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The Electric Hellfire Club

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The Electric Hellfire Club Announces Reunion Show

Fans who have been wanting to hear from The Electric Hellfire Club are in for a treat, as a one-off reunion show is now in the works. Early bird tickets are available here. The band comments:

"The Electric Hellfire Club will be performing live for ONE SHOW ONLY to celebrate the band's 25th Anniversary. There will be NO TOUR. There will be NO ADDITIONAL DATES added. If you have always wanted to see the band or if you have been hoping to see them again years later, this is your chance.

"Many of you have expressed that you would do or give anything for that opportunity. Now you have it. All you will have to do is travel to Florida.

"Please do NOT ask if the band will reconsider and add more shows, make offers to arrange shows in your area, or complain that this single show is inconvenient or unfair. THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE SHOW.

"EHC band members, some of whom have not seen each other in over ten years, will be converging from several corners of the country for this reunion at great expense and no small personal sacrifice. It will NOT happen again. For this performance, the Electric Hellfire Club will be:

Rev. Thomas Thorn - vocals, etc.
Ricktor Ravensbrück - guitar
Richard Frost - keyboards
Rex Sterling aka John Hatch - drums More...

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Wolfpack 44 Premieres New Track "The Black March"

Wolfpack 44 - a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Ricktor Ravensbrück from The Electric Hellfire Club and vocalist/guitarist Julian Xes from Kult ov Azazel - premieres the new track "The Black March", taken from the debut album titled "The Scourge", out in stores on January 20, 2016, via Deadlight Entertainment. The effort among others includes guest appearances of vocalist Thomas Thorn (The Electric Hellfire Club), vocalist Jinx Dawson (Coven), guitarists Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol (Dark Funeral).

Check out now "The Black March" below.

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The Electric Hellfire Club Announces New Album

After announcing the band was working on a new album last year, The Electric Hellfire Club has now nailed down a record deal for the release.

Frozen North Records (via Arctic Music) is extremely honored to announce the signing of The Electric Hellfire Club for the iconic band's first new album release in over a decade.

This new studio album will be titled "Tech Noir" and will be a conceptual, double-album release, which is currently in pre-production. Says EHC frontman/vocalist/ringleader Reverend Thomas Thorn:

"Tech Noir is the album every EHC fan has imagined might someday come to be: a dark journey heralding a return to the electro roots and musical diversity the band was originally known for. This is our Magnum Opus - a high voltage symphony that will leave no doubt the Black Flame still burns. While forces conspired to tear us apart and I once bitterly declared that Ravensbrück and I would re-unite to write new chapters in the EHC saga only 'when Hell freezes over,' that denunciation has become prophecy. That time is now. The spiritual current of arcane energy we call Electric Hellfire is flowing again. Hell has frozen over."

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The Electric Hellfire Club Working On New Album

The Electric Hellfire Club has announced the band is working on a new album and follow-up to 2002's "Electronomicon." The band comments:

"The title, direction, and format of the new Electric Hellfire Club album has been established and writing has begun! We feel it is sure to satisfy fans of all the rich, diverse styles we've had over the years - there will something for everyone on this new record, whether you're a die-hard 'Burn, Baby Burn'/'Kiss The Goat' aficionado or into the more metallic EHC of 'Electronomicon.'

"Recording is slated to begin later this year; a release date cannot be speculated upon at this time - but rest assured, IT IS HAPPENING!! More...

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Bands React To Mike Scaccia's Passing

It was recently announced that Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away on December 23rd on stage during a performance.

Since then Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has issued a statement about Mike's passing, and various other metal bands have also shared their thoughts about Mike online.

The Electric Hellfire Club:

We in The Electric Hellfire Club are saddened to learn of the untimely death of one of industrial/metal's greatest, most-underrated players, Ministry/RevCo/Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia. Our condolences to his family. However, we should all be so lucky to shuffle off this mortal coil as he did: doing what we love, which, in his case was playing onstage with a guitar in his hands. We'll miss you, Mike.

Turbid North: More...

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Electric Hellfire Club Responds To Nazi Allegation

Wilhelm Curse of The Electric Hellfire Club has checked in with the following statement about allegations that Terrofakt band mate Ben DeWalt is involved with Nazism:

"For any of the fans of the EHC who are into rhythmic noise and hard industrial; some of you may have heard the escalating rumor that Ben DeWalt, my friend, co-conspirator, and the founder of Terrofakt, is a Nazi. This could not be further from the truth. Ben has been our close friend for nearly 15 years, and we know that he is anything but a white supremacist. For the last few years I have had the privilege to play with Ben, as a member of Terrorfakt. During this time, I have come to know Ben much better than I ever did during the years that he represented the EHC. He is my close friend, and comrade in arms. He is a proud patriotic American, who firmly believes in the values that this great nation was founded on... among those being that all of us are created equal.

"My time with Terrorfakt has introduced me to many other associated acts and musicians, and to Terrorfakt's fanatically loyal fan base, all being of various ethnic and even religious backgrounds. Accordingly, I can categorically deny that any of these accusations have any merit to them. This smear campaign against Ben is perpetuated by an Industrial music outcast named Rachel Mandelson. She is more 'popularly' known as the idiot behind 'Experiment Haywire.' She is an individual who has failed to garner any success on her own, and has taken to making slanderous and libelous accusations against a much more popular and successful act, in order to gain attention for herself. More...

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