"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1988
From: Tampa, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Acheron News

Below is our complete Acheron news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Bone Gnawer Premieres Another New Track

Bone Gnawer, the death metal outfit led by Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, ex-Mantas) premieres another new track titled "Horrors In The House Of Human Remains" taken from the upcoming album "Cannibal Crematorium" which showcases numerous special guests like Dave Ingram (ex-Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower), Mark Riddick (Fetid Zombie), Vincent Crowley (Acheron), and Noel Kemper (Gruesome Stuff Relish).

Check out now "Horrors In The House Of Human Remains" featuring Matt Witchclan of Deadman's Blood.

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Acheron Issues Year-End Recap

Earlier this year American black/death metal band Acheron released "Kult Des Hasses" on Listenable Records. Now the band has checked in with the following year-end recap:

"Due to some issues within the band didn’t play any shows during most of the year and later parted ways with long time drummer Kyle Severn. After this time former guitarist Shaun Cothron rejoined the line-up and Brandon Howe was hired to play drums for their November/December shows entitled 'Unleash Hell 2014.'

"Howe is working out so well that Acheron has officially hired him as their official drummer. Brandon has been very dedicated and has shown a tremendous amount of energy and creativity. He is a very solid drummer and playing live with him has been a pleasure. After rehearsing our set list we started to work on a couple new songs. He was very easy to work with and brings a lot to the table. After our show in Baltimore we knew he was going to be our new drummer.

"Acheron will be finishing up 2014 shows this weekend on December 12th (Indianapolis, Indiana) and December 13th (Chicago, Illinois). When they finish the run, Acheron will start working on material for their next album.

"The goal for next year is to work on new music and do as many shows as possible. Acheron has never been an extensive tour band and they hope to change that in 2015! Acheron has recently been added to the roster for The Flaming Arts Agency for any European or Asian booking.
Last but not least, Acheron finally released the video for 'Satan Holds Dominion,' which is on the Listenable Records official YouTube." More...

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Acheron Proclaims "Satan Holds Dominion!"

Acheron just released a new video for "Satan Holds Dominion," which comes by way of the band's latest album "Kult Des Hasses," released via Listenable Records. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Daemonum Lux
2. Satan Holds Dominion
3. Raptured To Divine Perversion
4. Jesus Wept (Again And Again)
5. Thy Father Suicide
6. Misanthropic Race
7. Whores And Harlots
8. Asphyxiation (Hands Of God)
9. Concubina Do Diabo
10. Devil’s Black Blood

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Acheron Announces Lineup Changes

Acheron has checked in with the following announcement about lineup changes:

"Since the release of the album 'Kult Des Hasses' on Listenable Records the band has gone through some changes which have made them a much more lethal force. Vincent Crowley and Art Taylor has welcomed back guitarist Shaun Cothron to the unholy fold. Cothron played with Acheron from 2011 – 2013 and also played on the 2-song demo that got the band signed.

"After the departure of their long time drummer, Acheron has hired young skin basher Brandon Howe to cover the duties for all live shows. The band is testing the waters with Howe to possibly be a new member in Acheron."

Band founder Vincent Crowley aslo states: “I am very pleased to be playing with Shaun once again. He’s easy to get along with and a killer player. It will be great to have both Art Taylor and Shaun Cothron shredding together. As for Brandon Howe, he’s a kick ass drummer and he is hungry to play music. That is what we need right now. This is the first time in many years that Acheron is feeling like an actual band, not just some project. I think everyone involved is very much into the new energy we have invoked. And we are finally ready to start promoting our latest album Kult Des Hasses on stage!”

Acheorn is now starting to confirm new shows, which include Columbus, Ohio on November 29th and Indianapolis, Indiana on December 12th. More dates and details of live shows will be posted in the near future. More...

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Acheron Streaming Video Preview

Underground death metal legends Acheron are back with a vengeance in the form of "Kult des Hasses." The band's newest long-player, and first since inking a deal in blood with Listenable Records, is getting treatment at Decibel Magazine in the form of an exclusive album/preview video featuring Vincent Crowley. Check it out at this location and below.

On "Kult des Hasses," Acheron founder Vincent Crowley has been joined on this album by longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the record as a guest lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck from the bands Wolfpack 44, Electric Hellfire Club and Wolfen Society. "Kult des Hasses" was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Bad Back Studios and mixed and mastered by Dan Swano of Unisound.

