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From: Sweden
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Bloodbath Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Bloodbath.


Bloodbath Talks New Album And Vocalist

The Swedish metal extremists from Bloodbath have been through their fair share of ups downs - from front men changes to one lengthy hiatus after another due to the main projects of each member - but they keep marching on to hold the death metal banner high.

Currently on its third vocalist following the departure of Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt, Bloodbath is now led by new vocalist Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost.

To go along with the vocalist swap, Bloodbath's latest album of dark and dirty death metal, "Grand Morbid Funeral," is out now.

Following the official release, we caught up with Bloodbath's Per "Sodomizer" Ericksson to find out how the new front man joined on, when we can expect the band to hit the live stage again, and gauge the likelihood of the band's former vocalists ever performing live with the group again. More...

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Katatonia Checks In From The Recording Studio

Getting ready to release more melancholy darkness from Sweden upon the rest of the world, the guys from Katatonia are nearing the end of the recording process for a new album to follow "Night is the New Day" (reviewed here).

With only vocals on two songs left to record, I got in touch with front man Jonas Renkse to find out what fans can expect from the upcoming, as-yet-untitled release. During our chat, Jonas discussed how the new album will be more eclectic than the last few offerings, the expected release date, and working with Travis Smith to make the perfect accompanying artwork.

Read on to also find out what's happening with Bloodbath, how Jonas saw the change of pace in Opeth's latest album "Heritage" coming long in advance, and to discover how Per Eriksson ended up with the nick name "Sodomizer." More...

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Opeth’s Martin Axenrot Weighs in on “Heritage”

Opeth has tamed its savage beast on its latest album “Heritage.” The placidity of said album has rubbed off on the band’s live performance, which is currently on display throughout America on their “Heritage Hunter” tour. Although subdued for the moment, Axenrot believes this ferocity will be released once again. However, he is fine with the prospect of never again playing death metal with the Opeth camp.

Opeth’s progressive brand of metal keeps Axenrot from becoming bored. Even without growls and drilling kick drums, Opeth still conveys a massive amount of heaviness and darkness. Although he’s content with playing in a band bereft of these characteristics, Axenrot still LOVES to play death metal. Having played in many of Sweden’s most renowned extreme metal acts since 1995, he has literally made a career out of producing fast and barbaric drum beats.

Before the modern masters of progressive metal took the stage in San Antonio,Texas, Metalunderground.com boarded Opeth’s bus for an interview with the band’s rhythmic backbone. We discussed Opeth’s current direction, where they are headed and how the fans perceive Opeth in the year 2012. We also dove deep into Axenrot’s time before Opeth and his inception into the band. Read on further to learn more about one of Sweden’s most prolific metal drummers. More...

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Anders Nyström Discusses New Bloodbath DVD

Swedish supergroup Bloodbath may not have dropped a proper album since back in 2008, but the masters of death have now unleashed the “Bloodbath Over Bloodstock” DVD to satisfy their fans craving for aural destruction.

Gutiarist Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström (also of Katatonia) took out some time to discuss the DVD and the future of Bloodbath with Metalunderground.com. In the full interview below, Anders talks about the direction of a possible fourth Bloodbath album, stating "...one thing we haven't touched upon at all is that real gritty sludgy low-fi death metal school pioneered by bands such as Autopsy. We wanna make a truly rotten and ugly album next time and keep things organic and as analogue as possible. Expect the next Bloodbath album to be the antithesis of a modern technical deathcore album."

During our discussion Anders went on to cover topics such as switching gears between drastically different bands, the difficulty of lining up Bloodbath tours with each member involved in different projects, and even briefly touched on Katatonia writing new material for an upcoming album. More...

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Anders Nystrom Discusses "Night Is The New Day"

Long running Swedish metallers Katatonia will release their new full-length album "Night is the New Day" in the U.S. on November 10th through Peaceville Records. Katatonia is a staple of the Swedish metal scene, having started out as straight forward death metal and evolving into a more rock oriented band with heavy doom influences. Katatonia's guitarist Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström, who is also involved with Bloodbath and Diabolical Masquerade, spoke with me about the band's upcoming album and their plans to hit the ground running on full headlining tours. More...

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