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Formed: 2003
From: TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Born in Texas, Vinnie and Dime grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where they came from a very musical background. Their father, Jerry Abbott, owned and engineered a recording studio not far from their home. The brothers used to hang out down at the studio on a regular basis, where they got to see their share of Texas legends. Dime and Vinnie were also influenced by such greats as Tony Iommi, Ace Frehley, Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Tommy Aldridge, John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, and Neil Peart, just to name a few. This helped progress the 'dynamic duo' into the most influential guitarist and drummer of the 1990's, where they have continued their groundbreaking techniques and styles into the new millennium.

They picked up singer, Pat Lachman, guitarist for Halford and Diesel Machine and added Bob Kakaha (aka Bob Zilla) on bass, both of whom were friends with Dime and Vinny, and the lineup was complete.

Pat views Damageplan as a natural progression of the nucleus that made Pantera a legend in the first place. 'Comparisons are going to come because it's the evolution of a legacy, even though we're not trying to be Pantera. We're trying to evolve and do something different. And indeed the comparisons have been made.

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Below is our complete Damageplan news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Toledo Bands Pay Tribute To Dimebag Darrell

According to an article on toledoblade.com, Toledo bands Sole Remedy, Sever, Sledge, and New Found Element will be paying a final tribute to their hero at Howard's Club H in Bowling Green tomorrow (Jan. 8). The show will raise money for the families of those who were shot at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus the same night Abbott was fatally shot Dec. 8 while performing with Damageplan.

The cover charge for the 9 p.m. show is $4, but anyone wearing any Pantera or Damageplan clothing or logos will be admitted for $3. Howard's donated the club for the night and other than paying a sound man, all the proceeds will go the Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund for the families of the employees of the Columbus club where Abbott was murdered last month.

Read the full article at toledoblade.com.

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Is Metal Dangerous?

In an article on Valley Advocate, writer Katie Vrabel asks whether or not metal is dangerous. Did the murdering of Dimebag Darrell blacken the music industry? Several excerpts from the article:

Overall, the media treatment was respectful, but it also soon became clear that metal remains a black sheep. And maybe we like it that way, but sometimes the insults go too far. I'm a metalhead, so I take it personally. But in light of recent events (Abbott murdered; Satyricon's touring guitarists accused of rape; two stabbed at a Cradle of Filth concert) I've had to ask: Is metal really dangerous?

The science is on our side when it comes to the effects of "violent" music on daily life as well. Douglas Gentile, in his 2003 book, Media Violence and Children, concludes that listening to music has less of an effect on aggression than watching television and playing video games. He points out what should be obvious: that in cases where a metalhead commits an act of violence or suicide, real factors (depression, substance abuse, etc.), rather than musical taste, are to "blame." He notes that the majority of fans are not troublesome or troubled.

Today's metal is still dark, but is getting more sensitive, political, literary, mythology-inspired and nerdy all the time. Interest in Satan has waned. Bands that are basically white guys singing about graphic violence and violent sexuality exist, but are hardly a blip on the radar relative to what is popular and commercially viable.

As to the stereotypical portrayal of metal as the mouthpiece for the young, angry white male, critics should do themselves a favor and catch up with a genre that's moved beyond that.

Read the full article at Valley Advocate.

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Disturbed Frontman Compelled To Do Dimebag Benefit

Within an hour of the shooting at the Alrosa Villa that left "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and four others dead, Disturbed frontman David Draiman's phone began ringing off the hook. And it didn't stop for almost 24 hours. Right then and there, he knew "Instead of dwelling on the facts of his death, we're trying to focus on the way he lived." — Disturbed's David Draiman that something had to be done to pay tribute to his slain friend.

"I started making phone calls the day after I got the news. I knew that something had to be done to honor his memory. But then I was watching TV, and I saw that his family was auctioning off a bunch of his possessions on eBay," Draiman said. "I was like 'Damn, is the situation that dire?' If it had come to that, then I also knew that we had to do something to help his loved ones out."

So Draiman decided to organize a benefit concert for the Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund, which helps Abbott's family pay funeral expenses. More...

