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Futures End

From: Martinez, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Futures End Comments On Upcoming Texas Show

Guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has issued the following announcement about the band heading to Texas to play the Scout Bar:

"Hello friends! We are very excited to be heading to Houston, Texas once again to play with some friends of ours at the legendary Scout Bar. Last month the Symphony X/Nevermore bill was changed at the last moment, and we responded to a phone call asking for us to travel to Texas to fill in one of the empty slots.

"So Steve, Jon, Marc, Fred, and myself have been busting ass preparing to make sure we deliver the killer show that we promise for every time we take the stage. And friends, we are ready.

"We are honored to be playing for the people of Houston, once again. And excited to be joining our friends on one of our favorite stages in the world.

Scout Bar
Houston, TX
May 14th
8:00 pm

"We will be flying in a day early to hang out. The band will be hanging out at MY BAR in Houston on Friday night for the Dark Horse Rising show. Come out and say hello! See you all in Texas!"

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Futures End Comments On Lack Of Touring

Futures End has checked in with the following statement about the band's lack of touring and plans for upcoming live shows:

"Hello friends! As you know, we have been trying to get on the road for some time. Our dream of touring and playing for you all has been very close to realization on several occasions now, but each offer we have gotten has not been realistic in terms of financially and logistically getting it on the road. We had discussed a US tour with Pagans Mind last fall that was just a couple of steps away from reality when the plans were suddenly scrapped due to logistics and finances. We had toyed with the idea of playing Europe this spring, and were very close to making deals that would have facilitated that when we opted for a US tour at the behest of management we hired last fall. We had signed with a manager that was working hard at putting us on the road with Mindflow this spring. Plans had changed several times, and during the course of that relationship, both parties had discovered that we had differing ideas of how to accomplish our goals.

"Our manager worked very hard at his idea of how it should be done, and unfortunately we just couldn't not see eye to eye on the plan, or the goals. Ultimately due to these differences, we split with our manager amicably. We are now in the warm and caring embrace of Rob Lewis, who has manged so many successful tours in the past 20 years that I could not possibly provide enough space to list them. Rob managed Sadus on the road, and we are quite confident that working with Rob is the move that will get us out to play for you all. Rob understands the limitations that our situation presents us and has presented us with ideas for touring that meet our goals as well as make sense financially. More...

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Just For Fun

Christmas Metal 2010 Roundup

Another Christmas is just around the corner, which means jolly fat men in red suits scaring the bejeesus out of crying children and uncomfortable dinners with family members who don't actually like each other. Christmas isn't just caroling and spiked egg nog though, it's also another opportunity to rock out with some metal steeped in the holiday spirit. We already gave Christmas the metal treatment with a list of the top 10 most metal light shows, as well a new edition of the Rockstar Ramblings describing what aging rockers really want to get under the tree. Slipknot front man Corey Taylor also recently posted a Christmas music video here. To keep December heavy, we've also rounded up a list of the 2010 Christmas and Anti-Christmas rock and metal songs available online.

First off is the 2010 edition of the Misantrof AntiRecords "Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" compilation, which features 15 punk, instrumental, and metal tracks tearing the most commercial holiday of the year a new one. You can stream or download the songs here, and the track listing is as follows: More...

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Futures End Comments On CD Cover Dispute

Futures End has issued the following statement regarding a dispute over the cover artwork for the band's "Memoirs of a Broken Man" album:

"We hired an artist named Chris Anway a couple of years ago to create original album art for 'Memoirs of a Broken Man.' His work was pretty cool and we paid him in three complete installments for his work. In order to make the cover fit the proper format for the CD dimensions, we had to crop out most of his MASSIVE signature.

"Once the record started selling, we got email from him sharing about how pissed he was that we removed his signature. Then we got demands for more money. Needless to say we told him to fuck off and hired a new artist to create all new artwork for the cover. You have all seen it here and on our webpage and the new artwork is featured in the DVD release we have coming out on February 15th.

"He tried suing us, but that didn't work because he had no case and the whole thing wasn't worth the cost of the gas it would take to drive to court. We tried to play fair with him. We had even offered to put his signature back on for the second pressing of the album, but he decided to continue trying to extort money that he was not due. So we dropped him and moved on. More...

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Futures End Posts DVD Teaser Trailer

Futures End has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming DVD to be included with the band's re-release of the album "Memoirs of a Broken Man." The trailer can be viewed below. Futures End also commented on the clip:

"I spent some time last night putting together a little teaser video for you all so you can see what we are up to! I know you have been following the production of the companion DVD for the re-release of our album 'Memoirs of a Broken Man.' You can check it out on Youtube - or watch it right here!"

