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Band Photo: Candiria (?)

From: NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Candiria news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Candiria Album Still Shelved

The May 2007 issue of Decibel magazine features an informative Candiria article. The piece details the "demise" of Candiria following their serious van accident in 2002.

Of particular interest to Candiria fans is the status of the group's final album, "Kiss The Lie." Candiria's record label, Type A Records, remains hesitant to release the album since Candiria drummer Kenneth Schalk is no longer in the band and the rest of the group refuses to tour without him. Type A president David Bendeth explained his position to Decibel: "Half the reason people loved this band was because they were great musicians who really came into their own playing live. Right now, I have the record and I am waiting to see what shakes out as far as trying to sell this to people without a band. That's about it. It will take some time to sort out, but it will come out eventually. Right now, there is no need to engage in speculation and report useless info."

For his part, frontman Carley Coma is optimistic. "I think the record will come out eventually. It's just going to take a lot of... patience," Coma tells Decibel. Meanwhile, Coma has since formed a new band with former Candiria touring guitarist Steve Fakelman, the details of which remain unclear.

Finally, since a jury awarded them $29 million during a lawsuit related to the van accident in April of 2005, Candiria is believed by many music fans to be comprised of multi-millionaires. In reality, Decibel states that the band hasn't yet received the money since the case is still in litigation.

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Candiria Album Delayed

Candiria continues to operate in a holding pattern following the departure of drummer Kenneth Schalk earlier this year. Guitarist John Lamacchia has issued the following update:

"If you are not already aware, Ken Schalk has left the band. It's heart breaking I know, but he needed to explore new things. So Ken, we wish you all the best.

The new album, 'Kiss The Lie,' is now on hold because of the lack of a touring band. The label does not believe this record will sell enough copies without a touring band to justify a release. Therefore they are reluctant to release it. We are trying to come up with a marketing plan and a budget that will satisfy both the label and the needs of the record.

This is where we are at this point. As soon as we figure this out we will let all of you know. The new record is great and different and new and the artwork is beautiful so I personally can't wait for people to hear it. The line up for the record is as follows...

Carley Coma
John Lamacchia
Michael MacIvor
Ken Schalk
Eddie Ortiz

I am trying my best to keep this thing alive to get this new record out to you all."

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Spylacopa Post New Tracks Online

Ambient/electronic act Spylacopa has posted some new material. The band is led by John LaMacchia (Candiria) and includes Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato, Chris Hornbrook of Poison The Well and Jeff Caxide of Isis. You can check out the songs on their myspace page.

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Candiria Drummer Comments On Departure

In case there was any doubt, drummer Kenneth Schalk has confirmed his departure from Candiria earlier this year. Speaking with fans on the forum of Candiria's website, Schalk chronicled the past year and a half of his life with the following:

"I didn't leave the band for God if that's what you think. I left the band because my personal life was suffering in many ways because of my commitment to the band.

February 2005: My feelings for leaving the band started here when Eric left. At that point a piece of our foundation had been taken away. Can a building be its strongest with an incomplete foundation?

March 2005 - October 2005: Many things like a ridiculously mind and heart draining lawsuit and trial, along with not touring or even writing music put me in a state where I didn't even consider us a band.

June - October 2005: Before we went to England, we experienced a rollercoaster of tour potential bullshit that made me think how horrible our manager and record label were and my views of our business became tainted. At this point I really wanted to end the band or leave. With the 2 weeks in england which finally happened afterall, we had a chance to revive our energy but it didn't work for me.

Nov 2005: After that tour, we had to drop one of the guitarists we were working with and try again to come up with another plan to keep this band alive.

Dec 2005: So we figured let's write a record. Carley recruits John to help Carley write.

Jan 2006: We put together John and Carley's music into an album. In the process, my girlfriend (and someday my wife) tells me she can't live this way anymore and I have to decide what I feel is right.

February 2006: Candiria - pretty much burnt out in my opinion and probably will not be too active much longer in my life. My girlfriend - someone I want to be with the rest of my life. So I made the obvious choice and gave up Candiria to salvage a relationship that is priceless to me. I can always keep making music but when you love someone unconditionally, you can't let that get away.

March 2006: I'm in California and my mind is swirling with so many personal toughts that I'm the most stressed and tense I've ever felt in my life. I reach a state of personal confusion.

May 2006: Waiting for my girlfriend's car to get fixed, I look up to the sky and call out to God and start the road to healing.

August 2006: Staying focused with God, evolving again as a human and embracing the experience I am a part of. I truly am back on a path in life. Putting my spiritual health first again takes out my decisions of selfishness like greed or desire or lust. Naturally I'm not perfect so I expect to keep making mistakes until I can either fully cleanse myself or die as best a human as I could be on this earth-inside and outside."

