"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Reverend Kill

Formed: 2004
From: Calgary, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Reverend Kill News

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Death Toll Rising Announces Canadian Tour

Canadian death thrashers Death Toll Rising will be embarking on a two week Canadian tour this spring entitled "Defecation Across the Western Nation." The band hits the road in continuation of last year's self-released full-length album, "Defecation Suffocation." Joining the band on the second portion of the tour will be Painkiller Records act Reverend Kill from Calgary.

"We are really stoked to be doing these dates in western Canada, we are going to be playing some places that we have never been before. Our album has been out for almost a year now so its great to be able to come to new cities after our name has been out there for a while," commented guitarist Drew Copland.

He went on to add, "Being on the road also also gives us a chance to test out some newer material that we've been working on since the album's release, so you can expect at least a couple brand new tunes to be unleashed."

The currently announced dates are as follows: More...

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Reverend Kill Announces New Vocalist And Drummer

Reverend Kill has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new vocalist and drummer:

"So after a couple months of things changing around in the lineup, trying out some awesome players, we have decided to go with my old friend Paul 'Hotwheels' Merkl from Lethbridge Alberta on vocals. And on drums another old friend of mine Les Sarfi from way back in the day. The band feels very tight as a unit now and everyone is focused on the same task at hand.

"We have 4 new tunes and a few more in the works and we are also hitting the studio soon to re-record the first disc which will be produced by Eric Grief the old manager of Death and the dude that helps out so many of us bands and metal associated people it isn't funny. We are honoured to have such a good guy for our friend. We are excited to pound our way into 2011. Up the Hammers Brothas and Sistas."

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Reverend Kill Annouces Lineup Change

Reverend Kill has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's vocalist and drummer:

"Vocalist Graham Harris and drummer Vinnie Cardelli have left the fold. The band has been holding tryouts and we will be announcing their replacements soon. The people we have in mind are more than adequate for the spots and we will be getting a little more grimey. We will be there to support the release of the War and Conflict CD."

You can also check out Reverend Kill's music via the band's MySpace page.

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Reverend Kill Finishes New Album

Reverend Kill has checked in with the following update about finishing a new album:

"So the new Reverend Kill disc is done. We have decided to hold off on the release and shop it around a bit. Our friend, Former Death manager Eric Greif is giving us a hand with that. It is much faster and heavier than the His Blood disc. It also has alot of cool guitar shit on it. I have posted a couple tracks from it on our MySpace page. Hopefully you dig it and we are able to get it to you through the stores. Then hopefully we get a chance to get outta this oil fuckhole Alberta and play some music.

"We play lots here and we love our scene but fuck man we wanna get out there and play to all of you fuckers. We wanna go to Bangladesh and India and South America and hang with all our metal brothers and sisters. We wanna make Europe our new touring grounds. We wanna make the states think we are theirs. Spend winter in Mexico. We wanna pound through the Middle east. Own Japan. Invade China. etc...

"Fuck all this politics and religion and war and greed bullshit. It's just getting in the way of us cool people having fun. Fuck them. We wanna make a crazy stage show. And hang with all the crazy fuckers everywhere and talk metal. But for now we remain trapped in cowboy country. They filmed Brokeback Mountain here, that's how gay it is. Peace to all our Metal Brothers and Sisters. Hopefully we will catch you all somewhere sometime soon."

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Reverend Kill Announces Death Tribute Show

Reverend Kill has issued the following announcement about hosting a Death tribute show:

"On Saturday March 13th at the Distillery in Calgary Alberta @ 8pm, Reverend Kill will be hosting a tribute to Death and the memory of Chuck Schuldiner open jam. All bands are welcome to come and rip a couple tunes using our gear, just bring axes. You gotta do a Death tune though. We are lucky enough to be getting to play in front of the actual backdrop Chuck used on the Symbolic tour which will be something very special. Also Eric Grief, Deaths manager could possibly be at the show, he will be if he is in town. So lets all get together jam some Death tunes and celebrate the memory of Chuck and his contributions to the music we love. This show will be free admission."

