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From: NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Candiria Signs With Metal Blade

The Brooklyn, NY metal progenitors from Candiria have signed to Metal Blade Records. Since forming in 1992, the band has released seven full lengths albums, two EPs, and survived a serious van crash in 2002. Now, with a new record deal in place, Candiria is on course to release a first new full length since 2009's "Kiss the Lie."

Candiria's John LaMacchia comments: "The band is extremely excited to be a part of the Metal Blade family. We couldn't think of a better way to forge ahead with a new chapter in our career. We have a new album in the works and we definitely plan to hit the road in support of it. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for Candiria."

Michael MacIvor adds: "Metal Blade have been at the forefront of extreme music since I was a kid. Just like Candiria, they have always pushed the boundaries of music, and have trusted their gut instincts. I can't think of a better place to call home for the future of Candiria. We are extremely happy to be a part of the Metal Blade family."

Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel also comments: "I am really happy to welcome Candiria to the Metal Blade family! I have been a huge fan during their career and very excited to work with them." More...

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Candiria Issues New Music Update

Candiria has posted the following update online;

"Candiria is in the studio and in the process of putting together music for what will be their next full length release. At this point there is no official release date or working title but the band is considering an early 2012 release.. The band is optimistic and very excited to be working together again on new music. “We’re touching upon all different styles with this one but we want it to be really aggressive . We feel Candiria fans will be thrilled to hear where we’re taking it” John LaMacchia stated regarding the release.

"The music thus far has been recorded and engineered by Steve and Ken Schalk at Jupiter 4 studios in Rockaway, NY. Musicians Adrian Gonzalez of The Mars Volta and Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas are also slated to take part and create some magic on the record as well. The band is also planning to play 2 headlining dates in NYC next year to support the release. No dates have been set yet but the band wants to make it a very special 2 day event. Thats all for now, stay tuned for more regarding this release."

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Candiria Posts Studio Footage Online

Candiria has posted the following studio footage online. The band are expected to releases a new album in mid-2011. You can view the band's recording progress in the clip below:

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Headline News

Original Candiria Guitarist Passes Away

In the wake of their latest release, "Toying With the Insanities," current members of Candiria have learned the sad news that original Candiria guitarist, Chris Puma, passed away last week, on September 20th. The band has issued the following statement:

“Chris Puma died on September 20th 2009. The cause is not known to us, as his family did not speak of it. He leaves behind two children, 3 year old Aislinn A'marie and a 4 month old Aidan Todd. Chris was a great friend to the founding members of the band, and a respected musician among his friends and peers. He was a kind and gentle person and he will be missed.”

Puma was one of the founding members of the band, playing guitar in Candiria from 1992 to 1997, while helping to create the unique sound that Candiria is known for today. He can be heard on such Candiria records as Deep in the Mental (1995) and Surrealistic Madness (1995).

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Candiria Posts New Song Online

New York experimental metal band, Candiria, has posted a second track off the upcoming rarities and remixes collection, "Toying With the Insanities," on the their official MySpace page. The new track, “Paradigm Shift (Ignite Remix),” was remixed by Benjamin Weinman of the Dillinger Escape Plan, and will be on ‘Volume Two’ of the four-volume set, to be released with ‘Volume One’ on September 9th. The final two volumes will be released early next year. More...

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Candiria Posts "Toying With The Insanities" Promo

Candiria has posted a new promotional video online for their upcoming release "Toying With The Insanities." The video clip can be viewed below. "Toying With The Insanities" will be released on September 9th through Rising Pulse Records. More...

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Candiria May Still Release New Recordings

Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia has issued an update regarding the latest happenings in the Candiria camp:

"First off, at the end of this year the first of a 4 volume series of remix/interpretations 12" LP's will be released on my own label, Rising Pulse Records. This series will be called 'Toying With The Insanities.' With contributions from artists such as Dub Trio, Dalek, Kayo Dot, Pole, Navicon Torture Technologies, Friendly Bears, Rocky George... yeah, that's right, Rocky George from Suicidal Tendencies.

"This will be a limited edition release only available on vinyl which will come with a free MP3 download for those of you without a record player. There will only be 250 of each volume pressed so these things are going to fly outta here like hotcakes out of a white trash Waffle House wedding.

"Second, 'Kiss The Lie' is a dead issue. Hate to say it, but consider it as such. We tried, I'm sorry! I personally tried so freakin hard. Believe me, it ain't happening. Sorry fans. There is a light at the end of that dark hopeless tunnel though...

"There has been talk of new recordings, new ideas, possibly new releases in the not so distant future. So, with that being stated, keep your eye on [our Myspace] because we are moving forward! This series of remixes and interpretations is for the true Candiria fans that understand that when you are truly a Candiria fan. Expect the unexpected, but expect to be pleasantly surprised. Stay tuned folks. We are back on track... officially."

