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Formed: 1993
From: Bergen, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Aeternus News

Below is our complete Aeternus news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Eindhoven Reveals Full 2015 Festival Lineup

With the addition of Nuclear Assault, Craft, Gama Bomb, Angelus Apatrida, Aeternus, and Incantation, the lineup for Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2015 is now complete.

The seventh edition of the annual metal meeting is set to take place December 11th & 12th, 2015 at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In total 36 bands will make their appearance at the festival. The lineup will be as follows: More...

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First Bands and Dates Announced For MDF 2015

The first round of band confirmations have been made for Maryland Deathfest 2015. The thirteenth edition of the festival will take place in Baltimore, Maryland from May 21-24, 2015.

The bands confirmed so far are as follows:

Aeternus (Norway) - exclusive US appearance
Arcturus (Norway) - exclusive US appearance
Aura Noir (Norway) - exclusive US appearance
Bulldozer (Italy) - exclusive US appearance
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany)
Dragged into Sunlight (UK)
Einherjer (Norway) - exclusive US appearance
Impetuous Ritual (Australia) - exclusive US appearance
Lock Up - exclusive US appearance
Lycanthropy (Czech Republic)
Melt-Banana (Japan)
Metal Church
Portal (Australia) - exclusive US appearance
Serpentine Path
Skepticism (Finland) - exclusive US appearance
Suffering Mind (Poland)
Triptykon (Switzerland) - exclusive US appearance
Tsjuder (Norway) - exclusive US appearance
Twilight of the Gods - exclusive US appearance
Ufomammut (Italy)
Vallenfyre (UK) - exclusive US appearance
Vulcano (Brazil) - exclusive US appearance
Wolfbrigade (Sweden) - exclusive US appearance

Dates that each band performs and running times will not be set until closer to the festival dates.

The organizers are satisfied with the venue situation this year and have decided to use the same set up next year. This means that Maryland Deathfest 2015 will use the Edison Lot (located at 545 N. High St) for the two main stages, Rams Head (located at 20 Market Place) will be used each night and will host death/black metal bands, and Soundstage (located at 124 Market Pl) will be used each day/night for grind/hardcore/punk bands. On Thursday, only Rams Head will be used.

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Aeternus and Mitochondrion Scratched From MDF

Aeternus and Mitochondrion will not be making it to Maryland Deathfest 2014 as a result of visa issues. The festival organizer commented:

"Regarding Aeternus, it's a complicated ordeal to explain, but in a nutshell, the USCIS fucked up and gave them a visa date valid only until the day BEFORE they were supposed to leave the US. The original request was for visas valid until June 1st, but this error on behalf of the USCIS was not noticed until they were at the airport today and the airline told them they could not fly to the US. Frustrated? So are we, and so is the band. This is the first time a band actually received visas and still ended up cancelling for some reason."

"BÖLZER will be playing a second set at Rams Head tomorrow night. We will update the schedule tonight reflecting that change."

"Regarding Mitochondrion, we don't really understand what happened, but it had something to do with being stopped at the Canadian/US border and sent back home. We have a lot on our plate right now, as you can probably imagine, so please be patient and stay tuned regarding schedule changes to the Sunday shows at Rams Head."

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Aeternus Streaming "Ruin And Resurrect"

Aeternus has posted the song "Ruin and Resurrect" online, which can be heard in the player below. The track comes off new album "...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth."

Pre-orders for the release are available at this location, and the track listing is as follows:

1. There Will Be None
2. ...And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth
3. Spurcitias
4. Ruin And Resurrect
5. The Confusion Of Tongues
6. Hubris
7. Reap What You Saw
8. Saligia
9. The Hand That Severs The Bonds Of Creation
10. The Spirit Of Illumination

“Dark Sorcery” (Bonus)
1. Black Dust
2. Victory
3. Raven and Blood
4. Nordlys (Instrumental) More...

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Aeternus Issues Album Update

Norwegian act Aeternus has checked in with the following brief announcement about progress on a new album:

"Our upcoming album is being mastered at the moment in Conclave and Earshot studio by Herbrand Larsen. More news regarding the album will be announced soon."

In the mean time, you can check out previous music from Aeternus over at MySpace or watch an in-studio video from the album's Summer recording sessions below. More...

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Aeternus Posts Studio Video Report

Norwegian act Aeternus has posted a new video report online from the band's time in the studio working on a new album, to be titled “And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth." Check out the clip below, and the band also commented:

"New Aeternus studio blog: The drums have been recorded now 100% and the band is of course happy with the result and they are looking forward to continue the recordings which is guitars and bass next."

