"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2008
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active


czar (zär, tsär)n. 1. New Chicago post-metal trio consisting of Jason Novak (dj? acucrack, acumen nation), Dan Brill (acumen nation, 1350cc) and Brian Elza (chiral, bridgelayer), favoring melodic dirge instrumental sound signals (see: tool, jesu, pelican, mastodon, life and times, homer's odyssey and poseiden himself). 2. A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917. 3. A person having great power; an autocrat. 4. Informal appointed official having special powers to regulate or supervise an activity. Czar is the most common form in American usage and the one nearly always employed in the extended senses "any tyrant" or informally, "one in authority." But tsar is preferred by most scholars of Slavic studies as a more accurate transliteration of the Russian and is often found in scholarly writing with reference to one of the Russian emperors.

Czar Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Czar.


Impending Empire: Czar Discusses Second Album

“There are a lot of abusive relationship themes in here, many of them fictionalized accounts of people going to desperate, violent measures to gain affection, sex, or even love.” Jason Novak of Chicago-based Czar considers the band’s recently-released sophomore album title, ‘No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive,’ to be a fitting summation of the tone of the album, which succeeds and surpasses their like-minded debut release, ‘Vertical Mass Grave,’ in most ways -- and we gave that album a 4 out of 5 rating! Determined to outdo themselves with each release, the guys of Czar draw heavily from uncommon guitar harmonies and chord changes coupled with tastefully destructive drum patterns to define their sound. With that combination, it's no surprise that Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell was seen wearing a Czar shirt at a show or that Czar has already made his top 5 albums of 2013 list, as well as two other "top of 2013" lists in the press.

The last time we checked in with the guys of Czar, they filled us in on their first album and their history as musicians. This time around, the band gives us more insight into the construction of their songs, as well as discusses the controversial album art that they’re known for. ‘No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive’ amplifies what was done well on the first album and adds an exciting chapter to the story of the rise of Czar’s impending empire. Here’s what they had to say about it. More...

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Regal and Thunderous Ideas: An Interview With Czar

Chomping at the bit with energy, Chicago three-piece Czar has released an impressive EP and one album, titled "Vertical Mass Grave." Defining Czar's sound is a bit like searching for a black shirt in a dark room, although one thing is certain: It has a trail-blazing quality to it. Czar's Brian Elza, Dan Brill, and Jason Novak explain their craft, their songs, and themselves. More...

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Interview with Czar

Czar is a new local band from Chicago. They have only released an EP so far, but I have to tell you, their EP is one of the best EP’s I have heard in my life. To put it in perspective, a lot of band's full length albums fail in comparison to this EP. I met Czar at a small time venue in Chicago called the Empty Bottle. They played alongside with two established local bands, Blood of the Tyrant and Chicago Thrash Ensemble. Czar is a three-piece band and the interview was done with all three members: Jason Novak (lead guitar and vocals), Brian Elza (bass), and Dan Brill (drums). More...

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