Reverend Kill has the following upcoming tour dates:

3/6 2010 The Mead Hall Edmonton, Alberta
3/11 2010 The Corona Medicine Hat, Alberta
3/13 2010 The Distillery Calgary, Alberta

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Reverend Kill Issues New Album Update

Reverend Kill has issued the following update about releasing a new album:

"We are just about finished the mixdown of the new cd. Hopefully all you Rivetheads dig it. It is sounding pretty fuckin' heavy. I threw a couple of the trax up on the site so people can check it out if they want. Hopefully it makes you feel like destroying shit. We will be shooting for an small independent release on our own Mercykill Label at our December 12th show in Medicine Hat. It will be done with our own artwork for the first run. We do have a killer cover but it all still needs to be formatted so till then it will be underground style. The actual cover art is done by Jason O'Connor and will be set up by Sylvain Bourhis of itsanogo.com. It also feature lyrics written by Mahammaduhl Hassan Rony, a metal brother from Bangladesh, on the song Operation Searchlight about a Pakistani military operation in the early 70's wich was an atrocity not heard of alot over here."

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Unearthing the Metal Underground in Calgary

Each week in "Unearthing the Metal Underground," we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to get the word out about them. This week, I am exploring the death metal scene in Calgary, Alta. Canada. More...

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Reverend Kill To Re-Record First Album

Reverend Kill has issued the following update about re-recording their first album:

"Reverend Kill has decided to re-record the first disc RK1 this winter, we are changing the title to Feces of the Damned. The booklet design is once again by Sylvain Bourdais and Joe Sikorski will once again be our recording engineer. We are doing this because we still play these tunes live and after the changes we made they are a little different and we wanna hear it on a disc, also it will be funny hearing Graham sing So Long Sister. I know I will be crying. I (don) wrote most of the lyrics on this disc so it will be cool to see if people dig my style of silly lyrics. Also we will likely release it as a 2 disc set with the original and the updated disc, plus some extra goodies as well. Also Stay Tuned we still have one more thing to do this winter as well."

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Reverend Kill Finishes Recording New Album

Canada's Reverend Kill has issued the following update about finishing the recording of a new album:

"So we have completed recording the newest Rev Kill disc, War and Conflict, and it is sounding pretty good. Hopefully you all dig the His Blood disc and give us a chance with this one because it Screams Fucking Metal. Good old strait ahead smash everything in your path Metal. We have also decided to re-record the first Reverend Kill disc with this lineup while we are writing the next disc and trying to stay out of the freezing winter weather. Then if all goes according to plan we will be Heading over to Europe for a couple weeks in the spring to introduce ourselves to you all. Then a States plan after that. Hopefully this will open the door for us to have a chance to get out there and be a real band and give us a chance to make the stage show we plan on making'. We want you to remember us and we wanna make it undeniably Metal. No Fucking Around. We wanna play every little shithole in this world and spread the the word of Metal.

"I will throw up a couple trax when it is mixed and mastered to let you have a taste of the things to come from Rev Kill. Till Then SATAN"

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Reverend Kill Announces New Album Release Date

Reverend Kill has issued the following announcement about the release date for their upcoming album "His Blood Our Victory:"

"So September 28 the His Blood disc is going to be released on Painkiller Records. We are pumped about this. Hopefully people dig the disc and give us a chance to get to go out and play live to support it. Right now the band is hard at work on our next disc which is coming along very well. It is very much Reverend Kill but it does get a little faster and more aggressive, and it has some really cool Metal moments, I think you will enjoy. Till then grab His Blood Our Victory and Bang you're Fuckin' Heads, and tell everyone you know too as well. Then tell everyone ya wanna see us because we wanna come there"

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Reverend Kill Signs To Painkiller Records

Reverend Kill has issued the following update about signing to Painkiller Records:

"So Reverend Kill has signed on with Painkiller Records from the Netherlands. It's cool to have a chance to get our name out to new parts of the world and hopefully some of you people like our style of Metal and help us get a chance to do what we love to do. Play Live for you. The disc His Blood Our Victory will be released by Painkiller on Sept 28th 2009. There is a run of special edition discs as well. Keep an eye out for it and Support the Kill on our quest for Metal Glory. Plus help us get outta this shitville we are trapped in."

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