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From: Winnipeg, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Hoarfrost Comments On Calling It Quits

After nine years the frost thaws: Canada's Hoarfost has announced 2016 sees the end of the band. The group issued this statement online:

"Since 2008 Hoarfrost have performed live together over 40 times with brilliant bands from close and far, having released 'The Cold Plains' EP.in 2009 and an unreleased 2013 full length. We are deeply grateful for the support we have received over the years in ways which words cannot express.

"We just want to thank everyone who supported and contributed to Hoarfrost and ultimately made it what it was, and how honoring it is to have been a part of this amazing community of music we have right here in Winnipeg. Over the years, Hoarfrost had a number of people involved in crafting our sonic art and performing for our fans on stage, and many of them are still involved in making music in other projects! We strongly encourage you to check them out!" More...

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Hoarfrost Recruits New Guitarist

Canadian act Hoarfrost has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist after splitting with Darcy Rawlins back in April:

"Last night we were honoured to share the stage with Marduk, 1349, Withered, and our Canadian comrades in Weapon. Thank you all for your support as always.... we hail you! It was an evening of true black metal not soon to be topped....

"And now some news we've been waiting to share for some time now... today we are officially introducing our new lead guitarist Cain.

"An already veteran member of the Winnipeg metal scene, he's cut his teeth on a number of projects over the past few years (and currently rips on bass in the noise/stoner/sludge bastards Dead Ranch) and we are proud to call him a brother-in-arms in the Hoarfrost war camp.

"Frost Legion, meet Cain."

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Hoarfrost Splits With Guitarist

Canadian act Hoarfrost has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with guitarist Darcy Rawlins:

"Hails to the Frost Legion, Ryan here with an update. I just got off the phone with Darcy, and it's with a heavy heart that I announce Hoarfrost and Darcy are parting ways. We're still on good terms and are looking forward to remaining friends, but personal circumstances has necessitated a parting of ways between us. We wish the best for Darcy in his pursuits and are content know that that is mutual.

"With that having been settled, what's next to say than WE ARE NOW LOOKING FOR A NEW MEMBER ON LEAD GUITARS. We're looking for a mature individual with lead chops who wants to play some ice-cold, howling melodic black metal with us.

"We are on the verge of recording our debut full length; we're playing with bands such as Kampfar, Marduk, Suffocation, Vreid and 1349; and are set to begin the first of our tours once the album is done (and schedules line up, needless to say...). More...

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Hoarfrost Recruits New Guitarist

Canada's Hoarfrost parted ways with guitarist Brett Goodchild in May of last year. The band has now checked in with the following brief update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Hoarfrost is very pleased to officially welcome our new guitarist Darcy to the band. We have shows in the works for spring, all new material written for our debut full length and t-shirts are in the works for our return to the stage. Hails from the River City! Hails to the Frost Legion!"

You can also check out Hoarfrost's music via the band's MySpace profile.

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Hoarfrost Issues Band Update

Canadian metallers Hoarfrost have checked in with the following update about upcoming activity after parting ways with their guitarist:

"Hails to the Frost Legion! These past six weeks have been a flurry of preparations and adaptations. Hoarfrost began in a dimly-lit basement a little over two and a half years ago, and after some early line-up changes, transformed into the quintet which have played 19 shows over the past 18 months together. It's been a journey so far.

"Brett was an integral part to that formula, and brought in much of (or most of) the original frameworks for our songs 'Rise ov Thor', 'Under the Bloody Banner', 'Tenebrous Entombment', 'In the Year ov Their Lord 1453' and others. His technical wizardry helped us record our EP The Cold Plains and his computer know-how has helped us with this MySpace page, many show posters and the album lay-out. In short, he's been as great of a band member as we ever could have asked for.

"As someone once said (and not to overuse a cliché), that all good things must come to an end, and thus with Brett departing, Hoarfrost's most recent era comes to a close. The last trio of shows have been an absolute tribute to what our vision has been for this band, with great performances, spectacular crowd interaction and some awesome bands to share the stage with. To everyone who has helped our experiences these past shows be so great: thank you. More...

