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Vangough Photo

Band Photo: Vangough (?)

Formed: 2008
From: Oklahoma City, OK, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Oklahoma City based powerhouse Vangough may be named after a post-impressionistic artist, come from a conservative bastion of the U.S. and draw inspiration from heavy guitar driven 90s prog-rock metal bands like Dream Theater; yet driven by the explosive, cutting edge vision of guitarist and lead vocalist Clay Withrow, the band’s incisive and infectious songs—13 of which appear on Vangough’s critically acclaimed indie debut Manikin Parade—and intense energy requires adjectives far beyond words that describe mainstream artists. So here’s an opening attempt: committed to drawing listeners into their melodies before totally upending the tea table, they spit fiery madness by drenching your ears with a purple sunrise of melodic cocaine and a not-so-subtle approach to reading you the story behind today’s headlines.

Latest Vangough News

Below is our complete Vangough news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Vangough Releasing New Album

Vangough is a three-piece, American progressive metal band with a temperamental cocktail that invites both heavy metal fans and those seeking refuge from the beaten path.

The group's upcoming album "Warpaint" is now confirmed for a March 17th release date and today the artwork, track listing, and a special album teaser have been revealed.

Spending over a year in production, this album represents the delicate inculcation of restraint, self-doubt and introspection that was afforded as a result of recent touring efforts.

Exposing the nakedness that we struggle to conceal, "Warpaint" is the story of embattled spirits. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Morphine
2. Dust
3. The Suffering
4. Gravity
5. Till Nothing's Left
6. Knell
7. Black Rabbit More...

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Vangough To Release Crowd Funded Live Album

"Living Madness," available everywhere June 16th, is Oklahoma progressive act Vangough's crowd-funded live CD which was recorded while on the Metal Underground.com sponsored tour with Pain of Salvation last fall.

Topping just over 40 minutes with seven tracks, "Living Madness" is a testament to Vangough's unhinged and dominating live performances, which touched down in such cities as New York City, Toronto, Seattle and San Diego among others.

A live video for the song "Infestation" taken from the recordings used to put together Living Madness can be viewed below.

Taking a cue from the 2013 album "Between the Madness," Vangough have upped the ante in terms of ferocity as is displayed here on their live release. Featuring tracks from across the band's career, including a medley from 2009's debut "Manikin Parade," fans will be very pleased to hear their favorite tracks in a new way. "Seeing as this was our very first tour, we wanted to capture all the raw energy and emotion you'd expect from a first-time touring act."

Recorded by guest guitarist Cameron Conyer, "Living Madness" was then mixed back in Dallas by long-time collaborator and producer Sterling Winfield. "I love working with Sterling and always trust him to produce a killer mix." The band also connected with famed album artist Travis Smith for the cover (shown below). "We felt like it was time to further shift the artwork into a more brooding and disturbing direction as is befitting of where we're headed. Travis' vision fit perfectly with ours." More...

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Vangough, Theocracy, Pain of Salvation Make Mayhem

The first date for the Pain of Salvation/Vangough North American tour (sponsored by MetalUnderground.com) doubled as ProgPower USA’s unofficial “Midweek Mayhem” show on September 10th in Atlanta, Georgia at The Loft music venue. Power metal band Theocracy joined for a set in-between the two bands to balance out the power- and progressive-metal for the evening with a powerful galloping energy. In the style of the three bands combined, here is a lyrical retelling of the experience of that show by writer Frank Serafine. More...

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ProgPower USA Midweek Mayhem Contest Announced

Before the main festivities of the annual ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, the tradition has been to hold a "Midweek Mayhem" show as well as an additional Thursday "Kick-off" show to unofficially extend the festival weekend two days. In keeping with tradition, the September 10th show happens to be the start of the MetalUnderground.com-sponsored Pain of Salvation tour, with backup from the upstart progressive band Vangough and righteous power metal band Theocracy.

With the show being over 80% sold out, the show's organizer, Milton Mendonca, issued an update and a special contest for Midweek Mayhem 2015, the text of which follows. More...

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Vangough Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of a North American tour sponsored by MetalUnderground.com with prog metal titans Pain of Salvation, Vangough is launching a crowd-funding campaign (full details here) to stay on the road and deliver a Kickstarter-exclusive live CD.

Vocalist and guitarist Clay Withrow explains how the next logical step was to get the band on tour following the release of third album, "Between the Madness" (reviewed here): “We’ve been aggressively trying to get on a tour for years now, so it’s been a longtime coming. This is a big step in bringing our music to a larger audience.”


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Pain of Salvation Announces North American Tour

Metalunderground.com is proud to announce that Pain of Salvation and Vangough will be making their way across the United States on tour for the month of September.

Pain of Salvation is ready to return to North America for a full continental tour beginning September 10th in Atlanta, GA. The band will cover a good portion of the United States and also play a couple of shows in Canada and Mexico. Oklahoma-based Vangough has been chosen as direct support for the tour. A complete list of dates can be found below.


