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From: Slovenia
Last Known Status: Active

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Inmate Posts "Without Warning" Video

Slovenia's Inmate has released a video for "Without Warning," which can be viewed below. The band commented on the clip:

"Here is Inmate's first video 'Without Warning' from our upcoming debut album titled 'Free at Last.' Video is directed by Mitja Legat and featuring Marko Duplisak from Lastdayhere who is represented as special guest on vocals on upcoming album. Check it out, you won't regret it!"

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LastDayHere Recording New Album

LastDayHere has checked in with the following announcement about a lineup change and update about recording a new album:

"There are some changes in our camp. Mohor left the and due to personal reasons and the band did not stop here: we went further and found an amazing drummer. He's name is Sašo Corso. He is an open minded and very positive person. Just what we need.

"Currently we are in the making of the new album. All the tracks are recorded. It's just up to us to rehearse this new album and on to the road.

"A litlle more about Sašo. You can find him on facebook and all over. He is really an improvement to the band since we really neede some fresh 'positive' spirit in the band. So there is no stopping us now. See you all from the stage all across the EU and the rest of the world."

You can also check out LastDayHere tracks available for streaming online by heading over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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LastDayHere Recruits New Drummer

LastDayHere has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

"So here he is ladies and gentlemen! After having auditioned 4 very talented drummers, we have come to a group decision that Zak Bevelaqua will be the new drummer of LastDayHere!!! At the Audition Zak was very well prepared and played as if he had already been in the band for years. It was a perfect fit.

"We have since rehearsed with Zak and have been impressed with his technical skills, attitude, work ethic, and creative ideas. We are all very excited to have Zak on board with us and hope all of you will give him a warm welcome to the band!"

You can also check out a teaser for LastDayHere's "A New Beginning" album by heading over to this location.

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LastDayHere Posts "A New Beginning" Trailer

LastDayHere has posted a teaser online for the band's "A New Beginning" album, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"Hey guys and girls. We decided to make a good teaser for all of you. This time we have made a 5 minute song that contains 13 songs that will be on our new album called 'A New Beginning.'

"Hope you like it. And we are really looking forward for this album to be finished. Also will contain a couple of good groovy songs and 2-3 songs a bit more slow.

"We tried to cover all the areas. The next stop is picking the new album cover and a NEW video. We are already making plans for it so stay tuned."

LastDayHere - new album 13 song's teaser

LastDayHere | Myspace Music Videos

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LastDayHere Posts New Sample Track

LastDayHere has issued the following update about the band's activity and announcement about streaming a new sample track online:

"Maybe some of you think: is LastDayHere alive and kicking? And the answer is yes. Sure we are. There has been a lot of things in our camp lately to deal with. Recently we returned from Canada and already we had to deal with the recording of the new album as soon as we came home. And we are still kicking at live shows.

"But no worries. We have got a small gift for you. We decided to post a small 30 sec (rough mix) of one songs that will be on the new album. This is not even a mix. It's just a rough track and for us it is already a kicker. It's something new. The whole new album will have some fresh things.

"We have recorded 15 tracks. And we believe there will be 13 tracks on the new record. The 2 songs will be kind of a bonus material. Like we said there will be surprises on the album. One of them is an acoustic song. We are already playing the new songs LIVE so many of you have heard it before. We are getting positive response so we are looking forward to finishing the album.

"There are so many things in our minds that we want to do for this album. And like for every hard working musician who is struggling to be better is always the money issue. And we are in a tight spot at the moment but who isn't. Just trying to come up with positive solutions for all of us. Because when the album is finished we would want to release a video along side the album. We kind of picked a nice spot to record the video. Also a new LOGO and the new art work is in the making.

"So yes guys we are kicking. Definitely this is going to be a 'new' LastDayHere. Stronger that before. One more thing: Happy Easter holidays to all our friends."

You can check out the new sample track by heading over to the LastDayHere MySpace page.

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LastDayHere Adds On Canadian Shows

LastDayHere has issued the following brief announcement about adding on more shows to the band's upcoming Canadian tour:

"We added two more shows to our Canadian Tour and will now do 9 shows in 12 days... This is the complete list of Canadian Tour dates. See you in Canada!"

09.03.2011 Rogers TV, Toronto (Ontario, Canada) Live unplugged TV show
10.03.2011 The Blue Moon Pub, Toronto (Ontario, Canada) w/ The Tripp and Cast of Angels
12.03.2011 Canadian Music Fest - Bovine Sex Club, Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
13.03.2011 Canadian Music Fest - Cherry Colas, Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
15.03.2011 Bar Le Repaire - Sainte-Rose, Laval (Quebec, Canada) w/ Straight Jacket
16.03.2011 Il Motore Showbar, Montréal (Quebec, Canada) w/ Straight Jacket
17.03.2011 Clydes Pub, Pointe-Claire (Quebec, Canada) w/ Straight Jacket
18.03.2011 All Stars, Brampton (Ontario, Canada) w/ Bite and Straight Jacket
19.03.2011 G'Days, Pembroke (Ontario, Canada) w/ Straight Jacket

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LastDayHere Headed To Canada

LastDayHere has issued the following announcement about heading to Canada for a string of tour dates:

"Plane tickets are in our pockets, shows are booked, we are ready to hit overseas!

