"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Bursting Veins

From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Bursting Veins News

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Bursting Veins On Hiatus

Stockholm, Sweden based outfit Bursting Veins has posted the following message online about being on hiatus:

"We're not dead.

"Due to cancelled tours, empty promises and overall bad luck this last year, we are currently on hiatus for a while.

"Although we haven't released anything this year, or played live since this spring, the support, kind words and friendships we have gotten during 2013 has been awesome!

"Hopefully we'll get to see all of you next year! Much love from all of us in Bursting Veins!!"

For more info on the band and to hear music from Bursting Veins, head over to the group's Facebook profile here.

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Bursting Veins Inks Deal With Ayam Music

Sweden's Bursting Veins has issued the following announcement about inking a record deal and preparing to release a new song:

"Hey guys!

"Just want to let yall know, last night we signed our first record deal with Ayam Music Group! We're really excited about it!!

"In a few weeks we'll release our new song 'The Only One' I hope you are looking forward to that. We sure do! More to come, stay tuned!"

For more on Bursting Veins, head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Bursting Veins Recording New Song

Swedish act Bursting Veins has issued the following announcement about recording a new track this weekend:

"Hey guys! How's it going!? Just wanted to let you know, we're going to record a new song this weekend!

"It's called 'The Only One' and we hope to get it up on myspace/facebook/spotify/iTunes and everywhere as soon as possible!!

"Hope that you are as excited as we are! Much love!"

You can also check out the band's current music by heading over to the official Bursting Veins MySpace page.

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Bursting Veins To Fill In For Miss May I

Bursting Veins has issued the following announcement about filling in for Miss May I on an upcoming Stockholm show with This Or The Apocalypse:

"Hey guys! As you might know We Came As Romans, This Or The Apocalypse & The Word Alive are on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour.

"What you might do not know is that Miss May I unfortunately had to cancel there shows on this tour.. BUT, on Tuesday the tour comes to Stockholm and we have the honor to play instead of them!

"So if your in Stockholm on Tuesday, please come to Debaser Slussen to check out the event of the year!"

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Bursting Veins Posts Song From Stockholm Set

Bursting Veins has issued the following announcement about streaming a song online from the band's recent set a Stockholm show:

"Hey guys! We had a show at 'Kafé 44' in our hometown, Stockholm the other night. And for all of you how couldn't make to the show, no sweat, we've uploaded one of our songs, Don't Let Go. Check it out now! Have an awesome weekend and a wonderful Christmas! Peace & Love."

You can check out the track at this location.

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Bursting Veins Posts Video Blog

Sweden's Bursting Veins has posted a video online chronicling the band's recent trip to a live show, which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the footage:

"Hey guys and girls! It's Friday today and we though we would surprise you all with a new video blog! It's from our trip to Linköping were we played one live show supporting Her Bright Skies. Although it's mainly in Swedish, we still think you should take a look. Enjoy your weekend and drink loads of alcohol!"

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Bursting Veins Streaming New Song

Swedish act Bursting Veins has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song online:

"Hey guys! Just wanna tell all of you we've uploaded another new song! This song is called Chains and it's in the top of the player right now. So stop wasting your time with this blog post. Go back to the profile and have a go! And if you've already listened to it, well, then you gonna have to listen to it again. To all of you who have already heard Chains two times, tell all your friends to check it out!"

The new song "Chains" can be heard via the Bursting Veins MySpace profile.

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Bursting Veins Streaming New Song

Sweden's Bursting Veins has issued the following update about streaming a new song titled "Move On" via the band's official MySpace page:

"Hi there peeps! We are glad to finally give you guys a new song to feast your ears on! 'Move On' it is! We have also gotten some new design for the page and we hope you enjoy it! Have a nice summer friends!"

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Bursting Veins Issues Band Update

Sweden's Bursting Veins has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"We just want to give you guys some updates on what's going on in ol' Burstingville. 1. As we told you in our most recent blog post we have just a month ago signed with Catapult Music Group and we couldn't be more happy about how they're treating us! 2. We had a meeting a few weeks ago with some people... we can't tell you much about it as of now but what we can tell you is that we're mentally excited at the moment.