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Aeternus Recording New Album

Norwegian dark metallers Aeternus are set to enter Bergen’s Conclave and Earshot Studios in June together with producer Bjornar E. Nilsen to begin recording the band’s seventh full-length album. The album, to be titled “And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth,” will be released on Dark Essence Records later this year.

Formed in 1993 in Bergen, and with six full-length albums under the band's belt, Aeternus is one of the pioneers of what the band calls “dark metal,” meshing the sounds of black and death metal with superlative guitar playing and occasional haunting, melodic interludes. Of the original line up, only founder, guitarist and frontman Ares remains, but he has put together a new and formidable line up, bringing onboard drummer Phobos and guitarist Specter, with session live bass being handled by Skyggen.

The new lineup will hit the stage at the Hub and Heuy Metalfest at De Azijnfabriek in Roermond, Netherlands on the 19th of May, with an exclusive set showcasing tracks from Aeternus’ first two albums “Beyond the Wandering Moon” and “And So the Night Became.”

Commenting on the re-emergence of the band, seven years after the release of last album “Hexaeon,” Ares commented, “Time seems to just pass by without you realizing. Although Aeternus hasn’t seemed to be very active recently, I have been writing and working on new material, and we have chosen ten tracks for the new album which we have been rehearsing ready for when we enter the studio. I’m not going to say much about them except that Phobos and Specter have brought their own approach to things without losing any of the heaviness, power and intensity that people have come to expect from Aeternus. It’s a whole new era for the band, and we can’t wait to get going."

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Aeternus Issues Album Update

Aeternus, which recently posted answers to fan-submitted questions about the band's new album, has now checked in with the following recording update:

"Phobos and Ares met up with the producer, Bjørnar Nilsen of Conclave & Earshot Studios in Bergen. They had a good meeting and it's likely that Aeternus will this time record the new album @ Conclave & Earshot.

"The band states that it has nothing to do with the quality of Grieghallen, it's all about attempting a different feel and sound by using another studio and producer."

Aeternus has also announced the following tentative track listing (with two titles still to be determined):

1. And the Seventh his soul Detesteth (Possible Album title)
2. Ruin and Resurrect
3. Reap what you Saw
4. Saligia
5. The Confusion of Tongues
6. The spirit of Illumination
7. Spurcitias
8. The Hand that Severs the Bond of Creation

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Aeternus Answers Fan Questions

Aeternus has posted a series of answers online from fan-submitted questions about the band's upcoming album. You can check out the band's answers below.

1. Is the new album longer than Hexaeon?

Yes it is. Hexaeon could have been longer than what it was, but it was what it is still is.

2. Do we go back to more atmospheric elements from the older (2 first) albums?

Yes, to an extent we do, but that depends on what one means, you know?!

3. Are there death metal elements as heard on the last 3 albums?

Yes there is, we still enjoy Death Metal and we do mix that into our style. Trying of course not to have the listener think about some other DeathMetal band and so forth, but what can you do?!

4. Are there acoustics and so forth on the next album?

We have some cool ideas and material this time with acoustic guitars yes.

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Aeternus Posts New Guitar Videos

Norway's Aeternus has posted two brief video clips online of guitarist Ares performing the guitar parts for new material. The first clip can be viewed below and the second can be found after the jump.

Another riff form a new song

Aeternus | MySpace Music Videos

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Gravdal Guitarist Joins Aeternus

Norwegian metal act Gravdal has issued the following announcement about guitarist Specter joining Aeternus:

"Gravdal guitarist Specter has joined dark metallers Aeternus, replacing outgoing guitarist Dreggen. His work with Gravda will not be affected in any way. Specter, who is now rehearsing with the band and immersing himself in their music, is the second member of Gravdal in Aeternus' ranks - fellow guitarist Phobos is, of course, Aeternus' drummer."

You can also check out Aeternus through the band's MySpace page.

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Aeternus Recruits New Guitar Player

Norway's Aeternus has checked in with the following update about parting ways with their guitarist and recruiting a new guitar player:

"Aeternus gets a new member. Our guitarist, Dreggen, has been relieved from his position in Aeternus. We thank him deeply for his work that he has done for us in the past! He has been replaced by Specter, a Bergen metal musician/guitarist from the Norwegian black metal band Gravdal. We welcome him and we look forward to working with him for a long time."

Aeternus tracks are also available for streaming via the band's MySpace page.

