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From: Helsinki, Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Barren Earth Premieres Three New Tracks Online

Finnish death metal supergroup Barren Earth, featuring current and former members of acts such as Amorphis, Moonsorrow, Swallow the Sun, and Kreator, burst onto the metal scene in 2009 with the "Our Twilight" EP, which manged to pique the interest of fans of melodic death metal and Finnish doom acts.

When the follow-up debut full-length "Curse of the Red River" came around the next year it became apparent that Barren Earth would be at the forefront of the progressive death metal scene, mixing in elements of prog rock with influences from all the member's other projects.

The time has now come for Barren Earth to prove it can keep the momentum going and continue to provide quality death metal steeped in progressive and melodic sounds with the release of the new album "The Devil's Resolve" (reviewed here).

The album isn't set to drop until March 12th/13th, but Metalunderground.com is very proud to provide you with a preview of the first three tracks off the upcoming new opus. Get a taste of the coming prog/death madness by listening to "Passing of the Crimson Shadows," "The Rains Begin," and "Vintage Warlords" in the player below. Barren Earth also recently released a new music video for "The Rains Begin," which is available for viewing here.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Passing Of The Crimson Shadows
2. The Rains Begin
3. Vintage Warlords
4. As It Is Written
5. The Dead Exiles
6. Oriental Pyre
7. White Field
8. Where All Stories End
9. Martyrs of Devotion (Special Edition)
10. World in Haze (Special Edition)

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Barren Earth Posts New Music Video

Finnish progressive death metal supergroup Barren Earth has teamed up with Zillo.de to release a new music video for the song "The Rains Begin." Check out the video clip below.

"The Rains Begin" is taken off the upcoming new album "The Devils Resolve," set for release on March 12th/13th, 2012. In anticipation of the upcoming release, Metalunderground.com will also be hosting an exclusive stream of three tracks from the album this coming March 5th.

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Barren Earth Working On Music Video

Finnish progressive death metal supergroup Barren Earth will soon be releasing the band's sophomore full-length album "The Devil's Resolve." Barren Earth has now checked in with the following announcement about working on a music video for a track off the album:

"We are happy to announce that work for the The Rains Begin music video is now almost complete and the premiere is expected early next week. You had better put on your rubber boots and take out your umbrella. The rains are about to begin!"

"The Devil’s Resolve" is due out on March 13th in North America on Peaceville Records, and Metalunderground.com will be premiering three tracks from the album prior to its release in early March. Stay tuned for further details. More...

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Barren Earth Streaming Sample From New Album

Finnish progressive death metal outfit Barren Earth has launched a mini-site in anticipation of its sophomore record, "The Devil’s Resolve." The site features an album sampler, teaser video, desktop background, studio diary and more at this location.

"The Devil’s Resolve" is due out on March 13th in North America on Peaceville Records and has the following track listing:

1. Passing Of The Crimson Shadows
2. The Rains Begin
3. Vintage Warlords
4. As It Is Written
5. The Dead Exiles
6. Oriental Pyre
7. White Field
8. Where All Stories End
9. Martyrs of Devotion (Special Edition)
10. World in Haze (Special Edition) More...

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Barren Earth Comments On New Album Track Listing

Finnish progressive death metal act Barren Earth has issued the following statement about the track listing for the band's new album and plans for a special edition release:

"Hi y'all. There has been conflicting information about the new albums tracklist and the number and destination of bonus tracks.

"The fact of the matter is that the album will include 8 songs, not 9. The list of 9 tracks, as exemplified in the Record Shop X ad here, is based on the original version of the album the way it was planned last Autumn. It was later agreed, however, that the song order would be altered, and that one song, The Passage Unfolds, would be omitted. This has now happened, and the new 8-track list is out in the world. Unfortunately, also the 9-track list seems to persist. Do not take heed of this!

"Also in the pipeline is a special edition of the album with 2 bonus tracks: Martyrs Of Devotion and World In Haze. The fate of The Passage Unfolds is as of yet unclear, but it will probably also surface in one form or another at some point."

Barren Earth's new album "The Devil's Resolve" will see its North American release on March 13th, 2012 via Peaceville Records. More...

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Barren Earth Reveals "The Devil's Resolve" Art

Finnish progressive death metal group Barren Earth recently announced the new album "The Devil's Resolve" will see North American release on March 13th, 2012 via Peaceville Records. The band has now revealed the track listing and cover artwork for the both the CD and vinyl editions of the record, which are available below. Pre-orders are available at this location.

