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Latest Rorcal News

Below is our complete Rorcal news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Helvete Underground Festival Announces Band Lineup

The organizers of the Helvete Underground Festival have checked in with the following announcement about the lineup:

"Renowned worldwide for the past 30 years, the Swiss black metal scene owes its fame primarily to bands like Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Samael. In parallel to the major formations mentioned above, the Swiss black metal scene did not know any peace between the formation of Hellhammer in 1982 and today. Quite the contrary.

"More than 30 years after its first black metal band was born, a handful of activists from Geneva’s underground culture are gathering to organize a major cultural event which focus is to rehabilitate and pay tribute to black metal, this hidden part of Switzerland’s musical heritage.

"Therefore, it’s with infinite honor and pleasure that we announce you the full line-up for this very unique three-days celebration.

"With the likes of Darkspace, Borgne, Bölzer, Rorcal, and many more, we intend to pay tribute to the greatest facet of the Swiss underground black metal scene.

"Extreme music fanatics worldwide: welcome to the Helvete Underground Festival. Please reserve the dates - October 2-3-4 - and organize your trip to Geneva, Switzerland, for this is going to be one of the greatest extreme music festivals of the year."

Full details and ticket information can be found at the festival's website here. More...

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Rorcal Re-Issuing "Vilagvege"

About a year after its LP limited release, “Vilagvege,” the latest album from Swiss black/doom metal outfit Rorcal, is about to be repressed as a CD digipack edition for the first time this spring.

The CD version will be out on April 15th, 2014 with the help of Bleak Recordings from Portugal, the French Lost Pilgrims Records, WOOAAARGH Records from Germany, Hellthrasher Productions (Poland) and Calofror Records from Switzerland.

In the meantime, the album is still available for full streaming in the Bandcamp player below. In other news, the band is also currently working on a split LP with Process of Guilt. More...

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Rorcal Announces New Album

After two years on the road defending "Heliogabalus," along with working on split collaborations and wtiting new music, the time has come to finally announce the third album by Rorcal. The following press release was issued about the band's upcoming "Vilagvege" album:

"As most of you have noticed, Winter has come... and so will 'Vilagvege!' A subtle blend of old drone/doom ingredients and some new unexplored black metal influences finally gave birth to eight new tracks, produced by Stéphane Kroug (at Wood Recording Studio) and place in the hands of to be reunited under the sweet name of 'Vilagvege.'

"For the fist time, Rorcal is happy to release this new album on vinyl, in close collaboration with its own imprint Cal of Ror Records (Lilium Sova), Sick Man Getting Sick Records (Alaskan) from Germany and the new french label Lost Pilgrims Records (Cortez). A tape edition will follow on the Germany Wolves in Vibrancy Records (Ilydaen).

"The release is planned for the 28th of February 2013 and will be followed by a new tour through European soils, from March 27th to the 6th of April. Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium: be prepared, Doom is upon you!

"Did we mention that two tracks are now streaming on Bandcamp? Click of the artwork below and spread the word." More...

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Rorcal Streaming New Split Song

In 2011, Rorcal released a first split CD with Solar Flare, today, the second of the four parts of the Rorcal Split Series is available through Cal of Ror Records (Lilium Sova). The following press release was issued about the split:

"This time, we have 3 bands, 3 tracks, 3 approaches. In the aim of creating something special (or uncreating for others), this collaborative work has been a very long process to visualize something more than just a gathering of songs with single identities. But rather to shape a story through 45 minutes of darkness, atmospheric, violent and hysterical waves of sound and screams. Opening with Profond Barathre, followed by Rorcal and finalized by Malvoisie.

"3 chapters to be discovered in one straight listening. The release is presented in a very limited handmade digifile CDr (only 200 copies) in the same format as the collaborative CD released with Solarflare."

The split is available for streaming in the SoundCloud player below, or it can be ordered at this location. More...

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Rorcal Streaming Split Release

A few weeks ago, the Rorcal guys and Solar Flare (side-project from Impure Wilhemina) locked themselves for three days in a humid basement (Rorcal's practice room actually) to write and record a collaborative track sounding as heavy as it could be with 2 basses and 3 guitars supported by drums and vocals from Mordor. All has been mastered again by Raph Bovey who produced "Heliogabalus" album last year, and they might be even close to making an Uruk-hai cry for mercy. The band's publicist issued the following press release:

"As concept and guideline, the two entities found inspiration in the poem 'La Ronde sous la Cloche,' taken from the book 'Gaspard de la Nuit,' written by the french poet Aloysius Bertrand… although the legend says that this book was probably written by the devil himself. His text drags you into a world between nightmare, hallucination and darkness which we tried to reproduce musicaly.

"The release is presented in a very limited handmade digifile CDr (only 200 copies) format featuring tracks from Solar Flare and the collaborative song. Exclusively available on Call of Ror label's eshop and for entire streaming on SoundCloud."

Rorcal & Solar Flare by Rorcal & Solar Flare

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Enslaved And Watain To Play Swiss Inferno Festival

Enslaved, Watain and Shining are among the confirmed bands for the Swiss edition of the Inferno festival, set to take place February 25-27 in Lausanne. The event is produced by Headstrong Music and Les Docks. It will include three days of live performances, exhibitions, a metal market and a conference.

This event will be held at Les Docks and Le Romandie in Lausanne.

Friday, February 25 at Les Docks:

Saturday, February 26 at Les Docks:

Sunday, February 27 at Le Romandie:

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Rorcal Writing New Concept Album

Doom band RORCAL is currently in the final writing phase of their second album to be recorded in July 2009. This will be a concept album entitled "Heliogabalus," the name of a Roman emperor that reigned during the fall of the empire.

Thundering records describes the effort: "For this album, RORCAL decided to dive the deepest possible in the darkened abysses of their creative minds. One track. One hour of a music that mutated from Doom/Post HxC to Doom/Drone, closer than ever to major acts such as SUNN -O)))) or NEUROSIS. Slower but also louder, rougher and furious and a thicker sound made with new lectronic instruments such as Kaospad, oscillators, mini-Korg."

The first album of RORCAL, "Myrra Mordvynn Marayaa," is still available on Thundering Records online store, on Amazon, or in digital format through Believe.

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