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Otep Photo

Band Photo: Otep (?)

Formed: 2000
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Otep news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Otep To Headline Ozzfest 2005?

I stumbled upon this article via Google that mentions Otep headlining this year's Ozzfest (likely referring to headlining the second stage) as well as an interview with frontwoman Otep Shamaya. Here's a bit from the interview:

AE: Is this your first band ever?
O: This is my first band. I tooled around with musicians, but I was never formally trained. Equipment, timing, different time signatures, I didn’t know any of that stuff. I sat with musicians, learned a little bit by osmosis. It’s a completely different mental process from writing.
When I started the band I found a manager and I brought my books over, my journals and all my illustrations in this big pile. “This is what I want, I want to turn this into music”. And he looked at me and said “OK, let’s try it, let’s find some musicians.”

What we do is a little different, it’s not just your typical metal show. It’s not hair metal or glam or anything of that nature. It’s sort of a dissident cabaret, its theater and in the highest respect to someone like Antonin Artaud. It’s delivering the experience of the topic of the song versus just singing about it, we actually live every moment of the song onstage. Without fire or any sort of theatrics or anything. It’s all through the act of performance.

AE: How did Capitol [Records] find you guys?
O: We were doing local shows around LA and the buzz started and all of a sudden we start noticing suits in the corners watching us and on their phones and their little Blackberries. A friend of ours was our manager at the time and he started coming over and saying “Hey they want to showcase you.” It was a bunch of major labels which was really bizarre, because I never thought we’d get that.

(Be warned that the interview is on a lesbian/bisexual site focused on women in entertainment and the media. And yes, I really did find it via Google...not part of my everyday reading ;-)

Read the full article at Afterellen.com.

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More Alliance of Defiance Tour Dates

More dates for the Alliance of Defiance tour, featuring OTEP, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, CANDIRIA, THE AUTUMN OFFERING have been announced. The dates are as follows:

February 28 - Farmingdale NY @ Downtown
March 3 - Atlanta GA @ Masquerade
March 4 Tampa FL @ Boiler Room
March 5 - Daytona Beach FL @ Fuel
March 6 - Ft Lauderdale FL @ Culture Room
March 8 - New Orleans LA @ Twiropa
March 10 - San Antonio TX @ White Rabbit
March 11 - Austin TX @ Backroom
March 12 - Odessa TX @ Dos Amigos
March 15 - Gallup NM @ El Morro Theatre

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Otep Singer Has Altercation With Nick Carter?

Recently, when Nick Carter, the former Backstreet Boy, was dating Paris Hilton, they were reportedly in an altercation with the singer from OTEP at an EMI party. Apparently, Nick got jealous when Paris and Otep Shamaya seemed to buddy up and a fight started.

Nick was said to be so drunk, that he was easily pushed to a couch by Otep who was heard saying, "break it down for me backstreet". Nick was led away by his members of management. Several Paparazzi took photos of the incident but, mysteriously, none have surfaced.

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Initial Dates For Otep And Friends

The first batch of dates for the upcoming Otep, Candiria, American Head Charge and The Autumn Offering tour have been announced and are as follows:

January 25th Reno, NV - The New Oasis
January 26th San Francisco, CA - The Pound
January 29th Seattle, WA - The Catwalk Club
January 30th Spokane, WA - The Big Easy
February 01st Boise, ID - The Big Easy
February 03rd Englewood, CO - Gothic Theater
February 04th Omaha, NE - Ranch Bowl
February 05th Davenport, IA - Quad City Live
February 15th Detroit, MI - Harpo's

In addition, American Head Charge have re-launched their official website, you can check it out at www.headcharge.com

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Otep To Tour In 2005, Possibly Headlining

OTEP have confirmed via their personal online diary that they will be hitting the road in early 2005, possibly as part of a headlining stint, the posting reads below:

"yes, the rumors are true ... our mgmt called and they have confirmed preparations and negotiations for touring in early 2005 have begun and are underway. no details or specifics are availble as of yet, but the term "headlining" is most popular among the suits and creative types who are involved in the planning stages of this next assault on the flesh and minds of the angry american sub-nation."

