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Last Known Status: Active

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Inmate Posts New Video

Slovenian group Inmate just released a music video for brand new single "Breakout Season," which can be found below. The clip was created by Marko Duplišak and you can pick up your own copy of the new single at Bandcamp here.

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Inmate Releases New Video

Slovenian band Inmate today releases a new video for "Endless Desires" from the "Tree Of Life" album. This new video was filmed and produced by Marko Duplišak (ex Lastdayhere) and the band comments:

"The song is about endless, infinite number of our material desires. They emerge from our thoughts and are never satisfied and fulfilled. Our mind is impossible to satisfy permanently. We rush through life like madmen. We have become greedy for enjoyment. We talk about meaningless matters and search for glory and honour.

"We deceive ourselves. When will we stop this? We spend our life in pursuit of money. What brings us education? Do we remain humble? Are we aware that human form of life is the greatest gift for self-realization? Are we grateful for it? How do we make use of the human form of life – for enjoyment and control or learning and self-realization?" More...

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Inmate Streams Full Album

Inmate's full new album "Tree Of Life" has now been made available for streaming online. Check it out below through Inmate's YouTube stream. The album is set to officially drop August 26, and the track listing is as follows:

1. 432Hz 00:00
2. Paradox 00:46
3. Home 04:37
4. Tomorrow Never Comes 07:29
5. Unbreakable 11:30
6. Demon-Crazy 15:00
7. Die Before Dying 18:19
8. Voice In The Heart 21:52
9. Unity In Diversity 25:16
10. Endless Desires 28:14
11. Love And Compassion 32:14
12. Golden Cage 35:26
13. Alive 39:36
14. Awakened 43:12
15. Tree Of Life 46:50 More...

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Inmate Posts New Music Video

Slovenia's metalcore outfit Inmate premieres its music video for the track titled "Tomorrow Never Comes", taken from the band's second album "Tree of Life", which is set to drop August 26th.

Check it out below.

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Inmate Posts Lyric Videos

Slovenia's Inmate has two new lyric videos online taken from the band's second album "Tree of Life." Check out "Die Before Dying" and the title track "Tree Of Life" below. You can also watch the band's previous music video for the "Home" track over here.


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Inmate Posts "Home" Video

Slovenian outfit Inmate just released a new music video for "Home," which was shot by Marko Duplišak (front man from Lastdayhere) and can be seen below.

"Home" comes off the band's upcoming second album "Tree Of Life." To hear more from Inmate, also be sure to check out the previously released video for "Victorious" at this location.

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Ferium Joins Diabolic Tour Of Art 2014

Israeli metal outfit Ferium has been added this fall's Diabolic Tour of Art 2014, headlined by Sonic Syndicate. Ferium will join May The Silence Fall and Inmate on the trek, which runs from October 11th - 25th. Dates are as follows:

11-Oct-2014: Münster - Sputnikhalle (Germany)
12-Oct-2014: Köln - Underground (Germany)
13-Oct-2014: Hamburg - Grünspan (Germany)
14-Oct-2014: Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal (Germany)
15-Oct-2014: Nürnberg - Hirsch (Germany)
16-Oct-2014: Herisau - Pontem (Switzerland)
17-Oct-2014: München - Backstage (Germany)
18-Oct-2014: Adelsheim - Live Factory (Germany)
20-Oct-2014: Wien - Viper Room (Austria)
21-Oct-2014: Prag - Nova Chmelnice (Czech Republic)
22-Oct-2014: Berlin - SO36 (Germany)
23-Oct-2014: Stuttgart - Universum (Germany)
24-Oct-2014: Bochum - Matrix (Germany)
25-Oct-2014: Kiel - Pumpe (Germany) More...

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Inmate Releases "Victorious" Video

Slovenia's Inmate has released a new video clip for the song "Victorious," which can be viewed below and comes off the band's "Free At Last" album released earlier this year. For more Inmate, you can also check out the band's previous music video for "Without Warning" at this location.

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Inmate Posts "Victorious" Teaser

Slovenian act Inmate has posted a teaser for the new single "Victorious," which can be viewed below. The track is taken from band's debut album, "Free at Last," released on May 25th via Graviton Music Services.

The video, directed by Marko Duplisak & Tomi Senveter from Lastdayhere and cofinanced by Municipality Velenje, was shot in the band's home of Velenje in the company of friends and fans.

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Inmate Posts "Without Warning" Video

Slovenia's Inmate has released a video for "Without Warning," which can be viewed below. The band commented on the clip:

"Here is Inmate's first video 'Without Warning' from our upcoming debut album titled 'Free at Last.' Video is directed by Mitja Legat and featuring Marko Duplisak from Lastdayhere who is represented as special guest on vocals on upcoming album. Check it out, you won't regret it!"