"After we received the invite from Canadian Music Week to perform at their Canadian Music Fest in March 2011, we decided to make it a short tour and visit all our friends and fans in Canada.
We are staying in Canada from March 9th and until March 20th. In that time we are planning to do as many appearances and shows as possible to finally present our music live across the sea. We are really excited and can't wait to meet you all, our dear friends and fans, who have been waiting for us in Canada so patiently.

"Canadian Music Week is Canada's international music convention and film festival, held in Toronto (Ontario) from March 9th and until March 13th, 2011. Canadian Music Week has been happening for 29 years and is now recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music. As they say it - 'Where Music Means Business!'

"Canadian Music Fest, with 800 artists (big names like Papa Roach) in 55 venues in just 5 nights, will happen in Toronto, Ontario. LastDayHere is, as one of the few bands coming from Europe and as THE ONLY band coming from Slovenia, performing on Saturday, March 12th, 2011 at Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. We have also been invited for acoustic appearance at Canadian Rogers TV on the very day, we land in Canada - March 9th. Some dates in Canada are already up, stay tuned for more in the next days!"

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LastDayHere Posts "This Time" Video

LastDayHere has posted a music video online for the song "This Time," which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"The puzzle is complete From Pieces Created developed the story we never knew it's out there - this journey that started years ago, when we released our 1st album. We met so many wonderful people that shared their stories with us. And now we realize that behind every door is a story and we learned that how strongly the music can connect all those together. Throughout our music we told our story. And we are completing From Pieces Created with this last piece - the video for the song 'This Time!'

"After Saved From Falling and Hide, we are proudly presenting This Time to you all! Thank you all for being our inspiration and to write the LastDayHere story with us. We are looking forward to opening new chapters."

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LastDayHere Working On New Album

Slovenia's LastDayHere has issued the following update about working on a second album:

"We, as a band, are so lucky to have the chance and meet so many wonderful people trough our music. The music is the reason that we spend hours at our rehearsal place, travel for hours to get to the venue we are playing in and spend every cent on the one thing that connects us beyond imaginable... our music! We are currently working hard in the studio, to get our second album out on the open as soon as possible, and we are so looking forward to present it to you all in the next months.

"Music is a perfect gift! And what better month there is than December, to give a gift to your family, dear friends and to everyone close to your hear! Surprise all those special people in your life, the way you all have surprised us with all that great feedback when you heard our 'From Pieces Created'"

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LastDayHere Posts "Hide" Video

Slovenia's LastDayHere has posted a music video online for the song "Hide," which is off the "From Pieces Created" album. The video can be viewed below. LastDayHere has also announced a video for "This Time" will be available soon, which is the third part in a trilogy. The first part, "Saved From Falling," can be found after the jump.


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LastDayHere Wishes Fans A Happy New Year

Slovenia's LastDayHere has posted a video message wishing fans a happy new year, which can be viewed after the jump. The band also issued the following end-of-year recap:

"When it comes to LastDayHere, there is needless to say that we enjoyed every moment of the year 2009. In fact, we could repeat it all over ;o) If we just think back and bring out the feeling that we had while standing on the stage at the presentation of the video ‘Saved From Falling’… Wow, it was so hard to keep the video a secret – we were so proud of it and wanted to show it to the whole World! The preparation of the event was a really intense period for all of us. It meant changing our songs from the ‘From Pieces Created’ into acoustic form and adding the classical instruments. Thanks to all our friends, that accepted the invitation and joined us on the stage, that night will definitely stay in our memories even when we are old and senile.

"2009 meant a significant breakthrough for LastDayHere. It was the first time our music was played on MTV Adria. You can imagine our faces when we saw that ‘Saved From Falling’ was played on daily rotation and out of nowhere we got on the MTV Adria’s Rock Chart where we got as high as 6th place and the video stayed in the chart for full 14 weeks! We would like to thank to everyone that voted for us and got us this high. At first we thought we are dreaming, since we didn’t even have the guts to hope for something like that… But we were there, together with big names of international music scene… And that meant so much to us… More...

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LastDayHere Announces European Tour Dates

Slovenia's LastDayHere has announced the following upcoming European tour dates:

9/4 Rock The Lake Festival (Annenheim near Villach, Austria) Annenheim Am Ossiacher See, Kärnten
9/17 Beck’s w/ Amity In Fame (Zwettl a.d. Rodl, Austria) Zwettl a.d. Rodl, Oberösterreich
9/18 Stone’s w/ Amity In Fame (Linz, Austria) Linz, Oberösterreich
9/25 De Kade w/ Delain (Zaandam, Netherlands) Zaandam, Netherlands
9/26 Tivoli de Helling w/ Delain (Utrecht, Netherlands) Utrecht, Netherlands

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