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If He Dies He Dies

From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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If He Dies He Dies Breaks Up

A month after the departure of their guitarist, If He Dies He Dies has announced their plans to disband. Here's the full explanation from the band:

"Today, June 5th, 2009 we regretfully announce that IF HE DIES HE DIES will no longer be a band. A month ago we told everyone that a guitar player had been let go and that we were more motivated then ever to attack our common goal of being a touring, working band with our new guitar player Addison Eilers. We practiced hard in a short amount of time and turned in a great performance opening for The Used at the Orbit Room on May 16th, to 1,367 crazy fans. Everyone in the band felt that we were back on track and ready to take on anything and everything. Following that show, we got on to booking a great number of shows through the summer and were in talks with a couple of different major label bands about opening out first full fledged American tour in September. With all of these obligations on the fore front we sat down to discuss the next move for IHDHD and as the discussion carried on it became very evident that not everyone was on the same page. The more things were discussed it become very apparent that the original focus and belief of IHDHD wasn’t carried in everyone’s heart anymore. So instead of having what IF HE DIES HE DIES achieved cheapened by a constantly changing line up, it has been decided to bring it to an end now and let those that want to continue on do so with a new aggressiveness.

"We want to thank Jeff Vandenberg and Friction Records for believing in us from the beginning and helping us try to realize our dream. We would also like to thank Mike D. Williams & Marc Paffi for performing on our albums and lending us a little class. To Brian Mercer, Scott Hull, Steve Austin, Tommy Jones, Jeff Brinn & Lance Eichler thank you for making us sound and look like we knew what we were doing.

"We would definitely like to thank every fan, band, promoter, booking agent and anyone else that believed in what IHDHD did over the last five years. I wish I could say that we gave it everything we had and that you saw the best IHDHD had to offer, but it wasn’t even close.

"We are going to perform two final shows to say goodbye to everyone in the way IHDHD knows how to do best, which is live. All the details are below and we hope to see everyone that can make it out to get their asses there. Good friend and fan Brian Mercer is saying goodbye by giving us an exclusive limited edition poster design that we will have for sale at both shows. They are going to be very limited, so make sure to look for them early. We are going to be filming and recording both shows for a possible posthumous DVD / CD project. So come make some history with IHDHD.

"On a side not look for the new project from Daine, Addison & Ephraim in the coming months. The ride isn’t over yet." More...

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If He Dies He Dies Parts with Guitarist/Vocalist

If He Dies He Dies has posted the following regarding the departure of guitarist/vocalist Tom Eilers:

"Now that all the dust has settled and things have been confirmed, If He Dies He Dies as band (family) would like to settle any and all rumors regarding the departure of guitarist/vocalist Tom Eilers. It was not a planned event by any means and actually came on rather sudden, but ultimately everyone involved was unhappy and Tom and the band parted ways amicably with no hard feelings on either side.

"We would like to extend our gratitude to Tom, his family, for the continued, unwavering support, and all of the friends and fans that we have gained through our time with him. Tom definitely helped shape the current sound of IHDHD through genuine emotion and natural talent. We wish him the best of luck in any future endeavors. He will truly be missed.

"With that being said, we have no intentions of disbanding, but we definitely need to re-evaluate, re-up, and continue our journey as IHDHD. For the mean time our good friend Addison Eilers (yes Tom’s cousin) of the band Ephus, has stepped in to help us fulfill our live show obligations. We have had some last minute, marathon practice sessions to be prepared for tonight’s show with The Used."

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