Guest vocalists on Kult des Hasses include Kam Lee (Ex-Massacre, The Grotesquery and Bone Gnawer), Jim Lippucci (Soulless), John McEntee (Incantation/Funerus), Jill McEntee (Funerus), Ash Thomas (Estuary/Faithxtractor) and Zdenka Prado (Estuary).

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Acheron Streaming New Song

Acheron has teamed up with Terrorizer to stream new song "Raptured To Divine Perversion." Give it a listen below.

"Raptured To Divine Perversion" comes off upcoming album "Kult Des Hasses," which will see release via Listenable Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Daemonum Lux
2. Satan Holds Dominion
3. Raptured To Divine Perversion
4. Jesus Wept (Again And Again)
5. Thy Father Suicide
6. Misanthropic Race
7. Whores And Harlots
8. Asphyxiation (Hands Of God)
9. Concubina Do Diabo
10. Devil’s Black Blood More...

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Acheron Reveals Details On New Album

Acheron has finally completed upcoming album "Kult Des Hasses," which will see release via Listenable Records.

Vocalist/Bassist Vincent Crowley has been joined on this album with longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the recording as a special guest 2nd lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck.

There will also be guest vocal appearances by death metal icon Kam Lee (Ex-Massacre, The Grotesquery, Bone Gnower), Jim Lippucci (Soulless), John McEntee (Incantation, Funerus), Jill McEntee (Funuers), Ash Thomas (Estuary) and Zdenka Prado (Estuary).

The album was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Bad Back Studios and mixed and mastered by the mighty Dan Swano. Cover artwork was handled by German Artist Timo Wuerz. Band founder Vincent Crowley said:

“Even though this album ended up taking much longer than we thought to get done it ended up being something that the whole band is very proud of releasing. We had a very specific idea for this release and I really think we hit the nail on the head. Acheron wanted to get a true late 80’s/early 90’s sound on this album and stay clear of the over produced metal approaches of today. The song writing is very catchy, the bass and drums are pounding and there is tons of shredding guitar solos all over the album. I know Acheron fans old and new will really enjoy this musical assault.”

The album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Indianapolis Metal Fest III Announces Lineup

The Indianapolis Metal Fest III will take place September 20-21, 2013 at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana. Among the acts features is the reformed Byzantine, as well as, Temple of Brutality, which features Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Stet Howland (W.A.S.P.). Tickets can be purchased over at this location.

The full slate of acts to appear:

Rivers of Nihil
Seven Witches
Vicious Rumors
Angel Vivaldi More...

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Acheron Recruits Second Guitarist For Live Dates

Black death thrash demons Acheron have completed the recording process for their upcoming Listenable Records release, "Kult Des Hasses." The album is now set to enter the mixing and mastering phase. Acheron will also be doing a mini-tour with Incantation in late July. The band has enlisted Dismemberment guitarist Jacob Shively to fill the slot of second guitarist. When asked if Shively would be their new permanent second guitarist, ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley stated:

"Jacob is a talented guitarist and fan of the band. His group Dismemberment opened for Acheron a few times and I really liked them. That is why I asked him about filling in. But we are taking baby steps. We've learned from past experiences not to just give hire someone right away. For now he is playing with us for all upcoming live shows. We'll just have to see if it progresses into something more. But we are indeed open to the idea if the dedication and chemistry is there."

Acheron will also head to Germany to headline the Death Doomed the Age Fest in September and and return in October for the Under the Banner of the Black Light fest. Confirmed Acheron live dates follow below.

07/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
07/19 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Incantation
07/20 - Providence, RI @ Fete w/ Incantation
09/06 - Lichtenfels, Germany @ Death Doomed the Age Fest
10/12 - Gieben, Germany @ Under the Banner of the Black Light Fest

Jacob Shively of Dismemberment fills in second guitar slot for Acheron

 photo acheron_zps14a38b41.jpg

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Acheron Entering The Recording Studio

Ohio blackened death metal vets Acheron will enter the studio next month to begin the recording process for "Kult Des Hasses," the follow up to 2009's "The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God." The band has also announced that guitarist Ricktor Ravensbruck (Wolfpack 44, Electric Hellfire Club, Wolfen Society) will be a special guest to add some of his lead guitar work to the album. Band founder Vincent Crowley commented:

"Things have been going very well in the Acheron camp. We plan to hit the studio and start recording on April 12th. We are all very pleased with the songs and know our fans will enjoy 'Kult Des Hasses.' We have also hired artist Timo Wuerz to do the artwork for the new album. I promise all of you that this album is going to be pure old school Satanic underground music! Ave Satanas!"

