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From: Louisville, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Panopticon news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Full Lineup For ‘Northwest Terror Fest’ Announced

The full lineup and daily stage times have been announced for the 2018 ‘Northwest Terror Fest‘. The festival will be held across Neumo’s, Barboza and the Highline in Seattle, WA from May 31st to June 02nd.

Thursday – May 31st:

10:10 – END – Panopticon
08:50 – 09:30 – SubRosa
07:35 – 08:10 – False
06:30 – 07:00 – Pillorian
05:30 – 06:00 – Dreadnought

09:30 – 10:10 – Witch Mountain
08:10 – 08:50 – Woman Is The Earth
07:00 – 07:35 – Fall Of Rauros
06:00 – 06:30 – Ragana
05:00 – 05:30 – Eye of Nix

Thursday after party:

12:30 – END – Danava
11:30 – 12:10 – Czar

Friday – June 01st: More...

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Metal & Beer Fest Announced

On Saturday and Sunday, April 22nd - 23rd, 2017, Decibel Magazine is bringing the loudest, heaviest two-day craft beer festival in the world to The Fillmore Philadelphia: the first annual Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, presented by Unibroue. Ticket info is available here.

For nearly a decade, Decibel has fostered the brotherhood between the craft beer and metal worlds with the monthly "Brewtal Truth" column written Adem Tepedelen. Now, the two worlds will be united in one glorious weekend of extreme sound and suds in Philadelphia.

Headliners include grindcore brutalizers Agoraphobic Nosebleed (Saturday) and reunited stoner doom legends Sleep (Sunday) with Municipal Waste, Pig Destroyer, Immolation, Panopticon, Withered, Khemmis, Krieg, Crypt Sermon, Falls of Rauros and Cemetery Piss rounding out a devastating weekend of intoxicated metal mayhem.

A host of craft breweries in the U.S. will also be taking part: TRVE (CO), Hammerheart (MN), Holy Mountain (WA), Burial (NC), Atlas (DC), Hoof Hearted (OH), Neshaminy Creek (PA), Burnt Hickory (GA), Hydra (SD), Tired Hands (PA), Champion (VA), Three Weavers (CA), 18th Street (IN) and Cigar City (FL). More...

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Panopticon Releases 13 Minute Album Trailer

The Nordvis label just dropped a summer surprise for Panopticon fans - a 13 minute teaser trailer is now online giving a glimpse into the beauty that is upcoming album "Autumn Eternal."

Panopticon's new album is schedule for an October 16th release via Nordvis in Europe and Bindrune Recordings in the United States. Check out the trailer below.

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Panopticon Streaming "Chase The Grain"

Panopticon has released a new track online for streaming taken off the upcoming "Roads To The North" album.

Stream "Chase The Grain" in the player below, courtesy of Stereogum.com. Pre-orders and full album details will be announced shortly. More...

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Panopticon Streaming Song From New Album

Solo act Panopticon is currently streaming the opening track from the new album "Social Disservices." You can check out the song "Resident" through the Flenser Records Bandcamp page or in the player below.

"Social Disservices" is available as a CD or DLP. The CD version comes in a high gloss digipack with an insert, while the DLP includes a small poster and an insert and is limited to only 250 units. The album was mastered by Colin Marston of Krallice. Flenser Records commened:

"Panopticon is the brainchild of one Austin Lundr, and has garnered considerable attention and critical acclaim for the project’s raw, atmospheric blend of black metal, crust, post-rock, and Appalachian folk. Aquarius Records have lauded them as 'crusty weirdo mathy abstruse black metal, a buzzing blasting pounding onslaught of Pagan fury, rife with samples and all manner of strange sonic filigree,' and their description isn’t far off. Whereas Panopticon’s earlier full-length effort On the Subject of Mortality was an internal mediation on death, and Panopticon’s 2nd album Collapse anticipated the decline of government infrastructure, Social Disservices lashes out against a broken social services infrastructure that imprisons a silent minority. Social Disservices continues the blackened crust of Panopticon’s previous effort but with a bit more darkness this time. Think black noise with a dose of forlorn gaze. This is Panopticon’s darkest record and their most aggressive." More...

