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Cvltvs Mortem

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Cvltvs Mortem Issues Band Update

Cvltvs Mortem, formerly known as Sonic Devastation, has issued the following update about the band's status:

"Life can throw curve balls at you, I'm very well acquainted with them as I write this note. My life has changed a great deal since my wife passed away in February of 2010 and others' lives in this band are different than a few years ago as well. We dove hard into several shows in the last few months and have had fun doing them, but I personally realize the impact of the performances on my own priorities as of lately. A single show can be a back-breaking and financial stress to make happen, ask any promoter or independent band out there. I am now a single father to further complicate my ability to make time away for performances.

"The bottom line is that as of this time Cvltvs Mortem is still a band and together, but with a different agenda. We still have a show on our itinerary alongside Arsenic Addiction in Salt Lake City on August 27th which we still intend to perform. However, consider it a 'farewell performance' for the time being. We collectively enjoy the creation and recording of our brand of blackened death metal and plans are to continue to do so. Shows have been increasingly straining on personal schedules and financial abilities, so we shall bow out of that routine and get back to what's more pleasing to us and accommodating to our personal lives/schedules. On the other hand, there may be special occasions that we re-emerge for once in a great while.

"Continue to expect great things from this band, we're not throwing in the towel....just taking a different path with the metal that courses through our veins. I personally thank everyone that has enjoyed our endeavor over the years, it's been a pleasure and an honor to have you all enjoy this madness with us!"

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Cvltvs Mortem Comments On Recording Delays

Black metal act Cvltvs Mortem, formerly known as Sonic Devastation, has issued the following update regarding the band's delay in recording:

"I've yet to publicly explain something of a very personal nature to our band's audience here at MySpace or anywhere else for that matter. For lack of a better way to put it...I've been within the confines of my home for the most part since the 3rd of February when my dearest wife, Wendy passed away suddenly. The band and the recording process took the back seat while I've been trying to find my way through the fog of despair and grief...and that's probably putting it mildly. Damon, Robert, and Ben have been doing a great job keeping me 'propped' up from the beginning of this tragic chapter in my life. It's been just about 45 days since her passing now, and I believe I'm ready to invest this negativity into our music beginning tomorrow morning with the first round of guitar tracks on top of Damon's drum tracks that have been done for a while now, but this pitfall of emotions wasn't expected....with that said, apologies for the delay in the process and I thank you all for your understanding.

"Much of what ended up in our music written by myself in the past was related to the hostility/anger I've had pent up watching Wendy go through 7 years of procedures and treatment for her Mesothelioma cancer among other associated ailments. R.I.P. Wendy, I love you to infinity! It's now come time to unleash further fury with newfound ambition and ammunition! Wendy wouldn't want it any other way, it was my honor to know such a wonderful person and share the last 12+ years of my life with her."

Sample Cvltvs Mortem tracks can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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Cvltvs Mortem Recruits New Bassist

Black metal act Cvltvs Mortem, formerly known as Sonic Devastation, has issued the following brief statement about recruiting a new live bassist:

"Cvltvs Mortem has fleshed out its live line up once again, filling our vacancy with the venerable Benjamin Taylor on bass guitar. We're looking forward to wrapping up the recording sessions and booking our remaining time full of shows this summer...stay tuned!"

A drum sampler track from Cvtlvs Mortem's recent recording sessions can be heard through the band's MySpace page.

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Cvltvs Mortem Streaming Drum Sampler Track

Black metal act Cvltvs Mortem, formerly known as Sonic Devastation, has issued the following statement about streaming a drum sampler track online from their recording sessions:

"Indeed friends, we really are at work contrary to how quiet things have been for a while! We've got some of Damon's new drum tidbits spliced together from various tracks from the upcoming album to share with you for the moment as proof of our labor. Hope you enjoy the offering that he's worked very hard on! Bear in mind this sampler track is in raw form as of yet, unmastered etc just to give you a peek at some of his drumming on the upcoming album. It's my turn next to start laying down the initial riffage to start piecing it all together over the coming months! Thanks for your patience everyone!"

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Cvltvs Mortem Recording New Album

Black metal act Cvltvs Mortem, formerly known as Sonic Devastation, has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"It's been a while since we posted an update of any sort formally, so it seems appropriate to fill everyone in on happenings within the Cvltvs camp! Recording is underway officially after some delay which actually worked out to our advantage due to another song or two coming together in the 'downtime' that we're very pleased with! The upcoming 2010 release from us will have 10 tracks, 5 of which are the songs that have been on our page for some time in demo form and not available to the public for that reason. The 5 new tracks added to them have turned out incredible! Lyrics and titles to those tracks are still pending and being written along the way. Originally, we contemplated re-recording just the older 5 tracks as an EP to release for the fans to finally be able to have copies of the finished versions of those songs and then work toward a completely new slab of material for a full length release at a later date. During these passed months, a brand new set of 5 songs emerged and we felt that the appropriate thing to do was to just add those 5 new tracks to the recording process of the 5 older songs for a full length release. (Confusing, isn't it?) More...

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