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Armored Saint

Formed: 1982
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Armored Saint News

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Armored Saint Reveals New Album Title

In a recent update, Armored Saint bass player Joey Vera revealed more details about what will be Armored Saint's first studio album in ten years including it's name and when fans can expect it. The message reads as follows:

"After six weeks, the new Armored Saint record is done. Well, not entirely….we still have to have it mastered which should be done in the next two weeks. So technically, there’s plenty of time for more arbitrary bouts of stress. But all of the tunes have been recorded and mixed. And I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it!

"As the producer of the record, I did in fact work very long and hard on this. But I didn’t work alone. Everyone involved worked their asses off. Gonzo, John, Phil and Jeff all came in and gave it everything. Engineer Bryan Carlstrom and his assistant John Nuss were the work horses who kept up the pace in this session which for the most part meant putting in 12 – 14 hour days. I can’t say enough about Bryan, Nuss and Annette Cisneros from Tranzformer Studios in Burbank. This is a first class operation and to boot, they all gave heart and soul into the project which these days you just cannot even pay for. We are in much debt with them. Truly wonderful people.

"The result is just amazing, and I may be hasty when I say that this may be our best record ever. But all dopes in bands say that right? Well this time I think it’s true and although my reasons may be purely personal, I still deem it truth. The songs are great and it sounds great. The title of our new record is La Raza which means, The Race. More...

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Armored Saint Posts New Studio Video Online

Californian heavy metal outfit Armored Saint has posted a new video online which shows drummer Gonzo Sandoval tracking drums for the song, "Head On." You can check it out below. The band are currently recording their first studio album since 2000's "Revelation" record. The new album does not have a confirmed title as of yet but some of the songs scheduled to appear on the record include, "La Raza," "Blues," "Black Feet" and "Chilled" amongst others. More...

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John Bush Speaks On Rejoining Anthrax

In a recent interview with KNAC.com, Armored Saint vocalist John Bush spoke about a number of topics including the possibility that he will rejoin his old band, Anthrax. Some excerpts from the chat are as follows:

"The experience's been great (so far). And the band is sitting on (an already completed new) record (with Dan Nelson's vocals) that they're probably a little unsure what to do with, and we've discussed that, and we're trying to figure that out too. And I've listened to some music and it sounds cool.

"Doing shows is easy, for the most part. Remembering lyrics is the biggest challenge lately, and I've done pretty well with that at the two shows. I'm proud of myself. I guess all my memory abilities are still there, which is important. I haven't gotten early signs of Alzheimer's yet; I'm lucky. We even played a couple of songs at the Japanese show, like 'Catharsis', which we played once in the band's career, and we didn't even rehearse; that's a pretty awesome accomplishment, I think.

"That being said, I kind of wanted to (complete) the (new) Armored Saint (album), as far as creativity-wise, before I could enter a new area of being creative with Anthrax. And I've talked to them and I wanted to be super-straight-up about everything. More...

Read the full article at KNAC.com.

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John Bush Likely To Sing On New Anthrax Record

In a recent interview with Maximum Threshold, Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano revealed that, while nothing has been confirmed, former Anthrax vocalist and current singer of Armored Saint, John Bush is likely to be lending his vocal talents to the bands latest studio album, "Worship Music."

Caggiano stated: "I'm sure you guys know the whole story, but the record's pretty much... I mean, it was done... and now, it's not confirmed or anything yet... it's not official... but it looks like John Bush's gonna do the vocals on it. So we're all kind of keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully it's gonna go great."

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Armored Saint Enters The Studio

Californian heavy metal veterans Armored Saint has announced that they will enter the studio today to record their first new album in nine years. A message posted on the bands Myspace account reads as follows:

"Today is a BIG day for two reasons. First, Armored Saint will be hitting the studio TODAY to begin recording the follow-up to REVELATION. I hope to give you all updates as things progress, but the most current news will appear on the Armored Saint Twitter site, where the guys will be posting updates directly from the studio. For more information, come check out the blog I posted a couple weeks back.

"Oh, and the other reason today is a big day... it's Gonzo's birthday. So come wish him a happy one if you get the chance, either as a comment on the Saint space OR at his own Myspace page.

"Let the metal begn,


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Armored Saint Begins Recording New Album

Los Angeles, California based heavy metal veterans Armored Saint has announced that they will shortly be entering Tranzformer Studios in Burbank, CA to begin recording their sixth studio album. Tranzformer Studios is owned by Dave Jerdan, who previously worked with the band on their 1991 effort, "Symbol Of Salvation." Some of the song titles set to appear on the next record include, "Blues," "Black Feet," "Left Hook From The Right Field," "La Raza," "Chilled," "Loose Cannon" and "Get Off The Fence."