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Vangough Premiere Video for "Separation"

Oklahoma based progressive metallers, Vangough, premiere a new video today for a song, 'Seperation,' taken from the band's third album, "Between the Madness," released in 2014. The video is receiving its exclusive premiere courtesy of Prog Sphere.

"Between the Madness" (reviewed here) ended on the TOP 100 of the Prog Archives list of the best albums for 2013. The video for 'Separation' was directed by Will Thompson and edited by Jayson Lewis. The band's guitarist and singer Clay Withrow commented: "We wanted to capture the energy of our live show, as well as the frenetic nature of the song. I think as a representation of the band, it's a big step up from our last video." More...

Read the full article at Video Premiere: VANGOUGH – Separation.

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Vangough Streaming Full New Album

Prog metal band Vangough recently unleashed new album "Between the Madness" (reviewed here), and now the full release is available for streaming online.

Check it out in the player below, or order your own copy of the album at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Afterfall 05:55
2. Alone 06:05
3. Separation 06:11
4. Infestation 07:16
5. Schizophrenia 06:47
6. Between the Madness 03:47
7. Vaudeville Nation 06:07
8. O Sister 08:06
9. Thy Flesh Consumed 06:00
10. Useless 05:41
11. Depths of Blighttown 02:05
12. Corporatocracy 07:55 More...

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Vangough Premieres New Song "Separation"

"Between the Madness" (reviewed here), available everywhere November 12th, will be Vangough's third studio album and follow-up to the "Kingdom of Ruin" album (check out our review) released in 2011.

Today you can find out why our reviewer said "there has never been a better time to jump off of whatever progressive metal train you've been on and ride with Vangough!"

We're pleased to bring you a stream of the track "Separation," which will appear on "Between the Madness." Give the song a listen below.

The full album is spread across twelve emotionally charged songs topping out over 70 minutes of harsh textures and exotic flavors. Pre-orders are available through Bandcamp or at iTunes.

Vangough will also appear at the ProgPower USA Midweek Mayhem show on September 10th, 2014. For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here.


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ProgPower USA XV Mid-Week Mayhem Show Revealed

The annual ProgPower USA festival announced the mid-week mayhem lineup for Wednesday, September 10, 2014. The lineup will feature Pain of Salvation (playing a regular set as opposed to the special set during the main festival comprising of "Remedy Lane" in its entirety), along with Atlanta's Theocracy and Oklahoma's Vangough. Ticket information will be announced soon.

The festival previously announced the kick-off show for Thursday, September 11th: Pagan's Mind (playing the debut LP "Celestial Entrance" in its entirety for the first time ever), Italian power/progressive act DGM and Indiana's Draekon. Tickets for the kick-off show will go on sale on November 1st.

The main festival, which is held from September 12-13, 2014, will feature:

Friday (September 12, 2014)

Thought Chamber (replaces Disperse)
Orden Ogan
Seventh Wonder (playing "Mercy Falls" in its entirety)
Stratovarius (Headliner)

Saturday (September 13, 2014)

Divided Multitude
Voodoo Circle
Pain of Salvation (playing "Remedy Lane" in its entirety)
Jon Oliva's Pain (playing "Streets" in it's entirety) (Headliner)

Tickets for the main festival - as of this morning - are 70% sold after the first 24 hours, so head over to this location fast. More...

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Benighted Comes To The Rock Band Network

A handful of new metal tracks have made their way to Rock Band Network this week, including music from Benighted and Onslaught. These tracks are now available for the Xbox 360 edition to play this weekend:

Benighted – “Let the Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth” (160 MSP)
Onslaught – “Godhead” (80 MSP)
The Minotaur Project – “Rampage of Kronos” (80 MSP)
Vangough – “Drained (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)

PS3 headbangers will instead get these songs on 10/9 in North America and 10/10 in Europe:

A Day to Remember - "Sticks & Bricks" ($1.99)
Bumblefoot - "Dash" ($1.99)
Ghost Brigade - "Clawmaster" ($0.99)
Ghost Brigade - "Into the Black Light" ($0.99)

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New Metal Hitting The Rock Band Network

It's a slimmer week for new metal tracks getting added to the Xbox 360 edition of the Rock Band Network, but there are still a few interesting choices such as new material from Atheist and Halcyon Way. The complete list of newly added Xbox 360 metal tracks is as follows:

Atheist - "Second to Sun" (160 MSP)
Deadlock - "The Brave / Agony Applause (RB3 version)" (160 MSP)
Halcyon Way - "Building the Towers" (80 MSP)
Powerman 5000 - "Super Villain" (160 MSP)
Powerman 5000 - "Time Bomb" (160 MSP)

These tracks are also hitting the PS3 version of Rock Band on Wednesday, February 1st:

Bumblefoot - "Turn Around" ($0.99)
Winds of Plague - "California" ($1.99)
Halfbrick Studios - "Pirats 'Til We Die" ($0.99)
Vangough - "Estranger" ($0.99)
Rival Sons - "Torture" ($1.99)
Nevermore - "Without Morals" ($1.99)

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Pirate Metal Invading The Rock Band Network

Pull out the rum and the plastic guitars, because Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm are finally coming to the Rock Band Network with the track "Shipwrecked." If pirates aren't your thing, there's new tracks now available from Devin Townsend, Halcyon Way, Morbid Angel and more.

