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Defect Designer

From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Defect Designer news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Diskord Recruits New Guitarist

Defect Designer's main man Dmitry has joined Diskord, a Norwegian obscure jazz death metal act. Diskord comments:

"It has been somewhat quiet from us lately, and that is for a reason. Our guitar player Håvard chose to leave the band. We wish him best of luck, and thank him for his devotion and mad skills; cheers buddy!

"Now, we are happy to introduce the new guitar player in Diskord, please welcome Dmitry Sukhinin to the fold! Everybody say 'Hi Dmitry!'"

The current lineup of Oslo-based trio Diskord act consists of:

- Hans Jørgen Ersvik on lead vocals and drums,
- Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen on bass and vocals
- Dmitry G. Sukhinin of Defect Designer on guitars More...

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Defect Designer Posts Play Through Video

Norwegian death metal act Defect Designer - consisting of members of Trollfest and Blood Red Throne - posted a play through video for "Yellow Grimace," which can be seen below.

The band also recently finished the production of the "Ageing Accelerator" album. The release was mastered at Fascination Street Studios (Soilwork, Bloodbath, Kreator, At The Gates and Katatonia), with a label for the release yet to be determined. The album will feature appearances by:

Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) - drums
Stelios Mavromitis (SepticFlesh live guitarist) - guitars
Martin Storm-Olsen (Trollfest) - guitars and clean vocals
Christos Antoniou (SepticFlesh) - sampling and orchestration
Dmitry Sukhinin - vocals, bass and guitars

The band was originally started in the Russian city Novosibirsk, and re-establbished after the Dmitry's relocation to Oslo, Norway. More...

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Defect Designer Finishes Work On Album

International progressive death metal act Defect Designer just finished mastering a brand new album in Fascination Street Studio (famous for work with such bands as At The Gates, Bloodbath, Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork, Kreator, Devin Townsend Project and many more).

The album was recorded with an international lineup featuring Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) on drums, Stelios Mavromitis (SepticFlesh live guitarist) on guitars, Martin Storm-Olsen (Trollfest, Melch) on guitars and clean vocals, Christos Antoniou (SepticFlesh) handling sampling and orchestration, and Dmitry Sukhinin on bass, guitars, vocals.

Drums were recorded in Canada in The Grid studio with Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy); guitars, bass and vocals in Devasoundz Studio with Thanos Jan (Inactive Messiah). The album was mixed in Devasoundz Studios by Fotis Benardo and Christos Antoniou (SapticFlesh) after additional guitars and clean vocals done by Martin Storm-Olsen (Sounds Of O Studio).

Originally from Russia, the band recently relocated to Oslo, Norway. This upcoming album follows previous full-length "Wax," release via My Kingdom Music. More...

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Defect Designer Posts Holiday Message To Fans

Defect Designer has posted a video from Devasoundz Studio wishing fans a merry Christmas, which can be viewed below. Defect Designer also comments:

"The recording session of the new Defect Designer album is finished today, this is a big step forward towards the production of our upcoming release. Cheers from Devasoundz Studio. We wish you a Merry Christmas, have kickass holidays! The line-up on the new album includes Dmitry Sukhinin on vocals and bass, Stelios Mavromitis on guitars and Flo Mounier on Drums, we'll have more guests on the recording!"

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Defect Designer Posts New Lyric Video

Formerly Russian and currently Norwegian metal outfit Defect Designer has posted a new lyric video online. Check out "Yellow Grimace" in the player below, or you can also watch the previously posted video for "When Your Face Doesn't Melt Snowflakes" right here.

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Defect Designer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Defect Designer - originally from Russia and now based in Norway - has launched a crowd funding campaign in support of an upcoming album. You can find full details on the campaign and available perks to backers right here, and Defect Designer also comments:

"The band has one full-length album 'Wax' and we have made a long way to record it getting to Hertz Studio, Poland (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader) from the very heart of Siberia (oh, it was a long way).

"In 2012 the mainman/songwriter relocated to Oslo, Norway and reestablished the music act. Now as a lot of time has passed, we need your support to do the second release so it makes some major noise!