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Falls Of Rauros Recording New Album

U.S. based folk/black metal act Falls of Rauros recently revealed in an interview with Lunar Hypnosis that the band has begun work on a new album, which will also include a performance by Austin Lunn of Panopticon. An excerpt from the interview follows:

We've recently begun recording a new full-length. Hopefully this won't take too long to complete, but issues always seem to come up. Austin Lunn (Panopticon, Seidr) is performing drums on this record as a session musician and he's done a great job. He really saved us from our lack-of-drummer inactivity the past couple years. Other than that, we have a track recorded for a split with Hallowed Butchery, a prog/psych/doom project also from Maine. It will just be one song by each band on this, so most likely a 7" record. Once he completes his half we'll begin searching for a label to release it. Ray decided to practice drums since finding a drummer in Maine is not at all easy. He played drums on the split track and will continue to on future recordings as well as live shows.

You can check out the complete interview at this location.

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Panopticon Issues Band Update

Panopticon has issued the following update about the "On the Subject of Mortality" box set and upcoming new material:

"Box set update: I am still waiting on the split with skagos to come in the mail from flenser records. I have all of the other pieces here, they just need to be printed and dressed and put together. I am hoping to have everything sent out before I leave for Sweden in October. If I have not received everything it will be shipped promptly upon my arrival back into the country, so it will be in your hands early November at the latest...just in time for fall!

"Thanks again to everyone who bought a box set. I am still in disbelief that every one of them went so fast. you guys rule,I am super grateful for everything you all do! Also, there are some new things in the works(in addition to the splits coming out this year!), I will make announcements soon. Take care and have a fantastic harvest, hail sif!"

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Panopticon Announces New Box Set

Panopticon has issued the following update about releasing a limited edition "On the Subject of Mortality" box set:

"'On the Subject of Mortality' box set in the works right now. There have been numerous requests for the 'collapse' box set, so I chose to do a box set for the newest record ft. Both splits, a print of the original album art (that will be on the lp) a limited t-shirt just for this release and 2 patches. It will come in a hand screened and burned wooden box, limited only to 20 hand made copies. A price hasn't been determined yet, but it looks like it will be a bit more expensive than the last box set was due to the extra stuff in it."

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Panopticon Comments On New Release

Panopticon has checked in with the following update about the release of "On The Subject Of Mortality:"

"On the subject of mortality update. S/T reissue out now! The S/T reissue is out now at Pagan Flames. New liner notes and pro packaging...no more sticky silk screened digi packs. The first half of OTSOM is in the hands of pagan flames at this point for the CD release in the form of a split with When Bitter Spring Sleeps. So, its just a matter of time at this point.

"The second half (on CD), a split with skagos, is in the process of being completed, waiting only on the artwork to be finished and skagos to get their masters to Flenser records. The vinyl version of OTSOM has been delayed due to label issues (the double LP will be a split release with labels to be announced soon) and will not be out till fall at the earliest. I'm sorry to the folks who are eager for this record, and believe me, this album finally being out is of the most importance in my musical endeavors, but at this time my hands are tied. I just have to wait and work out label issues. More...

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Panopticon Issues Band Update

Vocalist A.Lundr of atmospheric black metal act Panopticon has issued the following update about the band's upcoming releases:

"Friends, it's been a long time and I feel the need to let you guys know what I have been so busy with. After our hand fasting this fall,my wife Bekah and I traveled through Sweden and Norway, hiking and camping in the vast forests,mountains, and coastal areas of Scandinavia. We returned refreshed and with a renewed perspective. I spent much of the time since then writing and touring with Seidr, mixing the (now in the process of being mastered) ‘on the subject of mortality’ and getting ready for what is to come. I know some of you feel that I have a tendency to take on more that I can handle, so what follows will certainly fuel your fire.

