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Amalgama Checks In After Final Performance

Amalgama has checked in with the following update about what the band members are currently working on with other projects:

"It's been exactly one year since we took the stage at Valentine's in Albany for our final performance as a band. It was a particularly momentous evening chock-filled with heavy music and good friends. It also coincided with the passage of marriage equality in the state of New York with the bill being signed only a few blocks away in downtown Albany. So the whole evening took on a really special vibe for the many people involved.

"Since then a lot of things have happened with the former members of Amalgama. We're not sure if you have a deep longing to know what the boys are up to these days, but we're going to tell you anyway.

"Johnny is fronting the rock n' roll band Hard Soul after taking some time off to write new music and decompress from 6 years of gigging and playing with Amalgama full-time. They've been getting a lot of positive press and favorable reviews around the Capital District and are starting to turn a few heads with their live performances. Their new EP Love Eats the Young is out now on iTunes. More...

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Amalgama Posts Live Show Footage

Amalgama has posted live footage online of the band performing "Spirits of the Dead," which can be viewed after the jump. The band also commented on recent live shows:

"Hopefully you had a chance to catch a bit of our on-air performance back in February as we made our triumphant return to 91.5fm WRPI's Wednesday Night Live program. The third time was definitely the charm as we descended back down underground into the performance studio and set up all our gear. There were quite a few surprises for the evenings show: we broke out 'Dogs of War,' 'Slave New World,' and a little number by a band Thin Lizzy called 'Jailbreak' to close the evening out right.

"There was something so rewarding about all of us striking that first chord all together before Justin's snare snapped us into the song for the first time. We have quite a bit of footage from the show that evening that we can't wait to share with you all. A huge thank you has to go out to Kathryn and Kiki for their hosting duties and their patience with all four of us as we wandered around the station poking and prodding the equipment (and the staff). All the guys and girls who run the studio down there really have a great thing going with their station and we're planning on coming back again as soon as we can. Another huge thank you goes out to Doug for his mastery of the board during our set and his constant professionalism. The mix sounded great and when we get our greedy little hands on it we can share it with the world. More...

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Amalgama Comments On Five Year Anniversary

Amalgama has checked in with the following update about the band's fifth anniversary:

"A strange and exciting thing crept up on us this past January and quietly slipped by without much acknowledgment by everyone here in Amalgama: our 5 year anniversary. January 7th, 2006 was our very first appearance onstage as a band at the Hudson Duster, and it was an intimidating gig. After spending a week or so jamming on many of the songs that were eventually recorded for our first album When the Dust Settles we headed to Troy for our first show. The Duster's reputation was well documented as a hard-ass metal and hardcore club among Capital District metal fans so we felt a lot of pressure heading up the ladder to the stage area (an interesting set-up that we have yet to encounter again). So here we sit looking back 5 years, 2 EPs, 1 LP, 2 live releases and another LP and live EP in the works (read on for more about that). Thank you to all who has supported us over the years by buying our releases and coming to our shows.

"After a few months of back and forth correspondence with our friends at 91.5fm WRPI we have finally settled on a date for our next on-air live performance during their Wednesday Night Live program. Twice before we've had the privilege of being featured on the station (documented on our 2 live releases 'Live from WRPI' in 2007 and 'Heed the Horns: Still Alive from WRPI' in 2008) so making our return to the show is pretty damn exciting. If you'd like to tune in to the show on Wednesday night just spin your radio dial to 91.5fm (time TBA) OR if you're out of the immediate broadcast area you can hear the show online.

"In addition to our live broadcast on the 16th we will be headlining at Valentine's the following Saturday, February 19th. This is our first headlining hometown show in a while and it's at one of our favorite spots in the Capital District. Way back in 2006 Valentine's was the location of our second show EVER so it's a homecoming of sorts. Just a couple of young kids playing loud music at a club where we couldn't even drink because we weren't old enough yet. We've come a long way and we'll hope you come and share the experience with us; you can RSVP here."

