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From: France
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Aosoth News

Below is our complete Aosoth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Aosoth Posts New EP Teaser

Aosoth recently finished mixing and mastering two new tracks for an upcoming 7" EP titled "Our Crown of Sins," due out in January, 2012 via Inferna Profundus Records.

A teaser trailer for the EP has now been posted online and can be viewed below. For more details on Aosoth, navigate your browser to the band's Facebook profile.

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Aosoth Signs New Deal With Agonia Records

French act Aosoth has issued the following announcement about re-signing with Agonia Records for two more upcoming albums:

"Aosoth is proud to announce the inking of a new two album deal with Agonia Records. The sequel to 'III' should be released around the end of 2012.

"We have scheduled to release a 7" EP with Inferna Produndus Records early 2012. Aosoth has also been confirmed for France's next HELLFEST. More fest appearances will be announced soon."

You can also check out Aosoth's music by navigating your browser to the band's official MySpace music profile.

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Aosoth To Release Instrumental Album

Aosoth has checked in with the following announcement about releasing an instrumental vinyl version of the band's "III" album:

"Instrumental version of 'III' soon out on LP version to be released on Spikekult, the singer's label. 100 copies will be made.

"More info soon, but if you want to be warned about the update of this release send a mail to: spk666@aol.com with 'Aosoth LP' as a title & we will get back to you when we'll get more info about the release day."

You can also check out a track from the "III" album available for streaming online by heading over to this location.

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Aosoth Posts New Song Online

Aosoth has posted the song "III-2" online, which is off the band's new full-length album "III." You can check out the song in the clip below.

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Download Free In Blackest Hate Compilation

Metalhit.com is hosting a free underground black metal compilation released in conjunction with the debut issue of In Blackest of Hate (from Beyond the Dark Horizon website). Bands featured include Aosoth, Ravencult, Saturnalia Temple, Ptahil, Cultes Des Ghoules, Temple of Baal, Goatpenis, Infestus, Hrzig, amd Haeiresis. You can download the compilation here.

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"Death Holy Death" Tour Dates Announced

Aosoth has announced it will be performing with Watain and Shining on the upcoming "Death Holy Death" 2011 tour. The currently announced dates are as follows:

25.02.2011 DE - Adelsheim, Eventhall
26.02.2011 CH - Lausanne, Docks
27.02.2011 FR - Montpellier, Secret Place
28.02.2011 ES - Barcelona, Mephisto
01.03.2011 ES - Madrid, Caracol
02.03.2011 PT - Lisboa, Revolver
03.03.2011 PT - Porto, Hard Club
04.03.2011 FR - Angouleme, Nef
05.03.2011 FR - Savigny le temple, Empreinte
06.03.2011 UK - London, Relentless Garage
07.03.2011 UK - Reading, Sub 89
08.03.2011 UK - Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
09.03.2011 UK - Liverpool, Masque
10.03.2011 UK - Birmingham, Library
11.03.2011 FR - Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Arcade
12.03.2011 BE - Vosselaar, Biebob
13.03.2011 NL - Zaandam, De Kade

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Aosoth Issues Road Report

French black metal act Aosoth has issued the following road report from their recent tour dates:

"First of all this report does represent ONLY the point of view of the writer, thus the ex vocalist of that band. I have to thank Hell Militia & Blacklodge for having offered us the opportunity to perform with Aosoth & getting us to witness us delivering hellish gigs 10 nights in a row. Thks to the Metal Kommand chief Steve for all his work & to Robert/Carsten for the time spent with them & the help given.

"Major issue we had on the tour now that all is over & done since weeks : we should have had a sound engineer with us on the tour & also have two guitar players on stage instead of just one. All performances ended up in having the very same issue : NOT representing the band & not listening to any request given to the sound engineer : - low vocals on stage requested, they should always be under the guitar & bass - that is my request as a vocalist & it has never been respected by those retards. - massive guitar sound from the moment we start & not a fucking volume leveled down since ‘the sound engineer’ thinks it's nicer that way & better to put vocals & drums / bass upfront - having monitors issues on stage : considering the venues & the equipment most of those place would have, wouldn't say much about it. Was mostly shit. More...