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Third Drummer Nation Announced

The drummers from Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Candiria, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, Unearth, As I Lay Dying and more will all be featured on the upcoming third installment of the "Drum Nation" series. Dubbed "Drum Nation Volume 3", The effort will see a release on August 15th through Magna Carta and along with audio, will also feature various off-color video footage from the participants. More on it can be found here.

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Candiria Finishing Up New Album

Candiria will begin mixing their new album tomorrow in Brooklyn with Michael Barile (E-Town Concrete). Titled "Kiss The Lie," the effort was recorded at Jupiter 4 Studios and Purple Light Studios and was produced by Candiria's John LaMacchia and Carley Coma. The mixing process should take less than two weeks, with mastering to follow directly. No release date has been set thus far.

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Candiria Near Completion of New Album

Candiria have finished recording a good portion of their upcoming album, which they hope to release this summer. Here's an update from the band:

"It's been brought to my attention that we really haven't made any real attempt on getting concise info out about what we have been up to since the new year has begun. So here goes. This should give you a bit of an idea.

We started out writing new material in Jupiter 4 Studios during the first few weeks of January. Jupiter 4 is the studio owned and run by Ken Schalk and his brother Steve Schalk. We used the time there to write as much music as we could come up with. We then tracked drums there to about 16 different songs/peices of music. We also used this time after the drums were tracked to work out vocal ideas and let Carley do scratch tracks.

From there we took the recorded drums and went to see our old friend Mike Barile over at Purple Light Studios. We have always loved working with Mike and we new that we were going to get the sounds we wanted if we recorded with him. The combination of his gear and the gear we own is just phenomenal for what we are trying to accomplish.

We spent the next few weeks recording all of the bass and guitar tracks. Then allowed Carley some more time to work on more vocal ideas and lay down some more scratch tracks to see where we was at with all of the songs.

And that friends is where we are at today. We move on to the real vocal sessions in a week or so. And from there we are in the home stretch. I think there is a great chance of this record seeing an early summer release."

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Candiria To Support Bullet For My Valentine

Avant Garde New Yorkers CANDIRIA have landed the main support on what is sure to be the hottest ticket of the Autumn as they join fast rising Welsh Metal Crew BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE for a few shows this October. These will be the first live shows in the UK in support of the Earache released "What Doesn¹t Kill You... Only Makes You Stronger," which is still garnering great press across Europe. You can catch CANDIRIA supporting BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE on the following dates:

13 UK TRURO Truro Hall
18 UK CARDIFF Coal Exchange
20 LONDON Astoria
22 GLASGOW Garage
24 UK MANCHESTER Academy 2

You can also now watch the new Video for blood.

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Candiria To Play Red Cross Benefit

Candiria will play their first show in New York City since last February. The show will benefit the Red Cross and will also serve as a warm-up gig for the band as they prepare for a European tour. The show will take place on October 3rd at the Knitting Factory alongside a reunited Home 33, No Redeeming Social Value, We're All Broken, and This Is Hell. Tickets are $10 and proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

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Candiria Ready New Album, Plan Touring Soon

Brooklyn-based CANDIRIA have posted the following message on their official web site:

"Plans for fall touring are being worked out. In the meantime, now that the set is getting tighter with the latest lineup, it is time we started doing some writing.

"Remember: CANDIRIA has never put itself in any musical position as for what to expect out of itself for a forthcoming album.

"The main thing we're excited about is that two new guitarists will absolutely bring a new perspective on our vision as a writing entity. This could prove to be an incredible experience for all of us; another stage in the growth of CANDIRIA.

"We're aiming for next year as a release. With the exception of the three-year span with 'What Doesn't Kill You…' [2004], we've always been an album-every-two-years type of band so it only makes sense that 2006 would offer a new CANDIRIA album."

Back in April, CANDIRIA won a $29 million verdict for injuries they suffered when a truck hit their tour van.

CANDIRIA were hurt as they traveled to a gig in Cleveland on Sept. 9, 2002, when a tractor trailer owned by Paige Transportation Inc. hit them near Buffalo.

The crash sent their van rolling over five to seven times, and all the members received injuries. The band still performs, but two injured members left.

The aftermath of the crash is documented on the cover of the band's latest album, "What Doesn't Kill You…", with photos of the band's demolished van.

"What Doesn't Kill You..." was released in July 2004 through Type A Records.

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Dry Kill Logic Replace Bassist & Candiria On Tour

Starting 5/1 and running through 6/18, Dry Kill Logic will be replacing Candiria as direct support on the upcoming Jagermeister-sponsored DrowningPool tour. Their first date is in Myrtle Beach at the House of Blues.

