"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Noctis Imperium

From: Anzoátegui, Venezuela
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Noctis Imperium News

Below is our complete Noctis Imperium news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Abyss Records Releases Free Compilation

Axis Of Metal and Abyss Records have teamed again to release a sampler - this twenty-five track compilation is a window into the audio madness that is Abyss Records. You can hear the songs below or over at Bandcamp here. Axis of Metal also comments:

"Throughout the course of this twenty-five track compilation you will make your way through a war-zone of extreme metal of the highest pedigree. This journey will consist of the many different incarnations of extreme metal ranging from black metal, thrash metal, death’n’roll, death metal among the many other varieties the fine folks at Abyss boast."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Astrophobos - Soul Distruptor 04:45
2. Dead Awaken - Carnivore 03:12
3. Septekh - Burn It To The Ground 03:09
4. Angrepp - Five Horned Formatiojn 03:43
5. Christ Beheaded - The Cleansing Ritual 02:46
6. Bane - World Of Desolation 03:24
7. Corrosive Carcass - Butchershop 03:48
8. Daemonicus - Inhabited 05:03
9. Desultor - Another World 03:37
10. Diseim - Insanity 04:19
11. Entrench - As Dawn Breaks 04:51
12. Erupted - In The Grip Of Chaos 04:29
13. Eternal Helcaraxe - Echoes Through Our Blood 06:18
14. Fetus Stench - Stillborn Son 03:35
15. Fester - The Black Tower 06:32
16. Humangled - Skinned, To Feel All 03:55
17. Hat - Tilintetgjørelsen 06:10
18. Maax - Fight With Fire 03:12
19. Hyperborean - The Last Stand of Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae 09:56
20. Noctis Imperium - Descensus Ad Inferos 04:28
21. Radiation Sickness - Tripping In The Seas Of Madness 03:57
22. Rocking Corpses - Necropolis 04:04
23. Southwicked - Green River Killing Fields 05:14
24. The Gardnerz - Don't Look Back 07:24
25. The Gates Of Slumber - The Judge 06:02 More...

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Noctis Imperium Posts "Unus In Nihi" Video

Noctis Imperium has posted a video for the song "Unus In Nihi," which can be viewed below. The band also commented: "Here is the promo video for the song Unus in nihil, extracted from our latest EP entitled NIHIL (Abyss Records - 2010.) Hope you enjoy it!"

Unus in nihil

Noctis Imperium | Myspace Music Videos

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Noctis Imperium Announces EP Release Date

Anti-religious metal outfit Noctis Imperium alongside Abyss Records have set August 17th as the release date for the band's upcoming EP, entitled "Nihil." The band is currently streaming a selection of tracks featured in "Nihil" at the official Noctis Imperium MySpace page.

Songwriter/vocalist Isaias "Aeneas" Guilarte comments: "Unus in nihil is a re-recording of an older track, updated with new lyrics and arrangements that fit the evolution Noctis Imperium has gone through the years. It was also what triggered the decision to release Nihil, which we feel it's a good sample of what's to come. This old-new track reflects where we're heading to as a band and the atheistic message we're embracing."

The EP contains songs from the band's upcoming full-length, "The Age Of The Golden Dawn," plus a handful of unreleased and live tracks recorded over the course of 2009. Unofficial footage from Noctis Imperium's first show in Madrid performing a cover of Morbid Angel's "Maze of Torment" can be seen below. More...

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Noctis Imperium Readies New Album

Venezuelan black metal outfit NOCTIS IMPERIUM is set to release their latest offering, "Nihil," through Abyss Records. Featuring the legendary Nick Barker on drums, "Nihil" is just a sample of the hard work NOCTIS IMPERIUM have been doing since inception. The EP contains songs from their upcoming full length, "The Age Of The Golden Dawn," plus a handful of unreleased and live tracks recorded over the course of 2009. "Nihil" is set for an early August release date and will be available at officialabyssrecords.com. The EP's track listing can be found below. The band has made select tracks available for streaming at on the band's MySpace player.

Here's the tracklisting for "Nihil":

1. Ra-hoor-khuit
2. Descensus ad inferos
3. Bring me sacrifice
4. Noctis Imperium
5. Maze of torment
6. Unus in nihil
7. Through fire and cosmos (live)
8. Maze of torment (live)

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Noctis Imperium Signs To Abyss Records

Noctis Imperium has signed a contract with North American label Abyss Records for their upcoming release, entitled "Nihil," for which they have planned a promotional tour through Europe that will start in mid April. Confirmed dates are as follows:

15/04 Madrid (SPA)
23/04 Palencia (SPA)
24/04 Covilha (POR)
25/04 Lisboa (POR)
07/05 Bilbao (SPA)
08/05 Bilbao (SPA)
09/05 Santiago de compostela (SPA)
11/05 Taragona (SPA)
14/05 Marcella (FRA)
15/05 Bordeaux (FRA)
16/05 Metz (FRA)
21/05 Elterlein (GER)
22/05 Berlin (GER)
23/05 Koln (GER)
27/05 Gent (BEL)
28/05 Antwerp (BEL)
29/05 Amsterdan (HOL)
30/05 Eindhoven (HOL)
07/06 Poland (TBA)
08/06 Poland (TBA)
09/06 Poland (TBA)

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Noctis Imperium Announces European Tour

Venezuela's Noctis Imperium has issued the following update about planning a European tour in April:

"Noctis Imperium have announced that in April they will begin their first tour in the old continent; European Imperium 2010, as support for the release of their upcoming EP, entitled Nihil. In this run, the band will be visiting Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Poland, playing around 20 dates that soon will be announced in detail.

"Nihil is just a sample of the hard work Noctis Imperium have been doing so far, it contains songs from the band's upcoming full length, The age of the golden dawn, which features the drumming of legendary Nick Barker (ex-Dimmu borgir, Testament, currently in Lock up), plus some unreleased and live extra tracks, recorded during some of their shows in 2009. This time, the band will be working once again with drummer Jorge 'Pepino' González (from Venezuelan prog rock band Mojo Pojo), who was also with the band during their 'Venezuela Tour 2009,' and who also recorded some tracks for Nihil. Noctis Imperium will be dedicating this year to fully promote said EP, and soon will be revealing the details of it's international release and distribution."

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Noctis Imperium Streaming New EP Online

Venezuela's Noctis Imperium are currently streaming their entire new EP "Imperium" online. The tracks can be heard at the band's official MySpace page. "Imperium" consists of four original songs and a cover of the Morbid Angel track "Maze of Torment."

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Stream Noctis Imperium's Entire EP Online

Venezuelan black/death metal band NOCTIS IMPERIUM is currently streaming their brand-new Imperium EP on their MySpace page. Including a killer Morbid Angel cover of the song “Maze of Torment” and four original compositions of extreme metal.

NOCTIS IMPERIUM lineup is as follows:

Aeneas Inferno: Vocals/Guitars
Hephaestion: Bass
Aegrimonia: Guitars
Nick Barker: Session Drums

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