"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1996
From: Greensburg, PA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Zao News

Below is our complete Zao news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Zao Debuts New Music Video "Xenophobe"

Western PA blackened hardcore heroes Zao debut a new music video for "Xenophobe", taken from the band's latest album "The Well-Intentioned Virus", out in stores now via Observed/Observer Recordings. The clip was shot during the Zao's recent appearance at the "AURA Festival" in Savannah, GA by Dan Smotz.

Check out now "Xenophobe" below.

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Zao Debuts New Song "Haunting Pools"

Western PA blackened hardcore heroes Zao debut a new song entitled "Haunting Pools", taken from the upcoming new album "The Well-Intentioned Virus", which will be out in stores December 09th via Observed/Observer Recordings.

Check out now "Haunting Pools" below.

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Zao Streaming "Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams"

Western PA blackened hardcore heroes Zao contributed a new song entitled "Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams" to Decibel magazine's monthly flexi disc series. The track by the way will be NOT on the band's upcoming album "The Well-Intentioned Virus", due out in stores December 09th via its own label Observed/Observer Recordings.

Check out now "Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams" below.

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Zao Debuts New Song "A Well-Intentioned Virus"

Zao debuts a new song entitled "A Well-Intentioned Virus", taken from the upcoming album "The Well-Intentioned Virus", which will be out in stores December 09th on the band's own label Observed/Observer Recordings.

Check out now "A Well-Intentioned Virus" below.

States vocalist Dan Weyandt: More...

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Zao Premieres New Song "Observed/Observer"

Zao premieres a new song entitled "Observed/Observer", taken from the upcoming new album "The Well-Intentioned Virus", which will be out in stores December 09th on the band's own Observed/Observer Recordings.

Check out now "Observed/Observer" below.

Comments frontman Dan Weyandt: More...

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Zao Announces New Album Release

Zao - which currently consists of Dan Weyandt, Scott Mellinger, Russ Cogdell, Martin Lunn, and Jeff Gretz - will release a new album later this year follow a long dormancy.

New Zao album "The Well-Intentioned Virus" is coming December 9th via Observed/Observer Recordings and features cover art by Matt Kerley. Stay tuned for more details!

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Zao Checks In From The Studio

Zao has been off the grid for a good long while but is now recording an album to see release next year. The band comments:

"General recording updates. All of the music is tracked for the new album. There are about 13 songs set aside for the full length (one of which is 'Xenophobe' --- which has been given new vocals and will have a new mix).

"Dan has been popping into the studio once a week and putting down 2 songs a day. about 4 to go. Then scott will add his vocals, and we will begin the mixing process.

"The remaining 5 songs from the session (not including 'Fear Itself') will be finished up with tracking as well for some as yet decided future use --- 7 inches, ep... don't know yet). You can probably expect the new full length album middle of 2016 (rough estimate)." More...

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Zao Working On New Material

Zao (formerly with Ferret, Tooth and Nail, and Solid State Records) has been dormant for around two years, and is now showing signs of stirring. The band issued this brief statement today via Facebook:

"After much deliberation we have decided that 2015 will absolutely see some new music unveiled. Just throwing this out there so we have to stick with it."

Stay tuned for further details as they develop, and you can follow the band's posts over at this location.

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Zao Comments On Canceling Live Shows

Vocalist Dan Weyandt of Zao has checked in with the following announcement about the band canceling upcoming live appearances:

"To fans, promoters and fellow band members,

"I am truly sorry to have been the catalyst in canceling our appearance at the shows this weekend. I apologize to the promoters who put their time and effort into setting up the shows and the massive headaches that accompany our canceling. I apologize to the fans who bought tickets, booked hotels, scheduled off work, bought plane tickets or made the drive (or were just generally looking forward to it). I apologize to the other bands involved for any inconvenience this has caused them. I apologize to my band mates who re arranged their schedules to travel and took the proper steps to ensure the trip would go smoothly. I have been looking forward to this for a long time, not only to get a chance to play live again but also the opportunity to travel, spend time with good friends and make new ones.