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Kittie, Otep, Crisis Philly Show Report

I recently attended the Kittie, Otep and Crisis show in Philadelphia on October 10th, 2004. I was supposed to have a photo pass but due to circumstances out of my control that didn't happen, so I apologize to all for not having any pictures to share with you. Anyway, here's my report of the night: More...

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Cristina Scabbia Tops List Of Fave Female Singers

InsidePulse.com's Tom D'Errico and Gloomchen recently compiled a list of the top 10 female metal vocalists as part of the web site's "Opposing Elements" column. "Keeping with the theme of the column (Opposing Elements), we can't agree on everything," Tom writes. "So, while we each offered up three picks unopposed, we'll have to argue about the last four slots on the list."

Top 10 female metal singers, as selected by InsidePulse.com's Tom D'Errico and Gloomchen:

01. Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)
02. Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)
03. Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering)
04. Tanja Lainio (Lullacry)
05. Anita Auglend (Sins of Thy Beloved)
06. Candace Kucsulain (Walls of Jericho)
07. Otep Shamaya (Otep)
08. Morgan Lander (Kittie)
09. Jonna Enckell (The Project Hate)
10. Amy Lee (Evanescence)

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Metal Movement Tour Dates Announced

Canadian metal band Kittie will be teaming up with Otep and Crisis for the Metal Movement Tour beginning on September 27 in Farmingdale, NY.

Kittie were forced to cancel several dates on their North American headlining tour last month after the band's drummer, Mercedes Lander, was hospitalized due to severe dehydration and exhaustion.

The group are touring in support of their latest album, "Until the End," which released in July through Artemis Records. The follow-up to 2001's "Oracle" was recorded during the month of March at Longview Farm Studios in Massachusetts and was produced by Steve Thompson (Korn, Anthrax).

Upcoming Kittie tour dates: More...

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Otep Partners With Rock The Vote & More News

Otep has partnered with “Rock The Vote” to bring voter registration through software on the band’s new enhanced CD, House of Secrets (released July 27). Listeners will be able to click over to a website and access voter registration info within seconds. Thus, making registration a hassle free process for new voters and banishing the red tape that usually discourages citizens from future voting.

In making the announcement, Otep stated: “We are very pleased to be a part of the new American movement; to be informed, to be involved and to take action in something that means so much to our youth. We are happy to be joining in alliance with ‘Rock The Vote’, an organization that reaches out to young voters and lets them know that they can make a difference this political year.”

Along with offering easy access to voter registration, House of Secrets is also enhanced with videos, exclusive poetry, drawings, photographs and 3D artwork. Listeners with the limited edition version of the album will be able to use the red and blue CD case as glasses through which to view the album’s 3D artwork and lyrics.

On the tour front, Otep is reporting from the road during this summer’s Ozzfest tour on XM Satellite Radio, the nation’s leading provider of satellite radio. The band’s lead singer (and namesake) Otep and bassist Evil J’s program, entitled “The Front Line,” gives listeners a weekly, first hand perspective on life on the road. The show appears on XM Liquid Metal, XM’s 24-hour uncensored hard-metal channel, as well as the hard-alternative-rock channel Squizzz and Boneyard.

Along with being on the OZZFEST tour, Otep will also be featured on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball on Saturday, August 7th at 10PM EST.

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Dimmu Borgir Report - July 26 in Vancouver, BC

One of the disadvantages of living in Vancouver is that we get snubbed by Ozzfest every year. The good thing is that Ozzfest comes close enough (Auburn, WA) for some of the bands on the bill to perform here on one of their Off-fest dates. Three of such bands happened to be God Forbid, Otep, and Norway's Dimmu Borgir this year. More...

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Otep On Headbanger's Ball

OTEP will be guests on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, Saturday, August 7th at 10PM EST with a repeat on Tuesday, August 10th at 4AM EST.

OTEP's video for "Warhead" is now in rotation on MTV's Headbanger's Ball and on Fuse TV's Uranium.

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Bristow, VA Ozzfest Photos Online

I've finally got my photos from the second stage of Ozzfest on Sunday July 18 in Bristow, VA posted. You can check them out in the photo gallery.

