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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Infernal Seeking Drummer, Pushes Back Album

David Parland of Swedish act Infernal has checked in with the following announcement about seeking a new drummer and pushing back a new album release:

"Infernal is currently seeking a pro Death/Black/Thrash/Heavy metal drummer for immediate recordings. This for the up-coming full-length 'THE INFERNAL RETRIBUTION' which has been in the making for a long process of time, but is planned to be recorded sometime next year, with a release not too long after.

"What we seek is a drummer with high skills and of course with experiences from other bands, and preferably living in Stockholm or other part of Sweden, but others can always apply as well.

"Unfortunately, the long planned album has been delayed due to both some member problems and a few personal problems as well, but I've continued to write through all this time, and have most material ready finally. Since 2010, when we did the last EP 'THE INFERNAL RETURN,' when we split with longer time drummer Tomas Asklund (GORGOROTH, ex-DISSECTION). Not much hse happened officially, but the songs and the album have existed and now been in my mind for several years, and the time is now for us to start the recordings, despite how long it has taken to come this far.

"As fast as we have solved this seemingly everlasting drummer problem plaguing us, we are ready to go. As earlier said the music of Infernal today can be described as a mix between old Necrophobic ,(but with blast beats)/Dissection/Slayer and Morbid Angel. This compared to the old SATANIC HOLOCAUST METAL style of the first two CD'S, which almost solely consisted of ultra fast blast-beats and extreme satanic chantings through the whole songs.

"The sound of Infernal today is 'less' extreme, but still very brutal and absolutely 100 % Satanic Death/Black Metal. Drummers who are interested can send their application/mail to: (together with musicfiles with drumming and photo and some personal info) officialinfernal@gmail.com."

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Infernal Comments On Recording Delays

Swedish act Infernal has issued the following update about delays in recording new material:

"Hello again... I/we apologize for the total lack of updates on this site, but here's a short one and what to expect from the nearest future. Due to personal problems, among them a pending jail sentence, the music has had to take the backseat.

"As well, financial problems have prevented us from even booking studio time etc, but this shall change. As for now, I, David, am recording and playing as much as possible, but have to use my home studio for the coming new 5 track demo 'Hellhymns.' This except for the drums.

"Whatever this will bring, I don't know as record companies are not to trust, and we refuse being fucked over another time (this mostly meaning me - David - from my experiences with earlier bands and projects.) Anyway as for now, here's a demo version of 'Descent To Hell,' not the whole track but exactly the half. Check the music section."

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Infernal Re-Recording Upcoming EP

Sweden's Infernal has issued the following announcement about re-recording the tracks for "The Infernal Return," their upcoming EP:

"Re-recordings of the first tracks are very soon finished, and will be released as a 7" special gatefold EP by underground cult label GoatHorned Productions. These re-recordings had to be done because of several reasons, but only one main reason really forced us to do this. Our previous drummer Tomas Asklund has refused to let us use the original recordings, since he plays (the drums) on them, and as well did the engineering job while I laid down the vocals at his Monolith studio, earlier this year. When we split up with him (on mutual terms) and after some serious and longer time going problems, (apparently felt from both sides, we don´t blame Tomas for what has happened, but these re-recordings would by no means been necessary if we would have been able to use original ones).

"We wanted to use the original recordings for this particular 7’ Ep, but he said that he wouldn't agree to that under any circumstances. This despite given the options to simply erase his contributions/drum tracks, but this was not accepted from him either, despite us offering him to pay money for the studio time being used. So to get this 7 ‘ Ep out, we have had to re-record everything from scratch, although it of course felt somewhat unnecessary, since we already got the stuff recorded. However, After some thinking and planning, we thought ‘Ok let´s do this all over again’ and as well let our new drummer extraordinaire Carl Engström (from Norway) do his ‘trial by fire’ wih this re-recording, in about one week. More...

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Infernal Recruits New Drummer

Sweden's Infernal has issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

"Finally, after a longer search for drummers, and going through several applicants, we have now found the guy to do the job for the next couple of tracks. Whether this is a session job only, or long time thing, is up for time to tell.

"The guy in question is Carl from the Norwegian bands RECOVERY INJECTION and ASTAROTH, and we believe that he can do the job as good as our previous drummer. We'll start working for real with him and the new songs in about a month.

"In the meantime, here's a very, very rough version of the whole track of 'Killing Christ', that was earlier posted as a 45- second snippet at this location. However, it is both untight and not fully professionally performed, but this is what is the cool thing with the net, you can post stuff, that might not be up to album standards, that you never ever would hear unless of the Internet. However, of course, This track will be recorded 100% professionally for both the next demo, and the full length album coming in 2010."