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Futures End Seeking Fan Input On Music Video

Futures End has checked in with the following statement about seeking fan input on which song to use for an upcoming music video:

"To all friends of Futures End: We are considering making a music video for one of the songs from 'Memoirs of a Broken Man'. We want to know what song you would like to see most! Let us know right here.

"Ideas have started flowing from the core of the band, and we are all kinda scratching our heads as to which song to use for the video. So we are asking you, the friends we have made all over the world, to tell us which song you would like most made into a video. Drop us a line, leave us a comment, or just post it right here. We are listening!"

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Futures End Issues DVD Update

Futures End has issued the following announcement about releasing a new DVD and re-releasing the "Memoirs of a Broken Man" album:

"Hello, FE Friends! As you may know, we have been working on a DVD for the past several months. It is damn near ready to send off to Nightmare Records for release. As you also may know, we had planned to re-issue 'Memoirs of a Broken Man' with new art for the third run of the album since the first two runs have sold out. The idea was to include the DVD with the album as a bonus. Plans have slightly changed.

"We will be releasing the DVD and including the complete album with it for the same price! So you will get the complete CD along with the DVD and won't be paying any more for it! This release will also include the new album art and will be available in a limited and numbered run of 1,000 copies. We are very excited to offer this to our friends all over the world.

"The DVD includes a full hour plus documentary about the band, our past, our present, and our future. There are interviews, studio clips, and commentary from friends and fans of the band. There is also a 15 minute 'gag reel' of some of the funniest stuff we have caught but couldn't work into the documentary. And finally, we have included our entire debut performance at the Progpower USA X Showcase in Atlanta last year. That is one hell of a lot of stuff! Stay tuned for release dates and availability. This is something that I am sure that Futures End fans the world over will enjoy!"

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Futures End Posts New Tour Blogs

Guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has checked in with two more updates from the road about the band's trip to Texas:

"Futures End Texas Show Blog III: We arrived at the venue and were pleasantly surprised at the size of the place, as well as the quality of sound there. It was just killer to show up just in time for Fates Warning's sound check. We got to hear them play 4 songs before turning over the stage to our crew. After getting Six Minute Century set up and ready to play, we all headed upstairs where we had some truly awful steak and some truly outstanding company.

"Rusty from Lone Star Metal Magazine sat down with Marc, Fred, and I for an interview. We had a great time chatting with Rusty, then it was time for SMC's set, which we were not going to miss. They were just excellent. I have seen them play many times and this was certainly the brightest and tightest show I have witnessed. Their new bass player is a welcome edition to the band and he delivered a fine performance. Next, Futures End took the stage.

"I was blown away with the energy of the crowd, packed tightly like sardines from the stage all the way to the back wall, spilling out to the rest of the club off to stage left. The response was nothing like I have ever experienced. Holy SHIT you guys were insane! I am truly in awe of the reception we got here in Texas. Thank you all for making this show so special for us! My oldest son Andrew drove down with his mother and some friends from McKinney to see us play. That was the icing on the cake and I was so happy to see my kid for the first time in a couple of years. We had a great time hanging out together. More...

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Futures End Checks In From The Road

Guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has checked in with the following second update from the road about the band's trip to Texas:

"Tonight the band got together at the studio of our good friends Six Minute Century for a bit of a last minute practice. Lucho Silva from Magistral, who guested on the album, showed up and jammed 'Forsaken' and 'Relentless Chaos' with us. Freddy and Lucho singing together? Fuggetabout it. It was AMAZING.

"We cannot thank Don and Darren from SMC enough for the use of their space, and their gear. We are TOTALLY stoked to be playing with them tomorrow night! This is going to be one for the record books. Tomorrow we get up early, load out, and head to the venue around 2 pm. I can't wait to meet so many of you that are coming out to see the show. It is going to be a great time! More tomorrow."

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Futures End Issues Road Report

Guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has issued the following road report about the band's trek to Texas:

"Well, after some airport and travel nightmares, we have arrived safely in the hot, muggy, rainy city of Houston. We Californians are spoiled by the fact that while it gets hot as hell up there, the air is dry. We were greeted at the airport by Freddy and our Manager/Agent Beth Mays and taken to get some Cajun food at a local pub. Jon Allen set to eating spicy crawfish and I think he is going to need some skin grafts due to having his face burned off by the spices.

"Steve Digiorgio had a prior engagement to play in Europe with Obituary for the past few weeks, so we had our old friend Larry Smith come fill in for him on this road trip. Larry stepped up to the plate and not only learned the monsterous bass parts that Stevie D recorded, but it seems he knows the songs better than the rest of the band!

"We are headed to our Secret Studio location to practice for a few hours before the show, then a good night's rest before the gig tomorrow night. Will keep you posted!"

