"some music was meant to stay underground..."

In Twilight's Embrace

Formed: 2005
From: Poznan, Poland
Last Known Status: Active

Latest In Twilight's Embrace News

Below is our complete In Twilight's Embrace news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

In Twilight's Embrace Streams New Album In Full

"Vanitas," the new album from In Twilight's Embrace, will be finally released this Friday, September 22nd via Arachnophobia Records. You may stream it now in its entirety exclusively via No Clean Singing at this location.

1. The Hell of Mediocrity
2. Fan the Flame
3. As Future Evaporates
4. Trembling
5. Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts
6. Futility
7. The Rift
8. The Great Leveller

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In Twilight's Embrace Streams "The Great Leveller"

Ahead of the release of fourth album "Vanitas," In Twilight's Embrace today unveils next single “The Great Leveller, which” is streaming below. Vocalist Cyprian Lakomy comments on the track:

"There is a thread which links this one with the first single, The Hell of Mediocrity. Although the title phrase is often used to portray death itself, it also reflects the sheep mentality versus free spirit, mass versus individual and, finally, the idolisation of the lowest common denominator as opposed to independent thought and action. From the very beginning, until the very end, this bitter undercurrent is present in every single line and note on Vanitas."

1. The Hell of Mediocrity (song streaming here)
2. Fan the Flame
3. As Future Evaporates
4. Trembling
5. Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts
6. Futility
7. The Rift
8. The Great Leveller More...

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In Twilight's Embrace Releases Video For New Song

Polish death metal veterans In Twilight's Embrace recently announced that the fourth studio effort from the band will be entitled "Vanitas." The album drops on September 22nd via Arachnophobia Records. Today, the band premiered the stunning music video for the new track “As Future Evaporates." You can check it out at this location, or even more conveniently in the player at the bottom.

"Vanitas" was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2017 by Marcin Rybicki at Vintage Records and Left Hand Sounds.

The video was shot "amidst the woods and lakes of the Western Pomerania region, where I come from," explains vocalist, Cyprian Lakomy. The band traveled to a desolate island in that region, with no access to electric power and a very weak cell phone reception. Cyprian visits this place whenever he needs to detach himself from people and everyday realities. He confesses that "the solitude and total silence of this place enabled us to capture the mood of the song accurately."

The video reflects the atmosphere of the entire new album. Cyprian explains: "The video conveys the leitmotif of our entire new album – that death accompanies our whole lives. We encounter it at different stages and its growing awareness should drive us to make the most out of the time we were given. Sadly, few have enough guts to aim at something more than barely surviving." More...

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In Twilight’s Embrace Premieres New Song

Poland’s blackened death horde In Twilight’s Embrace premieres a new song titled "The Hell of Mediocrity", taken from the band's upcoming new fourth full-length "Vanitas", which be released on September 22nd via Arachnophobia Records.

Check out now "The Hell of Mediocrity" below.

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In Twilight's Embrace Pre-Release EP Stream Posted

Polish blackened death metal outfit In Twilight's Embrace premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new EP "Trembling", which will be out in stores May 25 via Arachnophobia Records.

Check out now "Trembling" in its entirety below.

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In Twilight's Embrace Covers Armia

Polish death metal band In Twilight’s Embrace has paid homage to the visionary punk band Armia, releasing a video for a cover of the track “Opowiesc Zimowa” (“Winter’s Tale”). This interpretation of the song will also be included on upcoming EP "Trembling."

Cyprian Lakomy (vocals) comments: “'Legenda', the second album of Armia is in my opinion not only the most unique landmark of Polish music, but also one of those records which stick to you for a lifetime. Right from the moment I heard it as a teenager, I was totally blown away by the utter darkness these songs channeled and the unconquered spirit they possessed.

"The whole opus has this grim, dark and cold feeling which perfectly corresponds with the Polish reality of the early 90s with its fear and trembling. At the same time, there is a deep yearning for the worlds far beyond this place. In this respect, I find the band's founders Tomasz Budzynski and Robert Brylewski a perfect songwriting duo with the gift of creating new realms through sound.

"'Opowiesc Zimowa' is perhaps one of their strongest songs – full of horror and weird kind of beauty at the same time. Covering it has been on my mind for years and I couldn't be happier that we have finally done this. This is our homage not only to Armia, but to Polish music in general and the otherworldly power it was able to conjure back in the day.” More...

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In Twilight's Embrace Releasing "Trembling"

Polish death metal band In Twilight’s Embrace will be releasing a brand new EP, entitled "Trembling," on 25 May 2016 via Arachnophobia Records.

The EP, which consists of two brand new songs and an Armia cover, is treated by the band as a postscript which will complete the work of the full-length release, "The Grim Muse." The track listing is:

1. Laughing Stock, a Burning Stake
2. Into the Mouth of Madness
3. Opowiesc zimowa (Armia cover)

In order to celebrate the success of "The Grim Muse," it will be released as a vinyl edition through Arachnophobia Records also on 25 May 2016. The album was initially released on CD with the same label. More...

