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Strange Flesh

From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Strange Flesh news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Strange Flesh Recruits Vocalist

Strange Flesh has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new vocalist:

"Yea. It happened. Strange Flesh has brought Kelly 'KK' Hicks back in to the band. As the original, and best singer in the bands history, Kelly was the only choice going forward!"

The band will also release the "As Above... So Below" EP on February 24th, with a string of shows being lined up for after the start of the new year. Stay tuned for more info. More...

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Strange Flesh Writing New Songs

Strange Flesh has issued the following announcement about writing songs for an upcoming album:

"Strange Flesh officially start songwriting for 'the Beautiful Dead' sessions. The initial song titles are up and the vision of what the album should be is in place. This promises to be a dark, desolate album. Very much an extension of 'In doG We Lust.'

"Artwork will be done by a Va Beach local musician to be named later. A revamping of the website will follow that. The band is also significantly upgraded their live touring P.A. and light show. Discussions are centered on touring heavily in the summer including Europe, Asia and S. American dates. The band wants to fully present the Strange Flesh shows with as much bombast as possible.

"They will be working with promoters who maximize metal shows without stuffing 10 bands at 20 mins each down fans throats. That doesn't give the fans a chance to fully appreciate the bands. Strange Flesh will headline 3-4 band bills that give each band more time to play. Thank you."

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Strange Flesh Enters The Studio

Strange Flesh has issued the following update regarding the start of their new album:

"The band has ensconsed itself deep in the bowels of their studio 225 and begun knocking around ideas for the next album. A grander affair of sorts and for now, titled, 'The Beautiful Dead.' KNOB shows might be still happening and we'll more than be happy to keep doing them when they show up. For now, though, we'll be writing."

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Strange Flesh Introduces New Guitarist

Strange Flesh has posted a video clip online introducing their new guitarist Jesus. The video clip can be viewed below.

Jesus joins Strange Flesh

STRANGE FLESH/KNOB(summer2010) | MySpace Music Videos

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Strange Flesh Cancels Upcoming Live Show

Strange Flesh has checked in with the following update about canceling their previously scheduled performance on May 13th:

"Contrary to popular wit and wisdom, Strange Flesh have dropped off of the Ekotren show previously scheduled for Gils, now going forth at Buddahs. If you got a ticket from us (don't worry, we paid the promoter already), and your up for the trek to Newport News on a Thursday, please, by all means, emote with the suffered angst and kewl hairdos. We, however, tire easily of the long drives and lackluster turnouts these shows afford. Then when you mix in that we took the show simply because its 1/2 mile from our studio and now its 24 miles......well, we gotta call the corporate card. See ya'll when the beach gets cool again!"

Strange Flesh still has the following upcoming tour dates:


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Strange Flesh Issues Band Update

Strange Flesh has checked in with the following update about working on new material and performing as an '80s tribute band under the name "Knob" during the summer:

"Due to a link issue with our distributor the new CD will be available this weekend on the Strange Flesh site at a limited price before worldwide release jacks the price up and our BMW payments lag. We LOVE the new album. Best we've ever done. But, we've decided not to tour behind it this year. We'd rather rip up the VA cover band scene with KNOB. Just our way.

"After summer, we've decided to start the next full length CD. It will expand and incorporate the songs written for 'the beautiful dead' sessions. That, potentially, will be the title and theme of the new CD. Come see us as KNOB this year. You'll love it. Skull crushing 80's tribute done right! This myspace page will be used as the KNOB info/show site and as we unfold more stuff on that we'll post it here!"

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Strange Flesh Posts New Song Teaser

Strange Flesh is currently working on material for an upcoming EP titled "The Beautiful Dead." The band has now posted a teaser video online for a new unplugged song, which can be viewed below.

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Strange Flesh Issues Band Update

Strange Flesh has checked in with the following update about parting ways with their second guitarist and beginning work on a new EP:

"Strange Flesh are happy to announce that they've started writing for the upcoming ep 'the beautiful dead.' Results are interesting and challenging so far. Definitely Strange Flesh. Brett Evans is no longer in the band. 'nuff said. We've decided to forgo the 2nd guitarist and just stay a 3 piece. Better for everyone involved. The band has pulled several shows due to promoter lack of communication skills. Warned before about not confirming properly before we haul ass across the country. Not gonna happen on our watch. If you haven't confirmed, Strange Flesh ain't showing.

