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Sodom Photo

Band Photo: Sodom (?)

Formed: 1980
From: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Sodom Interviews and Features

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Sodom Comments on “Decision Day”

German thrashers, Sodom may not receive the attention that thrash bands like the Big Four of America. After nearly thirty-five years, though, the group remains a viable act in the metal underground. Part of the reason they remain important to the metal scene is consistency. While Big Four Bands like Megadeth and Metallica took turns into more commercial territory, Sodom has stayed heavy and extreme.

Sodom is one of those bands you’ll often see stitched to a jean jacket. Seeing a Sodom patch on a jacket gives that person instant cred as a metal head. It’s not only a nod to the old school, but youngsters wearing the patches reveal the band’s longevity. Why not support the band? With their first albums “In The Sign of Evil” EP (1984), “Obsessed By Cruelty” (1986) and “Persecution Mania” (1987) were important records in the development of black metal. The next record, “Agent Orange” (1989) showed them take a step towards the heavier grooves and follow the path so many speed metal bands take into the realm of thrash. Since then, many of their riffs recall Slayer to the point one could say they’re Germany’s answer to Slayer.

The Eighties have come and gone, but Sodom is still here and still relevant. Their latest full-length “Decision Day” (due August 26, 2016) is another lesson in metal violence. Their sound is updated, especially production-wise, and there are less Slayer-isms, but one listen to the record and you know this is a Sodom recording. Band founder/vocalist/bassist Tom “Angelripper” Such screams and barks with utmost gusto, his voice often amplified by his band mates gang choruses. There is a good mix of speed and groove—plenty of head banging material. Latest drummer Makka brings a bit of “rolling thunder” to the band’s sound.

In the following interview, we reached out to Angelripper across the pond to talk about this new record and some of the themes he approached, both musically and lyrically, and to find out other information that fans of the band want to know such as if they’ll ever do a tour with Germany’s Big Four Thrash bands. More...

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Audio Interview With Tom Angelripper Of Sodom

On May 16, 2013, I interviewed Tom Angelripper of Sodom and Onkel Tom. The interview focused on Sodom's new album "Epitome Of Torture" (see review at this location. The discussion happened just prior to the Teutonic Big Four show at Beastival, and Tom discussed his desire for a show or short tour in North America with Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Tankard. At the conclusion, he shared his thoughts on the passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

The transcribed version of the interview is pending, but I present the audio version here:

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Interview With Tom Angelripper of Sodom

One of the most infamous thrash bands is Sodom if you didn't already know. And they've just unleashed fresh hell in the form of "In War and Pieces" released on January 13th in the US. Sodom will be heading out for the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise this weekend, then embarking on a European tour before rocking some festivals. I caught up with frontman Tom Angelripper to discuss the new album, a future US tour, and what he thinks about Tom Warrior's dislike of his new music. More...

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Sodom Frontman Discusses New Album

German act Sodom has been thrashing out across the world for nearly a full 30 years now, most recently finishing the "In War and Pieces" album, which is due out January 11th in North American. 2010 was a bit of a tumultous year for the band, seeing the departure of drummer Bobby Schottkowski and the postponing of a scheduled U.S. tour. Sodom Front man Tom Angelripper recently spoke with me about the release of the new album, replacing Bobby with a new drummer, and the band's plans to head back over to North America. More...

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