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From: Poland
Last Known Status: Active

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Acrybia Releasing 2CD Compilation

Acrybia has checked in with the following announcement about releasing a new 2 CD compilation:

"Happy new year! Yesterday was a day of a premiere of our new compilation 'Joyful Side of Nothingness.' After the 13 years of existence we're giving you two CD's filled with our favourite songs and of course some extras like covers, rare and live versions. It's to our 'die hards' on limited, hand numbered edition, the rest can wait for digital version. Till the next time!"

The track listing is as follows:

1. Is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd cover)
2. Sleeping (in the fire) (W.A.S.P. Cover)
3. Poetry & The Gods (edit)
4. Yearning
5. Decay, Dismay, Despaire
6. Le Gout Du Neat
7. If You Look You Will Find (Heaven For Sale)
8. For Her Pleasure (Live in Olsztyn)
9. Na Koniec (Ascethic Mix)

CD 2
1. Desolate Ways (Morbid Angel cover)
2. Jesus Bloody Jesus
3. For You
4. Memory - Princess Theme (Raw Mix)
6. Valley of Doom
7. Spirit of The Autumn Forest
8. Alone (Insomnus)
10. Gdy Juz Nic Nie Zostalo More...

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Acrybia Reveals New DVD Details

Acrybia has issued the following brief announcement about releasing a new DVD:

"DVD at last! After 13 years we can show all 13 of our videoclips. Uncensored, unrated, shocking and brutal. And also those cheesy and typical."

The track listing for the "13" DVD is as follows:

1. Memory (Princess Theme)
2. Poetry & The Gods
3. Godly Hatred
4. Grabarz
5. For You
6. Alone (Insomnus)
7. For Her Pleasure
8. Na koniec
9. Le Gout de Neant (Charles Baudelaire) - Pragnienie Nicosci
10. ESIX
11. Ny Har Rut Hotep
12. Valley of Doom
13. Jesus Bloody Jesus More...

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Acrybia Comments On New Release

Acrybia has issued the following announcement about the band's new "Jesus Bloody Jesus" release:

"With the several weeks' delay, a new album from Acrybia is being published. The disc titled 'Jesus Bloody Jesus' contains over sixty minutes of the fluctuating music in all sorts varieties of doom metal - from funeral, through death, to epic.

"Among others works were on a surface title (used in horror 'Cialo Chrystusa' dir. Patryk Jurek), whether 'Valley of doom' (the well-known from the German medley Doom Metal Front), as well as latest version of 'Padlina' (of dating work from second demo of the group) and a W.A.S.P. cover.

"Music for fans of old school funeral/doom/death metal is available at present in the special, limited, and hand numbered edition."

Check out Acrybia's music via the band's MySpace music profile here. More...

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Acrybia Recruits New Drummer

Acrybia has issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer and finishing new material:

"We want to give you a part of news from our playground. Acrybia already have a new drummer - it's Marek Reinowski alias Reggie from friendly band Damage Case.

"The band also finished a new promo - 'Jesus Bloody Jesus' - you can check title track and second 'Valley of Doom' on our track list. Let us know what do you think. And at last - please check the revievs "Human B. (ing)" in Atmospheric Magazine, The Nocturnal Battle of Chariots webzine and of course in new Metal Hammer! (of course in Polish version)."

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Acrybia Posts New Song Online

Acrybia has posted the song "Esix (Against Everyone)" online, which can be viewed in the video clip below. The band also commented on the track: "New single & video. This is a second video from album 'In Doubt We Trust.' Enjoy. Share your opinion with us."

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Acrybia Announces New Album Release

Poland's Acrybia has issued the following announcement about the release of "In Doubt We Trust:"

"At last, after many problems with line-up, labels and other persons, we can show you our new album - 'In Doubt We Trust,' recorded for new underground label - Umbra Sub Sole. First four tracks it's a new, re-recorded versions of songs from split with Zebulon Kosted. Rest of the album is a soundtrack from never released movie of Patryk Jurek 'Oblicza Mroku' with Grzegorz Kowalczyk, Piotr Grabowski, Krzysztof Wakulinski, Dorota Naruszewicz, Piotr Polk, Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Michal Milowicz, Waldemar Blaszczyk and others.