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Ozzfest Report - July 18 in Bristow, VA

On Sunday, July 18, 2004 I enjoyed one of the best Ozzfests I've witnessed at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia, despite a day that started off pretty bad. To put it all in perspective, I'll start at the beginning. I awoke to prepare for the day and immediately noticed that my right eye which was slightly irritated the day before was swollen half shut. After 30 minutes or so of being awake, I was developing a serious headache from the pressure of my swollen eyelid being open. Although I had fully intended to arrive at Ozzfest by 9:30 and see every band perform, I quickly resigned to going in to the hospital to have my eye checked out. The decision was an easy one because the headache was already terrible and I could only imagine the situation worsening throughout the day as dust, rain, sweat, and/or sun screen got into my eyes.

After two hours in the hospital to get some antibiotic eye drops, I was on my way. One side effect of the eye infection was that I was forced to wear glasses instead of contacts, which totally sucks - it's kind of hard to headbang with glasses on.

Factoring in travel time, I arrived at Ozzfest just two hours into the show. The weather was overcast and comfortably cool 70's. They were calling for a 60% chance of rain, but the weather was holding, despite passing through some rain on the drive to Bristow. More...

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Official Pigstock Website Updated

The official website for Pigstock 10 has been updated, and is full of information regarding the 4-stage, multi-band festival that takes place on Friday, August 13 in Davenport, Iowa. Head to www.pigstock10.com to check it out.

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Ozzfest Report - 12 July in Mansfield, MA

So, after quite some time and many doubts I have finally decided to share my thoughts about this year's Ozzfest. Actually, it's my first time on this festival since I'm from Europe and I've only been living in U.S. for two years now. Please, do consider this as you read along :)

I got to the Tweeter Center around 10:15 in the morning. Being my first time there, I wasn't sure how the whole thing was gonna go. The first thing that looked very weird were all those people on the parking lot who had brought BBQs and coolers and were hanging out by their cars. Very American, I thought. More...

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Photos From July 12 Ozzfest In Mansfield, MA

Our very own Gothique was at Ozzfest in Mansfield, Massachusetts at the the Tweeter Center on July 12 and sent a load of pictures from second stage of the show (hardly anyone is allowed to take pics of the main stage bands). Check em out over at the gallery page.

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Otep Media Player Online w/ 3 Songs And A Video

Otep has put online a media player that features three new songs off the band's newest album "House of Secrets", which hits shelves July 28th. Also featured on the player is their latest impressionistic video, "Warhead", which has been airing on Fuse. You can check out the Otep player here.

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Lots More Ozzfest Setlists

Some setlist info is starting to filter in from bands at this years Ozzfest. Here they are so far:

Bleeding Mascara
Someone's Standing On My Chest
Right Side of The Bed
Lip Gloss and Black

Force Fed
Anti Hero
Better Days
Broken Promise More...

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Bleeding Through Off-Fest Dates

Bleeding Through have firmed up their Ozzfest off-date schedule, here's where you can catch them:
July 15th Rochester, NY - Penny Arcade (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, God Forbid)
July 17th Norfolk, VA - Norva Theatre (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, Darkest Hour)
July 21st Louisville, KY - Union Station
July 30th Las Vegas, NV - Huntridge Theater (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, God Forbid)
August 02nd Phoenix, AZ - Mason Jar (Feat. Throwdown, Darkest Hour)
August 06th McAllen, TX - Villa Real (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, Otep)
August 08th El Paso, TX - Club Xscape (Feat. Dimmu Borgir)
August 15th Houghton, MI - Level 2 Skatepark (Feat. Throwdown)
August 20th Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, God Forbid)
August 22nd Minneapolis, MN - Quest Club (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, Otep)
August 27th Syracuse, NY - Club Tundra (Feat. Throwdown)
August 29th Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection (Feat. Dimmu Borgir, Darkest Hour)
September 01st Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade (Feat. Dimmu Borgir)

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Otep Added To Second Stage Of Ozzfest '04

According to the band's official site www.otep.com the band has been added to this years Ozzfest. They will be playing a rotating afternoon slot on the second stage.

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