"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2006
From: Bahrain
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Dhul-Qarnayn News

Below is our complete Dhul-Qarnayn news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Strychnine Added To Satanica Records Compilation

Washington metal act Strychnine has been added to the upcoming Satanica Records metal compilation. Strychnine will be adding their song "Legions of Lucifer" and a cover of Venom's "Black Metal." The currently announced track listing for the upcoming compilation is as follows:

1. Omen - Wrath of the black witchery
2. Selonath - Spero
3. Wolfherr - The blackness of night
4. Astral winter - Illustrations of death
5. Valkynaz - Stimmen von des absteigenden nebels
6. Perpetual dawn - ...Of night
7. Crescent moon - Dew
8. Hate moon - The white knight
9. Abismo - Cease to exist
10. Affliction gate - Knights
11. Avertia - The wedding
12. Buer- Nihil
13. Blackspell - Eternal winter to my soul
14. Dark theory - Darkness below
15. Dhul-qarnayn - Perdition
16. Godless - I am Satan
17. Grimacabre - Ugly within
18. Infernal moon - Crossing the footpath hell
19. Morbider - Bloodstained
20. Morgvir - Towards the black horizon
21. Naetu - Misanthropic nightmare
22. Nostra - Ame glacial
23. Noz diloar - Karriguel an ankou
24. Rever - Understand death has no use for time
25. Shrine of ammon - Shadow of a fallen angel
26. Strychnine - Black metal (venom cover)
27. Strychnine - Legions of lucifer
28. Throne of malediction - Red death
29. Wake to the mourning - Operation to enlighten the mind
30. Winterblast - The empyreal abyss
31. Azordon - Doom II
32. Necrolust - Reign Of Devil
33. Moon - Forest Samhain
34. Ophidian Forest - Pagan Pride In Hell
35. Zebulon Kosted - Dragons Blood Part I
36. Subterra Demort - Apostle Of Lucifer
37. Rotting In A Open Field - Demon Inside
38. Dechristianisierung Europas - Keiner Weint Nach Dieser Stunde
39. Super Black Object - Bathe In Black Light
40. Brutal Death Fuck - Children Of The Necronomicon

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Dhul-Qarnayn Calls It Quits

Bahrain-based black metal band Dhul-Qarnayn has issued the following update about disbanding:

"After the last split release with Firth of Damnation is complete and released, Dhul-Qarnayn will disband in the near months of 2010 for personal reasons that cannot be disclosed, this is not the end of any my musical endeavors, just the end of the chapter that is Dhul-Qarnayn. I sincerely appreciate the gratitude of those who have appreciated and followed my art from the very beginning."

You can hear sample Dhul-Qarnayn tracks at the band's MySpace page.

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Dhul-Qarnayn Offering Split Album For Download

Bahrain-based black metal band Dhul-Qarnayn has made their recent split with Plaguebringer available as a free download here. The band also issued the following statement about the split:

"The Faithless Laceration of Light is the split album between Dhul-Qarnayn and Plaguebringer from Thailand, originally intended for release in early 2009, but was delayed due to the bands locations, the split was independently released by both bands on July 10th.

"'From Chaos' is taken from the Beyond Human Malice EP. 'March of the Black Mass' is an original composed track for the split."

The track listing is as follows:

Side A: Plaguebringer

1. Infernal Plaguebringer (Intro)
2. Leprosy Sex Slaves
3. Mortals to Serve

Side B: Dhul-Qarnayn

1. March of the Black Mass
2. From Chaos

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Dhul-Qarnayn Offering Free Song For Download

Bahrain-based black metal band Dhul-Qarnayn is currently offering the single "Rising Eastern Legions" online as a free download. The track can be downloaded here.

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