"3. I know we promised you guys a video blog in our last message but due to technical difficulties it's been delayed. Do keep your hopes up though because the very second it's all done we'll post it here on myspace, on Facebook and on our Youtube channel. 4. In a week or so we will do a small photo shoot to get some up to date pictures of the line up. As you all know Maddy was replaced by Mippe almost a year ago and we still haven't got any updated pictures. As we upload the new pictures we might do some sprucing up of our myspace page as well.

"We just want you all to know that even though it doesn't show as much on the surface, Bursting Veins are pretty much boiling on the inside right now and are about to explode in you're faces in just a little while. So keep your eyes and ears open at all times, keep your luggage stored in the overhead compartment, your seat belt fastened and your chair in an upright position, because we'll soon be leaving ground."

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Bursting Veins Issues Band Update

Sweden's Bursting Veins has issued the following update about working on new material:

"Hey guys! Hope all of you are enjoying are latest tracks! We can't wait to show you guys the rest of our latest Ep! And because we've been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks, we though you might wanna know what's going on.

"1. We are working at some new tunes, they are bad to the bone, hardcore and awesome. 2. We are currently in dicussion to play a show in Estonia...though the date isn't decided yet..but it will probably take place in the end of April. More info regarding this show will be updated when we have all the info.

"Last but not least! Today we signed with 'Catapult Management!' They will help us expand our music and help us with everything an upcoming band could need help with, PR, shows etc. We are really excited to start this cooperation and we can't wait to see what will happen! So now you know some of the things going on in Bursting Veins World. Also..we'll try to put together a video so we can show you our new rehearsal room, Peter's latest haircut, Daniels new guitar, Jockes new amplifier, Mippes cats and Niklas moms old car. Stay tuned and have an awesome weekend."

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Bursting Veins Issues New Year Update

Sweden's Bursting Veins have issued the following new year update:

"Hi there! Welcome to a new decade with Bursting Veins!! Hope everyone has gotten real fat and happy after x-mas and new years! We have! So, just gonna give you guys some info on what we are doing at the moment in the B.V camp. We have started to do some 'pre-recordings' of some new tracks that we eventually will record for real as well later this year. We hopefully will have a new track up from 'Pheonix' as well within some kind of near future.

"In other news we have just gotten a new rehearsal space and we are feeling very productive already! Hopefully soon, there will be some other news that surrounds the other parts of the band except the actual music and writing, but we'll get back to you on that at a later point and time!

"Oh, there will probably be some kind of video up soon too so you guys can see us play live, party or just mess about before gigs and whatnot. There will surely be a new blog on that as it actually happens! Be cool, stay in school."

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Bursting Veins Streaming New Song Online

Sweden's Bursting Veins are currently streaming the title track online from their upcoming EP "Phoenix." The track can be heard at Bursting Veins' official MySpace page. The band also issued the following statement about the track:

"Hey y'all! We are proud to present you with a new song from our upcoming Ep! It's the title track 'Phoenix,' and we hope u guys enjoy it as musch as we did making it! Don't be shy to hit us up with some comments about it!! Have merry x-mas, and a metal new year!!!"

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Bursting Veins Writing New Material

Sweden's Bursting Veins has issued the following update about writing new material:

"Hey there people! As you may or may not know, it's X-mas soon! We are gonna take a little break 'til January to write some new material and planning for '10.

"However, when we return we will present some good news hopefully and start to book gigs again so you guys can hear some new stuff and party with us again! Well, Bursting Veins wish you guys a great x-mas and a happy new year in advance! On Friday the 18th we will bring you a gift in shape of a new song here on myspace! Be sure to check it out and leave us a comment 'bout it! Stay classy folks! Se y'all i 2010!"

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Bursting Veins Streaming New Track "Don't Let Go"

Sweden's Bursting Veins have announced they are currently streaming a new song online titled "Don't Let Go." The track is off Bursting Veins' upcoming EP "Phoenix," which does not yet have an official release date. "Dont' Let Go" can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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