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From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Sworn To Release New Album

After a very long wait, Norwegian band Sworn has announced a new album is scheduled to drop in 2017. The group comments:

"Good evening. The wait is finally over! We've finished writing our third full-length album, and will enter recording studios this winter. The album will contain 10 songs in total. 8 brand new tracks, 1 re-release and 1 cover which we're pretty sure a lot of fans of the genre will appreciate.

"We're extremely satisfied with the material and for those who might wonder what Sworn will sound like in 2017, you can expect the classic atmospheric Sworn style like the tracks 'Alleviation,' 'Prophecies from the Land of Lost Voices,' 'Damnation Spawned,' etc.

"We will not reveal more at this point, but will get back to you with title, cover art, track list, studio reports and more. Stay tuned! More...

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Sworn Delays Release Of New Album

Norway's Sworn has posted a new song online titled "The Fall of Martyrs," and the band also commented on delaying the release of its new album:

"The release of our third album has been delayed for a long time, and we apologize to our patient fans for that. We still do not have a release date, but at least here's some fresh material for you guys."

You can also listen to the previously posted song "The Silver Asylum" over at this location.

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Sworn Posts New Song Online

Norwegian act Sworn has posted a new song online named "The Silver Asylum," which is taken from the group's upcoming as-yet-untitled album. You can listen to the track in the player below.

Sworn has also announced the new album is set for release in late 2011 or early 2012. Details on the release will be revealed as they are made available.

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Sworn Comments On Upcoming Album

Norway's Sworn has issued the following statement about the band's upcoming third full-length album:

"First of all, we want to thank all contest participants, winners will be contacted during September. Also check out our brand new myspace design! Regarding our third album, we're making a lot of progress. The song writing is pretty much finished, same goes for lyrics. Also the album title is set, but we will not reveal it at this point - so stay tuned for that!

"Some words about the material so far: Earlier there's been a mix between very melodic/atmospheric tracks and straight forward almost thrash-like tracks on our albums. We do this because we have a passion for both styles, and love to incorporate them into the Sworn sound.

"What we've done on this third album is to make each song represent our sound alot more, with both melodic and hard-hitting parts, while still being unique in themselves. This defines us alot more, and the preproductions so far sounds killer to say the least. Also, we're happy to announce that Sworn is now endorsed by Engl Amps!"

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Sworn Working On Third Album

Norwegian metallers Sworn have issued the following update about working on a new album:

"We'd like to inform you that we're currently working on material for our third album. Half of it is already complete, and it's enormous, to say the least! Our deadline is set to end of august, and our plans are to have the album recorded by the end of 2010.

"Some working titles are: 'The Silver Asylum,' 'Corridors of Dark Salvation,' 'The Keeper,' 'Mot Stupet' (Norwegian lyrics). Also, Sworn and Dag Dreggen Anderson (bass) have split ways, and we will do live shows with a session bass player until we find a suitable replacement. We want to thank Dreggen for his duties on the Bastards and Conquerors album, and wish him good luck with his other projects. Regarding live shows, we're working on a tour for the Bastards and Conquerors album, but nothing is certain on this matter yet."

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Sworn Announces New Album Norwegian Release

Sworn have released their new album "Bastards and Conquerors" today, October 30th through Twilight-Vertrieb. Sworn are currently streaming a new song from the album titled "The Bastard, the Conqueror" on their official MySpace page. The album's Norwegian release date has now been confirmed for November 2nd, 2009.

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Sworn Streaming New Song Online

Norwegian metallers Sworn are set to release their new album "Bastards and Conquerors" on October 30th through Twilight-Vertrieb. Sworn are currently streaming a new song from the album titled "The Bastard, the Conqueror" on their official MySpace page. The cover artwork for the album can be viewed here.

The track listing for "Bastards and Conquerors" is as follows:

1. Prophecies from the Land of Lost Voices
2. The Bastard, the Conqueror
3. Summoning the Sinister
4. Beyonder
5. Somnolence
6. Damnation Spawned
7. Carnal Monuments
8. The Archaic Wraith
9. Descendant

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