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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The Alrosa Villa Will Re-Open Later This Month

Alrosa Villa, the Columbus, Ohio nightclub that was the site of the deadly shootings last month which claimed the lives of DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and four others, will be reopening on January 14, 2005 with a benefit show for the victims' families. BOBAFLEX will be headlining the concert, with support from ODIOUS and other bands to be announced.

A complete 11-minute interview with Alrosa Villa owner Rick Cautela, which aired on the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz WBZX 99.7 FM last Tuesday (Dec. 28), can be downloaded at this location.

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Metal Strikes Back in 2004

An article has been posted on FMQB.com listing the heavy metal moments of 2004, from the formation of new bands to the new releases of older bands. An excerpt from the article:

2004 will definitely be thought of as a year when Metal made an official "come back" in the commercial world. This is not to say that Metal ever went away, but like any genre, it ebbs and flows, and this year brought a tidal wave of good music. The beginning of the year was dominated by strong releases from Iced Earth, Damageplan, the re-united Fear Factory and Dave Grohl's Probot project, which featured Grohl backing up singers like Lemmy from Motorhead and King Diamond.

Read the full article at FMQB.com.

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Dimebag Darrell And Dave Williams Memorial Murals

Texas-based living-legend artist Frank Campagna was commissioned on December 13 to paint a mural of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott of PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN and Dave Williams of DROWNING POOL on the wall of the place where they used to each practice, Universal Rehearsal on upper Greenville in Dallas on Markville.

Frank is said to be an amazing artist, and his work is reportedly VERY prominent in the Deep Ellum/downtown area of Dallas. His style is unmatched and quite distinguished.

Check out photos of the Dimebag and Dave Williams paintings: Dimebag, Dave Williams

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Anselmo's Videotaped Statement On Dimebag's Murder

Former PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo's videotaped statement about the murder of bandmate "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, with whom he had feuded in the press in recent years, has been uploaded at the web site of Fuse's "Uranium". Watch the four-minute, 17-second clip at this location (Windows Media). A transcript of Anselmo's statement follows: More...

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Damageplan Singer Speaks Out About Dimebag's Death

DAMAGEPLAN frontman Patrick Lachman has spoken exclusively to Fuse "Uranium" host Juliya about the shooting incident earlier this month in Columbus, Ohio that left five people dead, including DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. In a brief interview conducted on the day (Dec. 14) of the public memorial service for Abbott in Arlington, Texas, Lachman said:

"I want people to understand that the reason that we're all here is because of Dimebag — I mean, he brought us all together. But there were people that sacrificed everything, including their own fucking lives, to try and protect him, to try and protect us. Jeff Thompson — 'Mayhem,' as everyone knows him. He was our personal security, but more importantly, he was a good friend to all of us. And he even stated, 'I'd take a bullet for you.' The way he said it, it rolled off his back, like, 'I'd take a bullet for ya.' And he kept his word. He gave our fucking band everything we ever wanted, including his fucking life to save ours. It's pretty fucking amazing. He gave the ultimate sacrifice to take care of the people that he loved. He's part of the family.

"So many other heroic things happened that night.

"Our tour manager, Chris Paluska, tried to stop the guy that created this nightmare, took a bullet in the chest. Pretty fucking brave thing to do. I put him on the fucking stretcher myself. That was the only thing that I could do, you know.

"John Graham, a.k.a. Bushman, a.k.a. Pete High, saved Vinnie Paul's life, pushed him down to the floor, jumped on top of him like a goddamned CIA, fucking Secret Service agent. That's why Vinnie Paul's alive today. Thank you.

"John Brooks, a.k.a. The Kat, everybody knows. Best dude. Fucking saved so many lives. Took three fucking bullets and lived to fucking tell about it. Bad motherfucker.

"An innocent fucking person, a fan from the audience, tried to come up and help, took a bullet [and] died.

"A security guard that worked for the venue in Columbus took a bullet and died.

"These people should not be forgotten. It's not just about Dime. But Dime brought us all together, and he will always be remembered."

Watch a video clip containing Lachman's statement at this location (Windows Media).

