"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2004
From: Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Finsterforst News

Below is our complete Finsterforst news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Finsterforst Posts New Music Video

German folk metal act Finsterforst posted a new music video for the song "Nichts als Asche." The song appears on the band's forthcoming third full length LP "Rastlos," which will drop on November 23, 2012 through Napalm Records. A preview for the release can be heard at this location.

The track list for "Rastlos" is as follows:

1. Nichts als Asche
2. Fremd
3. Am Scheideweg (Instrumental)
4. Stirbt Zuletzt
5. Ein Lichtschein
6. Rast (Instrumental)
7. Flammenrausch

Check out "Nichts als Asche" here: More...

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Finsterforst Posts Album Preview Of "Rastlos"

German folk metal act Finsterforst posted an album preview for the band's forthcoming third full length LP "Rastlos." The album is scheduled for a November 23, 2012 release through Napalm Records. The five mighty and overlong songs present themselves as a sweeping diversity of melodies and moods. Finsterforst combines melancholic folklore, untamed black metal fury with majestic soundscapes, thus giving the songs a hypnotic dynamic. This particular effect is strengthened by the sophisticated and fitting use of authentic instruments like the accordion or a full horn section.

The track list for "Rastlos" is as follows:

1. Nichts als Asche
2. Fremd
3. Am Scheideweg (Instrumental)
4. Stirbt Zuletzt
5. Ein Lichtschein
6. Rast (Instrumental)
7. Flammenrausch

Check out the preview clips here: More...

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Finsterforst Comments On Signing To Napalm

Napalm Records recently announced the signing of Finsterforst for the release of new album "Rastlos." The band has now checked in with the following update:

"It was dead silent in the Black Forest...

"Since we were looking for a new label we didn't post a lot of news in the last year. But now we're back with awesome news! Finsterforst join forces with Napalm Records! We're proud and honored to work with these great people and we hope to play a lot of shows all over the world soon to booze with you guys!

"And since you had to wait so long we got some maybe even greater news. Our new album 'Rastlos' will be out in November. Exact release dates for your country as listed below. Be prepared, this record will drive you insane with overwhelming and epic Black Forest Metal. We can't wait to unleash this beast! Skål mates!"

21.11.2012 ESP/FIN/SWE/GR
23.11.2012 GER/A/CH & Benelux
26.11.2012 Rest of Europe
27.11.2012 USA/CAN

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Finsterforst To Release New Album

Napalm Records has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album from Finsterforst this coming November:

"The nature-loving warriors hailing from the German Black Forest release their fourth album 'Rastlos' ('Restless') and offer the listener their definite masterpiece so far. The five mighty and overlong songs present themselves as a sweeping diversity of melodies and moods.

"Finsterforst combine melancholic folklore, untamed Black Metal fury with majestic soundscapes, thus giving the songs a hypnotic dynamic. This particular effect is strengthened by the sophisticated and fitting use of authentic instruments like the accordion or a full horn section. The great vocal work add to this result and range from grim vocals to proud choirs.

"All these ingredients make 'Rastlos' an intensive adventure, just like wandering through the enthralled and mystical places of the Black Forest. A majestic and epic masterpiece! The new album 'Rastlos' will be unleashed on November 23rd!" More...

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Mastic Scum To Headline Eine In Teich Festival

Mastic Scum, which recently signed to Massacre Records, is going to co-headline Austria's Eine In Teich Festival.

The festival takes place from July 27th until July 28th at the Neugarten Almseehütte Gerlitzen and will also feature Irdorath. More information is available here and the lineup is as follows:

Mastic Scum
Perishing Mankind
Fallen Utopia
Scarecrow NWA
Condemnatio Cristi

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Finsterforst Comments On Rekwi Fest Appearance

Finsterforst has issued the following statement about the band's short play time at the Rekwi festival and update about working on a new album:

"First, we would like to apologize to everyone who was at the Rekwi-Festival for playing so short. We had more for you, but we had to pay for someone else's dawdling; so we had to leave the stage after just 30 minutes. That pissed us off even more than it did you. It also did not help when a fire alarm got set off by a fog machine behind the stage during change-over that locked away the drumkit for a while. We will come back to Franconia to play you some bloody ears though!

"Of course there are positive things to report. The summer was a hell of a time! Thanks to all the fans that banged, sang and drunk with us at the concerts! Also Thanks to all the organizers and crews of the festivals, it wouldn't have been possible without you. May the Haxenmeischda come to all of you, you deserve it! ;-)

"As already announced we are working on a new album with exquisite compositions from the deep dark woods. The first impressions are already on Youtube and there will be some more! Maybe not all of them will make it onto the album, but perhaps you will get an impression of the direction of march. We wish you all the best, and have fun!"