"The band also is semi-retiring from playing out. A lackluster local scene filled with tired clicks and thankless bands (whom we've given many a show to, never returned) has helped this decision. Frankly, might be cover band time (side gig, relax) again. Making music is the focus right now. We will appear on an occasional bill, so we won't be too far gone. Besides, we kick much ass live, so, why not? Enjoy your scene, fellow locals...you've earned it!"

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Strange Flesh Announces Album Release Date

Strange Flesh, who recently postponed the release of their new album "In doG We Lust," has issued the following update about setting a new release date:

"The release date for In doG We Lust has been confirmed for 5/04/2010 stateside. International release is 1 month later. For a limited time, fans will be able to pick up the cd at the online store for $9.99. This price goes up when international sales start. In the next month or so, specially priced versions of Strange Flesh's previous two albums will also go on sale.

"Check the show page for upcoming Strange Flesh shows in their hometown of Va. Beach, Va. After some summer touring, a tentative August release is set for their ep, The Beautiful Dead. Fall touring follows and then the next full length cd will be written over the winter. The band thanks the fans, promoters and distributors for their support."

The currently announced Strange Flesh tour dates are as follows: More...

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Strange Flesh Reveals New Album Track Listing

Strange Flesh, who recently announced they were pushing back the release date of their new album "In doG We Lust," has now revealed the album's track listing.

The track list will be as follows:

1. In DoG We Lust
2. Disciple
3. Parasite
4. Terminal
5. The Bleeding
6. Mother Dark
7. Magadon
8. Suffer the Weak
9. A Perfect God
10. Witness the Feast

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Strange Flesh Pushes Back Album Release

Strange Flesh has issued the following update about pushing back the release date for their new album "In doG We Lust:"

"As of right now the cd release date will be pushed back a few weeks. It's simply a case of too much being done by too few people and in order to present the cd right, a few things had to change. Won't be long though as it's a minor thing. We'd like to say new guitarist Brett is kicking much ass, as is vocalist Chris. He's digging the promotion you could say.

"Finally got that key to the executive washroom. The online store MIGHT be up by this weekend. It's ready to roll with just a few additions to be made. The main website is up and running with a more streamlined, easier to figure out look. We do have some tentative local(Va Beach) shows lined up and we'll announce those soon. Safe to say however, our focus will soon turn to the next album which we're already discussing now. Rumor is-we're heading to Texas and the southeast in the summer!"

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Strange Flesh Announces New Guitarist Brett Evans

Virginia Beach metal band Strange Flesh has announced Brett Evans as their second guitarist. Drummer Juan Lagos comments, "From the start Brett established himself as the frontrunner of all the guys who auditioned. His ability to learn the songs accurately and understand just what his role in the band will be made him the clear choice for the position. We thank every person who tried out for the slot. Brett will help bring the new album to where it needs to be live and his very cool personality will make the fans understand why he was the right choice." The band is currently rehearsing for the live shows and look forward to a spring/summer touring schedule.

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Strange Flesh Reveals New Album Artwork

Strange Flesh has revealed the album artwork for the new album "In doG We Lust," which can be viewed here. The band has also issued the following update about seeking a new guitarist and recording new material:

"By the end of Feb. the band expects to announce their new 2nd guitarist from the pool of auditioned guys. Got a few surprises coming there. Biggest news though, is that Strange Flesh will record a 2nd CD BEFORE the summer. This CD will be a 5 song memorial to some very special people in their lives. It will be mostly acoustic and again feature artwork by Rainer Kalwitz. The album's title will be 'The Beautiful Dead.' This album will ONLY be available in a limited run through the bands online store. That store, as well as an all new revamped website will be revealed as the release date for In doG We Lust approaches."

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Strange Flesh Finishes New Album

Strange Flesh has issued the following statement about finishing the recording for "In doG We Lust," their upcoming album:

"At the time of this writing, Strange Flesh will have laid down the last vox and add ins to the final song. Then the band will be in the final mixing stage. The songs on the myspace player are not fully mixed, but there to show where the band is at musically. Thanks for the TONS of cool messages. Were damned proud of this album and the immense amount of work that went into it paid off.

"It's about the song, folks. Where's the song? The band will be vacating for about a week, and if you're in Las Vegas over the weekend, watch out for Strange Flesh sightings. Hotel bars brace yourself accordingly. After we resume in a week or so, the business of getting show ready will start. Got some cool summer festival announcements coming and also back to Florida to do it up proper! As many of you know, we love to....do it up proper! Again, THANK YOU for the tons of messages on the new music. We appreciate you guys digging it."