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Futures End Posts ProgPower Performance Clip

Futures End has posted footage online from the band's performance at the ProgPower USA X festival, which will be included on an upcoming DVD release. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Futures End Putting Together DVD For Re-Release

Christian David Wentz of Futures End has issued the following update about the band putting together a DVD for an upcoming release:

"Greetings all! As you know, we are re-releasing our album 'Memoirs of a Broken Man' this summer with new art, a new booklet, and a bonus DVD that will be included at no extra cost to you. The daunting task of trying to make sense of three years worth of footage that all of us have shot on our little HD cameras has begun.

"I have to tell you that I have never tried anything like this before, and I am having a blast putting it together. Honestly, this isn't meant as anything more than bonus material, but I can see as the editing process marches on that everything we have done tells a very cool story about who we are as a band, as individuals, and where we came from. It has been a lot of fun looking back at all of this stuff and I am sure you guys will enjoy watching it and getting to know us a little.

"It is my goal to have the material finished and ready to deliver to Nightmare Records by the end of the month. I am pretty sure I am going to nail that target and I am really stoked to see what you all think of it. There are quite a few famous faces in it as we have run across people that I am sure you all know in our travels. Who knows? Some of you just may be in it as well! Will keep ya posted!"

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Futures End Posts Live Performance Footage

Footage has been posted online of Futures End performing the song "Terrors of War" from their latest album "Memoirs of a Broken Man." The video clip, which can be viewed below, was recorded during Futures End live show in Concord, California on March 21st, 2010.

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Futures End To Re-Release Album With Bonus DVD

Lead guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has issued the following update about the band re-releasing their "Memoirs of a Broken Man" album with a bonus DVD:

"Hey all!! We have been busting our balls to make sure we are ready to kill some hearing frequencies at our show in Concord, California this weekend. So much is going on with us that it is hard to focus on just one thing sometimes. So we have taken time off of writing and pre-production for our second album to practice for the live gig. Its all good, we promise to return to our writing duties after this! We just wanted to play the best we could possibly play this weekend.

"We have told you about our upcoming re-release of 'Memoirs of a Broken Man' with a bonus DVD and new album art, yes? Well, I am sure we have. This past weekend we started discussing the content of the DVD because it is important that you get your money's worth! That being said, we have decided that not only will it include live footage of our show at Progpower USA last year, but a mini documentary filled with stuff about each one of us, as well as the history of the band. As always, we cannot give up control of such a work to someone else, so we will be producing and editing this fucker ourselves. We are totally stoked to be putting this together for you. Will keep ya posted!"

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Futures End Announces Charity Show

Futures End has issued the following update about performing a bay area charity show:

"Futures End's only SF bay area performance this year! Futures End will be doing a special show right here at home in the SF Bay Area on Sunday March 21st at Vinnie's in Concord. This unique show is to raise money for Guitars Not Guns, a charity that provides kids with musical instruments and lessons. There will be several bands as well as guest musicians, food, raffles, and killer music."

The promotional poster for the show can be viewed here. Other confirmed acts include The Venting Machine, Led Graffiti, and Two Friends.

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Futures End Issues New Album Update

Futures End, which features bassist Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Death and Iced Earth) and drummer Jon Allen (Ex Testament, Dragonlord), has issued the following update about writing new material:

"Hello friends! I am happy to report that Marc Pattison, Steve DiGiorgio, Jon Allen, Fred Marshall, and me - Christian Wentz - are plugging away at the writing and pre-production of music for the second Futures End album. We have been holed up at Chief Dog Studios in California for the past few weeks, digging through stuff that we had put together during our sessions in the past couple of years as well as tossing out new riffs and ideas that may or may not ultimately become songs.

"This time around, Steve is more involved with the writing than he was last time and it is going as smooth as I could have ever hoped it would. Three new songs have been birthed and we are all very excited about how things are working out. The music is most certainly Futures End, but it shows an inevitable evolution, a growth that is apparent in everything we are doing. It will be hard to follow Memoirs of a Broken Man - even for us - but even at this stage of the game it looks like we are going to be able to deliver another great piece of work to you all.

"I am shooting a lot of video of what we are doing and when I get a minute, I will compile a bunch of it for you all on our youtube channel. Ill let you know when you can check it out. In the mean time, stay metal!

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Futures End Working On Second Album

Guitarist Christian David Wentz of Futures End has issued the following statement about the band working on a second album:

"I wanted to take just a moment and speak to some of the things I have heard in regards to whether or not Futures End is merely a project, or an actual band. Let me assure you, Futures End is a band and not just a whim created out of necessity or musical boredom by the members of the group.

"Our rhythm section - Steve DiGiorgio and Jon Allen - have indeed had notable careers doing all kinds of project work. They have earned respectable reputations for being the fine players that they are working on numerous albums and playing as hired guns for bands the world over doing live shows. Steve and Jon are both founding members of Sadus and there is no end to what is going on with them in sight. Their role in Futures End is that of founding members as well. Marc and I put this band together to make music, to tour, and to enjoy ourselves as we pursue our musical endeavors together and everyone else in the band is an integral part of that machine. No one in this band is expendable and we all work together as equals to bring our particular brand of metal to the world.