You can check out two brief snippets of new material for the upcoming album by heading over to this location

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Finsterforst Posts New Album Snippets

Finsterforst, which is currently recording a new release, has posted two brief album snippets online. You can check out the clips below, or find Finsterforst's last studio update at this location.


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Finsterforst Enters The Studio

Finsterforst has checked in with the following announcement about entering the studio to record a new album:

"Brothers and sisters, may I have your attention please?! We hit the studio and are creating huge madness right now! To follow this awesome mess of epicness every day, check out our Facebook page for the official studio diary! I wish you people a good night and awesome dreams! May the Haxism finally conquer the world!"

The band also released the following update from the studio:

"It is awesome to experience over and over again, that we probably have the ultimate animal behind the drum set. After finishing today's sound check, we had to realize, that he already raped the 16” tom quite much! What an aggressive bastard! I seriously think he is getting more and more into dangerous sports...

"We actually changed again some microphone setup after trying something else during the sound check. I really think it was worth it and brings us the last detailed drop of Haxism into our drum sound. While Wombo was following his obligations behind the war machine, I was learning, that mankind obviously is at its top of intelligence and power! Scientists say, that humans are actually using the full ability and capacity of their brains instead of the widely assumed 10 % workload. Holy hell, what horrible news! Ah, this reminds me on a great movie called 'Idiocracy.' I don't like to make any commercial for anything, but you should check this documentary about mankind...

"At some point our hairy and old keyboard freak AlleyJazz stopped by to throw a very nice 'hello!' at our heads before he left us after several minutes again because of our smells. Rowdy Wombo recorded quite huge material today and we are already excited to proceed tomorrow. Well, you know what day is tomorrow...and with such motivation and desire for an experience of haxian (german = haxös) satisfaction there simply can't go anything wrong. Amen!"

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Finsterforst To Record New Album

Germany's Finsterforst has checked in with the following announcement about entering the studio to record a new album:

"After being able to play both France and the Netherlands twice this year already, plus debastating various parts of Germany: Thanks to each and everyone we saw again or got to know!

"After not playing live for nearly one year it feels good and just right being back on the road! Wouldn't been possible without the beer-gutted Screamer: Olli. I know we don't have any up-to-date pics with him here, but be assured we work on it.

"Talking about work: we will use the next month to deep hide in the Black Forest to prepare a new blank with the help of some Mead and Haxen, so it can be forged during August and September. You have heard right, Finsterforst will hit the studio again!

"When, how and where the album with the unbelievable cool working-title 'Album 3' will be available is still classified, but at least you can follow our studio blog on Facebook. There you can also find pics, videos and comments to our concerts.

"Besides from that, the next few months will bear some special surprises for you, so keep your eyes and ears open! Hope to see all of you at some gig in front of the stage or at the bar!"

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Finsterforst Gearing Up To Enter The Studio

Finsterforst has issued the following announcement about lining up new shows and preparing to enter the recording studio:

"Good day brothers and sisters! It took quite some time now since we published some news of our wooden home in Finsterforst. We were and will be busy with a load of shows this year on several festivals. So, check out our gig dates which are confirmed so far. More concerts are still to be set!

"Further on we are very busy with composing for our next album and will soon start to prepare ourselves for the studio. One more song is left to be done before we can enter the studio to record this next epic piece of meat! Be euphoric and boozy for this upcoming massive creation of huge mountains of pagan moments! Neverending valleys filled with a lot of Haxen and Mirabellenwasser will await you soon!

"Have a great ass-kicking time!"

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King Of Asgard Playing Black Troll Festival

King of Asgard has issued the following update about appearing at the upcoming Black Troll Festival: "King of Asgard enter German soil this coming Saturday! Black Troll Winterfest @ Stadthalle Eisenberg 18th December. Hope to see ya there!" Additional details on the festival can be found here. The festival's running order is as follows:

23:00 - 24:00 XIV Dark Centuries
21:40 - 22:40 Wolfchant
20:30 - 21:20 Heljareyga
19:20 - 20:10 Alcest
18:10 - 19:00 Trollfest
17:00 - 17:50 Kromlek
15:55 - 16:40 Haradwaith
14:55 - 15:35 King of Asgard
13:55 - 14:35 Pantheon I
12:55 - 13:35 Finsterforst
11:55 - 12:35 Nothgard

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Pantheon I Announces German Shows

Pantheon I and Trollfest are set to co-headline the Ende der Zeit Tour in Germany, which will run for six dates in December. Both bands are based in Oslo, Norway, and share the same guitarist, John Espen Sagstad, who will be doing double duty on the tour, but, as he says, "No one is going to turn down the chance to tour in Germany with a great bunch of local musicians, at a time of the year when bands and fans alike are getting into the holiday spirit." Also on the tour will be the German bands Finsterforst and Unlight, plus local supports. The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

12/17 - Klangstation, Bonn
12/18 - Black Troll Winterfest, Eisenberg
12/19 – HSK, Cottbus
12/20 – TBA, Berlin
12/21 – TBC
12/22 – Rock It, Aalen

In related news, Trollfest has also just finished recording the band's fourth album "En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral."