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Strange Flesh Seeking Second Guitarist

Virginia's Strange Flesh, who recently uploaded nine tracks from their upcoming album "In doG We Lust," has issued the following update about seeking a second guitarist:

"Strange Flesh looking for 2nd guitarist. Dual leads/harmonies. Just rhythm is fine too. Good gear. Practice is 3 nights a week plus gigs. Over 21 (prefer over 31). No drugs. Drinkings fine. We're into Testament/Nevermore/Kreator/Maiden/Arch Enemy/Megadeth etc. Our new album is being released March 23rd and distributed by Nuclear Blast Europe. When responding please: list influences/myspace page/gear. If you can't make the practices or your a hobbyist at best please don't reply. Check out brand new tracks at this location and see if you like it. Thanks."

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Strange Flesh Streaming New Songs

Strange Flesh have uploaded nine new tracks from their upcoming album "In doG We Lust" to their myspace page. The band has stated that the album is tentatively scheduled for release on March 23rd, 2010 and the cover artwork will be created by Rainer Kalwitz, noted for doing the last Metal Church album, "This Present Wasteland." The 10th and final song from the album is expected to be available for streaming in the coming weeks.

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Strange Flesh Streaming New Song

Virginia's Strange Flesh has made a new song available for streaming online. A demo version of the new track "Disciple," which has not been mastered yet, can be heard through the band's official MySpace page.

Strange Flesh also have the following upcoming tour dates:

1/22 2010 Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada
1/23 2010 Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada
1/24 2010 Excalibur Las Vegas, Nevada
1/30 2010 Private CD listening party. VIRGINIA BEACH

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Strange Flesh Issues Recording Update

Strange Flesh has issued the following update about recording new material:

"At this point, Dave is finishing up the guitar solos, add-ins and harmonies. First basic mixes sound huge. Quad tracked guitars are the only way to go. After Christmas, Chris will go in and start the vocals. Finally, the band will put a couple of the new songs up in about two to three weeks. The first 'single' or point song is Disciple. That'll go up along with the album title track. Eventually, all the songs will be up and for a while, the older material will not. That's simply to establish the newer stuff, which the band is really excited about. Forewarning: some of the more diehard fans may be a little angsty about the amount of acoustic work on the album.

"There are NO ballads, but plenty of acoustic stuff. This is simply the way things worked out. We think you'll agree, however that this album is simply the heaviest most complex stuff we've ever done. It's an evolution to where we'd truely like to be as a group of musicians. The last song 'Witness the Feast' clocks in around 12 minutes and ends the album with the next step. We even have a full length band instrumental called 'Suffer the Weak', that combines all the best elements of our playing. Off to Florida for a week and when we get back, tha album art and merchandising will all be available at our new online store. A release date for the album hasn't been set yet but should be early march at the latest. We're co-ordinating that with the distributors. Tentatively scheduled is a local video shoot for the song 'Disciple'. After all that's done, we're looking forward to playing some local(Va Beach) shows for a bit and finding a 2nd guitarist. Thanks."

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Strange Flesh Prepares To Hit The Studio

Strange Flesh has issued the following update about recording new material starting in early December:

"First and foremost, from Strange Flesh and crew to all of you-Happy Thanksgiving and be safe in those annual riots called black Friday. Just an announcement to say that this coming Tuesday, the ol' fleshers will start drum pre-production and we're expected to officially start recording Saturday, Dec. 5th. We bought heaters for the new studio and with a favorable December, we expect to have the drums done in a week or so. Then rhythm guitars (2 per side, layered and panned at 100 and 80 percent). Then bass. Then acoustic, harmony, and lead guitars. Finally vocals and backups. Its gonna be a killer album and after we get it finalized, we'll start booking shows (local/regional/national). Guitarist auditions will ramp up after the holidays. Thanks."

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Strange Flesh Seeking Second Guitarist

Strange Flesh has issued the following announcement about seeking a second guitarist:

"Now that the writing for the new album is done, we're going to resume the search for a 2nd guitar player. This is so the songs get their just due live, and hopefully this time, we'll find someone with the abilities and work ethic to bring in full fledged. Contact us here if you, or anyone you know might be interested. Thanks."

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