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Hoarfrost Comments On Guitarist Departure

Canada's Hoarfrost recently parted ways with guitarist Brett Goodchild. Vocalist Ryan Suche has now issued the following statement about the split:

"Hails to the Frost Legion! A chapter of Hoarfrost is coming to a solemn close today, for we are announcing the official resignation of Brett Goodchild, our longtime guitarist, backing vocalist and friend. Our return to the stage last week was mixed with a certain sense of urgency, as the day before Brett had broken the news to us that he was intending to leave the band after our next few shows had been played. We took that straight on the chin and then gave it our all on Thursday night. I don't think we've had so many compliments about a show before that.

"So, that's that. To see Hoarfrost with our current line-up, you have two opportunities in June until we (yet again) take another few months off from the stage to sort out who will fill this vacancy in our line-up. We thank you all for your support and understanding and we hope to be back on stage before the year is out. If you are a guitarist and would like to try out for the band, here is all the information you'll need. Hails!"

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Hoarfrost Parts Ways With Guitarist

Hoarfrost guitarist Brett Goodchild has checked in with the following statement about deciding to part ways with the band:

"Dear Frost Legion, I'm taking this time to address you all on my departure from Hoarfrost. I began playing in Hoarfrost in 2008, part of the original line up. I now feel it's time to move on and focus on doing something else. Many of you know that I have another band, Kuldakaust which I will be moving my focus to after I'm finished playing with Hoarfrost.

"I will be playing the Of Human Bondage/Woods of Ypres show on June 19th and the second School's all out show on June 26th which will be my last show. I'd like to thank Kyle, Ryan, Scott, and Craig for the times we've shared on the stage as a band and off as friends.

"I'd also like to thank the fans for supporting Hoarfrost and hope that you continue to support the band after I'm gone, which I'm sure you all will do. Hopefully down the road you'll see a Hoarfrost/Kuldakaust show. To my band mates, friends, and fans thank you for all the great times."

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Hoarfrost Writing New Material

Guitarist Brett Goodchild of Canadian metal act Hoarfrost has issued the following update about the band writing new material:

"It's been some time since we've given our listeners, followers, the Frost Legion an update. Four months have past since we've released our EP and about 2 months since we've last played a show, which leads you to ask, what we've been doing for the past while.

"Well first off, we've been writing new material; as some of you know, we are preparing songs for our full length album. We have 4 new tunes in the works, 2 of which you would have heard live, if you were in attendance at the last show we played. We may get around to demoing a couple of the new tracks to put up on myspace.... When we come back you can expect everything to be taken to the next level with us! More...

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Hoarfrost Issues Band Update

Canada's Hoarfrost has issued the following update about their final live show before writing new material for an upcoming release:

"Hails to the Frost Legion! Ryan here, lot's of stuff to cover, so let's get to it!

"Just a hairsbreadth under two months ago, Hoarfrost had the honour of releasing our first album, 'The Cold Plains' EP, in front of well over 100 people (118 paid + bands and support staff, such as our friend and host Bill Gillis) at an all ages show at CFR Church with our comrades Grand Master and Armoured Assault. As we come into this new year - and indeed, an entirely new decade - HOARFROST is playing one more show with our good friends in Psychotic Gardening as well as Brandon's Arctic Circle and Regina's Pericardium (whose frontman is ex-Into Eternity guitarist/vocalist Rob Doherty, who featured on their fantastic must-have album Buried In Oblivion (my personal fav) this Saturday at the Zoo. More...

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Tales From The Pit: Tearing Down The Venue

UPDATE: Neither the Metalunderground.com staff nor the members of Hoarfrost support or condone damaging a venue's equipment. We apologize if this story was construed as supporting destructive behavior that hurts both the venues and the bands that are vital to continuing a strong underground metal scene.