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Finsterforst Announces New Vocalist

Germany's Finsterforst has issued the following update about recruiting new vocalist Oliver Berlin:

"Good day brothers and sisters! Finally we can announce our new singer! With Olli we will attack the stages again very soon! And be aware, he is loud, aggressive and will blow your minds away! So, see you soon at our gigs! Stay tuned for further information. We will confirm more shows in the near future! Take care folks!"

Sample Finsterforst songs are also available for streaming via the band's MySpace page.

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Finsterforst Added To Jotunheim Festival Lineup

Germany's Finsterforst has checked in with the following update about appearing at Croatia's upcoming Jotunheim festival:

"Good day brothers! As most of you have heard, we are searching for a new vocalist since some time now. At June the 19th, there will be the first pagan metal festival in Croatia. We were asked to participate in this unique event and decided to take this opportunity to prove that we are more than alive!

"At Jotunheim Festival we are going to conquer the stage with our session vocalist Olli and one hell of a load of endless booze! This will be the first gig for us since long time...and...the first one in Croatia as well. So prepare for a huge party all night long! For more information check out this location. See you there brothers!"

Other confirmed acts for the festival include Thyrfing, Vreid, Borhnolm, Menhir, and Manegarm.

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Finsterforst To Re-Release Demo With Debut Album

German metallers Finsterforst have issued the following update about re-releasing a previous demo along with their debut album:

"Cheers brothers! After being asked from many fans where the hell they can find our Demo 'Wiege der Finsternis,' we decided to re-release it, because it was simply sold out. As first 'bonus' we combined it with our debut album 'Weltenkraft' (from which are only few left anyway) and as second bonus we recorded a brand new song for all you crazy metalheads who enjoy to eliminate alcohol as much as we do! For our German people there is no explanation needed for the history of the 'Vogel...excuse me...Försterhochzeit.' Haha!

"And for the rest: In good old Germany we have a traditional folk song (mainly listened from children) about...well...a bird that wanted to get married to another bird! We had a bit different idea for this song and decided to make a wedding of our own. Filled with booze, meat and eternal delirium! Even if you may not understand the lyrics, we promise, that the story has a happy end and that you will have one hell of a party! You can already check the sample of this song right here on MySpace. Look forward for the teaser that will present you Urwerk! We can't wait to enter the stage finally again to invite you to the greatest fest! See you soon!"

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Finsterforst Parts Ways With Vocalist

Germany's Finsterforst has issued the following announcement about seeking a new vocalist:

"Wanted: new Singer. After five successful and definitely funny years we unfortunately have to announce that Finsterforst and Marco will go separate ways from now on. The band would like to express their gratitude for all his dedication. Thank you Marco!! The vacant lead singer's job of course has to be filled, so Finsterforst search for a new screaming hobgoblin. If you are interested, please send your detailed application to kontakt@finsterforst.de. You should include: -current photo -short description which answers the following questions: Who, Where from, How old, musical experience: singing and, if any, instrumental! -recordings, if you have."

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Gwydion Announces European Tour Dates with Shining

Portugese viking/folk metal band, GWYDION, has announced a European tour with SHINING, FINSTERFORST, ASHAENA and SARKOM. The tour will take place from the 14th till the 30th of August 2009. the dates are as follows:

14 Aug 2009 - Paddys Irish Pub DE, Coburg
15 Aug 2009 - SkullCrusher DE, Dresden
16 Aug 2009 - Estrada Stage Bar PL, Bydgoszcz
17 Aug 2009 - Arlus Hall RO, Oradea
18 Aug 2009 - Alcatraz Pub RO, Baia Mare
19 Aug 2009 - Garabonczias HU, Szeged
21 Aug 2009 - Club Gepi BG, Plovdiv
22 Aug 2009 - Eightball Club GR, Thessaloniki
23 Aug 2009 - SKC RS, Belgrad
25 Aug 2009 - Positiva IT, Parma
26 Aug 2009 - Le local FR, Marseille
27 Aug 2009 - Wolfszeit Festival Location DE, Crispendorf, Thüringen
29 Aug 2009 - Gala Hala SI, Ljubljana
30 Aug 2009 - Randal Club SK, Bratislava

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