"The music is composed, the studio is booked, but to be sure and to finish the deal we need your support to reach supreme quality in production!" More...

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Defect Designer Posts New Music Video

Russian act Defect Designer has posted a new music video online for "When Your Face Doesn't Melt Snowflakes," which was created by Nader Sadek. Check out the clip below.

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Defect Designer Splits With All Members

Vocalist Dmitry of Russian act Defect Designer has issued the following statement about relocating to Norway, parting with all members, and a seeking replacement musicians:

"Hello world! It's Dmitry from Defect Designer here speaking. I've got some really touching news for you. Recently I relocated to Oslo, Norway. I am extremely happy about it and see the future with great enthusiasm willing to kick major serious ass directly from here!

"As I am the overmind of Defect Designer, I'll surely continue the metal journey! We are signed worldwide by two labels including a Norwegian label, we are managed by Stigia management agency and we gained an unbelievable ton of endorsement contracts - you may see the list on our myspace!

"The issue of this announcement is that Defect Designer is looking for band members and I am willing to share what Defect Designer already has by now with new blood! As minimum this means special conditions for you with all mentioned gear and stuff in the list... well you know what shredding and blasting is?... you know what gigging is?... you know what endorsement is, don't you?! The band needs a drummer, bassist and guitarists, and I am able to take guitar or bass duties with addition to vocals!

"And surely feel free to write and join Defect Designer as this is the time your support is especially needed!! Get in touch by Reverbnation or Facebook. The new music is under design so keep your eyes open as it's going to be recorded and released with you or without you!"

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Defect Designer Wishes You A Happy New Year

Russian act Defect Designer has checked in with the following year-end recap and statement wishing fans a happy new year:

"2012: I did not know what to say. Dark hard year... Dark hard year is gone, fuck it and welcome the 2012 :)

"Still there were a ton of good things in 2011! New friends and events! I wish everyone to have insanely easy, profitable and amazing year!

"And yes. New year - new endorsement for us. Gorgeous and brutal Saluda Cymbals. Happy New Year!!"

Defect Designer also recently conducted an interview about the difficulties of being a metal band in Russia, with details available by clicking here.

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Defect Designer Talks Being A Metal Band In Russia

Seymour Duncan's Voices of Metal has posted an interview online with Dmitry Sukhinin of Defect Designer, in which Dmitry discusses being a metal band in Russia and more. An excerpt from the interview follows.

Voices of Metal: What difficulties did you encounter being a rock musician in Russia?

Dmitry: Only passionate people may be musicians. It is the same is in Russia, but the music business is more complicated here. If you play metal and especially death metal, you must prepare for war! However, it is all worth it - nothing can compare with the feeling of when you hear your music live, and the audience appreciates it – this sensation is the perpetual motion engine!

Russia is the biggest land on our planet, that's why if you're tour, the distance of your travel may become enormous. In Russia, there are tons of problems from the very beginning. Music gear is very expensive here – especially from foreign manufacturers. The stocking level of local dealers is very low and the choice of instruments and amps is not very large. I think that this is the main reason for the small amount of bands in our country.

Read the full article at Voices of Metal.

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Defect Designer To Play Drummer's Day Fest

Russian act Defect Designer has issued the following announcement about performing at the Drummer's Day open air festival tomorrow, Saturday July 30th:

"Defect Designer to take part in Drummer's Day 2011 2-day open air festival in Novosibirsk city.

"We're looking forward to see our friends Mynameisjosh and Demon Project onstage with other amazing young and veteran bands of Siberia and drive festival audience mad with schizo death metal.

"This is goind to be a second gig with our new (insane) lineup. No matter what weather will be, it's going to be hot!"

You can also listen to Defect Designer's music by heading over to the band's MySpace page.

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Defect Designer Comments On Losing A Member

Russia's Defect Designer has checked in with the following update about losing a band member:

"Yesterday we had the first gig being a quartet. We are four now, not five. It was a bit unusual but we enjoyed it - having less people in a band is much easier though the sound changes due to the frontman combining vox and guitar duties now. We are happy this choice was done, we are amazed and very enthusiastic.