1. Passing Of The Crimson Shadows
2. The Rains Begin
3. Vintage Warlords
4. As It Is Written
5. The Dead Exiles
6. Oriental Pyre
7. White Field
8. Where All Stories End
9. Martyrs of Devotion (Special edition bonus)
10. World in Haze (Special edition bonus) More...

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Barren Earth Reveals New Album Release Date

Finland’s progressive death metal band, Barren Earth, has announced that its highly anticipated sophomore full-length, "The Devil’s Resolve," will hit stores in North America on March 13th via Peaceville Records.

"The Devil’s Resolve," which follows "Curse of the Red River" (reviewed here) will be released on CD and vinyl, with artwork provided by notable US-based artist Paul Romano (Mastodon).

Mixed by Dan Swanö (Opeth/Katatonia) at Unisound, "The Devil’s Resolve" continues with all the trademarks one has come to associate with Barren Earth: brutal riffs, gloomy growls, majestic melodies, as well as acoustic and progressive passages. According to a press release, "This time the band has delved even deeper, taking this sophomore effort to the extremes through musical landscapes encompassing brutal death metal, doomy vocals, trippy 70’s prog lunacy, pastoral passages and even bagpipes." More...

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Barren Earth Posts Summer Breeze Footage

Finnish progressive death metal supergroup Barren Earth has posted footage online of the band performing "Flicker" at the Summer Breeze festival in Dinkesbühl. You can check out the clip below. "Flicker" is taken off the band's debut full-length "Curse of the Red River" (reviewed here).

Barren Earth also recorded a new album and follow-up to "Curse of the Red River" earlier this year. The band commented on the upcoming release, "The tracks mainly continue in the vein of the previous record, having perhaps even more 70’s prog influences, but maintaining the basic heaviness and brutality one has come to associate with Barren Earth." Further details will be announced as they are made available.

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Waltari Celebrates 25 Years of Music

Finnish metal band Waltari recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band. Formed in 1986, they’ve become known in their careers as a band that excels at combining different styles of music, especially creating diverse and refreshingly open minded variations within rock and metal. So it was only natural that at their anniversary show at Nosturi in Helsinki, some of the areas diverse quantity of musicians within the Finnish musical community (and a few other from other areas! ) would be taking the stage to perform with these heroes of rock.

First up to take the stage was Lord Bishop of Lord Bishop Rocks. I cannot stress the diversity of this show enough, especially in the case of getting to hear this upbeat 70’s influenced rock. The charismatic Lord Bishop played well with the musicians of Waltari, and the effect was an intro to the night that spoke purely of the good times ahead.


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Barren Earth Posts Wave Gotik Treffen Report

Finnish progressive death metal super group Barren Earth recently finished a stint in the studio recording the band's second full-length album. You can check out Metalunderground.com's interview with the band during the recording process by heading to this location.

Barren Earth has now also checked in with a report of the band's performance at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival. The blog post from the band reads as follows:

"After the 5-week tour of North America, there was a pause in concert activities for us. Wisely so, as time was spent on rehearsing new material and getting ready for the studio instead. Our first show in over 3 months was to take place on June 11 at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, immediately after the album recording sessions.

"As mentioned earlier, Sami was having a gig with Kreator that same day, so filling in for him was guitar maestro Markus Vanhala (Omnium Gatherum), once again.

"On Saturday morning the alarm clock was set for 04:00 am, so it was a pretty early rise. But earliness is a relative concept, since after calling a cab and picking up Mikko at 05:00, it was apparent that for him the hour was actually very late, since he was just coming from the bar…

"Our flight was from Helsinki to Berlin. Considering the earliness/lateness of the hour, I decided to get some sleep on the plane. Unfortunately, this was not to be an option. Being as we were seated behind and in front of families with small children, and crying small children at that, sleep kept eluding me. And when I say crying, I don’t mean as in sobbing, but more like as in screaming, or actually like as in hysterically shrieking.

"I have never been to a pig slaughter house, nor have I ever heard what kind of sound a pig makes whilst being slaughtered, but listening to the high pitched screams delivered on an equally high amplitude, I can’t imagine swine slaughter sounding too much different from the sounds heard on that plane. So, definitely no chance of dozing off. More...

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Barren Earth Issues Album Update

Finland’s progressive death metal act Barren Earth has entered Helsinki’s Sonic Pump Studios to record the follow-up to last year’s debut album, "Curse of the Red River" (reviewed here).