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Aeternus Issues New Album Update

Norway's Aeternus recently announced the band's new album will be titled "And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth." Aeternus has now issued the following update about song titles for the new album:

"Cheers everyone. As you know, we're working hard on new material these times. We've got some song titles we figured we'd share with you all.

1. Ruin and Resurrect
2. Saligia
3. The Confusion of Tongues
4. Reap what you Saw
5. And the Seventh his Soul Detesteth

"We'll be making at least 5 more songs before thinking about heading to studio. This probably won't happen before next year. It takes time to create the most brutal dark metal out there. Cheers."

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Aeternus Announces New Album Title

Norway's Aeternus has checked in with the following announcement about the title of their upcoming seventh album:

"Aeternus has decided on their title for their new, seventh album and they are happy to present it here to you all. 'And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth' will be the title for the new album. The band is still working on their 6th song and they're making music every week now with very satisfying results. there will be 3 - 4 more songs after this and then the band will hopefully head towards studio time perhaps even before next year!"

You can also hear sample Aeternus tracks via the band's MySpace page.

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Aeternus Working On New Album

Norwegian act Aeternus has issued the following update about working on an upcoming album:

"Aeternus is working soon on their 6th song for their new album. During Easter, two songs were more or less completed and the composing continues. Hopefully there will be a chance for the band to go to studio after the summer. Cheers."

In the mean time you can hear current Aeternus tracks by checking out the band's official MySpace page.

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Galar Signs To Dark Essence Records

Norwegian black metal band Galar has announced that they have signed a deal with Bergen based label Dark Essence Records. Their upcoming album, “Til alle heimsens endar,” will be released on March 1st 2010 throught he label. The cover art was done by Robert Høyem.

The tracklisting for "Til Alle Heimsens Endar" is as follows:

1. Forspill
2. Ván
3. Paa frossen mark
4. Grámr
5. Det graa riket
6. Ingen siger vart vunnin
7. Til alle heimsens endar
8. Etterspill More...

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Sulphur Signs To Dark Essence Records

Bergen, Norway based blackened death metal band SULPHUR has signed to Dark Essence Records for the release of their 2nd album, "Thorns In Existence."

Joining SULPHUR’s original line up of Thomas Skinlo Høyven on Vocals, Øyvind Madsen on Guitars, Keybords & Programming, and Eivind Huse on Guitars, are Erik Heggarnes (ex-Aeternus, ex-Gorgoroth, Bourbon Flame) on drums and Vegar Hovland on bass. The new album was produced by Bjørnar Nilsen at Conclave Studios, and will be released late this fall. More...

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Aeternus Writing New Album

Norway's Aeternus has issued the following update about writing new material for an upcoming album:

"It is time to give all you guys some news about Aeternus. First of all we would like to thank all of you who showed up at our concert. And of course a big cheers to our special guests, Cor Scorpii. (We will post some pictures on this event soon)

"Aeternus has started to compose material for their 7th album. We don't have a title just yet and so far we got more or less 1 new song. So, busy months ahead and lots to do. Stay tuned for more info!"

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Aeternus Announce New Drummer

Norwegian "dark metallers" AETERNUS have issued the following update:

"We are glad to announce that we now have a new drummer. We found him through a tip from our original drummer, Erik, and we thank Erik for the tip! His name is Terris and he's working these with [AETERNUS mainman] Ares to get his drumming learned and tuned up for a future gig and then some.

AETERNUS parted ways with drummer S. Winter (FORLORN, A WINTER WITHIN, GEHENNA) due to the fact that "he lives too far away from [the rest of the group] and it became a too big burden to have that type of slow flow in the band," AETERNUS previously said. "It was a shitty decision to make, but also an important one. He's a great drummer and and truly among very few are so dedicated as he is and it made it hard to take this step. Nevertheless, it was done." More...

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Aeternus Part Ways With Drummer

Norwegian "dark metallers" AETERNUS have parted ways with drummer S. Winter (FORLORN, A WINTER WITHIN, GEHENNA) due to the fact that "he lives too far away from [the rest of the group] and it became a too big burden to have that type of slow flow in the band," according to a posting on the AETERNUS MySpace page. "It was a shitty decision to make, but also an important one. He's a great drummer and and truly among very few are so dedicated as he is and it made it hard to take this step. Nevertheless, it was done."

AETERNUS is currently auditioning a new drummer in Bergen.

AETERNUS' latest album, "HeXaeon", was released last year via Karisma Records. The follow-up to 2003's "A Darker Monument" was recorded at Grieghallen Studios in Norway and was once produced by Eirik "Pytten" Hundvin, who has previously worked with ENSLAVED and MÖRK GRYNING, among others.

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