"My signature Regius 7-string Mayones with Seymour Duncan Blackouts had it's first battle and destroyed the stage and shredded all people. More news to come soon, stay tuned, be DefecteD."

Defect Designer also recently posted its reaction to the terrorist attack in Norway, which can be found here. You can find more info on Defect Designer and listen to songs available for streaming by heading over to the band's MySpace page.

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Bands React To Tragedy In Norway

News has been circulating since yesterday of a terrorist attack in Norway on a youth camp along with a bombing, which has left at least 80 people dead. News reports have identified Anders Behring Breivik as the police's main suspect, and have cited his extreme right wing Christian views as a possible motivation for the attacks.

Several bands have since reacted to the news, with Bison B.C. stating:

"Our thoughts go out to our Norwegian brothers and sisters and to their friends and families. We hope you are all safe and well. Our condolences to those affected by the senseless actions. Glad to hear that our old tour mates and friends in Kvelertak where not in Olso when the attacks occurred. XOXO."

Defect Designer also added, "Words 'Norway' and 'Terrorism'... we did not think they can be used in same sentence. As we live in Russia, we understand you.. Hold on..."

Eternal Gray stated via a Facebook post, "To all our friends in Norway, we are sorry for your loss. Sometimes it's just so hard to believe this beast came from within us, human-kind. Inconceivable. Be strong, we send you our condolences."

Norwegian act Leprous added, "We would like to express our deepest sympathy with everyone involved in yesterdays shocking events in our hometown, Oslo. This is a day for unity, compassion and grief."

Arch Enemy's Facebook page included the following status update: "Watching the news with heavy hearts. Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Norway. What a horrifying attack. It is hard to believe what happened :-("

An update from Iced Earth also stated, "Our hearts go out to the people of Norway. The loss of life is horrific, nearly too much to contemplate. (After killing seven people in a bomb blast, a lone gunman killed over 80 people, some as young as 16, in a summer youth camp.) Please join us in sending prayers, positive thoughts, and sincere condolences to the friends and family members affected by this tragedy."

Enslaved commented: "Our deepest condolences and thoughts go out to everybody touched by the fathomless tragedy that struck Norway yesterday. This is indeed a day for afterthought."

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Defect Designer Issues Band Update

Russia's Defect Designer has issued the following update about beginning pre-production for new material:

"Taking down 2010! ...maybe I am writing this too early, 2010 is hard and will still last long because there are too many things for me to do before the sound of chiming clock. But I am so tired now that I am affraid I won't be able to do it later this year. 2010: hard and tiring. Lineup changes, new friends, joining and rejoining people, new experience...

"2010 was a year when we met the unbelievable amount of interesting people. We met some digitally, some personally. We'd like to say big THANK YOU to all of you people, there is too big list to mention starting from really impressive register of music gear manufacturers that grew up in 2010 to amazing people from all other areas connected with music - thank you all for unforgettable 2010!!

"There are some new names in our 'Endorsement' column we haven't announced in our news yet and we surely will in 2011 - very soon. This happens so fast that from some point 2010 was like a flash - so much support from all over the world!

"Surely 2010 was not only joy - it had and still is having pitfalls. Even Myspace decided to stop being a pleasant place - decided that everyone should have shitty profile design and executed the most retarded decision ever - but we all know that even halls of justice are painted green - money talking. Let's be happy for Myspace. 2010 was a terrible year for music. We lost our icons - people who influenced us.. We'll always miss you, R.I.P. Too many names to mention, you all know them yourself. Thank you for sharing your passion. More...

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Defect Designer Announces Line-Up Changes

Russia's Defect Designer has issued the following announcement about line-up changes:

"Undo changes! Several months ago we did a statement about a line-up changes in Defect Designer. Well, it seems really strange now and we haven't assumed it yet but our close friend Victor is back to rejoin forces of Defect Designer. We'd like to say thank you to Dmitry Ogrady for great time and what's more - great experience for us of being a part of our team for these weeks.