The tracklisting for "Kult Des Hasses" is as follows:

Daemonum Lux
Satan Hold Dominion
Raptured to Divine Perversion
Jesus Wept
Thy Father Suicide
Misanthropic Race
Whores and Harlots
Asphyxiation (Hands of God)
Concubina Do Diabo
Devil's Black Blood

Video footage of Acheron playing "Fuck the Ways of Christ" live at Neurotic Death Fest 2012 has been posted at this location.

 photo jpegbase6444be27d54deb1995_zpse67fef9f.jpg

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Acheron Signs With Listenable

Listenable Records has issued the following announcement about signing a deal with Acheron:

"Listenable Records is delighted to announce the signing of long revered and genuinely evil death metal act Acheron The infamous underground legends have been a cult band for over two decades and have released a number of recordings throughout their existence."

Band founder and front man Vincent Crowley commented on the signing by saying: “Acheron has been a thriving entity for many years now. We never got a proper push from any of our past labels to get to the next level. The band has received a lot of interest within the last year. When Listenable Records talked with me about signing Acheron I was indeed interested. The reason being is that he was a fan of Acheron a long time ago. He believes in our music and wants to finally give Acheron the push we deserve. We are not just a band, we’re a fucking diabolic War Machine!”

The band's new album "Kult Des Hasses" is scheduled for a release in Spring 2013.

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Acheron Pays Tribute To Joey "Fingers" Lombard

Fan-filmed footage has been posted online of Acheron's Vincent Crowley paying tribute to our fallen metal brother Joey "Fingers" Lombard (ex-Incantation), who passed away earlier this month at the age of 42. The video clip is available below.

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Gathering Of The Bestial Legion V Reveals Schedule

Death metal legends Incantation will lay waste to Los Angeles this weekend when they join Autopsy, Acheron, HOD, Divine Eve and many others at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion V on Saturday, January 14th at The Echoplex on 1154 Glendale Blvd. Doors open at 4:00 PM, and for more information, contact the show's website. Along with the new Incantation material, Kyle Severn has also finished up with his first foray into the cinema realm with a new horror/slasher movie called "After Party Massacre." Co-written/co-directed with Kristoff Bates, this slasher starts with live performances by Incantation and Soulless, which then takes a deadly turn after the bands are finished as this unrated movie is filled with blood, scantly clad female flesh and lots of death metal!


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Legion Of The Damned To Play Neurotic Deathfest

Europe's Neurotic Deathfest has added Legion of the Damned to the festival's lineup. The fest takes place from March 2nd to March 4th, 2012 at the 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands. The current lineup looks like this:

Abysmal Torment
Beneath The Massacre
Cannibal Corpse
Cyanide Serenity
Fleshgod Apocalypse
Legion of the Damned
Misery Index
Modus Delicti
Molotov Solution
Napalm Death
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition
Suffering Quota
Suicidal Angels
Within The Ruins

More than 30 bands will be announced in the future, and the current promo poster can be viewed below. More...

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Acheron To Get Back Together

Blackened death metal act Acheron, who announced the band was calling it quits earlier this year, has now issued the following update about reforming:

"Last May (2010), band founder Vincent Crowley announced that the Underground Cult band ACHERON was calling it quits and would not be doing any more recordings or shows. It was a surprise to both fans and band members alike, considering ACHERON had just released a well received album called 'THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God,' filmed their first official music video for I AM HEATHEN and was on the verge of doing a slew of other projects, which included another studio recording, a dvd release and a variety of shows and festival dates. So what happened to cause the band’s break-up?

"It seems that a lot of things went down before the shit finally hit the fan. There is too much involving the whole reason for the band’s demise. All I can say is that there were a lot of misunderstandings, including a lack of communication and some actions that were done. The end result of it all pretty much killed my will to continue the band. More...

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Michigan Deathfest Cancels 20th Anniversary Event

It has been announced via myspace that the 2010 edition of the Michigan Deathfest has been cancelled. The cancellation comes due to conflicts with venue changes, band issues and lack of ticket sales.

