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Whit Crane Denies Anthrax Rumours

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9PM-3AM EST exclusively at www.cmsradionetwork.com, recently conducted an interview with vocalist Whit Crane (ex-UGLY KID JOE, MEDICATION, LIFE OF AGONY) to talk about his new project ANOTHER ANIMAL, which also features members of GODSMACK and DROP BOX. During the interview, Crane was questioned as to the rumors that he is the next vocalist of ANTHRAX, which he denied. He also admitted that he has never in his life touched a computer. Below is an excerpt."

The Classic Metal Show: You are obviously out on tour right now with Another Animal. Is this your warmup for taking the gig in Anthrax?
Crane: "Ha! These are my first interviews I've ever, ever done. I did one before this one. The guy before said there's this thing called Wikipedia out there that says that I'm the Anthrax singer."

The Classic Metal Show: It was out there on (the internet) that you did have the gig, then you didn't have the gig, then Corey Taylor had the gig. So we're just curious.
Crane: "Well, I'll tell you. I'm in a band with Scott Ian called Hossie DC, which is a tribute to AC/DC's Bon Scott era, but we dress up like Hassitic Jews. So they might have gotten that mixed up. We play in New York about two times a year. Scott's one of my closest friends, but I think I would know if I was in the band. I can categorically say that, as of yet, I am not in Anthrax."

The Classic Metal Show: Would you consider being in Anthrax?
Crane: "I don't think so. I think I've got my band, for now. I think it's my destination."

The Classic Metal Show: Where can people find out about you on the (world wide) web?
Crane: "You know, I think there's a MySpace presence. I think you would go to the myspace and then go to the music area of that and put in Another Animal. I think that's how you find that. You know, I'm pretty much computer illiterate. You know, I guess I could ask somebody. I've never been on a computer before."

The Classic Metal Show: Really?
Crane: "Yeah. I've never touched a computer key on my earthly visit."

The Classic Metal Show: Wow! Is there any reason why? Do you just not like them?
Crane: "No no no. I'm not anti-computer. It's just a cumbersome item. I travel really light. I've got a backpack. You know, I do have the telephone, which I guess is a form of a computer something. I think you can even get the internet on this thing. I'm pretty much down with my telephone. Text messages is enough for me to make it through the day."

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Bloodsimple Complete 5-6 New Songs

BLOODSIMPLE singer Tim Williams has posted the following mesage on the band's official MySpace page:

"We just got back from a week in the studio at an undisclosed location in Chicago. Man, we was workin our asses off. Buckled down and gettin' our groove on. We have emerged with about 5-6 new songs and some other ideas brewing. The shit, I kid you not, is on the next level for us. We are just playin our fuckin' hearts out. It was great to be back in the saddle; the boyz are good and focused. We've been off for like a month which was great, but it was better to be back. Now we are chillin' for the weekend and then it's rehersal time for Europe. Only bout a week and a 1/2 left. Then shit, it's on!!!! Across 16 countries in 30 dayz. If ya can do the math, that equals miles!!! Madd mothafuckin' miles! We will play a new song or two just to start testing them out. It's gonna be a hell of a trip, I'm ready, we will slaughter!!"

BLOODSIMPLE feature in their ranks former members of VISION OF DISORDER, DOWNSET and MEDICATION. The group's debut album, "A Cruel World", was released in March 2005 on MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray's Bullygoat label imprint (via Warner Bros.). The CD was recorded in Vancouver B.C. with producer Garth Richardson, who has previously worked with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, MUDVAYNE, SLIPKNOT and CHEVELLE. The album was mixed by Mike Fraser (HATEBREED).

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Another Ozzfest Second Stage "Mystery Band" Slot

Ozzfest.com has added a second "mystery band" slot to the lineup of acts performing on the Hot Topic second stage at this year's travelling festival. BLOODSIMPLE, the New York-based band featuring former members of VISION OF DISORDER, DOWNSET and MEDICATION, are a favorite to fill one of the slots. There is no word yet on which act the second slot will go to.

Earlier this week, Ozzfest organizers announced that VELVET REVOLVER will be taking over for IRON MAIDEN as one of Ozzfest's main attractions when this year's traveling festival hits Albuquerque, New Mexico, on August 23; IRON MAIDEN will be no-shows for the last seven dates of this summer's Ozzfest because of previous touring commitments they'd made overseas.

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Bloodsimple Launch New Media Player

Bloodsimple, the New York-based band featuring former members of Vision of Disorder, Downset and Medication, have launched a media player to support the release of their upcoming album, "A Cruel World". To listen to "Straight Hate", "Falling Backwards" and "Blood In Blood Out", click here.

"A Cruel World" is scheduled for release on March 29 through Mudvayne singer Chad Gray's Bullygoat label imprint (via Warner Bros.). The disc was recorded over the last several months in Vancouver B.C. with producer Garth Richardson, who has previously worked with Rage Against the Machine, Mudvayne, Slipknot and Chevelle. The album was mixed by Mike Fraser (Hatebreed). The first video from "A Cruel World" was shot in December in New York City.

Bloodsimple are currently on the Alliance of Defiance tour featuring Otep and American Head Charge, and will begin touring in April with Mudvayne, Life of Agony and American Head Charge.

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Former Medication Guitarist Surfaces In Idol X

IDOL X, the new band formed by ex ex-MEDICATION/ADAYINTHELIFE Blunt (a.k.a. Mark Hunt), have posted four demo tracks online at this location. The group, who are currently unsigned, are seeking a lead singer to complete the band's lineup.

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Former Medication Guitarist Seeking Singer

Former MEDICATION/ADAYINTHELIFE guitarist Blunt is currently seeking a vocalist for a new hard rock project. Auditions are currently being held in the New York City/Long Island area. To schedule an audition, e-mail toddhunt@optonline.net.

MEDICATION, the once-promising Los Angeles band featuring former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader and ex-UGLY KID JOE/LIFE OF AGONY vocalist Whitfield Crane, disbanded a year ago following the cancellation of a European tour and a split with their record label, Locomotive Music. Mader has since gone on to form STEREO BLACK, while Crane is said to have started a new group with ex-FAITH NO MORE guitarist Jon Hudson.

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