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Amalgama Posts "Forsaken Soldiers" Video

Amalgama has posted a video online for the song "Forsaken Soldiers," which can be viewed after the jump. The band also commented on the video:

"If you follow our Twitter feed or Facebook status updates then you're probably already apprised of the latest development coming out of the Amalgama camp late last week, but if not we'd like to just blow your mind real quick: our new music video is done. Boom. Proceed to the following link to director Brian DeFrees' website or to the Vimeo page directly. Filmed on location at Valentines in Albany NY, Brian did a phenomenal job putting this clip together for 'Forsaken Soldiers' and captured the live feel of the band perfectly.

"Speaking of live gigs, we're fresh off our Sunday night gig on the 12th opening for Taproot. It was a balmy evening in December when we loaded in our gear to the club, despite the pissing rain that wouldn't relent for the duration of the evening. Our set was brief (it normally is for band's further down the bill) but we still put on a pretty punishing performance.

Darkest Before Dawn
Forsaken Soldiers
Dogs of War

"We broke out 'Dogs of War' after not playing it in over a year (if not more; our mind is hazy on the last date its actually been performed). It's always refreshing to revisit those older, faster tunes every once in a while. Taproot was mighty and loud, as well as being super nice guys who took the time to chat with us before and after the gig. There are a few snaps (OK, screen grabs) on our Facebook page along with some other pics for your viewing pleasure. More...

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Amalgama Comments On Passing Of Dimebag Darrell

Amalgama has issued the following statement about the passing of Dimebag Darrel and John Lennon:

"If you happen to take a look at a newspaper or watch a bit of news today you'll see the coverage of the anniversary of the death of John Lennon who was gunned down outside his apartment 30 years ago. December 8th is a day that many people can remember exactly where they were when they heard John Lennon had been killed, be it driving home from work or even watching Monday Night Football when it was announced over the air. As we all pause to remember someone who left such an indelible impact on the music world we here in Amalgama also want to remember another musician who was taken from the world too early: Dimebag Darrell.

"Obviously in the metal community he is well known as the guitarist for Pantera as well as Damageplan, his band he formed with brother Vinne Paul following Pantera's unraveling. Perhaps Dimebag didn't touch as many people as Lennon did but you can't take away the impact he has had on the music world and all the aspiring guitar players he influenced. Last night during rehearsal, Ray came in wearing his 'Vulgar Display of Power' shirt with the brutal black & white image of a man getting punched in the face plastered across the front.

"It kicked off a conversation between us on the most difficult Pantera songs to play and reflecting on how insanely awesome of a shredder Dime was. Not many players with such raw talent come through this world and Dimebag was one of them. So, knock back a few drinks tonight in his memory (and then maybe go play 'Imagine' by John Lennon, just to be fair)."

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Amalgama Posts Band Update

Amalgama has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"Just a quick update from what's happening here in Amalgama as we look towards 2011 and prepare to bury 2010. A couple big shows coming up for us, starting with December 12th here in Albany at Bogies as we open up for Taproot. The show kicks off at 7:00pm and you can get tickets by responding directly to this email or picking them up day of show at the door. Don' forget to RSVP if you're in the area and plan on coming! This promises to be a badass show.

"Additionally, we'll be on another show here at the Washington Avenue Armory in downtown Albany on January 15th. Ourselves along with 9 other great regional groups will be performing on the FYE Theater stage. This particular show is just the second in a series of concerts being organized by Ralph Renna, local hero and someone who is thoroughly intertwined in Amalgama-lore (he gave us our first shot onstage back in 2006). Tickets are available at all FYE locations as well as the Armory box office. The opportunities keep coming as we build steam heading into 2011 as a real live force once again. More...

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Just For Fun

Amalgama Comments On Thanksgiving

New York's Amalgama has issued the following interesting take on why we celebrate Thanksgiving:

"As an American band we wanted to mark the celebration of Thanksgiving here in the United States with a little bit of sincerity and reverence as we reflect on the history of this holiday. For those who don't know, Thanksgiving is the holiday where we celebrate the victory of the pilgrims and Native Americans over the Terminator army that had moved in to crush the Plymouth Rock settlement back in the 1700's following the Civil War (when Americans fought the American-built Model-T Fords). An epic battle was waged between both sides, but in the end thankfully the settlers and Native Americans were able to fly their X-Wing fighters into the death star like battle-station in the sky and blow up the Terminator control system which allowed the Ewoks to strike the final blow from the jungles with Chewbacca.