Promoter 'Metal Mom' issued the following statement:
"The announcement of Michigan Deathfest officially being cancelled was a very difficult one to make. Due to many conflicts starting with the date change, the announcement of Iron Maiden playing close to the fest on the same date, and many more, the show took many hits prior to the original venue change. The venue and date of the event was changed in the best interest of the bands and fans, but we continued to take hits from bands dropping off the bill for various reasons, band break-ups, line-up changes, etc. etc. The final hit for the festival (which probably had the biggest effect on the cancellation) was the overall lack of presale tickets sold and general lack of interest in the event. If fans were planning on attending the festival, we sure didn’t know about it and we apologize for any inconvenience to anyone that did plan on coming, especially if you lost money in the process of planning your trip. Still having one month till the festival date, we tried to give everyone ample notice of the cancellation. St. Andrew’s Hall is working with us to set up a free admission show to make up for the cancellation of the festival. It will feature many of the festival bands. As soon as a date is confirmed we will announce the show. Hope free works for everyone and once again we’d like to apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you very much for your continued support over the last 20 years! ~Metal Mom"

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Acheron Comments On Breakup

Vincent Crowley has issued the following statement about Acheron deciding to call it a day:

"Metal Hellions, after a 22 year run, I am finally putting Acheron to an end. It has been an interesting journey, but it is indeed over now. I know I have broken up the band in the past, but there is no turning back this time. This musical entity has run its course and I didn’t want to tarnish what Acheron represented. Some people didn’t agree with my decision, but I feel I know what is right to do.

"Acheron never set out to be the most technical, fastest or heaviest band out there. That was not what I strived to achieve. Those who resonated to our music knew the feeling and spirit it had behind it. And this music was not created for the masses, it was an art form to be embraced by other kindred souls who shared the same likes and interests. That is why the fans have always been very special to me. Their dedication and support fueled the Hellfires! In the end I never really cared what the media thought of us, but I did want the fans to always get 100% Acheron. More...

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Headline News

Acheron Calling It A Day

Blackened death metallers Acheron have checked in with the following announcement about deciding to call it day:

"After 22 years of existence, black/death/thrash metal band Acheron are calling it quits! The band has released 5 original full length cds, 3 mini-cds, 1 cover-tribute cd and a number of other underground releases. Acheron will end on a familiar note by doing one last run of 'Rites of the Black Mass' shows until January 1st, 2010. After that Acheron will be done for good! (No more shows or albums.)

"So keep an eye out for select shows that they will be appearing at this year, because it will be the last time you get to see them live! The line-up for the final shows will be Vincent Crowley (Vocals/Bass), Art Taylor (Guitar), Eric Stewart (Guitar) and Scott Pletcher (Drums)."

You can also hear Acheron's music via the band's official MySpace page.

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Acheron To Play C.I.M. Festival

Acheron vocalist Vincent Crowley has issued the following announcement about the band appearing at the 2010 edition of the C.I.M. festival:

"It is official, black/death metal fiends Acheron have been booked for the 2010 C.I.M. fest! This will be the first time Acheron has played this festival and the band is very much looking forward to it. In 1991, Acheron released their Satanic album 'Rites of the Black Mass' which was the first time this blasphemous psychodrama was ever set to music! The Black Pope himself (Anton Szandor LaVey) declared Acheron to be one of the few real Satanic bands in the world in his last published book 'Satan Speaks.' Needless to say, this album has become an underground cult classic and is still hailed today!

"Due to the overwhelming response of 'The Last Rites' shows done a couple of years ago, when Acheron played the whole Rites of the Black Mass album in its entirety, the band has agreed to do one last show at the C.I.M. Fest. In fact, Acheron also plans to perform the whole Black Mass on stage and film it for what will hopefully be an upcoming DVD release. So to all you underground metal fans and unholy Satanic warriors, you are invited to come to the Sabbath! This may be the last time you ever get to see Acheron play and perform the Rites of the Black Mass live! Come one, come all! Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!"

Additional information on the festival can be found at this location.

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Acheron Recruits Two New Guitarists

Blackened death metallers Acheron have officially added two new guitarists, Art Taylor and Eric Stewart, to the band. Taylor came to Acheron from Wehrwolfe and Stewart was in Mangled Faith and Infernal Faith. Both guitarists also previously worked together in a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate tribute band titled Them.

Founder and front man Vincent Crowley said “This band has gone through an evolutionary process since day one. It just gets better and better as time moves on. We were very pleased with the last album The Final Conflict: Last Days of God and knew we really needed two killer guitarists who lived in our general area to work on the next Acheron releases. Art who had already been working with us, introduced me to Eric. Those two together are a force to be reckoned with! We can’t wait to unleash some new studio recordings to the fans.”

Vincent Crowley also commented on the departure of previous guitarist Maximus Otworth: “Max did a great job while working with us and we only wish him the best of luck. He’s a talented young guitarist that he has a lot to offer the Metal world.”

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