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Dallas Mag Apologizes For Dimebag 'Casket Photo'

A weekly Dallas magazine has apologized to the friends and family members of late DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott for running a photo on the cover of last week's issue of what appeared to be Dimebag lying in his casket prior to being buried. Dallas Observer Managing Editor Patrick Williams has released the following statement regarding the matter:

"To all the fans, friends and family of 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott who wrote and called in to complain about our image of the slain rocker on the cover of last week's issue, please know this: We did not, whatever you may think, shoot a photo of him lying in his casket. The image we published of the DAMAGEPLAN guitarist, who was slain by a crazed fan at an Ohio nightclub December 8, was an illustration created by artist David Hollenbach based on old file photos of Abbott. (Four other people, including the gunman, were also killed in the attack.) More...

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Buckethead Records Tribute To Dimebag

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Buckethead has recorded a song as a tribute to the DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who was gunned down on Dec. 8 at a Columbus, Ohio nightclub. Download the track at this location. Several photos of Buckethead and Dimebag, taken at the NAMM 2003 convention, can be viewed at the following links: Photo#1, Photo#2, Photo#3.

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Another Journalist Treads On Dimebag's Legacy

Geoff Harkness of the Kansas City Pitch has metal heads fuming after posting his column on Damageplan and former Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Harkness wrote, "That Abbott was beloved by the metal community is without question, and he certainly died with his boots on, but the only thing legendary about him was his drinking habit. Dimebag Darrell worshippers are suddenly a dime a dozen, but one has to wonder: Where was all this adoration when he was still alive?"

Read the full article at The Pitch.

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Disturbed Confirm Dimebag Benefit Show

Disturbed are organizing a special show in aid of the Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund. This will happen at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on February 23. The fund has been set up to cover bereavement and medical costs for the three members of the Damageplan crew either injured or killed during the tragedy in Columbus, Ohio on December 8. These are John 'Kat' Brooks, Chris Paluska, and Jeffrey 'Mayhem' Thompson.

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COB Guitarist Breaks Arm, Sits Out Dimebag Tribute

According to Children of Bodom fan site Scythes-of-Bodom.com, guitarist Alexi Laiho has broken his arm and will most likely not perform at the Dimebag tribute.

More information on the tribute can be found here.

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More Details On Finnish Dimebag Tribute

More details on the Dimebag tribute have been announced.

The tribute will take place at Rock 'n' roll Station, VR Makasiinit, Helsinki, Finland on January 15.
21.00 CR (ex-Condition Red)
22.30 The Scourger
23.30 Dimen Nimeen! (Dimebag tribute band)

Dimen Nimeen! tribute band will feature the following artists: More...

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MH's Robert Flynn: "Long Live Dimebag Darrell"

Machine Head frontman Robert Flynn recently posted a piece on MH's message board remembering Dimebag Darrell. This incredibly detailed and well-written remembrance on Dimebag is as follows:

I still can't believe it.

To say that Machine Head were devastated...there aren't even words. We found out about this unbelievable event while in Zagreb, Serbia. The sports arena we were playing had no phone lines, no internet, virtually zero cell reception, no TV, no heat. We had nothing but patchy info for the next few days as we played more shows in Eastern Europe, and frustration started to boil. It was impossible to call anyone, check e-mail, anything. It's only now that I've finally been able to sit down and read everything surrounding what happened.

That night, we dedicated "Descend The Shades Of Night" to Dimebag, a man who inspired us in so many ways. I lost it on stage. We all lost it on stage. It's horrible. Things like this just don't happen. Musicians don't get KILLED on stage... while they're PLAYING... what the fuck? What the fuck is wrong with people?

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Video From Inside The Al Rosa Villa Released

Footage from inside the Al Rosa Villa nightclub from the fateful night of Dimebag Darrell's tragic death has been made available online by WBNS television, out of Colombus. The 2 minute and 14 second video feed can be viewed here.

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The Haunted To Headline Scandinavian Tour

After their extraordinarily successful US tour with Damageplan (our sincere condolences to all relatives of the victims of the tragic incident – R.I.P., Dimebag) and labelmates Shadows Fall, the Swedish five-piece will now start to devastate Europe.

