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Yaotl Mictlan

From: Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Yaotl Mictlan Announces Mexican Tour Dates

Salt Lake City-based blackened metallers Yaotl Mictlan have confirmed a swift but brutal tour of Mexico this August, taking warrior anthems to the lands from which their ancestors and lyrical concepts hail. From August 16th through the 19th, with two shows in the country's capital of Mexico City scheduled, the quartet will storm through the country with a blazing formula of thrash/death-influenced black metal based on Mayan folklore and history.

8/16/2012 El Patio de Atras Bar - Toluca
8/17/2012 Bar Pit - Cuernavaca
8/18/2012 El Chopo - Mexico City [*free matinee show]
8/18/2012 Blue Factor Bar - Mexico City
8/19/2012 Rocksi Bar - Aguascalientes City

Translating to “warriors from the land of the dead,” Yaotl Mictlan was formed in 1998, immediately catching the attention of Brujeria vocalist Juan Brujo, who later produced the band’s first demo, "A Batalla Vamos." The debut "Guerreros de la Tierra de los Muertos" was released by American Line Productions in 2006, and following that the band signed with international kingpin Candlelight Records, who unleashed the more dynamic sophomore LP "Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaac" in 2010.

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Unearthing the RABM Underground

For a genre as controversial as National Socialist black metal (NSBM), it's a given that there would be a backlash against it from within. Especially given that metalheads are often a rebellious bunch, a bunch of songs about extreme forms of nativism was inevitably going to annoy the living crap out of a lot of left-leaning metalheads. And thus, red and anarchist black metal (RABM) was born, a genre even more obscure than NSBM but coming from the radical left.

Not a genre with a specific sound but one defined entirely by ideology, RABM will likely never see mainstream appeal but will still manage to attract a small yet dedicated following committed to a never-ending war with NSBM.

Yaotl Mictlan

Proving that one can be proud of one's culture without resorting to fascism, Yaotl Mictlan is a Mexican band affiliated with the EZLN secessionist movement in Chiapas. Evoking the religion of the ancient Aztec civilization as an attack on the Spanish imperialism and fighting for indigenous rights is only is still second to the band when it comes to making quality ass-kicking black metal.


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Candlelight Records Signs Krieg and Yaotl Mictlan

Candlelight Records confirms the recent signings of Krieg and Yaotl Mictlan. All three add to the English label’s growing American roster, a concentrated effort of the label the past several years. Currently celebrating is ninth year of US operation, the label opened US offices January 2001 with the release of its first album, Zyklon’s acclaimed debut. "World ov Worms," in early April, Candlelight continues its quest to deliver quality recordings by both new and established recording artists.

"The Isolationist" is the confirmed title for the sixth album from New Jersey-based Krieg. Main creator Imperial says, “it is truly an honor to get to work with a professional label at this point in Krieg’s career. 'The Isolationist' will be more experimental, uglier, and yet more beautiful than previous Krieg records.” The album will start production in early February at Volume Studios in Chicago. The record is tentatively planned for a July release.

Salt Lake City-based Yaotl Mictlan have completed recording of their second album currently planned for release in April. "Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaae" showcases the band’s Mexican and Mayan culture (their name in the Mexican language of Nahuatl meaning “warriors from the land of the dead”). The band, originally discovered by Brujeria vocalist Juan Brujo, was formed by brothers Yaotl and Tlatecatl in 1998. The band plan to tour in support of the album throughout 2010.

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