"From that point on, we all decided to make a conscious effort to tamp down the development of technology – hence why the internet took so long to be developed world-wide. So every year we gather together and celebrate the alliance of our wise ancestors who had the forethought to protect us from the evils of technology and the internet. It's almost ironic that we now go out the following day and purchase as much high-end technology as we can. The irony.

"Hopefully all of you had a chance to sit down with your family or friends around the dinner table and consume copious amounts of turkey, shared a few laughs, a few drinks and discussed the latest techniques being employed to seek out the robot menace and destroy it before it becomes too strong once again. Ever vigilant, Amalgama."

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Amalgama Issues Band Update

Amalgama has issued the following update about the band's upcoming activity:

"Winter arrived here in upstate New York a few weeks ago. While technically the season doesn't start until just before Christmas you wouldn't know it had you been looking out the window at any point during that particular day. John has been immersed in StarCraft 2 for the last month after playing catch-up with everything following this year's election cycle (Watch the video until the end... gotta love politics!). Blizzard has created a soul-sucking machine with WoW and SC2. If you encounter either of these games, run away. If you value your free time you'll heed our warnings.

"In other exciting non-weather related news, Amalgama performed 'Forsaken Soldiers' on After Hours with Joe Bonilla, a local program here in the Capital Region. The taping was last Friday afternoon and will probably be the most metal thing that local access has ever seen (it premiered locally last night at 11pm and will be up on the interwebs shortly). The whole afternoon was quite the experience: the actual studio was deep in the bowels of super complex of a building on a local college campus literally in a 'sub-basement.' We felt like we were in some kind of Resident Evil style facility where some monster was going to pop out and rip us apart. Once we arrived on location the stage was set and there was much bullshitting around while we waited for the audience to file in. Joe Bonilla is a personal friend of John and was very gracious to interview him before our performance. TV studios are hot places as we discovered rather quickly during that afternoon deep underground. All those goddamn lights. More...

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Amalgama Shoots New Music Video

Amalgama has posted behind the scenes footage from the band's recent shoot of the "Forsaken Soldiers" video, which can be viewed after the jump. The band also commented on the video shoot:

"In the early hours of this past Sunday morning Amalgama gathered with Brian DeFrees for commencement of shooting on 'Forsaken Soldiers' at Valentines in Albany, NY. There were bagels and donuts to satiate our appetites, and coffee for others to keep them motivated and awake. We toiled for a good portion of the day under the bright lights of the stage, sweating it out a bit while the camera captured the energy on film. During a brief break we managed to shoot a quick update for you just to get a feel for what was going down that day.

"We want to thank Valentines for hosting us for the shoot; it was a great location to film the video at and we were really happy with the space. By the end of the day I think we were all sick of hearing 'Forsaken Soldiers' after playing along with it nearly 30 times. However, the final product will undoubtedly make it all worth the time and effort we put into it. You can see some photos from the shoot on our Facebook page." More...

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Amalgama Explains The Anatomy Of A Guitar Solo

Amalgama has posted a video online showing how the guitar solo was written for the song "Forsaken Soldiers," which is off the band's "Amtheyst" EP. The video can be viewed after the jump. Amalgama also commented on the solo writing process:

"Amalgama lead-guitarist Ray Hill is a tenacious character. When he records or rehearses a new song or lead line he wants to make sure it is absolutely perfect. So when we sat down to record the solos for the latest Amalgama EP Amethyst in North Albany Studios we knew we were in for an interesting time. Ray is always chasing the best possible performance he can get out of himself. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating watching him run a solo through over and over again looking for that bit of inspiration that will lead to the next section of a truly epic guitar solo, but the final product speaks for itself. Thankfully we had producer John Spomer on hand as taskmaster to keep everything on track for completion.

"You may be wondering why we are all yelling in the video. Well, each of us had a pair of headphones on that were cranked to max volume (protect your hearing, kids!) so our natural reaction was to yell despite the fact that we were in a relatively quiet room. Thankfully, this stupidity was captured on film. So, with that said, enjoy An Anatomy of a Guitar Solo with your favorite lead guitarist, Ray Hill." More...