On January 26th 2005 The Haunted will head out for the “Close Up Made Us Do It Tour” as headlining act all over Scandinavia together with supports Totalt Jävla Mörker & Insision. The last show of this leg will take place in Arhus (DK) on February 13th. Afterwards the guys have a few days off to hang out at home before they fly to the UK in order to tear down the walls of the English clubs. The headlining tour will start February 24th and run up to March 7th with support acts Martyr AD & Dead To Fall. More European tourdates will be announced soon.

Here is Frontman Peter Dolving’s comment about the activities of the past months:

It’s been an insane, great, weird and sad year. We’ve received such a strong response to "rEVOLVEr" as we never have before and it feels - as you can probably imagine - well, like a lot of everything.

The spring of 2004 we did a tour in the UK with our brothers in Funeral For A Friend, playing for an audience completely new to us. I did that whole tour with four fractured ribs and it hurt like hell every night but we still had a good time. Seeing teenage girls screaming in the first row and watching as 2000 Emo-kids formed circle-pits as we played in Glasgow was amazing.

The six week US tour with Shadows Fall and Damageplan ended on a sour note with the slaying of Dimebag Darrell, but it was heavy fucking package, every show escalating the intensity as we all inspired each other to outdo ourselves, setting a new mark every night.

We intend to honour Dimebag’s memory by fucking shit up more ferociously than ever before and we look forward to seeing our fans throughout the UK – it’s a hard love thing, you know what I mean... If there was ever a mark for what we can achieve as a band - Well, this time we push the limits forward. See you there.

Close Up Made Us Do It Tour 2005 w/ Totalt Jävla Mörker & Insision: More...

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Dimebag Killer's Mother Talks About Her Son: Video

Columbus, Ohio television station WCMH has posted an exclusive video interview with the mother of the man who gunned down former PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and three others during a concert last week. You can watch the video at this location.

According to the Associated Press, Mary Clark told WCMH on Wednesday (Dec. 15) that her son, Nathan Gale, was released from the Marines in 2003 after the military diagnosed the disorder. Gale's rampage last week ended when an officer shot him to death.

Clark, who asked the station not to show her face on camera, also said she bought the 9 mm semiautomatic handgun used in the shooting for her son, before he was diagnosed, because she was proud of his military service.

"I'll never, never be able to live that part down," she said.

Gale, 25, of Marysville, charged the stage at a show by Abbott's new band, DAMAGEPLAN, on Dec. 8 at the Alrosa Villa nightclub. He shot and killed four people, including Abbott, before police officer James D. Niggemeyer shot him to death.

Clark said Niggemeyer had no choice.

"I give that man credit," Clark said. "You'll never know how many lives he saved."

Two others were wounded in the attack, including tour manager Chris Paluska, who was released from the hospital Thursday.

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Launch Tribute To Dimebag Darrell

There is now a tribute to Dimebag Darrell at Launch.com, which features a bunch of Pantera and Damageplan music videos, plus photo galleries of both bands. Fans can now pay their respect to the legendary guitarist in Launch's Damageplan message board as a "special online memorial."

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Thousands Gather To Mourn Dimebag Darrell

Several thousand fans and friends gathered at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas, Tuesday night to mourn Damageplan/ Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

The inside of the cavernous convention center was filled with flowers and oversized magazine covers featuring Abbott, according to The Dallas Morning News. Among the musicians on hand to pay tribute were guitarists Zakk Wylde and Eddie Van Halen.

"I'm here for the same reason as everyone else, to give some love back," said Van Halen, who, along with Wylde, reportedly downed shots of booze as he spoke.

"This guy was full of life. He lived and breathed rock and roll." Van Halen held his cell phone up to the microphone and played a profanity-laced message left by an excited Abbott after a concert he played with Van Halen.

"I just wanted to give you a ... call to tell you thank you so ... much, man, for the most awesome, uplifting, euphoric, spiritual rock and roll extravaganza ever," Abbott said in the message to Van Halen, according to reports.

"A whole part of my life is gone," said Wylde, described as red-eyed and visibly upset. More...

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