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In Twilight’s Embrace Premieres Entire New Album

Poland's death metal outfit In Twilight’s Embrace premieres its entire upcoming new album "The Grim Muse". The new full length is the band's third album and will be out in stores September 15 via Arachnophobia Records.

You can now check out the official pre-release full-album stream below.

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In Twilight's Embrace Signs To Spook Records

In Twilight's Embrace has issued the following update about signing to Spook Records for the release of the band's "Slaves to Martyrdom" album:

"After a couple of weeks, we’re back with the news of sealing a pact with Cracovean powerhouse Spook Records for the release of our second whirlwind, 'Slaves to Martyrdom.' Under this banner, we are confident that In Twilight’s Embrace will be paid the proper amount of attention, as well as maintain the right to self-determination.

"Dawid has been working for some quality metal and hardcore bands for years now, and is enjoying their respect and good reputation. With our new abode, we’re ready to put our new agenda into effect. 'Slaves to Martyrdom' will lay its poisonous kiss upon your sons and daughters in January 2011!"

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In Twilight's Embrace Comments On Fascism Claims

Polish act In Twilight's Embrace has issued the following statement regarding concerns that the band espouses a fascist ideology:

"To whom it may concern and in order to avoid further misconceptions, we hereby make it clear, that In Twilight's Embrace has always been, is and will be a 100% antifascist band until the end. The use of the old photograph, in which women performing the Nazi salute are depicted, on our MySpace website doesn't reflect our political, social, and philosophical beliefs. It actually does quite the contrary.

"We would neither share a stage with nor play for anybody, who condones racist, fascist, nationalist or sexist ideology. This is the conviction we've held dear for years now and rest assured - it will never change. Having said that, we are not going to add people or bands whose credibility in regards to that matter is not completely sure. Let's fight Nazi scum - good night white pride!"

You can also check out the band's music via the In Twilight's Embrace MySpace page.

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In Twilight's Embrace Posts Another Song Online

Polish metal act In Twilight's Embrace has made the title track off the new "Slaves to Martyrdom" album available for streaming via the band's MySpace page. In Twilight's Embrace also commented on the new song:

"It’s high time for the second song off 'Slaves to Martyrdom' to surface and strike the world! We have chosen the title track for at least two important reasons. First of all, this is the ultimate point of the new album and the most representative announcing of what is yet to come. It gives the listener the picture of the diversity and wide scope of the material included on the second In Twilight’s Embrace record.

"Then, the lyrics for this one are the essence of the new album’s concept and we wanted to share them with you now, even before the release of the record. 'Slaves to Martyrdom' stands in opposition to this illusionary mixture of fear & euphoria, dominating the political discourse, every now and then, when a country like our own tries to build its identity on tragedies and failure. It attacks the poisoned historical policy, aiming at antagonizing nations and serving particular interests."

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In Twilight's Embrace Streaming New Song

Poland's In Twilight's Embrace has checked in with the following update about streaming a new song online from the band's upcoming album:

"A couple of months have passed since we announced the recording of the new full-length and kept you waiting for a while too long now. Therefore, here it is – the first song off our second album 'Slaves to Martyrdom' – 'The Atrocity Born of Failure.' Just as we promised before, this is one of the heaviest and most unrelenting In Twilight’s Embrace tunes ever! Enjoy and remember to let us know what you think!

"The entire album is already finished. We have recorded in many different locations scattered across the whole country – the drum tracks were laid down at Jet Studio in Northern Poland, our good friend Marcin Czajka came up with a totally intense guitar sound, and Lukasz Migdalski assisted us while recording vocals. Our longtime buddy Waldemar Jedruszak spent weeks over the mixing of the songs at The Aesthetic Studio and Wieslawski Bros. at Hertz Studio ensured the best mastering possible. Looks pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the final result is a solid piece of extreme music, that we all are so damn proud of!

"Lyrics-wise, 'Slaves to Martyrdom' makes several important observations and statements on the so-called historical policies embarked on by some governments in the world, casting false light on national tragedies and forcing ordinary people to fight for their pseudo-romantic, doubtful causes. There are also other issues discussed in different songs, e.g. freedom fighters, smear campaigns and compromised education. More...

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In Twilight's Embrace To Enter The Studio

Polish metallers In Twilight's Embrace have issued the following announcement about entering the recording studio in December:

"Ladies and gentlemen, long time no speak, so we will put it as plain as possible: We will be entering the studio in the very beginning of December in order to track the sophomore In Twilight’s Embrace record to be released in 2010. In the first place, we’ll be heading for JET Studio in Northern Poland to record drums. Soon afterwards we’ll be hitting Warsaw to work on guitars and bass with a good friend of ours, Marcin Czajka at helm.

"The vocals will be tracked in our hometown, Poznan, with Migdal within the walls of his Mobile Studio. The entire album will be mixed by another long-time pal - Vlad at Aesthetic Studio. The release details, track listing, as well as the info on the actual label, are to be revealed later next year. Be prepared for a real heavy fucker and total obliteration. That’s it."

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