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Metalcamp 2012 Trailer Posted

A new trailer for the upcoming 2012 edition of Metalcamp was posted. The even takes place from August 5-11, 2012 in Tolmin, Slovenia. The lineup includes the following acts (in alphabetical order):

Amon Amarth
Grand Magus
Machine Head
Napalm Death
Paradise Lost
Sin Deadly Sin
The Black Dahlia Murder

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Inmate To Play Metalcamp 2012

Slovenian act Inmate has issued the following announcement about appearing at the upcoming Metalcamp 2012 festival:

"Here it is! We are coming to Metalcamp 2012 Tolmin/Slovenia!

"This year's line-up is amazing: Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Machine Head, Pain, The Black Dahlia Murder, Sabaton and many more! DON'T MISS OUT!!! Stay IN, MATEs!"

Inmate also recently revealed the cover artwork and track listing for the new album "Free at Last," which can be found at this location. More...

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Inmate Reveals New Album Artwork, Track Listing

Slovenia's Inmate has revealed the artwork for the band's new album "Free at Last," which is available after the jump and was created by Žiga Lovšin. "Free at Last" is set to drop in 2012, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Inmate (intro)
2. Without warning
3. Written in blood
4. ... Overcome
5. Angels
6. Fire, walk with me
7. Victorious
8. Promises
9. Healing
10. Free at last (instrumental)
11. Lost in words
12. Inexorable path
13. Out of the darkness
14. Another chance (outro) More...

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Inmate Comments On Music Video Shoot

Inmate has checked in with the following recap of the shooting for the "Without Warning" music video:

"On the 22nd May we filmed a video for our first single Without Warning from the upcoming debut album Free at Last. The video is directed by Mitja Legat from Kranj who made a lot of great sports videos about skating and snowboarding. This was Mitja's first experience of making a video for a metal band, so we didn't know what to expect. But as soon as our preparations for the scenes started, we realized immediately that Mitja was very motivated.

"While this is our first video, its story line was decided to be as simple as possible. 3 different scenes were chosen, focusing on representation of the band itself (a lot of details of all members, their instruments in action, etc. were shot). As you already know, Marko from LastDayHere is helping us with clean vocals in the studio, so we decided to include him into the video as a guest. When we invited him, he responded instantly. He really fulfilled our expectations and also came out with some great ideas for the video.

"Shooting went well and we did everything as we planned. Despite 16 hours of hard work and a lot of headbanging we managed to finish before midnight. We are sure we all did our best and we can't wait to show you the video. Mitja and Marko, we really appreciate your hard work, so again thanks a lot! We would also like to thank our light engineers Crt and Klemen, and also Dado, who helped us to manage the technical settings in the Kulturni center Velenje, where we shot the video. Last but not least, we would like to thank our photographer Tilyen Mucik for outstanding photos and eMCe Velenje for the equipment and six pack of beer. Check out more photos here."

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Inmate Issues Studio Report

Slovenia's Inmate has checked in from the studio with the following recording update:

"Vocals are finished! The time spent in the studio was really amazing! The team of three (Me, Marko and our producer Tat Purusha) worked our asses off to make this an epic album. It has everything what you could imagine. Strong and powerful screams/growls, beautiful melodic parts, some sample actions …the whole package.

"I discovered new levels of my vocal range and learned a lot from Marko. The album will cover the whole spectrum of good metal music... it's time for INMATE METAL!

"The lyrics philosophy consists from themes like soul searching, heartbreak, modern problems, how to find your own way truth and so on. We absolutely didn't forget about strong statements that everyone can relate to.

"And now let me break down the process of recording … I usually drove 17 km to the studio, then we sat down listened to the instrumental, started to track my original lines, then modified them a bit, put some melodic parts to it and tried to capture our INMATE LIVE ENERGY. I think we definitely succeeded. You will feel the low growls in your bones, melodic parts will stay in your head for the rest of the day and the screams will make you want to sleep with the light on!

"What can I say… there were 30 or 31 hard working days but in the end it was worth it! We took our time and didn't rush anything. We ended up with 11 amazing songs for the album. Now all we have to do is reamp the guitars and the master mixing can begin! I can't wait to step on the stage and kick it off with all of you!"

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Inmate Checks In With Recording Update

Slovenian metallers Inmate have issued the following update about recording bass parts for an upcoming release:

"It has been a while since we first posted our report about how things are developing in studio. Well, so far so good. After the rhythm and lead guitars had been recorded it was time for me to lay down bass tracks. Tat Purusha and I started on the 31st January 2011 at 5pm. We usually started at that time and work for like five to six hours. On the first day we checked the tuning on bass and set the preamp and the compressor that we used. Actually these were the only two things we used for record bass because for now, these tracks are only 'clean' tracks. And then we hit the red button.

