"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Devin Townsend

Formed: 1993
From: Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Devin Townsend news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Devin Townsend Debuts Live Video For “Regulator”

Devin Townsend has debuted a live video of “Regulator” being performed in Bulgaria with the aid of the Orchestra of Plovdiv State Opera. The footage comes from his upcoming live set, “Ocean Machine – Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv“ which will be released on July 06th. That release primarily captures a special 20th anniversary performance of “Ocean Machine: Biomech” that took place on September 22nd, 2017 at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


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Devin Townsend Debuts Orchestral Live Performance

Devin Townsend has debuted a live video of “Truth” being performed in Bulgaria with the aid of the Orchestra of Plovdiv State Opera. The footage comes from his upcoming live set, “Ocean Machine – Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv“ which will be released on July 06th. That release primarily captures a special 20th anniversary performance of “Ocean Machine: Biomech” that took place on September 22nd, 2017 at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Comments Townsend: More...

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Devin Townsend Project Streams New Studio Video

Devin Townsend shares a documentary series about the creation of his forthcoming new album, "Transcendence" out September 09th. You can watch the first episode of that series below.

The first song to be streamed from "Transcendence" is titled "Failure" and can be streamed below: More...

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Haunted Shores Premieres New EP Bonus Track

Haunted Shores, the blackened death and progressive metal project helmed by Periphery axeman Mark Holcomb and and Misha Mansoor, premieres a new bonus track entitled "Feed the Wolf", which will be made available as a Viscera bonus track on iTunes starting today, April 05 2016. Canadian vocalist, musician and songwriter Devin Townsend is lending his vocals to the track.

Check out now "Feed the Wolf" below.

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Devin Townsend Project Releases New Lyric Video

Devin Townsend Project released a new lyric video for the track "March of the Poozers." The song appears on the second CD (the "Ziltoid" part) of the latest album "Z2," which is available now via Century Media Records (see review here).

Check out the clip here:

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Devin Townsend Posts "Rejoice" Clip

With just a week to go till the release of Devin Townsend Project's "Z²" (reviewed here) on October 27th, the band is now pleased to reveal a track from the "Sky Blue" side of the double-album.

You can check out the lyric video for "Rejoice" below, courtesy of Loudwire.com. Devin had this to say about the track:

"Hey guys, here's the first song from Sky Blue, it's called Rejoice. The album in general is about fighting through the ugly moments, and I think this song kind of summarizes it. Z2 was a very challenging record, but after intense personal scrutiny, I feel very proud. It's the most accurate representation of a challenging time. Rejoice! :) Thanks for the support guys." More...

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Devin Townsend Posts New Ziltoid Video

Two weeks ago, Devin Townsend launched the brand new Ziltoid website and the debut episode of ZTV. Today sees the release of the second episode of ZTV, which you can view below.

The new Ziltoid album "Z²" is due out October 27th, 2014 and you can hear the song "Deathray" over at this location.

Devin Townsend Project has already confirmed U.S. tour dates for later this year, co-headlining with Animals As Leaders with support from Monuments. The full list of dates is available after the video. More...

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Devin Townsend Project Premieres "Deathray"

Devin Townsend Project premiered a lyric video for the new track "Deathray" over at Gunshy Assassin at this location (also in the player below). The song is taken from the upcoming double album "Z²," which is set for release via InsideOut Music (through Century Media Records) on October 27, 2014 worldwide. The track list for the album is:

Disc 1 - Sky Blue

1. Rejoice
2. Fallout
3. Midnight Sun
4. A New Reign
5. Universal Flame
6. Warrior
7. Sky Blue
8. Silent Militia
9. Rain City
10. Forever
11. Before We Die
12. The Ones Who Love More...

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Pitch Black Forecast Posts "Open Letter To God"

After streaming the song "So Low" featuring Randy Blythe, Pitch Black Forecast has released a new track featuring Devin Townsend.

Check out "Open Letter To God" in the SoundCloud player below. The new all star album project "As The World Burns" from Pitch Black Forecast will be released October 21st on Ferocious Records in CD, vinyl, and digital download formats. The album's track listing is:

1. Open Letter To God (Feat. Devin Townsend)
2. Landmine" (Feat. M. Shadows)
3. Season In Hell
4. As The World Burns
5. Hearts Of Darkness
6. Dialtone
7. So Low (Feat. D. Randall Blythe)
8. Atonement
9. Wrapped In Plastic (Feat. Human Furnace)
10. Ornament
11. Lighthouse
Bonus Tracks:
12. Masochist
13. Innocent
14. Sycamore
15. Bad Seed More...

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Devin Towsend Announces Tour With Periphery

Following the announcement of the new Devin Townsend Project album "Z²" and the subsequent lightning-fast sell out of London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall venue for his show on the 13th of April next year, the band can now reveal an extensive run of European shows for 2015, which will include support from Periphery and Shining.