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Spylacopa Announces Release Date For Debut

While no well-versed metalhead would ever consider the ambient sounds of SPYLACOPA to be "metal" by any stretch of the imagination, there are good reasons why news of a debut release from a band that unites members from so many noteworthy metal bands to be of importance. Although this slowly developing project has been Brooklyn-based former CANDIRIA guitarist John LaMaccia's baby since the band disbanded few years ago, the project has accumulated a cast of cohorts over the course of its life that have turned it into a kind of supergroup of sorts. As of now, SPYLACOPA consists of LaMaccia, Greg Puciato of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, Julie Christmas of MADE OUT OF BABIES and BATTLE FOR MICE, Jeff Caxide of ISIS, (and formerly Chris Hornbrook of POISON THE WELL). Their debut EP will be independently released on November 4 in an extremely limited pressing.

In SPYLACOPA, LaMaccia and friends are delving even further into the atmospheric and decidedly "non-metal" aspects that makes their respective bands so unique within their sphere of music. SPYLACOPA approaches electronic music from a much different point-of-view than is typical for the genre, and as such they layer their songs with a brooding intensity that is not very different structurally from the heavier sounds of their other bands. Although SPYLACOPA has much more in common with artists such as MASSIVE ATTACK or LUSTMORD than the likes of DEP, ISIS, MADE OUT OF BABIES, or CANDIRIA, there is a different kind of rage and a chaos subliminally present within the music that makes it a great listen for even a casual fan of these musicians. Either way, it's an interesting experiment that might give you a better perspective of what is inspiring the artists in all these bands right now. If you're interested in hearing more, check out the band at their MySpace page.

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Blinded By Anger Posts New Song Online

Carley Coma of Candiria/Hope Kills Fear fame has tracked a guest vocal spot on Blinded By Anger's new track "From The Ledge," from the band's first demo, which Carley also produced. The demo was was recorded at Sweetfire Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

You can check out "From The Ledge" and a couple of other songs from the demo on the band's MySpace page.

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Candiria Working On Rare Tracks and Remix

Candiria will be releasing a rare tracks record this year. There's currently no official release date or title yet, but the band is in the process of putting together a collection of obscure tracks, live improvisations, and more. As previously reported, the band is also in the process of putting together a Candiria remix/re-inventions record including contributions from Dalek, Kayo Dot, Dub Trio, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dysrhythmia, Indecisions, Spylacopa and more.

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Candiria Recruits Isis, DEP For Remix Album

Candiria has announced a handful of artists that will participate in their upcoming remix album, which will "include remixes by members of Candiria and other artists." The following have been revealed thus far:

Dillinger Escape Plan
Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia)
Kayo Dot
Tim Byrnes (Friendly Bears)
Navicon Torture Technologies

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Ex-Candiria Members Announce New Band

New York-based hard rock act HOPE KILLS FEAR featuring former Candiria vocalist Carley Coma and drummer Ken Schalk are currently recording new material with producer Mike Barile (E Town Concrete, Candiria, 40 Below Summer) at Barile's Sweetfire Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

When speaking about the current status of HOPE KILLS FEAR, Coma had this to say: "We're focusing on writing songs that deliver a strong and powerful message. Songs that inspire and resonate with the listener. The band's name says it all."

Two new HOPE KILLS FEAR tracks — "Save me" and "Will to Live" — have been posted online on the group's MySpace page.

A video interview with Coma and guitarist Julio Arias can also be viewed online.

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Candiria Singer Forming New Project

Candiria frontman Carley Coma is currently seeking musicians to audition for a new rock/metal project. Here's an official statement:

"I'm looking for guitarists and bass players in the tri-state area to join my new musical project. Must be able to play rock/metal. If you are interested you can contact me here. Take a listen to Candiria's 'What Doesn't Kill You' album to learn 'Nameless King.' Please, only reply if you are serious."

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Candiria Album Still Shelved

The May 2007 issue of Decibel magazine features an informative Candiria article. The piece details the "demise" of Candiria following their serious van accident in 2002.

Of particular interest to Candiria fans is the status of the group's final album, "Kiss The Lie." Candiria's record label, Type A Records, remains hesitant to release the album since Candiria drummer Kenneth Schalk is no longer in the band and the rest of the group refuses to tour without him. Type A president David Bendeth explained his position to Decibel: "Half the reason people loved this band was because they were great musicians who really came into their own playing live. Right now, I have the record and I am waiting to see what shakes out as far as trying to sell this to people without a band. That's about it. It will take some time to sort out, but it will come out eventually. Right now, there is no need to engage in speculation and report useless info."

For his part, frontman Carley Coma is optimistic. "I think the record will come out eventually. It's just going to take a lot of... patience," Coma tells Decibel. Meanwhile, Coma has since formed a new band with former Candiria touring guitarist Steve Fakelman, the details of which remain unclear.

Finally, since a jury awarded them $29 million during a lawsuit related to the van accident in April of 2005, Candiria is believed by many music fans to be comprised of multi-millionaires. In reality, Decibel states that the band hasn't yet received the money since the case is still in litigation.

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Candiria Album Delayed

Candiria continues to operate in a holding pattern following the departure of drummer Kenneth Schalk earlier this year. Guitarist John Lamacchia has issued the following update:

"If you are not already aware, Ken Schalk has left the band. It's heart breaking I know, but he needed to explore new things. So Ken, we wish you all the best.