"Recording went really well for me if I think that this was my first time in a professional studio and working with a professional producer. A good producer knows that bass is like a red thin line between guitars and drums, so if the bass sucks, everything sucks. We did quite good tuning on bass tracks so it fits in even more perfect than I could have imagined at the first time. Ohhh and I didn't even know that slapping and popping would fit in. Tat Purusha somehow took me to the limits and we did it. We used everything in every song, from standard picking with the guitars we went to some harmonic scales and to some slapping parts. Like I have said… sounds perfect.

"Now when all the songs are finished, we can only wait for re-amping to be done. We are going to use my live rig which is all tube power amp, sansamp RBI preamp, BBE maximizer, compressor and David Eden 410XLT bass cabinet. But what will happen and how… I'll let you know next time, mates!"

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Inmate Issues Studio Report

Slovenian metallers Inmate have posted a studio video clip, which can be found after the jump. The band also issued the following update from the studio:

"Our studio work began in December, 2010. We are posting email comments from Andrej in a date order as he sent them to the rest of the band members. We should mention, Andrej usually writes short messages and is not used to express his feelings through emails.

"12/9/10 We made several tests today. The recordings will be made directly without head and cabinet. It is important only to get a clean signal which we will reamp through heads later. Despite clean signal I hear distortion version while recording (the quality of the sound is not important at the moment), so everything is under control. Tomorrow we begin recording Inexorable Path.

"12/17/10 Inexorable Path finished. Lost in Words finished. Recorded everything except solos. Awesome! More...

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Inmate Checks In With Band Update

Inmate has checked in with the following recap of 2010 events and announcement about upcoming activity:

"The year 2010 came to an end and we already entered the 2011. At the end of the year We usually look back at the past year to remember again all the great moments that happened to us and to learn from the mistakes we made. Some of the peaks of this year are definitely concerts in Austria, Germany and Croatia, summer open air festival concerts, being a part of Dark Tranquillity tour and entering the studio.

"But let us start at the beginning. We opened a concert season with our performance in Postojna (SI) at the beginning of February (Epic Rockline contest) where we proceeded into semifinals. Our next stop was a great concert in KMKC Kompleks in Ravne na Koroškem (SI) where we shared the stage with Brand New Idea and Device. Our second stop in March was Youth center Sežana where we performed with our metal brothers Necrotic and local band Kreation Kodex.

"In April we performed for the first time in Austria (Graz) where we attended Newcomer festival. Photos here. At the end of the month we again performed on a semifinal competition of Epic Rockline contest where we reached 2nd place. Kino Šiška (Ljubljana, SI) was our next stop in May. Performing at one of the best Slovenian venue's was really a great experience. The concert was actually a competition among 10 performing bands. Inmate was named as a band that with their performance really stepped out of all the participating bands and is definitely a band for big stages. More...

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Inmate Checks In With Show Recap

Slovenian metallers Inmate have checked in with the following update about the band's recent live shows supporting Dark Tranquillity:

"As you have probably noticed, we had 2 special shows in the past couple of weeks. Inmate was a support band on Dark Tranquillity world tour in Zagreb and Vienna. Our first stop was in Zagreb, Boogaloo club. We opened the show. Although we had mixed expectations because we played there for the first time, we didn't expect such a phenomenal respond. The crowd was more and more into our music and at the end of our performance we received a huge applause. Zagreb was ours. At the end of the show many people congratulated us and admitted they didn't expect such a performance from a support band. An answer to many of you out there: Guys, we are definitely coming back to Zagreb a.s.a.p.!

"Two days later we orientated our GPS towards Vienna. Szene , a well-known club in Vienna, was the target. We were happy to meet guys from Insomnium and Dark Tranquillity again. The first information we received after coming to the place: SOLD OUT SHOW! Woooooooow! We felt really great on the stage that night. Much more relaxed and a little bit more used to such a big crowd. We expected many people to attend our performance because of a sold out show. But to have a full venue at the end of the show … a dream come true. Headbangers in front line, applause of the whole hall and people asking for more! Thank you, Vienna. More...

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Inmate Posts German Show Footage

Slovenia's Inmate has posted footage online from the band's recent trek to Germany, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"Hi folks, we had an awesome time in Germany last week! You can check a small piece of our adventure here. Despite all wonderful moments last week we are ready for great adventure this week. Two great shows in just few days in Zagreb (Cro) and Vienna (Aut) are before us. Dark Tranquillity here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

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