named Hel, may watch from her cold realm unto the world of men.

In the Faeroe Islands there are around fifteen “heljareyga”, meaning deep holes in the rock through which the surf is pushed on the high tide or in bad weather. Some are barely ten centimeters across and some are large enough to creep into and listen to the echoes of the sea.
Heri Joensen has spent three years writing all music and lyrics for HELJAREYGA. He wrote new
melodies for every track, as opposed to the music for his first band TÝR which is infused with traditional melodies and existing lyrics from ancient ballads.

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Quick Words From Heri Joensen of Týr/Heljareyga

All it takes is one look at the lead singer/guitarist for Týr, Heri Joensen, to know why they call his music "Viking Metal." Hailing from the land just southeast of Iceland, called the Faeroe Islands, his bands Týr and Heljareyga have been introducing the world to a new blend of metal and folk music. A veteran of the European festivals, Joensen has also toured various countries, singing in both English and the native Faeroese to crowds everywhere. Most of the time, the crowds sing back even though they probably haven't the slightest idea what they're saying in Faeroese, just having a good time.

While in the process of completing Týr's forthcoming 2011 album, Joensen gave a few words to MetalUnderground.com. This sheds some light on how much Faeroese folk music influences his music, his tastes in vodka, and what to do if your band sings in a language that half the world doesn't understand. More...

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