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Karen Page

From: OH, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Karen Page Checks In With Band Update

Karen Page has checked in with the following update about the band's current status and upcoming activity:

"So, I thought id fill you in real quick on our current status. As some of you know, Bryce and Rick are no longer in the band. They are both fulfilling other personal and musical paths. Check our the band Bryce is now fronting called Cryptic Abuse. Also, were taking a little bit of time off from shows for the next month. Alan is at home visiting some family before his brother leaves for the army. So were getting some writing done and finding our new bassist. We are, however, currently in the works for some touring in July/Aug/Sept so keep checking back for that.

"We'll be hitting up our favorite spots from earlier this year, as well as some new ones. So until then, head out to your local fye/best buy/or any cd shop and pick up a copy of our self titled debut. Or hit up itunes/amazon/rottenrecords.com/etc... if you cant find one. If you're local, hit us up we have copies as well. Also, feel free to come by our page and tell us how much you hate or love us. Well throw some quotes up on our page. Make em good."

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Karen Page Issues Recording Update

Karen Page has checked in with the following update about re-recording their "Operator, Operator, The Phone Is Dead!" EP:

"So, I'll keep it short since our last blog was completely pointless. I promise this one isn't. On Sunday May 16th we enter the studio to start re-tracking our first EP, operator operator! The phone is dead! This ep was put out about 2 years ago, and was limited to 100 copies. We will be re-recording and releasing this EP on Rotten Records. We are currently in pre-production of this, so look for it this summer hopefully. For now, our debut full length is still on sale online, in stores, and at shows so be sure to get a copy."

The track listing for the EP is as follows:

1. Great Scott
2. Fingers of Death
3. Cock Blockula
4. Sha Nay Nay Has A Nosebleed
5. Horrible Wart Engorged War Torn Portable Pork Snorkler
6. Fuck Yeah
7. Hey There Sailor (its the beard)
8. Shao Kahn-a-tron Vs Optimus Prime (everybody dance now)
9. The Last Stand of Karen Page
10. (this is) the money shot

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Karen Page Issues Band Update

Karen Page has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"So here we are. May 2010. This marks three years of karen page. Where to start. There's a lot of memories, and most of you don't give a shit. But this band started out as a fun activity between four friends. Jonny, anthony, rick, and myself. The music was pretty much a joke in the beginning. We were at the end of high school, in between bands, and we were just trying to pass the time. It was fun but the music was pretty much, well, awful. But we didn't give two shits. We played a bunch of shows on those shitty songs.

"Then the formula was changed. Anthony moved to guitar and we added a new drummer, chris. Chris was a great asset. Having him behind us helped us tremendously. It helped us tighten up. It made us feel like a band. It made us solid (well, kind of). So we recorded a 20 minute long ep entitled: ‘operator, operator, the phone is dead!’. Which we marketed as ‘the greatest album of all time.’ pffftttttt.... I listen to that record now and i can't believe how far we have come as musicians and as a band in three short years. Somehow, about a year after the release of ootpid. We got signed to Rotten Records. Someone wanted to sign us off of that ep. Pffftttttt..... Seriously though. So we singed and immediately began working new songs. More...

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Karen Page Parts Ways With Bassist

Karen Page has issued the following announcement about parting ways with their bassist:

"Sadly Rick has decided to leave KP. He's going to college and working full time and decided tour life isn't for him anymore. So over the next few months were going to find a full time replacement. We will have open tryouts for anyone interested. You must:

-Be 18+ and able to tour
-Have transportation to and from practice
-Having a trailer is a plus
-Tour/stage experience is necessary.
-Be a real bassist. We're not looking for a guitar player who can play a bass. Ricks gave us a big full sound while still being technical which we rely on
-If you're a douche, stay home
-You must have good reliable touring equipment or be willing to buy them. If you don't we can supply an amp for tryouts, but you'll need your own.

"Message us if you're interested."

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Karen Page To Release Self-Titled Album

Karen Page has issued the following update about releasing a new self-titled album:

"Hey guys, figured wed give a little insight as to whats going on over here. Not sure if anyone even reads these things. but whatever. So over the past few months we've been writing and recording our rotten records debut. Today Matt finished up the last of his vocal tracks. Tracking for this CD is DONE! We've entered the mixing and mastering stage. We got a little sample earlier, and this is Andrew at sacred sounds best work yet. The CD is sounding phenomenal. The CD is self titled, so 'Karen Page' will hit stores on Feb 16th.

"As some of you may have noticed as well, over the past few months we've went through a few lineup changes. Anthony was forced to part ways with us due to personal obligations. we wish him the best of luck in his musical career, and there are no hard feelings on either end. We have recruited Bryce Seditz formerly of Nova Prospect to fill his position on guitar duties. Also, due to time and commitment constrictions, we were forced to part ways with Chris Vogagis. Alan Cassidy (ex-the breathing process) jumped in quickly and took his spot. Alan is a great fit both musically and personally to KP, and has quickly solidified his spot. So check us out on tour this feb and again in march with Vampire Moose, Ideamen, And Polkadot Cadaver."

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Out Of The Woodwork
2. Icebox
3. Your Body Is A Wasteland
4. Snake Eyes
5. All Sixes
6. Interloper
7. Mortality As Home Entertainment
8. Bag Of Nerves
9. Nailbiter
10. Monster
11. Treebeard
12. Dead Men Tell No Tales
13. The Beyond

Karen Page's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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Karen Page Seeking Fans For Video

Ohio metallers Karen Page have announced that they are seeking fans to appear in their upcoming music video for the song "Out of the Woodwork." Fans who are interested can message the band at their MySpace page. Karen Page also has the following upcoming tour dates:

10/24 Musica w/ Ichabod Crane and more TBA Akron, Ohio
10/30 Peabodys w/ Powerman 5000 and Polkadot Cadaver Cleveland, Ohio
10/31 Halloween Show @ Ottobar with Polkadot Cadaver Baltimore, Maryland
11/7 Out Of The Woodwork Video Shoot Toronto, Ohio
11/13 KP Presents, FRIDAY THE 13TH PARTY AT YESTERDAYS! Wheeling, West Virginia
11/21 Sacred Sound Studio, Full Length Start Date Martins Ferry, Ohio
12/6 Peabodys w/ NORMA JEAN, THE CHARIOT AND HORSE THE BAND Cleveland, Ohio
2/12 2010 CD RELEASE PARTY AT YESTERDAYS! Wheeling, West Virginia

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Karen Page Streaming New Song Online

Ohio's Karen Page has issued the following announcement about streaming the new song "Out of the Woodwork" on their MySpace page:

"Out of the woodwork is up now. It features guest vocals from bryce of nova prospect. So check it out. Let us know what you think"

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