Vocalist John Bush says about the record, "About a year and a half or so ago Joey asked me if I'd be interested in writing some songs. I was in the right mind finally, so I said send me something. To be quite honest, I wasn't thinking in terms of Armored Saint but more like just writing rock music. I felt pretty free with that mentality and the ideas felt very organic. With every passing song things improved and next thing we knew we had about eight songs demoed. Although the idea of sparking something completely new was appealing it became clear that if it was Joey and I the reality was, let's not kid ourselves; this is Armored Saint.

"So here it comes. Embracing my inner R&B singer and coupling that with our influence of the great seventy's hard rock band's we grew up on.?" More...

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John Bush To Join Anthrax For Japan Show

American thrash metal legends Anthrax have announced that former vocalist John Bush (also of Armored Saint) will once again be fronting the band when they perform at the Loud Park Festival in Japan on October 17th. This is a good sign for all the Bush-era fans who have been awaiting a permanent return of the singer.

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Tales From The Pit: Joey Vera's Mosh Pit Flips

We've been talking to bands to get their best mosh pit stories. This one is from Joey Vera when he was on tour in 1986 with Armored Saint, opening for Metallica and WASP.

"Just about every night, whoever happened to be watching Metallica's set from side stage, got invited out to sing the 'DIE!' part at the end of Creeping Death. One night in Texas, there I was, hammered and waiting for my nightly invitation. Sure enough, I get the wink from my gracious host, Cliff Burton.

"On I go and give my best beer soaked "DIE!". After my part is played, I walk to the edge of the stage in front of Cliff's floor monitor, turn around to face him, and with all my strength I hurl myself in a back flip into the audience. Luckily the crowd takes pity on my poor aerial form and catches me. Then I find myself in a flurry of sweaty limbs as I begin to surf towards the front of the stage. Metallica's crew pulls my sorry ass out and back onto stage while Mr. Burton tops my score with a thumbs 'way' up. Good times."

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Armored Saint To Begin Recording In October

Gonzo Sandoval , the drummer of American heavy metal veterans Armored Saint, has announced that the band will be hitting the studio in October to record their first album of original material since 2000's "Revelation" album. The album is scheduled to be released next year through Metal Blade Records and more details will be revealed soon.

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Anthrax Guitarist Hoping For A Full Bush Reunion

Anthrax guitarist and founding member Scott Ian recently spoke to the United Kingdom's Metal Hammer magazine about the departure of vocalist Dan Nelson, the new album, "Worship Music" and the bands upcoming one-off show in England with former vocalist John Bush. When asked if there was any hope that John Bush would return to the band, Ian stated:

"It’s not in the back of my mind – it’s right at the front of it. When our reunion tour with Joe Belladonna and Dan Spitz finished in 2007, we (Ian, Benante and bassist Frank Bello) wanted both John and (guitarist) Rob Caggiano to come back. Well, Rob returned but not John. Now, though, we’ve Sonisphere to look forward to with him.

"I love working with John, and I know I speak for everyone involved with Anthrax – the band and the fans – when I say that the best thing for us would for this to turn into a long-term relationship. But I don’t want to jump the gun. Let’s see how things go at Sonisphere, and take it from there."

Read the full article at Metal Hammer.

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Armored Saint Posts Free Demo Track Online

Armored Saint is releasing a free demo version of a new song titled "Loose Cannon." This demo (performed with a drum program) gives you all a glimpse into Armored Saint’s writing process and is also a nice taste of what’s to come on the band’s forthcoming full-length studio release.

The demo for "Loose Cannon" will be available today, and will be available for streaming at the band’s MySpace page and at the Metal Blade Records website, as well as direct download here (zipped).

For those of you who will be attending the Rock Gone Wild Festival in Algona, Iowa on August 23rd, the band will be performing this new song in their set.

Armored Saint has finished up writing and will begin recording in early fall for a spring 2010 release on Metal Blade Records.

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Armored Saint Frontman Gives New Album Update

In a recent interview with the Rock Gone Wild website, Armored Saint frontman John Bush (also formerly of Anthrax) gave an insight as to how the bands new album is coming along. An excerpt from the interview reads as follows:

What is Armored Saint up to these days?
Bush: “We’re working on a new record—we’re now about nine songs into it (note: RGW heard four of these songs while in L.A. in November, and they rock!). It should be out later this year or early next year. Metal Blade is still our label in the states; we’re working out some of the legal stuff for an international release."