The band has written 12 new songs, and is currently laying them down with engineer/co-producer Jukka Varmo. Dan Swanö (Katatonia/Opeth) will once again be at the mixing helm. A video report from the studio is also available here. Barren Earth has now commented on the new album:

"The tracks mainly continue in the vein of the previous record, having perhaps even more 70’s prog influences, but maintaining the basic heaviness and brutality one has come to associate with Barren Earth. The album is due for release in autumn 2011 on Peaceville Records, and the artwork will be made by Paul Romano (Mastodon, etc.). Studio reports will be updated at Barren Earth's Facebook page which you can follow here."

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Barren Earth Posts Studio Video Report

Barren Earth announced yesterday that the band had entered the studio to record its next full-length album, and the first studio report can be read at this location. The band has also now posted the first video clip from the studio, which can be viewed below.

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Barren Earth Recording New Album

Finnish progressive death metal act Barren Earth is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to 2010's "Curse of the Red River" (reviewed here). Keyboardist Kasper Mårtenson has now checked in with the following extensive recording update:

"And so it is that the ’super-group’, darling of the critics, Finnish Metal Expo’s Newcomer of the Year 2010 as well as the winner of Metal Storm’s Best Debut Album 2010, Barren Earth, has once again entered the studio. Our first venture into the realms of audio recording took place back in 2008, when we went in to cut our first (and only) demo. Summer 2009 saw the recording of our debut album, The Curse of the Red River, which was released in April last year. Since then, we’ve played quite a few shows, most notably in North America, where we did 28 dates earlier this year. The material played live has consisted of material from the album (as well as the Our Twilight EP, recorded in conjunction with the album), but new material has steadily been written, and now the time has come for those new tracks to be properly recorded. In other words, Barren Earth’s Studio Escapade Number 3 has commenced!

"All in all there are 12 new tracks. It is as of yet unclear which tracks will make the final album, but the aim is certainly to record all of them. The oldest of these tunes was rehearsed already at the end of 2009. Since then, the stream of new songs has been flowing steadily. New songs have emerged, but they have been subject to constant alterations. There have been all kinds of changes: the order of riffs has changed, specific notes have been altered, there have been structural shifting, verses have been added, omitted, re-added, re-omitted, only to be added once again. But this is only one aspect of the changes which have occurred. Also the titles have been in a perpetual state of metamorphosis. More...

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Barren Earth Live Footage Posted Online

A video clip has been posted online of Barren Earth performing the song "Forlorn Waves" live at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada. You can check out the footage below.

Metalunderground.com also recently conducted an interview with Barren Earth's Kasper Martenson about the band's recent North American tour. You can check out the interview here.

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Barren Earth Comments On Recent Tour Dates

Finnish prog/death metal ensemble Barren Earth has wrapped up the band’s first ever North American tour, the “Finnish Metal Tour 2,” in February and March. The group was also awarded “Newcomer of the Year” at the Finnish Metal Awards and “Debut of the Year” at the Metal Storm Awards.

Barren Earth bassist, Olli-Pekka Laine, stated, "Barren Earth’s first tour happened recently in US and Canada. Besides the good times we had among the group members and the other bands on the bill, it was fantastic to sense the positive vibrations from audiences all over North America. When we entered the stage to play the first gig in Orlando, we really didn't know what to expect. But since then, until the last show in Raleigh, audiences didn't let us down even once. I truly hope that the feeling was mutual. Thanks to all the people who appeared at the gigs!

"During the tour we found out that Barren Earth has been ranked to the #1 newcomer of the year in Finnish Metal Awards. That evening we had a real reason to do some epic celebration... Another day we received an e-mail from our manager, where he told that our first album Curse of the Red River has won the Best Debut Album category in our Metal Storm Awards 2010. Another good reason to throw up an insane party! More...

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Barren Earth Posts Final Road Report

Keyboardist Kasper Martenson of Finnish act Barren Earth has checked in with the following final road report from the band's recent North American shows with Rotten Sound and Finntroll:

"Last week somebody knocked on the door of the bus. It was a drunken man who was looking for his friend. We heard that this missing friend was dressed merely in a Finnish flag, and didn’t speak any English. We were asked if this friend was in the bus. He wasn’t. We were asked if we’d seen him. We hadn’t. We were then asked to tell this lost friend, should we see him, to go to the venue. Since the lost friend didn’t speak any English, I don’t know how we were expected to accomplish this. Anyway, this man came over again and again, drunkenly slurring exactly the same things. The point of irritation was reached, after which we chose to ignore him and locked the door.

