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From: Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Malpractice Streaming New Track

With the release of Malpractice's fourth studio full-length, "Turning Tides," just over a month from release via Sensory Records, the album's first single has been released online.

Listen to "Weight Of The World" at Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles here. Sensory Records will release "Turning Tides," the first ever worldwide release from Finnish progressive thrash metal outfit Malpractice, on September 16th, 2014.

Recorded by the members of the band -- the lineup featuring members of renowned metal acts Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium -- at various locations, "Turning Tides" was produced by the band's Joonas Koto and Toni Paananen and engineered by Koto, then mixed and mastered by Anssi Kippo at Astra-Studio A. More...

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Malpractice Reveals New Album Details

Having announced a new partnership with American progressive metal outlet Sensory Records earlier this year, Finland’s Malpractice now officially confirms more details on impending fourth album, "Turning Tides."

Sensory will release "Turning Tides," which is Malpractice's first ever worldwide release, on September 16th, 2014. Stand by for audio samples and additional info on the album in the coming weeks. The label also comments:

"With nearly forty-five minutes of brand new material, Turning Tides represents Malpractice at the band's absolute best, combining intricate progressive metal with catchy melodies topped with excellent musicianship and brilliant vocal harmonies.

"Professionally recorded by the members of the band — the lineup featuring members of renowned metal acts Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium — at various locations, Turning Tides was produced by the band’s Joonas Koto and Toni Paananen and engineered by Koto, then mixed and mastered by Anssi Kippo at Astra-Studio A and enshrouded by intriguing artwork and design work by Miikka Tikka." More...

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Malpractice Reveals Album Cover

After signing to Sensory Records earlier this year, Malpractice is now ready to announce the release of a new album.

"Turning Tides" will officially see release this coming September 2nd, 2014 and now you can check out the cover artwork below.

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Malpractice Signs Record Deal

As the label continues to investigate the progressive realms of the heavy metal universe, New Jersey-based Sensory Records confirms that Finnish quintet Malpractice has become the newest addition in the roster. Sensory issued the following statement:

"Formed in 1994 in Kouvola, Finland by guitarist Joonas Koto, Malpractice tarted out as a thrash act. Following the release of self-financed debut MCD, Memorial, in 1996, the band cast aside their most aggressive influences and opted to explore a more progressive direction, which was apparent on their second MCD, Frozen, released later the same year. Without a deal in place, Malpractice recorded an album's worth of material in March 1998, which became their first full length album, Of Shape And Balance, released via Mastervox Records in September of that year.

"Following a brief hiatus, and reactivation in 2004, Malpractice signed with Spinefarm/Universal. This also began the band's cooperation and friendship with producer/engineer, Anssi Kippo at Astia Studio (Children of Bodom, Sinergy, Norther, etc.), with the recording of their second full-length, Deviation From The Flow, and into the 2008 release of their third album, Triangular, which not only expanded their forward-thinking style, also reinvigorated some of their early thrash elements.

"In 2010 the band self-produced their own outstanding demo, which eventually became their fourth album, Turning Tides. As their contract with Spinefarm was expired, the band sought new pastures, and given the more melodic and progressive nature of their style, found solace in Laser's Edge offshoot, Sensory Records, who is now preparing Turning Tides for proper worldwide release this Summer.

"Turning Tides represents Malpractice at their absolute best, combing intricate progressive metal with catchy melodies topped with excellent musicianship and brilliant vocal harmonies, and a must-hear for fans of Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater and Megadeth."

Final release details on the "Turning Tides" album will be released in the near future.

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Malpractice To Record New Album

Finnish act Malpractice has returned from a lengthy break and is beginning the recording of a fourth album in April at Astia-Studios in Lappeenranta, Finland. Malpractice's deal with Spinefarm-Universal ended in early 2011, and the band still has a full album's work of material left over from that time.

“We decided not to just sit on this gem we have written. This kind of an album totally deserves to be released,” states band’s leader Joonas Koto.

Malpractice will begin recordings without a record deal and just like on previous album “Triangular," the producer duties will be shared between guitarist Joonas Koto and drummer Toni Paananen.

“We don’t know when or who will release the album yet but it will come out eventually one way or another," adds Joonas.

Recording updates and further details on Malpractice can be found at the band's Facebook profile.

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Malpractice Writing New Material

Finland's Malpractice has issued the following update about writing new material:

"Here's the latest newsflash from the Malpractice camp. We are currently writing material for our fourth studio-album. We have already four full songs written which means about 30 minutes worth of new kick-ass material! The next album is planned for the beginning of 2010.

"Meanwhile, since the 'Triangular Tour' is over, check out the 'Triangular Tour' diary from our forum. The diary is in English and Finnish. You can also observe how the songwriting process is progressing from the brand new Studio Diary 2009 section which is being updated along the way."

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Malpractice Issues Band Update

Finnish band Malpractice has issued the following band update:

"We are not dead!!!

"Hey there folks! After a short break we are back in business! We're happy to inform you, that at the very moment Malpractice is writing new material. Jope and Toni got together on May 21st to check out some riffs and to jam, just to see how much material do we have to start with. And things started to happen really fast. After 1 ½ hours at the rehearsal place we had our very first new Malpractice song done!

"During that two day session we recorded about 10 minutes of material and so far everything rocks like hell! So it looks really good… The new stuff is pretty odd, but if you like the ”Triangular” stuff, you will definitely love the new stuff as well! We are on fire!

"At some point we are gonna release (yes, yet another…) diary about writing, arranging, rehearsing and finally (sometime in the future) recording the new stuff, so you can follow how we progress in making of the next Malpractice album. But please be patient, it still might take a little while before it’s in stores…

"Meanwhile, check out the Triangular-Tour Diary, to see how the last leg of that tour went. Toni will add the rest of the diaries there soon and Jope will translate them in English shortly after."

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