Will any of these new songs feature in your set at RGW?
Bush: “Yes, one for sure; the rest of the set will be the typical Saint stuff."

What should the RGW fans expect from the show?
Bush: “We don’t play that much anymore, so when we do, we give it our all; it’s an event. It will be an in-your-face, high energy, metal fest. I expect the crowd to participate as well."

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More Bands Added To Rock Gone Wild 2009

The organizers of the Rock Gone Wild event has announced that Saxon, Sevendust, Armored Saint and Lizzy Borden are the latest bands to be confirmed. The festival will be held from August 20-23 in Algona, IA. Other bands on the bill include Twisted Sister, Skid Row, Puddle Of Mudd, Dokken, Saliva, Great White and many more.

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Armored Saint Frontman Misses Final Tour Date

Armored Saint frontman John Bush was forced to miss the bands final tour date in Australia recently after falling ill. Bass player Joey Vera informed the crowd of the situation but the band performed a full set with Vera and guitarist Phil Sandoval sharing the vocal duties. The band are expected to record and release a new studio album later this year.

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Alarum to Support Death Angel in Melbourne

In the band's first live appearance since playing at ProgPower Europe in Holland last October alongside bands such as Cynic & Zero Hour, Melbourne prog/thrash/jazz metal band Alarum will be supporting Death Angel and Armored Saint on the bands' Melbourne show at Billboards. Alarum will be onstage at 8:30pm.

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Armored Saint Bassist Posts Key Club Show Report

Armored Saint and Death Angel co-headlined a show at Hollywood's Key Club last friday. A report from Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera reads as follows: "All I can say is 'Holy Shit'. Thank you everyone who came and SOLD OUT the Key Club in Hollywood last night. You guys are just amazing and you made it a treat for us to play for you again. Also thanks to those of you who traveled far and wide. You all rule! The band is really sore today but we're off to Australia with Death Angel for some more ass kicking. We leave tonight. Thanks for a great send off! More stuff on the way when we return."

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Keep It True Festival Announces Lineup Changes

The following lineup change has been announced for Germany's Keep It True Festival

"Unfortunally we have to bring you some sad news for KEEP IT TRUE 12. HITTMAN had to cancel their show in April. The cause for that is an unexpected family tragedy at one of the band members. The band had talks to play with a replacement, but did not do it because it wouldn’t have been HITTMAN. We can totally understand this and want to express all our best wishes to the band and the musician. The door for a future show will always be open at KIT.

But we haven’t been lazy and so we can already announce the first class replacement band. Dutch Metal legend PICTURE will fill the spot of HITTMAN this April and all who saw the amazing show last year at Headbangers Open Air will know, that you can expect a high energy show filled with all the hits of this great band."

Other confirmed bands for the festival include Armored Saint, Lizzy Borden, and Abattoir.

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Armored Saint To Record New Album Next Year

Californian heavy metal band Armored Saint has announced that they will be recording a brand new studio album next year. So far, the band has written around twelve songs for the album with some working titles including "La Raza," "Chilled," "Loose Cannon" and "Black Feet." The lineup on the album will include vocalist John Bush, guitarists Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan, Joey Vera on bass and drummer Gonzo. Joey Vera will also be producing the record.

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DC4 Enters Skull Seven Studios

Los Angeles based rockers, DC4, featuring Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint, Odin), Rowan Robertson (Dio), Shawn Duncan (Odin), and Matt Duncan, have entered Skull Seven Recording Studio with fame producers Bill Metoyer (W.A.S.P., Slayer, Lizzy Borden, Armored Saint) and Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning) to record additional tracks for the upcoming release of "EXPLODE." The new tracks, "People" and "25 to Life," are currently being recorded and will be part of the new enhanced CD package along with a video and new artwork.

"EXPLODE" will see an official release in January of 2009. Plans for a CD Release Party and tour are currently in the works. Checkout the DC4 performances on Flashrock as well as a band interview at Rocklahoma 2008 here.

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Armored Saint Announces California Show

Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera has posted the following message online:

"Armored Saint is announcing a hometown show next March.

"We're playing a headline show at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA on Friday, March 6th, 2009. It is a warm up show for us before we head off to do the Australian tour with DEATH ANGEL. Tix will go fast as they are ON SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

"This is the only date we have scheduled for the US soil for 2009."

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