The new album, 'Kiss The Lie,' is now on hold because of the lack of a touring band. The label does not believe this record will sell enough copies without a touring band to justify a release. Therefore they are reluctant to release it. We are trying to come up with a marketing plan and a budget that will satisfy both the label and the needs of the record.

This is where we are at this point. As soon as we figure this out we will let all of you know. The new record is great and different and new and the artwork is beautiful so I personally can't wait for people to hear it. The line up for the record is as follows...

Carley Coma
John Lamacchia
Michael MacIvor
Ken Schalk
Eddie Ortiz

I am trying my best to keep this thing alive to get this new record out to you all."

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Spylacopa Post New Tracks Online

Ambient/electronic act Spylacopa has posted some new material. The band is led by John LaMacchia (Candiria) and includes Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato, Chris Hornbrook of Poison The Well and Jeff Caxide of Isis. You can check out the songs on their myspace page.

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Candiria Drummer Comments On Departure

In case there was any doubt, drummer Kenneth Schalk has confirmed his departure from Candiria earlier this year. Speaking with fans on the forum of Candiria's website, Schalk chronicled the past year and a half of his life with the following:

"I didn't leave the band for God if that's what you think. I left the band because my personal life was suffering in many ways because of my commitment to the band.

February 2005: My feelings for leaving the band started here when Eric left. At that point a piece of our foundation had been taken away. Can a building be its strongest with an incomplete foundation?

March 2005 - October 2005: Many things like a ridiculously mind and heart draining lawsuit and trial, along with not touring or even writing music put me in a state where I didn't even consider us a band.

June - October 2005: Before we went to England, we experienced a rollercoaster of tour potential bullshit that made me think how horrible our manager and record label were and my views of our business became tainted. At this point I really wanted to end the band or leave. With the 2 weeks in england which finally happened afterall, we had a chance to revive our energy but it didn't work for me.

Nov 2005: After that tour, we had to drop one of the guitarists we were working with and try again to come up with another plan to keep this band alive.

Dec 2005: So we figured let's write a record. Carley recruits John to help Carley write.

Jan 2006: We put together John and Carley's music into an album. In the process, my girlfriend (and someday my wife) tells me she can't live this way anymore and I have to decide what I feel is right.

February 2006: Candiria - pretty much burnt out in my opinion and probably will not be too active much longer in my life. My girlfriend - someone I want to be with the rest of my life. So I made the obvious choice and gave up Candiria to salvage a relationship that is priceless to me. I can always keep making music but when you love someone unconditionally, you can't let that get away.

March 2006: I'm in California and my mind is swirling with so many personal toughts that I'm the most stressed and tense I've ever felt in my life. I reach a state of personal confusion.

May 2006: Waiting for my girlfriend's car to get fixed, I look up to the sky and call out to God and start the road to healing.

August 2006: Staying focused with God, evolving again as a human and embracing the experience I am a part of. I truly am back on a path in life. Putting my spiritual health first again takes out my decisions of selfishness like greed or desire or lust. Naturally I'm not perfect so I expect to keep making mistakes until I can either fully cleanse myself or die as best a human as I could be on this earth-inside and outside."

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Third Drummer Nation Announced

The drummers from Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Candiria, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, Unearth, As I Lay Dying and more will all be featured on the upcoming third installment of the "Drum Nation" series. Dubbed "Drum Nation Volume 3", The effort will see a release on August 15th through Magna Carta and along with audio, will also feature various off-color video footage from the participants. More on it can be found here.

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Candiria Finishing Up New Album

Candiria will begin mixing their new album tomorrow in Brooklyn with Michael Barile (E-Town Concrete). Titled "Kiss The Lie," the effort was recorded at Jupiter 4 Studios and Purple Light Studios and was produced by Candiria's John LaMacchia and Carley Coma. The mixing process should take less than two weeks, with mastering to follow directly. No release date has been set thus far.

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Candiria Near Completion of New Album

Candiria have finished recording a good portion of their upcoming album, which they hope to release this summer. Here's an update from the band:

"It's been brought to my attention that we really haven't made any real attempt on getting concise info out about what we have been up to since the new year has begun. So here goes. This should give you a bit of an idea.

We started out writing new material in Jupiter 4 Studios during the first few weeks of January. Jupiter 4 is the studio owned and run by Ken Schalk and his brother Steve Schalk. We used the time there to write as much music as we could come up with. We then tracked drums there to about 16 different songs/peices of music. We also used this time after the drums were tracked to work out vocal ideas and let Carley do scratch tracks.

From there we took the recorded drums and went to see our old friend Mike Barile over at Purple Light Studios. We have always loved working with Mike and we new that we were going to get the sounds we wanted if we recorded with him. The combination of his gear and the gear we own is just phenomenal for what we are trying to accomplish.

We spent the next few weeks recording all of the bass and guitar tracks. Then allowed Carley some more time to work on more vocal ideas and lay down some more scratch tracks to see where we was at with all of the songs.

And that friends is where we are at today. We move on to the real vocal sessions in a week or so. And from there we are in the home stretch. I think there is a great chance of this record seeing an early summer release."

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