"So what do we have to say to end this post? Bands of Nurnberg! We are sorry for you have lost such an experienced drummer! Our drummer, Viktor Komarov, rejoins the band in our frozen land. Science studieren, sickest death metal spielen, russisch Fraulein spilli-willi. P.S.: there are a lot of you, guys, who have forgotten to join us at our Facebook. Join now."

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Defect Designer Recruits New Drummer

Russia's Defect Designer has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"As we've said before, we have some news. Emotions are mixed. Our drummer, Viktor Komarov, leaves the band and goes to Nurnberg, Germany, to continue his studies in math. This is very sad to have such friend so far from us now but we are happy for Viktor and wish him best of luck! We had great time and became close friends, it is very important to DD.

"Bands of Nurnberg! If you are looking for an experienced drummer - do not hesitate to contact us! Please welcome our old friend, Dmitry 'Ogrady.' We've already had experience of playing with Dmitry before so it'll be easier for all us to play with each other. Be with us. Because the new stuff is coming."

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Defect Designer Front Man Undergoes Eye Surgery

Front man Dmitry of Russia's Defect Designer has issued the following update about undergoing eye surgery:

"It's evening now and everything is in the fog now. Surely there is no fog in my flat, it's my eyes - they are recovering after a surgery. I am writing this without really watching the screen because it is out of focus. But things are getting better.

"I did an eye surgery on the 1st of July to have a better vision because it is not good when you are falling from stage for the reason you do not see where you grind while head banging. I see better and better day after day and during this period my guitar and tube amplifier are my very best friends and worst enemies of my neighbors because we are together all the time day and night.

"I have a lot of news to say but more news to come soon here when my eyes get best shape. Well, take care of your eyes or you'd need either a surgery or a specially trained dog-guide! It's important, believe me!"

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Defect Designer Comments On Paul Gray's Death

Defect Designer has issued the following statement about the band's reaction to news of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray's death:

"Today I opened my Facebook to find out Paul Gray was found dead. Same month as today I was sitting in front of my monitor with mouth open because it was hard to believe Ronnie James Dio passed away. I remember I was reading news about recovery and successful surgery. Even now when I listen to latest records I cannot believe this powerful man is sixty-something years. Charming smile. Planning tours at 67 is a deed!

"Before this Peter Steele passed and it is such a sorrow to listen his unique voice and know this is the end, he has his very last record. Dismal and beautiful his music is. Unbearable. Today again I cannot believe what I see in news blog. I cannot believe it can be true that band member of a band that influenced us so much is no more, that a person who influenced our bass player and probably made him take a bass guitar is gone. Can it be true because this is something that can't fit our minds? Why do our icons die? Why do they start dying?"

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Defect Designer Announces New Guitarist

Russian death metallers Defect Designer have issued the following update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Welcome the new Defect Designer guitar player. If you put your eyes here, you'll see the real face of our new member. It's our old friend Daniel Nikitin, he has indeed been with the group for a long time - he also plays guitar in band Morior and both Morior and Defect Designer own the same rehearsal room - so we share our gear. Daniel is an excellent shredder and we are happy we found the proper person replacing Kirill (also Morior vocalist). So please welcome Daniel to our Defected family!"

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Defect Designer Parts With Guitarist

Vocalist Dmitry "Mr. Scavenger" of Russian death metal act Defect Designer has issued the following update about parting ways with the band's guitarist:

"I did not have an opportunity to do it before but I have to say it now. On 22.03.2010 we had a great gig with Napalm Death in Novosibirsk. Unusually lots of people in a club and unusually noisy terror coming from stage! This gig actually was the last for our good friend Kirill who performed the vast majority of guitar shredding on our debut album 'Wax' - in Poland, in Hertz studio, and was the band member since the end of 2007.

"A bit sad to say that now we part ways. I think Kirill is one of the people without whom Defect Designer would not exist - he is responsible for bringing me into metal in early age at school and did a lot of influential things for all our defected personalities. We've already welcomed the new member so don't worry, we'll still continue to kick ass. News to come soon. Be with us."

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