It seems Dry Kill Logic has also parted ways with bassist Danny Horboychuk. Here'sis Cliff's statement on that:

"And for the record, we have parted ways with Danny Horboychuk and are THRILLED to announce the addition of Casey Mahoney to the DKL family! Casey spent years in NY- based Downpore; aside from being a dominating bass player he is a tremendous guy, and we are looking forward to bringing him on the road with us to experience first-hand the power and debauchery of DKL on tour! Make sure you all take a minute and say hi to Casey at the shows".

Here are the tour dates: More...

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Candiria Win Verdict For 2002 Van Crash

Five members (two have since left the band) of Candiria reportedly won a $29 million verdict yesterday as a result of their 2002 van accident. On the losing end of the verdict, according to the New York Post and attorney Daniel O'Toole, is Paige Transportation Inc., who owned the tractor trailer that collided with Candiria's van. No further information has been disclosed at this time.

Members of Candiria were involved in a serious vehicle accident when their tour van was rear-ended in New York State near Buffalo. The band was forced to scrap their tour with 40 Below Summer. Their van was hit by a truck, whose driver has admitted liability. John LaMacchia and Carley Coma were both flown by helicopter to a trauma center with non-critical injuries. The band was en route from a show in Albany to a show in Cleveland.

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Diecast Plan US Tour w/ Candiria, Death By Stereo

Diecast are currently destroying Europe alongside Agnostic Front and will return to the U.S. this April for a massive trek with Candiria and Death By Stereo. The group recently shot a video for "Rise and Oppose" with acclaimed director Kevin Leonard (Himsa, Terror, Walls of Jericho); look for it to make it network debut late next month.

Jeremy Wooden (bass) checks in with the following tour report:

What's up everyone, just checking in from the road in Europe. Our last trip in the states with Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Love is Red and The Autumn Offering was amazing. The responses were unbelievable and it was without a doubt the most successful tour we've ever been a part of. Sully and the Hatebreed crew took awesome care of us and we can't wait to hit the road with them again. We also got to meet our current tourmates Agnostic Front, who are like family to us now.

Our trip home from California after Hatebreed was interesting to say the least. The Hoods and Winter Solstice were great tourmates, but the tour definitely had its ups and downs. Salt Lake City was quite an event, as I'm sure you've all seen and heard. On a more positive note, Farmington, New Mexico was the single greatest show we've ever been a part of. The Hoods had me laughing nonstop throughout the tour and Winter Solstice taught me that even if you wear skin-tight jeans you can still be amazing people.

I'm writing you from Bilboa, Spain and the show is about to start and I don't want to miss Death Before Dishonor, so I'm going to wrap this up. We'll be back on tour soon in the U.S. with Candiria and Death by Stereo in April/May; then it's back to Europe in June with Napalm Death and Most Precious Blood. Our new record, "Tearing Down Your Blue Skies," is selling better than we ever imagined and we'd like to thank you all for your support. Without you we are nothing.

Click here to download their latest video for "Medieval."

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DEP Vocalist To Lend Voice To Spylacopa

Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato is to provide vocals for Spylacopa, a solo project started by one-time Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia. No further details are yet available.

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More Alliance of Defiance Tour Dates

More dates for the Alliance of Defiance tour, featuring OTEP, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, CANDIRIA, THE AUTUMN OFFERING have been announced. The dates are as follows:

February 28 - Farmingdale NY @ Downtown
March 3 - Atlanta GA @ Masquerade
March 4 Tampa FL @ Boiler Room
March 5 - Daytona Beach FL @ Fuel
March 6 - Ft Lauderdale FL @ Culture Room
March 8 - New Orleans LA @ Twiropa
March 10 - San Antonio TX @ White Rabbit
March 11 - Austin TX @ Backroom
March 12 - Odessa TX @ Dos Amigos
March 15 - Gallup NM @ El Morro Theatre

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Emok To Tour With DEP And Candiria

Emok, the hard-hitting, precedent breaking three piece will be touring Japan with Dillinger Escape Plan and Candiria.

Tour dates:
March 07 Osaka, JAP - Club Quattro
March 08 Nagoya, JAP - Club Quattro
March 09 Tokyo, JAP - Club Quattro
March 10 Tokyo, JAP - Club Loft

Emok’s members all originally hail from Israel, and currently reside in Brooklyn. Their debut album "Shove Your Head into the Ground and Feed It to the Earth" will be released on Wrong Records Feburary 22, 2005.

"Shove Your Head into the Ground and Feed It to the Earth," on Wrong Records is a collision of composition and cacophony; intellect and emotion; heritage and progression.