"My decision to cancel the shows did not come easy. In fact it was a sickening burden (the decision that is). Trust me, I have suffered under the weight of my choice and I am receptive of your anger. More...

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Stand Together Fest Details Announced

The first annual Stand Together Fest, presented by Blood & Ink Records and F!GHT Clothing, will be held on April 13th and 14th, 2012 at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee. Scheduled to perform are Zao, Saints Never Surrender (reunion), Flatfoot 56, Venia, As Hell Retreats, Debtor, and more (full line-up below). The following press release was issued about the festival:

"STAND TOGETHER FEST was launched with the hopes of bringing fans of Spirit-filled hardcore and metal together for one awesome, weekend-long event... without needing to break the bank in order to attend. Featuring bands from a number of notable labels, including Ferret Music, Paper + Plastick, Ain't No Grave Records, Facedown Records, Mediaskare Records, Red Cord Records, and of course Blood & Ink Records, the line-up offers a diverse glimpse into this scene's best current offerings. Tickets for STAND TOGETHER FEST are $45 for a two day pass and can be purchased online via the festival website at this location."

The complete lineup is as follows: More...

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Zao Comments On Chastising Illegal Downloaders

Zao's Scott Mellinger has posted the following statement online via Facebook about bands commenting on illegal downloading and the state of the music industry:

"So I just wanted to write something, a counter if you will to all the music stealing posts I see on people's walls. First let's discuss how being a musician is a privilege, the only reason you get any money in the first place is because of the fans of your music. Second the percentage of money I've gotten from record sales is abysmal so who cares!!!

"As a band you need to put the utmost care into every aspect of your band if you aren't releasing things that make people excited and willing to fork over hard earned cash than shame on you as an artist. For far too long bands have released lame records with lame artwork and even more lame music and then get pissed when people download it for free. Well, the people you complain about are usually your own fans that can't afford your half assed attempt at a record. I implore all fans to buy when possible, the tiny bit we see does help but I am just as happy to get my music into people's hands. More...

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Zao Films Show For Potential DVD Release

American hardcore metallers Zao have revealed that they filmed their recent July 2nd, 2011 show from the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA for a potential future live album or concert DVD release.

The band commented on the recording by saying:

"The engineer recorded it on 24 track digital. The venue filmed, and several friends filmed. We will see what we have as it all rolls in. If the audio is good we may do a limited edition CD. If the video is good AND the audio is good, maybe we’ll combine them a do a limited edition DVD. Or we may do nothing if everything turned out shitty and just post it on YouTube. Waiting to see what we’re dealing with."

Additional details on this possible upcoming release will be announced as they are made available from the band.

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Zao Members Form New Band, Lonely Ghost Parade

Zao members Scott Mellinger, Daniel Weyandt, and former drummer Stephen Peck have formed a new group titled Lonely Ghost Parade. The band is also currently streaming two new demo tracks online.

Head over to the Lonely Ghost Parade Facebook page here to listen to the new tracks "Last Deception" and "Reflections of the Subconscious."

You can also find additional details on the band by heading over to the Lonely Ghost Parade Reverbnation page. Additional details on any upcoming releases from the band will be announced as they are made available.

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Zao Writing New Material

Zao has checked in with the following update about performing an upcoming live show and writing new material:

"We are playing a show in Pittsburgh PA on July 2nd at a place called Altar Bar. We being Dan, Scott, Russ, Marty and Jeff. It may be the only show we do this year, it may not (don't read anything into that).

"We are still writing, we may have something special planned for the show, we may not (don't read too much into that). More details as they come.

"If you want to stalk us we have been doing the Facebook thing and the Twitter thing until we get our official site built (which may be being built by original Zao guitarist Roy Goudy of all people).