Devin had this to say: "Now that the recording and mixing for Z2 is finished, it’s time to gear up for touring again! There’s a bunch of events coming up, and one of them that I'm extremely proud to announce is a European headlining tour with support from the incredible Periphery and the insane Shining!

"That’s a heck of a line-up I think, each band is doing something unique from each other, yet are really well defined. It will be an opportunity for us to explore our back catalog as well as the Z2 albums, Sky Blue and Dark Matters (from the upcoming double album, Z2).

"One of the greatest things about doing this for as long as I have is that we get to do these sorts of awesome events. I can’t even begin to express how honored I am to share the stage with these incredible bands, and to have such overwhelming support from the audience lately. It’s honestly just an absolute pleasure to do this.

"So it is with great pride I invite you to the show! Hopefully we come near you, let’s do this!" More...

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Devin Townsend Announces New Ziltoid Album "Z²"

Devin Townsend is extremely pleased to announce the long-awaited new Ziltoid double-album "Z²" on October 28 in the U.S. and October 27 in Europe. The "Z²" project will also see him play a landmark show at London's legendary Royal Albert Hall on April 13, 2015. Tickets are available for this enormous show from www.kililive.com.

Townsend commented:

"Hey all!

"So it's been years I've been trying to get the energies in line to do another Ziltoid record, and it's finally happened! Z2 is my new record, and it's a multimedia event that has taken a ton of people a ton of effort to bring to you! It's a double album, (one side DTP, and one side Ziltoid) and the concept expands on Ziltoid the alien, and his sci-fi adventures in a way that kind of throws back to 50's radio plays... but obviously with complicated, heavy music as its soundtrack. It has taken a great deal of energy to put this all together, and the music is just one of the aspects of it. It's a dream come true in a lot of ways, and I'm excited and honoured to be able to finalize the project with a live version of the entire record at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London on April 13th of next year! (!!) Basically what we did with The Retinal Circus a few years back will be taken to the next level with Z2 live.

"At the end of this process, we reached for the stars, and hopefully got to the moon, and after this album cycle, I will be taking some time to recharge my batteries and see what the next chapter holds. I hope you enjoy this record and all its offshoots, as one of my goals is to hopefully inspire folks to reach for unconventional ways to express themselves as well. We couldn't have done it without you! See you at the show?" More...

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Devin Townsend Posts "Flight" Video

After releasing a video for "Mountaintop," Devin Townsend is proud to present to you the 2nd official promo video for the "Casualties of Cool" track "Flight." The video was shot, directed, and edited by Konrad Palkeiwicz, who is one of Devin’s dearest friends.

Devin comments: "Casualties Of Cool is one of my favourite things, if not my favourite thing I've done to date. It’s pretty left of centre, and now that my big Z2 project and all its chaos is nearing completion, it means even more to me. A dark and quiet place to go.

"Finally, its available for people who didn't order through Pledge, and I'm proud to present the video for ‘Flight’, done by long-time friend and collaborator Konrad Palkeiwicz. Konrad moved to an Island and filmed his interpretation of the song and I think it's beautiful.

"We have been rehearsing for our upcoming shows at Union Chapel and Savoy Teatteri in Finland, and it’s really a pleasure to have the ability to do this type of music. Thank you for the support!"

A project over four years in the making, largely at night when home from turning the dial up for the day job in the studio, "Casualties of Cool" saw Townsend look at himself in order to go forward. Digging out a battered old Fender amp and telecaster, he revisited the rootsy country and North American folk music of his youth. Driven simply by the desire to see how things unfolded, free of the usual recording contract constraints and subsequent limits on time, the album released back in June reached No. 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, No.11 in the Indie album charts and No. 77 in the UK album charts.

The album was fully supported by a crowdfunding campaign on Pledge Music reaching nearly 550%. The stock of physical CD’s of "Casualties of Cool" have also finally arrived at Devin’s official online merch store. More...

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Dave Young Posts "Ziltoid 2" Studio Video

Guitarist Dave Young from Devin Townsend Project has released an in-studio video showcasing working on the forthcoming "Ziltoid 2" album, which follows 2007's celebrated "Ziltoid The Omniscient."

The band also recently called on fans to submit their own audio files so they can be heard singing on the impending Ziltoid release. Further details on the album are still forthcoming.

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Devin Townsend Wants You To Sing On New Album

Devin Townsend has been hard at work on the new Z2 record for the past few months, getting it ready to welcome Ziltoid The Omniscient back this Autumn.

Much like Devin did with the "Lucky Animals" video from "Epicloud," he is now inviting fans to leave their stamp on the forthcoming album by asking them to submit their vocals for a selection of songs and take their spot in what he has dubbed "The Universal Choir."

For full details about how you can participate (and even get a sneak peek at 3 songs from the new record), head over to The Universal Choir website right here. Devin comments:

"Hey all, 'Ziltoid 2' is upon us! I'm deep in the recording of this double album, and as part of the theme, Ziltoid the alien joins forces with the humans...and what better way to express that then to invite you all to sing along? The 'Universal Choir' is a platform in which vocal parts are explained, and then provides you a way to upload your singing contributions that we will edit together into one, big choir!

