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Bloodbath Reveals New Vocalist

Swedish supergroup Bloodbath is set to release its fourth album of supreme death metal, "Grand Morbid Funeral," on November 18th through Peaceville Records.

Following the departure of Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt and months of speculation and rumor, Metal Hammer U.K. has broken the news that the new vocalist will be Paradise Lost's Nick Holmes.

Blakkheim (guitar) commented, "Little did I expect to be working with the voice behind the death metal classic Lost Paradise, or the genre defining Gothic, and yet here we are decades later fulfilling another death metal dream. With his sinister and ominous vocal delivery, it's an absolute pleasure to make Old Nick the bell-ringer in Bloodbath's Grand Morbid Funeral!"

Jonas Renkse (bass) commented, "Ever since I got into Lost Paradise back in '90, Nick Holmes has been one of my favorite growling vocalists out there. He was always audible and articulate but still deep and definitely morbid. It is a great pleasure to work with him some 25 years later after I was introduced to his thunderous roar!"

"Grand Morbid Funeral" was recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm, and mixed by David Castillo. More...

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Metalunderground.com Official Podcast, Episode 30

Before we summarize this week’s MetalUnderground.com Official Podcast, your fabulous co-host Mike Smith (OverkillExposure), who rather enjoys referring to himself in the third person, is about to lazily copy and paste an important notice from last week… and the week before.

“We,” meaning Token Hispanic co-host Kevin Perez (n0thinghead), are hosting two upcoming ticket giveaways through Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. First comes The Black Dahlia Murder (supported by Suicide Silence) on Monday, October 13th, followed by Attila (supported by Crown The Empire and Like Moths To Flames) on Friday, November 14th.

If interested, please fire an email to podcast@metalunderground.com with one (or both) of the headlining bands in the subject heading and your full name (matching your ID) in the message body.

Additionally, if you’re an unsigned metal band with a kickass song you’d like to hear featured as our weekly intro music, we’d like to hear it! Please contact us via the email address above.

Kicking off this week’s topics, Mike relays the recent announcement by Swedish death metallers Bloodbath regarding the upcoming fourth studio album “Grand Morbid Funeral,” due out November 17th on Peaceville Records. He also shares some thoughts concerning the group’s as-yet-unidentified new vocalist, so pay attention.

Next, it’s - put a sock in it - more Slipknot. Hey, activity in the Iowan legends’ camp is newsworthy, so we’re going to discuss it. This sour little tidbit revolves around the band’s revelation that percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan is designing two identical masks for the new rhythm section, deliberately distinct from the rest. Whether this bit of ritualistic “othering” is the start of a Newstedian hazing campaign is yet to be determined.

Bummed about the disappointing new In Flames album? So were we. Which is why this week we’re overjoyed to gush about “Exit Wounds,” the ripping, thrashing, and successful return to form by The Haunted, a Swedish band that’s done what most of us wish In Flames had. Stay tuned to hear our full thoughts; we hope you agree!

Tune in here, enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.

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Bloodbath Comments On New Album

As was announced yesterday, Sweden's Bloodbath is set to release its fourth album of supreme death metal, "Grand Morbid Funeral," on November 18th through Peaceville Records.

Guitarist, Blakkheim, commented, "We're proud of all these different styled releases and we loved doing each and every one of them, but the objective was never to settle with a certain style, so our time has come to shift once more.

"It was already decided right after the last album that the next record would not become a 'Fathomless part 2,' but in certain aspects it would actually to become its antithesis! So prepare yourselves for an ultimate blueprint of destructive, raw, heavy, organic and sludgy death metal!

"The time has come to stomp those HM-2 pedals once more and close the circle of the death metal archives with our Grand Morbid Funeral!"

The first album since the departure of Opeth vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt, this new Bloodbath album will feature an as-yet-unnamed new frontman. Metal Hammer magazine (U.K.) is set to reveal the replacement on Tuesday, September 16th.

"Grand Morbid Funeral" was recorded once again at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm, and mixed by David Castillo. The album features a number of guest appearances including Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from Autopsy.

Bloodbath is set to appear on a string of festivals throughout 2015, including Inferno Festival (Norway), Neurotic Deathfest (The Netherlands) and Maryland Deathfest (U.S.) with more TBA. More...

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Bloodbath Reveals New Album

Bloodbath has today revealed the band's new album (and first since the departure of retro rock icon Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth) will be titled "Grand Morbid Funeral."

"Grand Morbid Funeral" is officially set for release via Peaceville Records this coming November 17th, 2014.

And no, the band *still* has not revealed who the new vocalist is. Word on the street is that the mystery screamer will be revealed next week, so stay tuned for more info, and check out the "Grand Morbid Funeral" cover artwork below. More...

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Bloodbath Mixing New Album

Bloodbath is wrapping up work on a new album that follows 2008's "The Fathomless Mastery." The band comments:

"David Castillo at Ghost Ward hard at work mixing the new Bloodbath album. 5 tracks down, 6 to go."