"A bit later there was somebody at the door again. Peering out the window into the dark night, I saw a figure of a shirtless man, who had a cloth of sorts around his head. ‘Oh, no! It’s the missing friend of the annoying person. This is trouble!’ I refused to open the door, and went back to the lounge. As the knocking continued louder than before, I returned to the door window to have a second look. And then it dawned upon me. It was not the missing friend, but Mathias from Finntroll returning from their gig, with a towel wrapped around his head, shivering in the cold, wondering why I had refused to open the door for him. I had a bit of explaining to do…

"After Philadelphia, the 3 remaining shows were Springfield in Virginia, and Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina. It seems to be very hard for us to make decisions. In Springfield our playing time was scheduled for 19:45-20:15. At 19:38 we were told that we could start right away, if we wanted to play for 7 extra minutes. We decided to start right away, but by the time we had eventually agreed upon which would be the extra song, it was already 19:44…

"In Charlotte, the posters for the gig announced not 4 but 5 bands, the fifth being Moonsorrow. Weird, that, since obviously Moonsorrow would not be appearing. Even weirder, considering that Barren Earth’s only official member of Moonsorrow, Marko, had left for Europe the previous day, handing the drumsticks over to Finntroll’s Beast Dominator. Though very different in style compared with Marko, he played very well, and the gig went smoothly. We even did a record for the amount of CDs sold per gig. Well done, Beasty D! More...

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Barren Earth Gets Tattoos And Lets The Bus Burn

Finland's Barren Earth has checked in with the following 14th part of the band's North American road report, which again includes ever more bus problems:

"On Saturday morning we arrived in Manhattan, New York. We parked in front of the venue, the Gramercy Theater, only to find that the evening’s headliners were billed as Flinntroll. Perhaps Gramercy Theatre was expecting to host the Flinnish Metal Tour?

"Another prestigious city and venue, the New York gig stood out as one of the more memorable shows of the tour. An extremely supportive audience with people singing along to the lyrics, and in some cases even along to the guitar solos, made us feel right at home.

"After New York we drove a bit norther up to Worcester, Massachusetts, where we played at the Palladium. The Palladium has two venues, a small one and a big one. This package of ours was booked to the smaller one. In retrospect this was perhaps a mistake, since the show was sold out, and there were loads of people left without a ticket. The people who did get in proved to be the most energetic crowd so far.

"As has been established in this diary earlier, this trip has left little room for watersports of any kind. Yet in Worcester the gig proved to be a complete diving and surfing feast. Stage-diving and crowd-surfing, that is. Even though we have had the occasional mosh pit during some performances, this is an activity mainly reserved for the other bands on the bill, since our music has lots of mid-paced and lighter moments. But this didn’t seem to hinder the Worcestrians, to whom our gig was the perfect excuse for incessant stage-diving and crowd-surfing. Even in the quieter moments, there seemed to be an ever-flowing stream of enthusiasts surfing towards the stage, from where they then proceeded to stage-dive back to the audience. Bizarre, but a lot of fun, and a particularly high-level energy gig for us. Surfin’ USA, indeed.

"After Worcester, we were to be moving southwards for the remaining 4 dates. After having played a gig per day for two weeks, it was time for a well-deserved day off. On Monday morning, as we had just arrived in Philadelphia, we heard for the umpteenth time that there had been trouble with (surprise, surprise) the bus. Luckily for us, it was the other bus. During the night, the passengers had been awakened to the shouts of ‘The engine is on fire! Get out of the bus!’ Indeed, the motor had caught fire, the fire department and police were there, things had been chaotic, and they had been stranded at some gas station. On Monday morning they were still somewhere in Massachusetts. More...

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Barren Earth Posts New Tour Report

Finland's Barren Earth has checked in from the band's North American tour again with a new road report. You can check out the report below.

"…and then it was time for Canada, again. This time we were in the eastern part of Canada; the Province of Ontario and the city of Toronto. The Toronto gig took place at a venue called the Opera House. During this tour I’ve been constantly referred to as Kasper the Friendly Ghost by the drum technician John. I do not mind this. However, in Toronto I made it clear that the ghost references would have to be upgraded. As we were at the Opera House, I was to be referred to as the Phantom of the Opera. To stress this point, I played a bit of good ol’ Andrew Lloyd Webber with high volume on the keyboards in the echoing auditorium.