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Aosoth To Stop Playing Live Shows

French black metallers Aosoth have announced they will no longer be performing any future live shows. Aosoth vocalist MkM issued the following brief statement about the decision: "No more live performance for Aosoth. Those gigs with Hell Militia / Blacklodge were the finals of Aosoth. Thanks for nothing." Sample Aosoth tracks are still available for streaming via the band's official MySpace page.

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Metalhit.com Reduces Full Albums to $5.25

Metalhit.com, who handles digital distribution for dozens of underground metal labels has announced new, reduced prices on full album. Here's the update from the label:

"We are pleased to announce that our entire catalog of releases are now just $5.25 for full albums!!! We decided to make this change after studying the opinions of buyers of digital music. A rare handful of titles from labels outside of our influence will have albums available at alternative prices in our store, however, about 95% or more are available for only $5.25!

"In the meantime, please welcome these new releases to our store this month! "

AOSOTH "Ashes of Angels" (filthy black metal w/ ANTAEUS members)
ARTERY ERUPTION "Driving My Fist through her Chest" (sicko death metal)
BETHLEHEM "Dictius te Necare" (re-master of this classic dark metal album)
DISMAL LAPSE "Eon Fragmentation" (latest off of Deepsend Records)
INFEST "Moshroom" (crazy death metal off of Metal Age Prod.)
MIND ASYLUM "L'Aisle de l'Espirit" (French black metal)
NATRON "Rot Among Us" (classic old-school death metal from one of Italy's first death metal bands!)
NECROPTIC "Meticulous Pathology" (technical and insane death metal)
NEUROLEPSY "Disintegrated Cognizance" (brutal death metal from NY)
SEPSIS "With No Mercy" (killer tech-death)
THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE "A Voice from the Four Horns..." (occult/mystical black metal)
VIOLATED "Only Death Awaits" (Norwegian thrash metal!)

Plus titles from:

ASPHYXIATE RECORDINGS (Vassafor, Diocletian, Paganizer, Denial, etc.)
DEATHGASM RECORDS (Quinta Essentia, Nominon)
IBEX MOON RECORDS (Nervo Chaos, Fatalist, Goreaphobia)
MY KINGDOM MUSIC (almost their entire catalog of releases including bands like Crest of Darkness, Rain Paint, and more!)

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Aosoth Reveals New Album Details

France's AOSOTH formed as a side-project of MkM, of the essential French black metal horde Antaeus. The new album, "Ashes of Angels," is their first for Polish label Agonia Records. The album was recorded by the band members themselves at BST Studio (Vorkreist, Antaeus, Hell Militia, The One).

The "Ashes of Angels" [artwork] tracklisting is as follows:

01. Songs Without Lungs
02. Ashes of Angels
03. Path of Twisted Light
04. Embrace and Enlightment
05. Teaching/Erasing
06. Summon The Dead
07. Cries Out the Heaven
08. Communion Through Pain
09. Banished
10. Inner War (Antaeus cover)

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Aosoth Streaming "Inner War" Song Online

Aosoth has issued the following announcement about streaming the track "Inner War" online at their MySpace page:

"So it is done. It's been one of my expectations for a decade now to re record this one specific track that had a demo recording condition on the previous release of Antaeus & as a symbol, since the rage within Antaeus is still there & will remain for now, we did get to expose a newer bleeding to this track & we are proud to share it around with those into Antaeus. Aosoth, my 'actual' band, has been performing this track since the first live ritual & we will go on, since for all of us, it has a special meaning considering that Antaeus is not a live performing band & that track is one symbol of audio violence to us, we are paying an homage to what is 'IT' for us.

"Give us your impression, hate it, crave for the original one more with all its mistake & the one take only opportunity with mixing screwing over anything I would have done myself AT LEAST NOW I am satisfied for something burnt down on cd live with Antaeus : it was perfect so is the aosoth version nowadays live just the audio recording was not as I wanted. Anyway enough with the bullshit those willing to give it a try can & to the rest, as usual : FUCK OFF"

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Aosoth Signs To Agonia Records

France's Aosoth has issued the following brief update about signing a record deal with Agonia Records:

"French AOSOTH inked 2 albums deal with Agonia Records. New album is being recorded now. Set to be released early 2010. 'Ashes of Angels' will be released in limited lp version & digipack."

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