Because the Swedish death metal aficionados can't help but cock tease the fans about the new vocalist that somehow still hasn't been revealed, the previous studio update also read as follows:

"All guitars and bass have just been completed for our 4th album. Will Lone Wolf Audio's 'Left Hand Wrath' pedal usurp the throne from the classic HM-2? Let's find out this fall! Juicy stuff like release date, cover artwork, track listing to be announced within two weeks...yes TWO weeks, so stay tuned. Wait! Did we miss something? Oh the new singer? He's recording with us this weekend... Cheers!" More...

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Bloodbath Issues Another Vocalist Teaser

After previously revealing the beard of the band's still-unnamed new vocalist replacing former member Mikael Akerfeldt, Bloodbath has now issued the following teaser statement and image:

"We start recording drums in... 4 days! Meanwhile, the new singer calls in from his abode to make a it very clear that he accepts no 'smartphone metal' on this album! So it shall be done!" More...

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Bloodbath Posts Photo Of New Vocalist

Bloodbath will be entering the studio to record a new full-length album in March, which will be the band's first since the departure of vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt.

The death metal supergroup previously posted a series of clues online as to who the vocalist would be, and now the band has released a tantalizing photo of the new frontman - showing only his beard!

Who do you think it is? Popular consensus online seems to be that its Jörgen Sandström or Paul Kuhr.

 photo beardbath_zpsc77401f2.jpg

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Bloodbath To Enter The Studio

After parting ways with Mikael Akerfeldt in 2012, Bloodbath is finally now gearing up to record a new album.

The band's Facebook profile was updated with this puzzle asking fans to figure out who the new vocalist will be:

"UGHH! HEEEY! I SAID HEY! We got 10 songs down and we start recording drums next month!!! Still curious who's gonna sing on this one? Well, we'll leave you with these disasters to see if any of you smart-azzez can figure it out:

"Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors is found dead in his bathtub in Paris, France.

"A cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian state of Odisha, kills 10,000. More...

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Anders Nystrom Talks Bloodbath, Canned Opeth Tour

MetalInsider.net had the chance to interview guitarist Anders Nystrom (Katatonia, Bloodbath) in New York City last weekend, and during the chat Anders revealed that Katatonia’s originally planned fall tour with Opeth has been canned, and also confirmed that Bloodbath has found a replacement for Mikael Akerfeldt in Bloodbath. Excerpts from the interview follow.

Metal Insider: Speaking about touring, guitarist Fredrik Akesson let it slip this past summer that Opeth and Katatonia would be touring North America again later this year. Is that still happening?

That was supposed to happen, but Mikael [Akerfeldt, Opeth frontman] actually pulled the plug on that at the last minute. It’s very unfortunate because we have two more days on this tour now. In three days, we were supposed to start that tour, so it’s a bummer really. We were ready to do that.

Metal Insider: Did he give a reason for canning the tour?

I think honestly, Mikael’s burnt. He’s just been touring nonstop, constantly. I think he had to choose his priorities because they’re going out in Europe in a month as well. So that would mean they probably wouldn’t have a gap at all and they decided to pull on this tour, which is unfortunate for us. But things like that happen, it’s out of our control.

Metal Insider On the plus side, at least you guys did get to tour together. It brought a lot of exposure for the band, I’m sure. I remember when we were speaking you were like, “that would be the perfect tour for us” and one year later… More...

Read the full article at Metal Insider.

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Mikael Akerfeldt Reportedly Leaves Bloodbath

Loudwire.com has posted a news story online reporting that Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt has left death metal supergroup Bloodbath. Opeth's latest album "Heritage" (reviewed here) saw a change in style for the band, switching entirely to clean vocals and prog rock.

Loudwire.com reports:

When we asked Akerfeldt — who by his own admittance has recently been struggling to maintain the power and tone of his screaming — if that would affect future Bloodbath projects, the vocalist dropped the news on us.

“I’m not in Bloodbath,” says Akerfeldt. “They have a new singer, which I can’t say who it is. Bloodbath for me was never a serious project, it was just something I did for fun. We did a few songs on the last North American tour, we did two songs at the very last show because we were touring with Katatonia, so the whole Bloodbath band was there. It’s still fun you know? But I think that some of the other guys in Bloodbath want to take it to the next level, which I don’t really want to do because I’m so busy anyways.”

He continued, “It doesn’t really have to do with anything with my screaming vocals, it’s just that it’s not a progressive project for me. It’s just paying tribute to death metal and I’ve done it for such a long time. And when it stops being fun, I don’t really want to participate. We do things so rarely it’s always been fun. The shows we’ve done have been fun, but I don’t feel the need to do it.”

Read the full article at Loudwire.

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Opeth And Katatonia Perform Bloodbath Track Live

Footage has made its way online of Opeth and Katotonia taking the stage for an encore to perform a Bloodbath track at a show in Baltimore, MD. You can check out the footage below. Opeth was on tour in North America in support of the new album "Heritage" (reviewed here).

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Nightingale To Take Part In OhioProg Festival

Swedish progressive hard rock act Nightingale, who features former Bloodbath member Dan Swano, has announced that it will be taking part in the forthcoming OhioProg festival. The event is set to take place between September 7th, 8th and 9th, 2012. The confirmed festival lineup includes;


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Bloodbath Posts Song From Upcoming DVD

Sweden’s Bloodbath has joined forces with Noisecreep.com to premiere a track from the band’s forthcoming live DVD "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock." The decimating performance of “Eaten,” filmed during Bloodbath’s August 2010 set at the famed Bloodstock Festival, can be viewed below.

