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Arsenic Addiction

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Salt Lake City

Each week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to get the word out about them. This week I am delving into the ferocious metal offered up to the music gods via the Salt Lake City underground metal scene.

In the past, Utah has been known for many things, such as the majestic Rocky Mountains, the Mormon (LDS) culture (really Utahn’s don’t have horns) and of course… polygamy (which 99% of our population does not practice, even if many them would like to). But unbeknownst to the world, it also contains an amazing array of music. From rock, to alternative, to death metal, local bands are showing the world that Utah/Salt Lake City has far more to offer to the Gods of Metal than terrain, religion or quirky lifestyles.

A Balance of Power

A Balance Of Power is one of the first metal bands I came across upon delving into the local scene. They have a very distinct sound combined of progressive and thrash, whcih culminates into pure metal mayhem. Their sound has take them to great heights in Utah and beyond as well as procuring them the honor of being Utah’s first offical Jagermiester sponsored band. From small intimate stages in clubs to opening Rockstar Mayhem festival in Idaho, A Balance Of Power bring out the metal fans in hordes.

Their music is charged with an intense energy that is catapulted to amazing heights at live shows. They recently released their newest CD in April of 2011, "Pride Preceded the Fall." With fierce vocals, guitar and bass riffs that burn into your soul and powerful drum beats, A Balance Of Power is a band to gratify your metal loving soul. A Balance Of Power is Chuck Stone (vocals), Chris Margetts (guitar), Shane Garner (guitar), Adam Fowler (bass), Marvin Dixon (drums). Check them out at ReverbNation.


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Arsenic Addiction Splits With Drummer

Arsenic Addiction has checked in with the following update about parting ways with the band's drummer:

"Dearest Addicts, with a heavy heart and much regret we must inform you that The Professor is leaving the manor and Arsenic Addiction in favor of his research regarding... well research. He wasn't exactly clear on WHAT he is researching but he exclaimed 'I've made a discovery, the ramifications of which will change science forever. I've been up for days studying, researching, theorizing, hypothesizing, and repeating this tedious process so I could be sure that I must and will dedicate my life to such.'

"When The Professor decides something is of the greatest importance his mind will not be swayed and so we say good-bye and good luck to our beloved Professor and hope has found the discovery he's been waiting for. Farewell Professor 'D' Warren, PhD 1855-2011 You will be missed. The Professor will be finishing out all June shows before leaving for his research." More...

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Arsenic Addiction Posts Track-By-Track Breakdown

Arsenic Addiction has posted a track-by-track breakdown of the band's album "An Undertaker's Lament" through Infernal Masquerade. The breakdown can also be read below.

Track 1: Invocation. Definition: An incantation used in conjuring or summoning a devil. We wanted to write invocation for several reasons, but most of all to set a mood or tone for not only the album but our live shows as well. We realized that many bands will kick off their album with a sound clip of some sort, or a well known instrumental piece. It definitely sets a certain mood, but we wanted to create our own atmosphere and something entirely unique to Arsenic Addiction. With a few songs already written for “An Undertaker’s Lament”, the mood for the overall album was already determined, with that mood in mind we decided the song should sound like an opening sermon or summoning if you will. So was born Invocation.

Track 2: Lady Death. Lady Death was actually the first song written for the album, and the first song we incorporated keyboards back into the band. This song definitely set the tone for the entire album, and trickled its way into all the other songs written after it. We view this song as a turning point in our musical careers, and the defining sound of what Arsenic Addiction is to become. The song is meant to be full of bitterness, a dreary disposition, and a haunting melody. This song is loosely based on Countess Bathory, and written from her perspective but goes much further into this kind of dark matter then a history lesson.

Track 3: Narcissus. This song is an older Arsenic Addiction song that we felt never go its due. The song was written to immortalize the selfishness of one individual, and was written for no other reason then to get that point across. The strings are meant to be up-paced, thrash influenced, with your classic heavy metal riffs. The lyrics are meant to be delivered with spite and venom, and the drums aggressive driving the song and binding all the elements together. Narcissus is meant to be an in your face, heavy hitter, and nothing more.

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Arsenic Addiction Recruits New Drummer

Vocalist The Lady of Arsenic of Salt Lake City metal band Arsenic Addiction has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"We are beyond pleased to announce our 5th member Dave 'The Professor'. We are delighted to welcome him to our Arsenic Addiction family, and count wait to show you all the lovely goodies we've been working on. Stop by and check out page for more updates, I assure you, you won't regret it."

Arsenic Addiction will also be playing the following upcoming live shows:

4/17 2010 Club Vegas - 21+ Salt Lake City, Utah
4/23 2010 The Abyss - 21+ Salt Lake City, Utah
5/7 2010 Club Vegas - 21+ Salt Lake City, Utah
5/21 2010 The Outer Rim - ALL AGES Salt Lake City, Utah

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Arsenic Addiction Seeking New Drummer

Salt Lake City's Arsenic Addiction has issued the following update about parting ways with their drummer:

"We unfortunately have to say good-bye to Scott Hurtado. Thanks to Scott for helping us out these past few months, and we wish you luck on your future endeavors. Scott and Arsenic Addiction have parted due to creative differences. It's been a good run, and we truly appreciate being able to jam with Scott. If you're a drummer, or know any drummers, please feel free to contact us if you're interested. We aren't looking to slow down, and wish to press forward. Thank you!"

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Arsenic Addiction Recruits New Drummer

Arsenic Addiction has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"Well this has been long overdue! As of September 1st, 2009, Arsenic Addiction is pleased to welcome our new member/drummer Scott Hurtado. We are stoked to have Scott be apart of Arsenic Addiction and our future. Formerly Scott played for an awesome local band named 'Last of the Bloodline.' Paul DeMann has moved on to personal goals and dreams and Arsenic Addiction wishes him the best of luck, he will be missed. With our final line-up Arsenic Addiction thanks all of you for your support, and hopes to become the unstoppable force we want to be."

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