"Right now the entire band is involved in the creation of a second Futures End release. Steve Jon, Fred, Marc and myself are all involved from the ground up and it is what makes what we do work. You can count on seeing us play together all over the world in 2010 and we hope to bring you another album before the year is out. More...

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Nightmare Records Offering Free Christmas Album

Nightmare Records have announced they are offering their "Merry Metal Christmas" album as a free MP3 download. The album can be downloaded at this location. The "Merry Metal Christmas" track listing is as follows:

1. Bethlehem (5:51) - Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls
2. A Chosen Truth (7:19) - Edgend - A New Identity
3. Kings will Come (4:02) - Narnia - Course of a Generation
4. Forsaken (6:54) - Futures End - Memoirs of a Broken Man
5. Sea of Tranquility (2:40) - Heart of Sun - Heart of Sun
6. One Silent Moment (4:32) - Cloudscape - Global Drama
7. Wicked Land of Winter (5:11) - Sacred Dawn - Christmas Single
8. Tears Of Pain (4:14) - Keith Miller - Over The Abyss
9. Silently We Fade (4:41) - Harmony - Chapter II: Aftermath
10. Fall from Grace (1:11) - Avian - Ashes And Madness
11. Spiritual Path (5:47) - Scelerata - Skeletons Domination
12. Believe (6:00) - Glass Spires - Glass Spires
13. The Harem-remastered (3:35) - Gemini - Gemini
14. In My Dreams (6:09) - Darkwater - Calling The Earth To Witness
15. Ancient song (5:39) - Dimension - EGO
16. The Chronicles of Jacob Marley (8:28) - Order of Nine - Christmas Single
17. Orchestration For More Than One Horn (0:36) - Evil Masquerade - Third Act
18. FireoftheAncients (5:27) - Defyance - Transitional Forms
19. You Give Me Love (5:49) - Grimmstine - Grimmstine
20. The Calm (5:59) - Perspective X IV - Shadow Of Doubt
21. Coming Home - remastered (6:28) - Gemini - Gemini
22. Shadow Of A Lucent Moon (7:22) - Andromeda - The Immunity Zone
23. Heaven’s Gate (5:20) - Six Minute Century - Time Capsules
24. From Now On (4:25) - Shining Star - Enter Eternity
25. Guitar Concierto (3:19) - Six Minute Century - Time Capsules

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Futures End Comments On Changing Album Cover

Futures End has issued the following statement about changing the cover artwork for the "Memoirs of a Broken Man" album:

"From time to time, mistakes are made during the madness of the creation, recording, mixing, mastering, and pressing of an album that lead to changes that must be made after the release of the album. We made the mistake of hiring an artist to create our album art that has decided to alter our agreement after the first 1000 copies were pressed. We will not name the artist as we do not wish to give him any press whatsoever for his work, but will say that when it looked to him like we were on the verge of a successful worldwide release, he chose to take legal action in order to extort more money from the band and our label.

"Every effort has been made in order to reach a friendly and amicable settlement so that we may continue to use his work on the cover of our record but he has refused any sort of communication short of a mediation in which he plans to punish us financially for our decision to remove his signature from the cover of the album. Why would we remove his signature? Well, it sat in the lower right corner of the CD and in order to make the work fit the proper dimensions of the CD booklet, it had to be cropped out. His signature was very large and upon cropping the work, it left little bits and pieces of his signature that looked like little weeds growing out of the corner of the cover so the decision was made to remove it completely. We were told by the artist that we had the freedom to alter this work in order to make an actual cover out of the work we had paid him to do and never thought twice about it. More...

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Futures End Seeking Fan Input On Downloading

Futures End has issued the following statement to fans requesting their input on what they can do to convince people to buy music instead of illegally downloading:

"Greetings, music fans!

"We live in a world where, over the past 15 years, it has gotten even harder to create marketable music that supports itself. What I am referring to is not necessarily making a ton of money in the music business to support the artists desire for a Ferrari and beach front property in Monte Carlo, but in the way that will allow the artists to put together tours, record better quality albums, and bring the fans the merchandise that they want.

With the advent of the internet, quality recording software and hardware at far more reasonable prices than ever before in history, it has become much easier for the bands to make themselves known to the world, but it still takes the kind of money to deliver great records and to hit the road in support of them that - let's face it - most artists just don't have. We know from our own experience as fans and from talking to so many people, that so many of our favorite bands - especially in the prog/power genre of metal - don't ever seem to get to the United States if they are from Europe, or if they are from this side of the ocean, out West toward California to play. More...

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