"Bloodbath Over Bloodstock" will be released next week on April 25th, courtesy of Peaceville Records. The deluxe mediabook-packaged release will feature Bloodbath’s full performance from Bloodstock 2010. The set consists of songs from "The Fathomless Mastery" (2008), as well as other classics and fan favorites.

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Bloodbath Posts Live DVD Teaser

Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath has released a short video trailer in anticipation of the band’s forthcoming live DVD release, "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock." You can check out the trailer below.

The deluxe mediabook-packaged release will feature Bloodbath’s August 2010 set from the famed Bloodstock Festival, consisting of songs from "The Fathomless Mastery," as well as other classics and fan favorites. The full package will also include a 16-page booklet and a wealth of extras, featuring bonus footage taken from PartySan festival in 2008, as well as extensive band member interviews. "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock" will hit stores on April 25th on Peaceville Records.

Bloodbath - Bloodbath over Bloodstock (trailer) from Peaceville Records on Vimeo.

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Bloodbath To Release Live DVD

Swedish extreme metal act Bloodbath, which features Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth, has announced the forthcoming release of an all-new live DVD, "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock," due out later this spring on Peaceville Records.

The deluxe mediabook-packaged release will feature Bloodbath’s August 2010 set from the famed Bloodstock Festival and consists of songs from "The Fathomless Mastery" (2008), as well as other classics and fan favorites.

The full package will also include a 16-page booklet and a wealth of extras, featuring bonus footage taken from PartySan festival in 2008 and extensive band member interviews. Bloodbath Over Bloodstock will hit stores on April 25th, and the cover art can be viewed below. More...

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Bloodbath Reveals T-Shirt Contest Winner

Death metal super group Bloodbath has posted the winning design online from the band's "Bloodbath over Bloodstock" t-shirt contest, which can be viewed here. Bloodbath also commented on the contest:

"Bloodbath is very pleased to announce Ray Miller from Elkhart, Indiana, USA as the winner of our Bloodbath over Bloodstock t-shirt competition. Blakkheim and Mikael hard a real hard time picking the winner out of so many great submissions but finally managed to come to a decision."

Guitarist Anders Blakkheim Nyström had the following to say: "The reason why we picked this design to be the winner is simply because it looks like it was dragged out of a closet that hasn't been opened since 1990! It pays tribute to rest in festering slime after the bloodbath over bloodstock!"

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Final Bands Confirmed For Graspop 2010

The organisers of Belgiums biggest metal festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, has confirmed the final bands for this years edition of the event. The biggest news is that Soulfly, the band led by former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera, will be headlining the event on the Saturday. Other bands added to the bill include New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All, former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash, Hatebreed, Revamp, Oceans Of Sadness and Dear Superstar. The festival takes place in the town of Dessel from June 25th-27th.

The lineup is now as follows:

Friday: Aerosmith (Headliners)
Stone Temple Pilots
My Dying Bride
Tarja Turunen
Steel Panther
Devin Townsend
Bleeding Through
The Devil's Blood
Ghost Brigade
Oceans Of Sadness
Revamp More...

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More Bands Confirmed For Graspop 2010

The organisers of Belgiums premier metal festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, has announced the addition of eleven more bands to this years bill. Among the latest acts are American supergroup Hellyeah, Australian rockers Airbourne and British heavy metal veterans Raven. The other confirmed bands are Katatonia, Evergrey, The Devil's Blood, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Dark Funeral, 3 Inches Of Blood and Sylosis. The festival will take place in the town of Dessel from June 25th-27th.

The lineup is now as follows: More...

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Four More Bands Confirmed For Graspop 2010

The organisers of Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting festival has announced that four more bands have now been added to the lineup. The biggest announcement is that Aerosmith will be headlining the event on the friday. Also joining them that day will be reunited California grungers Stone Temple Pilots. Industrial metal legends Fear Factory will be performing at the festival and so will Atlanta based metal outfit Mastodon, who are still touring in support of their critically acclaimed album, "Crack The Skye."

The lineup (in no particular order) is now as follows: More...

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Bloodbath Confirmed For Tuska Festival

Swedish death metal super group Bloodbath has issued the following update about appearing at the Tuska festival:

"So, the time has come to announce what will be the fifth and final show for 2010 – Finland’s Tuska open air metal festival! Bloodbath is set to appear at the Inferno stage III at 7.45 pm on June 3rd. We look forward to each and everyone of these five festivals and we hope, no matter where you live, that you’ll have the chance to come out and bang your head with us on either, some or all of them. Get ready for the summer bloodbath!"

Bloodbath's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

5/21 2010 Rock Hard Festival Gelsenkirchen, Germany
6/20 2010 Hellfest Clisson, France
6/27 2010 Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel, Belgium
7/3 2010 Tuska Open Air Helsinki, Finland
8/13 2010 Bloodstock Open Air Catton Hall, UK

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