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Amalgama Posts Performance Footage

Amalgama has posted several live video clips online, which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the footage:

"We here in Amalgama are all very vain people (Carly Simon was onto something), so we decided to stick a camera in the back of the room of our last show here in Albany at Bogies and tape the whole thing so that in the twilight of our lives we can gaze back longingly on how unbelieveably good looking we were (and technically still are because I'm writing this in present tense). The results were pretty killer and so the thought was to share a few of the cuts with you. Currently uploaded are performances of two new songs off the Amethyst EP that we just released along with an oldie but a goodie from When the Dust Settles."


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Amalgama Comments On New EP

New York's Amalgama has checked in with the following update about the release of the new EP "Amethyst:"

"A hello from the great city of Albany here in upstate New York! It's raining, which means it's officially fall. That also means that snow is just around the corner and we're all getting ready to do battle with the elements once again. One upside to the cooling (OMG global climate change!1!!11!) is that our rehearsal space, normally sweltering, has become more tolerable to be in for extended periods of time.

"You know what else is here? Yes, the long awaited release of our latest EP Amethyst. The artwork went through finally tweaking, the packaging designed and formatted, and the tracks uploaded and sent off to our distributor. It's a glorious thing to see those shiny cases come out of the box and head right back out the door to our fans around the world. Querys on when it was going to be available were hitting our inbox and Facebook page pretty reliably over the last few weeks but the day has finally arrived.

"There are a multitude of locations you can get the new disc in both digital and physical format, including iTunes, CDbaby (physical copies available now!), Amazon, Napster, and even Spotify (not currently available in the US). There will be others as the weeks wear on and we'll be sure to forward them on to you. More...

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Amalgama Streaming New EP Online

Amalgama has issued the following update about streaming the band's new EP "Amethyst" online:

"We've been vicious in our teasing these last few months, putting out little bits and pieces of the new EP for you to listen to, but it's finally here in full for your listening enjoyment. Head over to our Myspace player now and the entire 4 track Amethyst EP is up and available for streaming in its entirety. Mastering was completed a few weeks ago by our good friend Steve Goldman at 4 Legs Records (check him out) and they came back absolutely thunderous. When we all cranked the tracks for the first time we were blown away, even more so from the initial killer mixes from our producer Spomer which came back to us. More...

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Amalgama Comments On Upcoming EP

Amalgama has issued the following statement regarding the upcoming release of the band's new "Amethyst" EP:

"If you haven't checked this location already, we have several of the new tracks posted up for your listening pleasure. This bad boy is going for pressing immediately and will be available to you as soon as possible. This EP is the culmination of a lot of hard work, whittling down to the best songs that appear on this disc. Each of these tunes sound massive.

"Our producer Spomer really captured the massiveness of our sound as a band - thick guitars and rumbling bass, thunderous drums and plenty of harmonies soaring over it all. We are so proud of the final product that we want you to hear them as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for?! Head over there and check them out! And feel free to write us back and let us know what you think!

"In the coming weeks we'll be shooting a music video and getting a lot of shows lined up in anticipation of the release and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of new and familiar faces out on the road. Our last one off gig in Trenton at Champions was awesome, and we want to thank Adam and everyone in Local Demise for having us down. You may have seen a few shots on Twitter of the club; it was quite an interesting place to say the least. Stay metal!"

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Amalgama Reveals New EP Artwork

New York's Amalgama has issued the following update about posting the artwork for the band's new EP "Amethyst" online:

"We're not sure if you've already seen it, but we have debuted our new EP cover and title - Amethyst. We worked closely with Al Berardi once again (who last designed our new logo) and came up with a fantastic final result. Let us know what you think about it and get yourself pumped for the tracks that will be following soon."

You can also hear sample Amalgama tracks through the band's official MySpace page.

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Amalgama Checks In With Album Update

New York's Amalgama has issued the following update about upcoming live shows and the band's progress on a new album:

"The gigs are starting to fall into place, with 2 lined up for the month of July, and more on the way: July 2nd - a hometown gig right here in Albany, NY at Valentines with ourselves headlining along with local heavies Scrap Metal and one more TBA. July 23rd - Amalgama will be making our triumphant return to New Jersey with a show in Trenton at Championship Bar along with Local Demise, Live Set Disaster, Pistol Monk and several other bands. The show kicks off at 6pm, so don't get there late and miss all the great rockage as we take Trenton like Washington did in 1776 (Wikipedia that shit).

