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Inner Sanctvm Comments On New Release

Inner Sanctvm has checked in with the following announcement about releasing the "Christi Testamenta" album in physical format and gearing up for a re-release of the "Frozen Souls" album:

"We are VERY glad to announce that our comeback album has finally be released as CD through Italy's indie label I, Voidhanger Records.

"We would like to thank Luciano for trusting our band, and we would also like to thank all the people that had been contacting us about the band during the last year.

"CHRISTI TESTAMENTA has been available as Download since a while ago now, but we wanted the CD edition and since the problems we had with the label that was supposed to release Christi Testamenta, we couldn't wait any longer but now it is in our hands!!!

"Now we'll start working on the re-issue of our debut album 'Frozen Souls' plus bonus tracks, STAY TUNED!!!" More...

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Inner Sanctvm Posts "Christi Testamenta" Art

Inner Sanctvm has posted the album artwork online for the band's upcoming release "Christi Testamenta." You can check out the artwork below.

The band also recently posted two new songs online from the album. Information on streaming the new tracks "Machines" and "Hemoglobin" is available here.

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Inner Sanctvm Streaming Two New Songs

Inner Sanctvm recently announced the band finished work on a second full-length album. Inner Sanctvm has now issued the following update about streaming two new songs from the album:

"Two new songs from our new album 'Christi Testamenta' are streaming right now from our Myspace player.

"The choosen songs are 'Machines' and 'Hemoglobin,' and now with the master of our new album in our hands we'll start the process of looking for a new label to call our home."

Additional details on the album's track listing and release date will be announced as they are made available.

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Inner Sanctvm Finishes New Album

Urugay's Inner Sanctvm has checked in with the following brief announcement about completing work on the band's second album:

"Our second album is finally done! We are EXTREMELY happy to inform you all that our second and comeback album is completed. We will upload samples within the coming days. C-YA soon then..."

Details on the album's title, track listing, and release date will be announced as they become available. in the mean time, you can listen to the band's music by heading over to the Inner Sanctvm MySpace page.

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Anton Reisenegger Comments On Inner Sanctvm

Anton Reisenegger has issued the following statement regarding joining up with Inner Sanctvm to provide vocals for the band's new album:

"A few months ago, Heber contacted me with the proposal to record vocals on the new Inner Sanctvm album. I was immediately into the idea, my only concern being having to replace their old singer Pablo, who I considered a friend back in the day. However, after learning that for various reasons it would be absolutely impossible for him to return to the band, I didn't have to think much further.

"Back in the mid-nineties, Inner Sanctvm were one of the bands with the biggest potential in the whole South American scene. They were considered the South American Celtic Frost. Their album 'Frozen Souls' – which sadly remained their only full-length record until now – was already great, but seeing them live when they supported Criminal in Santiago was a true revelation. They were a fantastic live band, and a really tough act to follow!

"Much like my old band Pentagram, their only problem was having been born on the wrong continent, as they didn't get the opportunities they deserved and finally disbanded. But, as they say, it's never too late. I'm really happy that they are back together, and being a part of this project fills me with pride and enthusiasm. More...

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Inner Sanctvm Streaming New Song

Inner Sanctvm, which recently recruited Anton Reisenegger on vocals, has issued the following update about streaming a new song online:

"We've just added the song 'Machines' from our forthcoming second album. This is an unmixed and unmastered version, so for the haters now you know, we still have to go through the mixing and mastering process, hence what you hear from the player isn't the final product.

"Out of this song you can actually listen the very first recording of Anton with Inner Sanctvm and we hope this will blow your brains out as so it did to us."

The new track can be heard through the Inner Sanctvm MySpace page.

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Inner Sanctvm Recruits New Vocalist

Inner Sanctvm has issued the following announcement about recruiting Anton Reisenegger as the band's new vocalist:

"The Inner Sanctvm camp is thrilled to announce that Anton Reisenegger is the new singer of the band, and that during this month of August and September he will start recording the vocal tracks for their long awaited second album.

"Anton's has been a friend to Inner Sanctvm since the days that the band was recording their debut 'Frozen Souls' in Chile, 1993, and since then Anton has been some way or another sharing stage with his band Criminal, keeping in contact, praising the band, etc, so this new union doesn't come as something unexpected.

"Anton's credits includes being the driving force behind the Death Metal Legend Pentagram, a band that has been quoted/covered by bands such as Napalm Death, Dismember, At The Gates, Unanimated, Entombed, Avulsed, Pentacle, Death Breath and a loooong etc, and nowadays he's writing stuff for a forthcoming studio recording with Pentagram. More...

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Inner Sanctvm Working On New Album

Inner Sanctvm has issued the following update about working on a second full-length album:

"Since the second half of 2009 we've been hard at work with Inner Sanctvm, the result to that is that a full comeback album has been written by Heber W. Hammer and 50% of the album has been already recorded. Drums were recorded in Spain by Alvaro (García), guitars in Uruguay by Heber, and bass tracks are being recorded this month of April by Francisco (Martín) in Sweden.

"In May we'll be starting with the vocal tracks in England, we're already working with a new singer but we can't give any further details until we have finished the first sessions, anyway we would like to anticipate to all of you that the new singer is somebody who's seen by many as a demigod from/since the 80's Death/Thrash Metal scene, and we are more than pleased that Inner Sanctvm is making it to the next level.

"Lot of people has been asking/requiring for the ‘Frozen Souls’ album, where and how to get it, we'll that album has been out of print for several years now, we have received some offers to re-release it but we won't do it before we come out with our new material, in the meantime we'll be giving away 200 entire and full quality downloads of the original album. Stay tuned..."

Inner Sanctvm's music can also be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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The Gardnerz Posts New Album Samples Online

Swedish death metal band The Gardnerz are currently working on their upcoming debut album entitled “The System of Nature.” According to the band, "The title is taken from the 18-centery philosopher Baron d'Holbachs book with the same name. The album will consist of twelve songs, ten originals and two cover songs, Volcano – Bloody Vengeance and Winter – Servants of the warsmen."

"The lyrics deal with philosophical ideas and random rants about the strange ways of man. With song titles like Flaw in the axiom, Shift in thought, Your final solution, Born to consume, The art of suffering and so on."

The band has posted two raw mixes of songs from their upcoming album on their MySpace page

The band's current lineup is as follows:

Vocals - Niclas Ankarbranth (Vandöd, d.josef band)
Guitar - Wilhelm Lindh (Ex-Tristitia)
Bass - Francisco Martín (Inner Sanctvm, Bells Fright)
Drums – Juan Pablo Donoso (Sadism, Thornafire)

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Inner Sanctvm Streaming Entire Debut Album Online

Inner Sanctvm has issued the following announcement about streaming their entire debut album online and working on new material:

"Hello There,

"FROZEN SOULS, our debut album from 1994 is streaming on its entire via our myspace.

"We've got offers to re-release it on CD, but we'll wait until our new album is done and released to then re-mastering our debut and put it back to the market.

"By the way, we are looking for a new label to release our new stuff, and then to re-release our debut... Any interest??? just drop us a line!!!"

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