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From: Czech Republic
Last Known Status: Active

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Tribute To The Lesser Played Halloween Classics

So its Halloween yet again….and for some reason it just doesn’t seem as scary and wonderful as it used to be. Maybe its age….maybe it’s the state of the world….perhaps it’s just desensitization or my state of mind. Though its still my favorite time of year, Halloween used to be "special," mainly due to the fact that I bought into this notion that Halloween is the “world holiday of metal.” Not unlike horror films, metal used to have a creep factor in the 80's that seems all too polished and mechanical in 2014. For me, it's the only time when severely under-produced records can have a massive shock value.

On the topic of special Halloween memories over the years, I distinctly remember 1986 – when Slayer had just released what is arguably the greatest thrash metal album of our time just 24 days prior to Halloween. I begged my parents for money to buy it just around a day or two before Halloween…and it literally scared the crap out of me as a 15 year old kid. Every Halloween in that time, back when more people used to celebrate it with open doors, family, friends and I used to walk 5-7 miles – filling multiple pillow cases with candy…only to return home and dump it on the floor before switching costumes to go out for another 2-3 miles before all the lights went out in the neighborhood precisely at 8:30pm. 1986 was particularly memorable because the topic of discussion was “Reign in Blood.” My friends and I gasped in terror conjured by the album mostly because it was so "rebellious" and clashed directly (and indirectly) with our Roman Catholic upbringing. These were days before we reached the age of reason. More...

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Avenger Releasing New Album

Celebrating 20 years of existence, the Czech Republic's Avenger has just released "Bohemian Dark Metal" on Deathgasm Records. Often misconstrued, in this case "dark metal" refers to the brutality of death, the fury and ancient evil spirit of black and the gloom and despair of doom metal. "Bohemian Dark Metal" features guest appearances by Blackie (ex-Root, Cales), Franta Storm (Masters Hammer) and many more. Below is the tracklisting and cover art of the album.

Vítej Zpátky
Fales A Apatie
Dusevní Chirurgie
Vstríc Dalkam
Umírání Zivotem
Z Jeho Krve
Hledme, Plamen Duse!
Dark Metal More...

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Avenger To Release New Album On Vinyl

Doomentia Records has issued the following brief update about releasing the "Feast of Anger - Joy of Despair" album by Avenger on vinyl:

"Vinyl version of fourth full-length album of legendary Czech black metal horde AVENGER will be released through DOOMENTIA RECORDS later this year."

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