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From: India
Last Known Status: Unknown

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New Devoid Tracks Premiered On The Flaming Skull

Indian Thrash/Death Metallers Devoid, premieres new track titled "Battle Cry" from the upcoming album which is to be released later this year, on The Flaming Skull Podcast. Joining this occassion are also bands such as India's Infernal Wrath who have also released "Behold Ezekiel", a new single off the debut record, Bangalore based Extinct Reflections and Theorized and also Bangaladesh's Gene-split premiering on The Podcast.

Going on the 3rd Episode, The Flaming Skull Podcast is India's first and only enhanced podcast which features some of the best Metal music India has to offer.

Roydon of The Flaming Skull Podcast commented: "Metal in India is an infantile entity and like any entity born in the last few decades it is malnourished. There is lack of support, lack of recognition, meagre means and lack of viable platforms to promote the metal in India. We are The Flaming Skull Podcast and we want to do something about this.

The Flaming Skull Podcast is a download-able radio show. It was an idea which was in making from around a year ago but was materialised roughly about a month back. We are two episodes old but are happy to see the overwhelming support that this initiative has achieved.

Our aims are simple. We want to do something about the underground metal scene which is screaming for attention. We saw the concept of a podcast to answer the quest for a media that our artists looked for. We also saw it as a platform to introduce new music to the existing audience.

We aren’t going to create a BANG and spread the word in one go, but we hope to gradually. We want to spread the music to people who can’t reach it. More importantly we want to spread the word of the talent behind the music, the work besides the music all of which compiles to form that which we see as ‘The Metal scene’. This is an industry, and all the facets under it SHOULD get the recognition they deserve. For those who know of the metal scene [Indian and international] – we want to get you more acquainted with what you call as ‘your scene’. For those who don’t- we want to let you know about a sub-culture that a lot of us now thrive upon and the music that makes it. We want to spread Indian underground metal to the world and international underground metal to India. We want to spread the music, not considering borders.

Now this is a macro perspective. For now we are here to spread good music and the work behind the good music. We are just people who want to do something for what they really passionate about.

We are The Flaming Skull Podcast and this is what we are here for"

Previous episodes which features bands such as India's Atmosfear, Kryptos, Bhayanak Maut, Exhumation and IIIrd Sovereign, could be downloaded and listened to, here

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