"Later on, we learned of the grim history of the Opera House. The building had actually functioned as a real Opera house earlier. But a tragic fire with numerous victims had put an end to the activities. Indeed, one could still smell smoke in the corridors. In addition to this, we heard rumours that the house was haunted. But walking down the corridors, I did not meet my phantom colleague. And maybe that was for the best.

"As the conditions in the tour bus are often quite cramped, there is a danger of getting a bit claustrophobic. The perfect cure for claustrophobia presented itself in Toronto on a visit to the CN Tower. The CN Tower looms 553 metres high in the centre of Toronto, and offers great views of the surrounding area. As it was a sunny day, one could really see far. An additional bonus was the glass floor. Walking on a glass floor on an altitude of 342 metres, whilst looking down, truly removed every symptom of claustrophobia. On the other hand, it did introduce a whole range of symptoms of vertigo…

"Midway through the first song in Quebec City, the audience started to applaud for no apparent reason. Upon watching the performance later on video, the reason became clear. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Mikko’s microphone had been muted, and the vocals became audible only in the middle of the song. That, if any, is a perfect reason for applause, and had we realized at the time what had happened, we would’ve probably applauded too.

"It was a very good thing that the three last Canadian shows (Toronto, Quebec City, and Montreal) took place towards the latter part of the tour, since the venues were the biggest, and the audiences the most enthusiastic so far. It was good to have been playing more or less the same set for weeks before entering concert situations of this magnitude. The concert in Montreal in particular, with its 2000-seat auditorium almost full, was most exhilarating. More...

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Barren Earth Video Interview Available

Skullsnbones.com has posted a video interview online with Kasper Martenson of Finnish progressive death metal act Barren Earth, which was conducted at the Gramercy Theater in New York City on February 26th, 2011. You can check out the clip below.

Find more videos like this on SkullsNBones Heavy Metal Social Network & Blog

Barren Earth also recently checked in with a new road report from the band's North American tour, which can be read here.

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Barren Earth Posts 12th Tour Diary

Finnish progressive death metal act Barren Earth is currently on the road in North America for tour dates alongside Rotten Sound and Finntroll. The band has now checked in with the following 12th entry of the band's tour diary:

"On Saturday morning we were approaching Chicago. The mood in the lounge of the bus was one of impatience, as once more the toilet door had gotten jammed. About 20 minutes earlier the driver had said that we were 20 minutes away from our destination. But as we were only in the outskirts of the city and the traffic was heavy, it was obvious that it would take more than 20 minutes (and had, in fact, already taken). To make matters worse, a bit later both buses happened to drive down a narrow street, only to find that we were facing a bridge too low for us to go under. We had no choice but to reverse back the way we came from, and try to find space for turning around. Just to make it clear: reversing a bus on a narrow street, accompanied by honking horns and abuse from road-raged drivers whilst desperately needing to use the toilet is not the ideal way to enter Chicago for the first time. But on this particular morning, this was the type of entry that fate had bestowed upon us, and who are we to act in defiance of fate?

"On a more positive note, the show at Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago was sold out. Unfortunately, some people who had come specifically to see us, were left outside. If it was any consolation, we did give them our autographs; with our shaky handwriting.

"As Chicago is a city of blues, as well as the city of The Blues Brothers, we decided to go listening to some blues. We had no idea where to find a good blues club. But somebody pointed out that maybe, just maybe, one could find blues at The House Of Blues. And we did, courtesy of the excellent Jimmy Burns Band.

"Upon returning to our bus, we heard strange news: some people in our entourage were to change buses. Stories relating to buses on this journey would deserve a blog of their own. Both buses have been constantly experiencing technical problems, buses have been exchanged, drivers have been changed, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily, and now this. For various reasons, some people from the ‘party bus’ had aspirations to move to the ‘silent bus’ and vice versa. As a result, our bus currently consists of Barren Earth, Rotten Sound, 4/6 of Finntroll and the drum tech, while the other bus consists of Ensiferum, 2/6 of ‘Troll, and the rest of the crew. Can you, o reader, guess which one is the ‘party bus’?

"In Detroit we had the pleasure of doing a bit of sight-seeing with a friend of Mikko’s as our guide, although sight-seeing is perhaps not the best word to describe it, since the heavy snowfall meant very low visibility. But at least we could feel the city. Detroit seemed like a ghost town, as we drove around the abandoned houses of the city on Sunday, amid the ever-present snowfall. We were taken to see the Heidelberg Project, which is an outdoors art installation. Gloomy, sullen and even macabre, but impressive nonetheless. More...

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