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Infernal Issues Recording Update

Sweden's Infernal has issued the following update about recording a new demo and streaming a new audio sample online:

"Just a short update here:

"We are still working on new songs for the next 'demo,' (meaning a 'pro' demo and no crap sounding 'necro' type stuff) and things slowly starts to take shape, but there is still some work to do before we go into the studio to record the next couple of songs.

"However, we'll use a session drummer for the next recording, since the departure of Tomas Asklund, and as it looks, we think we have found the guy to do the job. Anyway, in the meantime, here's a 45-second snippet of one of the upcoming songs on the next demo, entitled 'Killing Christ'...(now uploaded on the MySpace Music player)...

"This is a just some really harsh and rough demo outtake...and nothing else. This song will of course be professionally recorded for the next demo."

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Infernal Offering Early Demo As Free Download

Swedish metallers Infernal have issued the following announcement about offering an early demo as a free download:

"This is of course an INFERNAL website, but since I by accident found an old very special lost item yesterday, I feel it could be of worth to share this with others. Since both me and Martin (Halfdan) play on this particular recording with NECROPHOBIC (which I was one of the founders of and mainwriter in at the time), I have decided to share this stuff. In February 1994, When I was still in NECROPHOBIC, we ‘unofficially’ recorded a three-track demo at a local studio here in Stockholm, under the name ‘Bloodfreezing’.

"This featured the tracks ‘Black Moon Rising’,’The Call’, and another track, which is more or less a ‘joke thing’ in the vein of old S.O.D. (which can due to it's ‘violent title’ not be stated here.) This particular demo has been long lost, and not many people have heard it and know it exists. More...

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Infernal Seeking New Drummer

Swedish metallers Infernal have issued the following update about seeking a new drummer for recording new material:

"We, INFERNAL, or rather I, David Parland (vocalist/guitarist/main writer and manager of the band) is seeking a drummer for immediate recordings.

"This because of that Tomas Asklund is not longer involved in the band, which unfortunately was mutually agreed about 2 weeks ago, since he simply hadn't much time. We wish him well in his future projects anyway, and as said earlier we hope this is for the best for both of us.

"We originally had talked about starting further recordings now in August, but now it won't happen with Tomas, who now is a full member of GORGOROTH.

"Anyway, I don't know if the message has come across that we are DESPERATELY in need of a drummer, since we, or rather I am sitting here with loads of material waiting to be recorded, and without a drummer, no further progress of the band can be made.

"To clarify what we exactly are in need of, is a guy who can play extreme metal, meaning high speed (around 120 bpm at least), who is tight as hell, etc, but are 100 percent familiar working with the music program Cubase (SX or another version). This is a must. This means to play along to a click track, so that tapes (rather files, since 'tapes' now belong to the last century) can be exchanged over the Net.

"To further clarify things, is that we need someone very good, but who we only need to play on a couple of tracks, that will later be sent out as a very professional 'demo' to record companies etc. More...

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Infernal Comments On Request To Remove Cover Song

Sweden's Infernal, which features former Necrophobic / Dark Funeral guitarist David Parland, has issued the following statement about a request to remove a cover song from their play list:


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Infernal Parts Ways With Drummer Tomas Asklund

Sweden's Infernal, which features former Necrophobic / Dark Funeral guitarist David Parland, has issued the following announcement about parting ways with their drummer:

"We hereby inform you all that Tomas Asklund is no longer involved in INFERNAL, and will not be involved later either. This was mutually agreed today, and there is not much more to say about it.

"We hereby seek a new drummer with very good drumming skills, who can blast very fast and play double bass drums for a long time. We seek someone that already has recording experience and has played in bands before. Preferably we seek someone who is Swedish or at least Scandinavian, but other people from Europe can apply as well.

"Naturally, this will delay the demo and album and all recent plans, but we hope this will be for the best for all of us. I (David) will from now on start working even harder with this band.

"At last, we wish Tomas the best of luck with his other projects, but things have to move on."

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Infernal To Record New Material In August

Sweden's Infernal, which features former Necrophobic / Dark Funeral guitarist David Parland, has issued the following announcement about recording new material:

"Well, it's still hot as HELL and I am mostly too tired to do that very much except working with INFERNAL and staying indoors. New material is coming soon, but we have to wait to beginning of August to start the recordings again. As well, we have slowly started to deal with some record labels, so we'll see what turns out of it. Our goal is to release the upcoming full-length early 2010. We have most of the material for it already."

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