"We try to answer as many questions that pop up on Facebook as possible (and all 5 of us are on there running it) but the odds of you getting added on our personal pages are slim (unless we know you in real life, trust us, you're not missing anything, just Jeff bitching about other bands and Marty posting Yes videos)."

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Zao Checks In With Band Update

Zao has checked in with the following update about the band's current status and upcoming activity:

"If you have noticed that hideous picture of us that dominated the site for the better part of two years (and the coding that made it next to impossible to update anything) is gone. Myspace is forcing a new format on music pages, and we couldn't be happier. Simple and to the point. Now we just have to find the time to re-code some stuff. But we want it to be a place to check for news, etc. I mean, does anyone even USE myspace anymore?

"If you DON'T come to myspace anymore, you have other options, we have links at the top to follow our twitter and to our official facebook page (not the fan ones or that damned facebook wiki page that somehow managed to get 11,000 people liking it, instead of OUR page, but whatever)

"We are building a REAL website. We lost our URL in the Ferret/Warner Music fiasco. (short version of the story there is Ferret still exists, we are no longer on it. the previous owners of Ferret have a new label, we aren't on it). Building a REAL site is tricky. We want it to be the MAIN source of info, and also an archival database of what the band has been and a place you want to go. All this other social stuff should be extra, not the main thing. Hence, why we aren't too concerned about having all sorts of trinkets and bobbles on this thing anymore. More...

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Tales From The Pit: Knocking Out The HxC Kid

We've been talking to bands, promoters, and fans to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This is from Bake in Indianapolis.

“Here at the Emerson (Indianapolis) it’s impossible to see a show without some ‘tard tough guy trying to smash heads all night. So I went to see Zao and Unearth and this dude wearing daisy dukes kept running to the front and jumping on us. I grabbed the guy from the back of the head and told him I’d kill him if he hit me again, and he spit in my face... just a little. So my bud kept his eye out for when the kid was coming to jump; we all moved when he made his flight. Luckily for me, the stage took care of knocking the f**ker out. Stupid bastard.”

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Zao Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Zao has announced that they will be playing two upcoming shows in October. Support will come from The Ghost Inside, Dead In Existence, and The Great Commission. The details are as follows:

10/23 The Glasshouse (Pomona, CA) 7pm $13 adv/15 door
10/24 The Vault (Temecula, CA) 7pm $10

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Zao Posts Fan Filmed Live Video Clips Online

Zao has posted online several fan filmed video clips of their July 24th performance at Mr. Smalls Funhouse in Pittsburgh, PA. The video clips can be viewed below. More...

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Zao Writing New Material

Zao, who released their latest album "Awake?" in May, have issued the following update about launching a new Twitter account and writing new material:

"so yeah, we're doing that twitter thing now

"we won't ignore this. it'll just be DIFFERENT info. stupid stuff like what jeff is eating or what Scott's latest score is on Madden, or you know, Zao stuff. Because there IS stuff. You just don't know about it yet. but we do. And we want to tell you, IN REAL TIME.

"If you're not down, it's okay, you can still get info here. If you ARE down, then you know what to do

"We're also trying to hook up Facebook but are running into problems. they don't believe it's us or something. We want to get over there to so we can Poke our fans and start an official 'Zao Farmtown' avatar up. More on that later.

"Just coz we're not touring right now doesn't mean we're not a band. we just want to set up a little corner for ourselves in this digital world and make it all zao-like.

"oh yeah, we're writing again."

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Zao Announces Only Live Show Of The Year

Zao has issued the following announcement about the only live show they have scheduled this year:

"MAYBE the only show of 2009. at least, the only one we have locked in.

"Friday July 24, 2009 Mr Smalls Funhouse, Pittsburgh, PA

"All ages, $10.00, 7pm doors, 8 pm show start

"ZAO with To Speak Of Wolves, Kamikabe, and Drugdealer"

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