The album was recorded, produced, and designed entirely by the band. Emok’s music has a pronounced Middle Eastern influence stemming from their Israeli upbringing, but restated as an explosive, intense, thoroughly modern – even futuristic – style uniquely their own. The songs on "Shove Your Head into the Ground and Feed It to the Earth" are whirling storm systems sonic hurricane force colored with vivid distortion and crackling slipstreams of harsh electronic samples. Throughout the sound is potent and relentless, utterly engulfing the listener in its dark fury, sonic tendrils probing the powerful, hidden places deep inside the psyche. The words are torn and conflicted, attempting to reconcile the ideal with the real – influenced by the circumstances of their homeland. Lyrics evince both fear and hope: they address global hate, unification by fear, distrust in political systems, divided empathy, and frustration with all that, then alternate that with idylls of exotic lands, the trust bred through friendship, hope, and escape.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Japan, France Tour Dates

Dillinger Escape Plan will once again be heading overseas in the new year, dates include:

March 07th Osaka, JAP - Club Quattro (Feat. Candiria, Emok)
March 08th Nagoya, JAP - Club Quattro (Feat. Candiria, Emok)
March 09th Tokyo, JAP - Club Quattro(Feat. Candiria, Emok)
March 10th Tokyo, JAP - Club Loft (Feat. Candiria, Emok)
March 14th Paris, FRA - La Locomotive (Feat. Fishbone)
March 15th Tourcoing, FRA - Le Grand Mix (Feat. Fishbone)
March 16th Poitiers, FRA - Le Confort Moderne (Feat. Fishbone)
March 17th Orleans, FRA - L'Astrolabe (Feat. Fishbone)
March 18th Clermond Ferrand, FRA - Festival Les Volcaniques de Mars (Feat. Fishbone)
March 19th St. Nazaire, FRA - Le Vip (Feat. Fishbone)
March 21st Bordeaux, FRA - Rock School Barbey (Feat. Fishbone)
March 23rd Evreux, FRA - L'Abordage (Feat. Fishbone)
March 24th Reims, FRA - La Cartonnerie (Feat. Fishbone)
March 25th Mulhouse, FRA - Le Noumatrouff (Feat. Fishbone)
March 26th Macon, FRA - La Cave a Musiques (Feat. Fishbone)

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Stillborn Fest Show Report From December 26th

I had the opportunity to attend the Stillborn Fest 2005 in Philadelphia, Pa at the Electric Factory on December 26th. I must say for being as pissed off as I was that I couldn't move anywhere without a pit of hardcore dancers starting right next to me, that it was still a good concert. All of the few bands I had the chance to see were really good live and they were enjoyable. This is how the night shaped up: More...

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God Forbid Tour Report From Doc Coyle

God Forbid just wrapped up a highly successful European tour alongside Machine Head and Caliban and Doc Coyle (guitars, vocals) checks in with the following report:

We finally arrived home from our mammoth 10 week European tour with Machine Head and Caliban. This was our first time to most of these places and this tour took us from as far north as Finland, down to Portugal, an entire UK tour, and even as far east as Serbia, Croatia, and Bulgaria. It was exhausting yet exhilarating because of the massive, insane crowds we got to rock in front of every night! With the exception of Ozzfest, this was the biggest tour we've ever done. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank Rob, Phil, Dave and Adam from MH for taking us out. Much respect to Caliban and both crews for a successful tour.

Since we left in early October a tyrant has been re-elected and a great legend has fallen. Sad times indeed. We were in Serbia when we heard the news of Dimebag Darrell's death. Being longtime Pantera fans, and having the opportunity to meet the man on several occasions, it has been a very emotional time for everyone in God Forbid. It's been emotional for the entire heavy music and hard rock scenes in general. Pantera was the first concert my brother and I ever went to, the first band T shirt I bought and part of the reason I play music. You don't want to believe it is real. All of us are hit really hard because it's the exact opposite of the way our scene is. The metal and hardcore scene is really close-knit and like a family. The bands are close with the fans and I know Pantera was always close with their fans and treated them like friends not just fans. You would never expect anything like this to happen in our scene. God Forbid sends our deepest sympathy to the Abbott family and anyone close to this great man. A lot of love for Dimebag! "We're sharing riffs man!"

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Initial Dates For Otep And Friends

The first batch of dates for the upcoming Otep, Candiria, American Head Charge and The Autumn Offering tour have been announced and are as follows:

January 25th Reno, NV - The New Oasis
January 26th San Francisco, CA - The Pound
January 29th Seattle, WA - The Catwalk Club
January 30th Spokane, WA - The Big Easy
February 01st Boise, ID - The Big Easy
February 03rd Englewood, CO - Gothic Theater
February 04th Omaha, NE - Ranch Bowl
February 05th Davenport, IA - Quad City Live
February 15th Detroit, MI - Harpo's

In addition, American Head Charge have re-launched their official website, you can check it out at www.headcharge.com

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