The complete list of newly added Xbox 360 songs are as follows:

Alestorm - "Shipwrecked" (160 MSP)
A Plea for Purging - "Heart Of A Child" (80 MSP)
Coldera - "Melodicus Counterpointus" (160 MSP)
Devin Townsend - "Planet Smasher (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Halcyon Way - "Inside Looking Out (The Icon & the Ghost)" (80 MSP)
Halcyon Way - "The System" (80 MSP)
Machinae Supremacy - "Indiscriminate Murder is Counter-Productive" (160 MSP)
Morbid Angel - "Existo Vulgoré (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Psychostick - "BEER!!" (160 MSP)
Pythia - "Heartless" (160 MSP)
Pythia - "Heartless (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Solution .45 - "Gravitational Lensing" (80 MSP) More...

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Morbid Angel And More Added To Rock Band Network

Back up in full swing again after tapering off for the holidays, the Rock Band Network is again adding a steady stream of new rock and metal tracks. This weekend Xbox 360 players have the following new tracks to look forward to:

Chaotrope - "Elysian" (80 MSP)
Chaotrope - "Extropy/Entropy" (80 MSP)
Chaotrope - "The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part I" (80 MSP)
Deadlock - "Martyr to Science (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
DRUOX - "Console War" (80 MSP)
DRUOX - "Console War (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)
Ghost Brigade - "Clawmaster" (160 MSP)
Misery Index - "The Carrion Call (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Morbid Angel - "Existo Vulgoré" (160 MSP)
Nordheim - "Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit! (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Ultra Vomit - "Mountains of Maths" (160 MSP)

These tracks will be added to the PS3 edition on 1/17/2012 (North America) and 1/25/2012 (Europe):

Winds of Plague - "California" ($1.99)
Halfbrick Studios - "Pirats 'Til We Die" ($0.99)
Vangough - "Estranger" ($0.99)
Rival Sons - "Torture" ($1.99)

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Nightmare Records Releases Free Sampler

Today Nightmare Records has released a sampler album as a free download including eleven killer tracks of heavy rock and progressive and symphonic power metal from the latest Nightmare releases. You can get the download at this location. The track listing is as follows:

LANCE KING "A Moment in Chiros"
ANDROMEDA "Manifest Tyranny"
ANUBIS GATE "Anubis Gate"
THEOCRACY "As the World Bleeds"
MYRATH "Tales of the Sands"
PATRICK HEMER "More than Meets the Eye"
DIVINE ASCENSION "As the Truth Appears"
VANGOUGH "Kingdom of Ruin"
HALCYON WAY "IndoctriNation"
PASTORE "The Price for Human Sins"
ENBOUND "And She says Gold"

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Vangough Posts Entire Album Online

Vangough has released the new album "Kingdom of Ruin" today, and the band is also now streaming the entire album online. Head over to this location to check out the release. You can also find the previously posted music video for the "Drained" track by navigating here.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Disloyal
2. Choke Faint Drown
3. Abandon Me
4. Drained
5. Kingdom of Ruin
6. Frailty
7. The Transformation
8. The Rabbit Kingdom
9. Stay
10. Sounds of Wonder
11. A Father's Love
12. Requiem For a Fallen King
13. An Empire Shattered
14. Alice
15. The Garden Time Forgot

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Vangough Streaming New Song Online

With less than a week remaining until the release of Vangough's new release "Kingdom of Ruin," the band has teamed up with GunShyAssassin to premiere another exclusive track from the album. Check out the song "Choke Faint Drown" here. The video for the "Drained" track is also available in the player below.

Click Here To Watch The Video

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Vangough Releases "Drained" Video

In anticipation of the release of "Kingdom of Ruin" on October 25th, Vangough recently shot a music video for the song "Drained." Metal Injection is hosting an exclusive premiere of the video, which can be viewed below.

Click Here To Watch The Video

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Disloyal
2. Choke Faint Drown
3. Abandon Me
4. Drained
5. Kingdom of Ruin
6. Frailty
7. The Transformation
8. The Rabbit Kingdom
9. Stay
10. Sounds of Wonder
11. A Father's Love
12. Requiem For a Fallen King
13. An Empire Shattered
14. Alice
15. The Garden Time Forgot

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