"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1989
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Unearthing Underground Bands With Bizarre Vocals

From the completely mainstream outfits with a horde of fans to basement one-man acts, heavy metal is composed of a vast multitude of bands – and the number of metal groups continues to constantly grow. Every week we unearth three bands to help expand your metallic horizons and introduce you to styles and sounds you might not have heard otherwise.

Last week we covered groups that blend together a variety of genre styles and break trends within metal, including Germ and Vintage Flesh, two bands that utilize very odd vocal styles. While it can be argued that any extreme metal band uses vocals that most would consider bizarre, there are vocalists within the world of heavy music who go much further and produce sounds that even hardened underground metal lovers may find shocking.

From avant-garde groups like Peccatum with purposefully off-key singing, to the gut-busting and throat-shredding growls of black metal bands like Marduk, there are plenty of new vocal varieties to discover while journeying through the many sub-genres of metal. This week we’ll take a look at three lesser known bands that use vocals you are almost guaranteed to never hear anywhere else.


Taking the concept of evil atmosphere to an entirely new level, Abruptum was a group primarily active in the ‘90s that puts most black metal acts to shame and released its early material through the infamous Deathlike Silence Productions. Rather than evil guitar sounds and high pitched screams, Abruptum uses bizarrely distorted vocals and shrieks of agonized pain – and rumors persist that the screams are authentic due to self-inflicted wounds in the studio.

Listening to Abruptum albums all the way the through really requires a specific mood, as song structures and melody are pretty much thrown out the window in favor of highly chaotic musical expressions. If you’ve got the candles lit and the razors handy, dip into the madness of Abruptum through the clips below.


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Abruptum Reveals New EP Tracklisting

Swedish black metal act Abruptum has revealed the tracklisting for its forthcoming EP, titled "Potestates Apocalypsis." The EP is finally being released through Blooddawn/Regain Records after a long delay. Another Abruptum release, titled "Gehinnom," is expected to be released sometime in mid-2011.

Here is the "Potestates Apocalypsis" tracklisting:
1. Pestilentia
2. Bellum
3. Fames
4. Mort

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Abruptum Vocalist To Write Autobiography

Guitarist/Vocalist IT (Tony Särkkä) of Swedish black bands Abruptum and Ophthalamia has issued the following statement about releasing an autobiography:

"My final contribution to this 'non-extraordinary reality' will be a book about my life. For all these years I have chosen to stay silent, out of the 'spotlights' and now that I finally will vanish into shadows eternally; the time has come to let you know the truth. You will hardly find any material out there coming straight from my mind, as I refused interviews and contact with the 'outside.'

"Thus reading about me in books, on the net, magazines or when watching various documentaries; I hope you kept in mind that not much of the information given has had any valid or real essence. There has always been so many distractions, falseness, lies, distortions to whom I have been and what I've done that the time has finally come to set things straight once and for all. As always I work in my own pace and there is no deadline to this work, but material is been gathered in heaps. Also note that this book will hardly focus on my musical career, but my entire life. There is a time when even legends turn into myths..."

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