"Album was recorded almost in the same time that 'Human B. (ing)' album. We are back (for a moment) to experimental, dark ambient/industrial tones, but we don't forget about black metal riffs, and some poetic tones. After years we also recorded some death metal parts. Well, it's the most typical Acrybia's album, strange, neurotic, dark and depresive. Without music borders.
We hope you'll enjoy it."

You can also check out the cover artwork at this location.

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Acrybia Announces New Album Release

Poland's Acrybia has announced the new full-length album "In Doubt We Trust" will be released December 24th, 2010 through Via Nocturna Records. The cover artwork for the new album can be found at this location. Additional details on the track listing will be announced as they are made available.

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Acrybia Signs Deal With Via Noctura Records

Poland's Acrybia has issued the following brief updating about signing a deal with Via Nocturna records for the release of an upcoming album:

"We can proudly presents a piece of news from our backyard. We just signed a deal with Via Nocturna records. In their label we can show you a new album 'In Doubt We Trust' - maybe in this year. Keep in touch!"

You can also check out Acrybia's music via the band's MySpace page.

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Acrybia To Release New Album

Poland's Acrybia has issued the following update about releasing a 7th full-length album:

"At last we can show you a new album called 'HUMAN B (ing).' With all soundtracks that we've made it's our 7th full-length. Full of one of most depressive and heavy music that Acrybia has ever played. It will be available next Monday - 22 II 2010. Get ready to get your own copy."

The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1. Deep of emotional emptiness
2. Human B (ing)
3. Alone (Insomus)
4. For her pleasure
5. When all is said and done (ESVII)
6. Na koniec

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Acrybia Issues New Year Update

Polish metallers Acrybia have issued the following update about streaming new songs via their MySpace page:

"New year is going to be very busy. And very interesting, I hope, too. Acrybia is strong as never before, also angry and determined. Stay in touch and watch for news. Here's a part of them. Like you can see, I present you our new single, 'Alone (Insomnus)' from upcoming album 'Human B. (ing).' More doom than black, but I hope, still good.

"Of course, it's not everything - I just finished up a song for novel 'Decathexis' by horror writer Lukasz Smigiel. It's a return to death metal times, more melodic, but also more shredding. And there's more. If you want true death listen to a track from PC game 'Killing Time.' This is not only one soundtrack on which Acrybia are working now. But time will tell the rest. The band is ready to gigs and to be a part of your life. Are you ready?"

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Acrybia Streaming Christmas Song

Vocalist Shadock of polish metal act Acrybia has issued the following statement about streaming a Christmas song online featuring vocals by his four year old daughter:

"Yes... It's true. After almost 11th years of existence we decided to record a christmazz song. Especially for you, only for three days, we want to proudly present a song of legendary Polish band - Czerwone Gitary. All right, we've made it by our own. Most heavy, doomy, and not exactly x-mazz... But it's all sung by my daughter (4 years old) so don't be rude in your comments, please... P.s. Merry F***g Christmas."

The song can be heard at the Acrybia MySpace page.

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Acrybia Announces New Album Details

Polish black metallers Acrybia have announced their new album will be titled "Great International Disaster Year." The album is currently set for a November 23rd release date. Samples of Acrybia's music can be found at their official MySpace page.

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Zebulon Kosted Releases Split Album For Free

Poland's Acrybia and Montana based experimental black metal band Zebulon Kosted have released a free split album through Thesperate Records titled "Rise, Conquer, and Destroy." The split can be downloaded here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Rise, Conquer, and Destroy
2. Pro-Creation
3. Jesus is Dead (Lost Souls)
4. Nyarlathotep
5. Ia D'at
6. Digital God of Disaster
7. ESV
8. Post-Creation (Third Omen)

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