"The parts are a little tricky but perfection is not required, just enthusiasm. Feel free to overdub yourself, get a bunch of friends together, or just yell along, the bigger the better. Send it back and we will then assemble the 'Universal Choir' which will actually be part of the new recording. It should be fun! (Or a total chaotic mess :) but let's try either way! The website, (which works best if it's not on a mobile device), explains all the parts, with demonstrations and backing tracks. The hope is that a lot of people will upload themselves singing the parts, and then we assemble it and add it to the record. Come sing on Ziltoid's album, and have a great time!" More...

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Devin Townsend Posts "Mountaintop" Clip

Today Independent.co.uk has released a new video clip from Devin Townsend's "Casualties of Cool" release. Check out the clip for "Mountaintop" below. Hevy Devy also comments:

"Here is the official video for Mountaintop from our Casualties of Cool album. I have been a fan of Jessica Cope's work for a while now, and the opportunity to work with her rose for this album and we are thrilled with the result.

"Although the concept of the video is loosely based on the concept of the record, we found it worked better as a stand alone piece. Che and I therefore decided not to have the characters in the video portray us personally.

"I hope you enjoy this, I'm so happy to have an opportunity to work with brilliant artists in my career. I'm very proud of this album and video!"

Earlier this month Devin Townsend also began recording a second Ziltoid album. Get details at this location. More...

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Devin Townsend Recording New "Ziltoid" Album

You've been waiting for a seeming eternity, and now it's finally happening: Devin Townsend is recording the follow-up to "Ziltoid the Omniscient!" Townsend also recently launched a crowd funding campaign for both Ziltoid part 2 and a new project titled "Casualties of Cool." He comments:

"Recording for Z2 has begun! Remember, the Casualties of Cool pledge is also funding the massive Z2 project! Yeeesssssss!!!

"The pledge is currently at 488% with 11 days left. Hitting 500% would be an amazing achievement! Mother's Day is coming up in many parts of the world. Momma needs her Casualties!"

Details on the crowd funding campaign can be found at Pledge Music here. The "Casualties of Cool" artwork is also available below. More...

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Devin Townsend Posts "Casualties Of Cool" Cover

Devin Townsend recently launched a crowd funding campaign for a new project titled "Casualties of Cool," which has already reached 300% of its original goal through fan donations. Today the cover artwork for "Casualties of Cool" has also been released and can be seen below.

Townsend has announced everything above and beyond the normal crowd funding goal will go into the upcoming highly anticipated "Ziltoid 2," with further details on that forthcoming. You can see the perks and contribute to the campaign at Pledgemusic.com here. More...

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Devin Townsend Announces New "Ziltoid"

Despair pathetic denizens of the earth: Ziltoid is returning! Devin Townsend has stated on his Twitter page that work will commence on a second "Ziltoid the Omniscient" album this coming May, with a crowd funding campaign for his various new projects coming soon. He comments:

"So recording of Z2 starts May 2nd in LA! The project started so far include ztv a big graphic novel comic, a documentary and crazy live show."

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Devin Townsend Posts "Kingdom" Performance Clip

Devin Townsend recently recorded a performance video for EMG TV to showcase his EMG pickups with support from Fractal Audio and D'Addario. Check out the "Kingdom" performance video below.

In other recent news, Devin Towsend Project's "The Retinal Circus" DVD was named our top metal DVD of the year. Read the full 2013 year-end award article at this location.

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Progressive Nation To Become A Cruise Festival

Progressive Nation is hitting the high seas in 2014! The inaugural sailing will occur on February 18th - 22nd 2014 on the luxurious Norwegian Pearl heading from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay and Freeport, Bahamas. The lineup includes:

Transatlantic, Portnoy Sheehan Macalpine Sherinian, Jon Anderson, Adrian Belew's Power Trio, Devin Townsend, King's X, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, Pain Of Salvation, Riverside, Animals As Leaders, The Safety Fire, Tony Harnell & Bumblefoot, Bigelf, Beardfish, The Dear Hunter, Haken, Jolly And Next To None

Progressive Nation founder Mike Portnoy elaborates:

"In 2008 & 2009, I created a touring package called 'Progressive Nation' and with Dream Theater headlining, we did three full tours (two in North America and one in Europe) that showcased a variety of bands that embraced the spirit and musicality of progressive music.

"Well after a 5 year hiatus, I have decided to resurrect Progressive Nation and this time we are taking it to the seas! But rather than a 4 band bill like previous Progressive Nation tours, we have expanded the bill to OVER A DOZEN of today's greatest progressive bands, musicians and artists! (and there may be one or two more still to be confirmed)

"Myself and my former DT bandmate Derek Sherinian have teamed up with Sixthman (who have done incredibly successful cruises with Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the annual Kiss Cruise to name a few) as well as our friends at InsideOut Music and look forward to a very successful inaugural launch of Progressive Nation at Sea Feb 18th thru 22nd 2014. More...

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