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This week Hoarfrost vocalist Ryan Suche shares a cautionary tale to venues who may want to cut off fans from the bands:

"Okay, so there's a bit of a preamble I have to get through first - gotta set the scene here, right?

"Late in 2008, a local venue called the Zoo installed a big honkin' fence in front of their stage. I heard there was some hardcore show where people were hanging from the ceiling and running around everywhere and some beer got spilt on the monitors and, well, the Zoo was sick of replacing the monitors or something like that. So, they installed this massive 4 foot high fence that just totally cuts you off from the band, and people fucking hate it.

"Which brings us to March of this year (2009). My band Hoarfrost was playing a gig with a local band called Tyrants Demise and TD was building up this crazy pit; the place was packed! And the front row was just bashing their fists against that fucking fence TD's entire set - BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! And, as it goes, the shit hit the fan and those fuckers tore that fence right off it's mounts. People don't like that fucking fence. At all."

Hoarfrost recently self-released their debut EP "The Cold Plains." Samples from the EP can be heard at the band's MySpace page. Hoarfrost also announced in a recent interview with Metalunderground that they will soon start writing new material for an upcoming release.

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Hoarfrost Issues EP Release Show Recap

Black metallers Hoarfrost have issued the following recap of their EP release show and announcement about upcoming activity:

"It would appear that Old Father Winter is looking upon Winnipeg in a favourable light, since the first skiff of snow fell only just last night - well over a month late. Why, up until last week, geese were still only beginning to make their way south, which is indeed quite strange. I wonder if the bears have even begun to hibernate, or if it's not quite cold enough yet? More on the subject of ‘hibernation’ later.

"This past Saturday, HOARFROST had the distinguished honour of releasing our debut EP in front of our - to be completely frank - fucking awesome fans and friends (aka The Frost Legion) at CFR Church in Osborne Village. The night was a resounding success, with something like 50+ CDs sold and a subsequent inundation of support and positive feedback from those in attendance. You guys are awesome! Special thanks (as always) to our gracious host Bill Gillis from CFR as well as Grand Master (the grand masterminds behind this show) and Armoured Assault (our iron-clad body-guards and show openers). I don't recall a moment there wasn't a mosh pit during out set! More...

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Hoarfrost Announces EP Release Show

Hoarfrost has issued the following announcement about an EP release show in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

"Mark your calendars, for on Saturday, November 21st, Hoarfrost is going to be releasing our debut EP! Joining us will be our good friends in Grand Master and Armoured Assault! After what will have amounted to two years as a band, fifteen (!!) shows since January of this year and six songs which we have worked tirelessly on perfecting, we are really proud of this album. Bill Gillis from CFR Church has again graciously agreed to host us at CFR Church for this show.

"I suppose a moment show be taken to qualify that: a church? Yes, but in Bill's words, when it's after hours and the doors open to the metal crowd, this is a venue like any other - the musicians can say, sing or scream whatever they wish to, and the venue itself is just that: a venue, a place to play a show and be there with friends and fans alike. And, while Hoarfrost isn't a 'necro kvlt christ-raping' black metal band, we still play music which has roots in bands that were in opposition of Christendom, so maybe it all balances out in the end? Bill likes to have his cake and eat it too though: he's one of our biggest fans and supporters.

"This show is also about endings as well as beginnings though - as artists we need to keep moving forward with our art and upping the ante of what exactly our definition of 'perfection' is. Thus, after this show, you won't be hearing from Hoarfrost for a good while - until April or May in the spring of next year, likely. This period is going to be a time of intensive work for us, forging new songs which are going to build off of what we've accomplished thus far and clear new paths in our musical Odyssey. When we emerge from this hibernation next year, expect to hear all new material (we debuted the first of these new songs, 'Tenebrous Entombment' last night), and a full line of merchandise at our shows - tshirts, hoodies, patches, buttons, stickers, our EP, etc! More...

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