"This morning, we took a look at the new album art progress. In the realm of CD artwork this is most assuredly 'metal as fuck.' It's been a labor of love working with Al Berardi once again after his great re-design of our logo and he has really put together something special for us this time around. We really can't wait to reveal the EP title and show you the design for the cover (undoubtedly through Facebook & Myspace).

"We're in mixing mode now, getting the endless hours of guitar and drum tracks in order, and getting the right levels with the vocals. During the vocal tracking, we joked around about recording each song normally, as well as a second round ala Glenn Danzig (Mothaaaaa!). Thankfully, we came to our senses and passed up the opportunity. Maybe for the next round of tunes... Until then, stay metal."

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Amalgama Issues Recording Update

Amalgama has checked in with the following recording update:

"Vocals are done. I cannot express to you in more satisfied terms how good that feels to put those words down. Recording sessions can be tedious and exhaustive, testing the limits of your vocal chords and, in some cases, your patience. However, this last and final session was so rewarding and productive that I thought I would pass along my distinct satisfaction with the whole experience. Our producer and engineer John Spomer has been, and continues to be, a consummate professional and a great friend to Amalgama. Over the course of the recording of this EP, he has brought out some of the best performances from each of us individually.

"We tracked the final notes squeezed out of my throat at Four Legs Records in Orange County, NY. Nestled away in the basement floor vocal booth, we completed all we set out to accomplish, rich vocal harmonies to counterbalance some of the heavy riffage laid down just a few short weeks ago.

"Shows are coming in fast and furious as we gear back up to start playing shows around the northeast and beyond. The prospect of getting back onstage is an exciting one for all 4 of us. We'll be announcing the title of the new EP, debuting the artwork, and releasing more show information in the coming weeks. Until we see you again from the stage, stay metal."

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Amalgama Seeking Fan Feedback

Amalgama has checked in with the following request for feedback from fans regarding their upcoming EP:

"We've been working our butts off for a while wrapping up this EP, making sure all the guitars are in tune, getting the perfect drum sounds, and singing our lungs out. We've kept you in the loop with all the goings-on with the recording and rehearsal process via our YouTube page and Facebook profile and even our Twitter feed. The responses we've gotten back from some of you have been fantastic: calls to have us play shows in your cities and towns across the United States & beyond.

"We really hope you've enjoyed some of the stuff that has been posted up by us on the web, but our next question is: what else do you want to see? Is there something that you would like to see on a t-shirt or a bit of insight on how we recorded the bass? There really are endless questions that we would love to answer. So feel free to message us with what you want to see or hear and we'll do our best to indulge your queries. More videos are on their way soon, as well as the title of our new EP. Don't miss the announcement!"

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Amalgama Welcomes New Guitarist

Amalgama has posted a video clip online welcoming their new guitarist Ray Hill, which can be viewed below. The band also issued the following statement about the footage:

"So a few weeks back we announced we had a new lead guitarist following the departure of 'Nasty' Nate, but haven't made anymore waves since then. No longer will we keep you in the dark: enjoy our latest web-video entitled 'Changing of the Guard' which features some footage of John and new shredder Ray jamming a bit (and sharing a tender moment together). It also features a bit of John's short lived mustache that quickly went the way of the dinosaurs. In a few weeks time, we will be revealing the cover art and title of our newest EP. Until then, you'll have to survive on short updates like these alone to get you through. To quote Billy Fucillo, it's gonna be HUUUUGE-AH! Until then, stay metal."

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Amalgama Checks In From The Studio

New York's Amalgama has checked in from the studio with the following recording report:

"Still working away diligently here in upstate NY; it was our second session at North Albany Studios following our very excellent drum session. There were some technical difficulties we had to deal with mid-afternoon yesterday but judging by the guitar lines we were laying down yesterday we have to say this is going to be one badass EP. Our producer John Spomer had endless amounts of guitar lines tracked to give it this massive feel to further amplify the drum tracks and the natural room feel of the overall recording.

"Sean was up next and ran through his tracks in record time; his playing was so solid that we even had time to go back and redo a whole song with a different bass in order to get that perfect bass tone for each track.

"We still haven't decided on a name for the disc yet or even contemplated artwork but it looks like we're going to try and get back on the road in June once this badboy is finished. We'll obviously keep you posted on what's next for us (and don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook!)"

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