"In march: Panopticon:collapse lpx2(at press!!) limited to 500 copies on color vinyl in a gatefold lp with new artwork, this record features a bonus track with guest vocals by Rob ‘the Baron’ Miller of the legendary AMEBIX. Out on Flenser Records in March. Pre-order up soon. More...

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Panopticon Announces Upcoming Releases

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following update about upcoming releases:

"Today in Louisville, its a cloudy fall day, and to welcome the season, I'd like to make some announcements: 2009 will see the release of 'collapse' on double lp out on Flensor records, with a bonus track track, an Amebix cover song, 'the beginning of the end' featuring guest vocals by Rob 'the baron' Miller from Amebix. The lp will come with a revamped lay out and color vinyl gatefold packaging and will be a limited release. 2010 will see the release of the When bitter spring sleeps/panopticon split on pagan flames, as well as a jewel case edition re-issue of the out of print self titled panopticon full length with revamped artwork and lay out,as well as new liner notes (on pagan flames).

"The 3 way split with Throndt and Skagos is still in the works, some of my contribution to the throndt material has to be re recorded,so it may take a minute. The artwork is being done by the talented Sarah Frary, so that will be a sight to behold.

"Also, I will be performing as a session musician on drums for the new falls of rauros album,and i must say, their new material is brilliant. It is an honor to me to work with such talented individuals.

"Thats all for now! Dont let the fire burn out!"

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Panopticon To Release "Collapse" On Vinyl

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following update about releasing the album "Collapse" on vinyl:

"I'm extremely excited to announce that Flensor Records (in cooperation with pagan flames) is releasing a vinyl version of the 2nd panopticon opus "collapse". The release will come with incredible full color artwork, color vinyl and will be a limited release. The 4th side of the record will feature an exclusive bonus track with guest vocals by a very very special guest who will be announced shortly,but let me tell you, this is going to be the highlight of the record.

"The track will be recorded on September 19th by skallehammeren at the cricket cave and mastered for the same quality of recording as collapse. Our guest vocalist is recording his tracks at his home in Scotland, and everything will be mixed here.

"More updates on this soon...."

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Panopticon Finishes Recording New Material

Panopticon has issued the following update about finishing recording new material:

"The new PANOPTICON is done being tracked. It's by far the most emotional, gutwrenching recordings i have done. Deviating from the folk elements of collapse ,exploring shoegaze and atmospheric elements,reveling in melancholie and introspection. it will be split into 2 split cds one w/ 'when bitter spring sleeps' on pagan flames records and one with skagos and throndt out on lundr records. It will be released as an lp on a label that has yet to be chosen. The concept of the album is dealing with spirituality and confronting mortality, facing death with a combination of realism and pagan spirituality. Some of the tracks feature readings from the Poetic Edda by goði Patrick Flannery and the final track to the album features brutal vocals performed by Jack 'pestilence' Hannert of Michigan emo violence artists FALL. More updates soon after it has been mixed and mastered. The recordings were recorded by me and will be mastered by lundr records genius SKALLEHAMMEREN and artwork done by yours truly. thanks to everyone who continues to support me on my musical exploration. You are all so very appreciated.

"2 tracks from the sessions have been posted on the mp3 player for you to enjoy. thank you for your time."

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Panopticon Streaming Two New Songs Online

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following update about streaming two new songs on their MySpace page:

"I have posted 2 new songs, one from each split. these are a deviation from my typical style and a chance for exploration on my part (which i typical for me on splits...using splits as a chance to explore new perspectives and ideas in the music) this time coming from a much more depressive, raw and shoegazer point of view. These are also the first songs that i have produced and engineered my self.

"Lyrically the songs deal with perceptions of god and spirituality, attacking organized religion and opting for the pantheist,pagan side of spirituality, as i am sure you might have guessed i would. Lyrics and explanations will be included with the actual releases.more on that soon.

"Don't let the fire go out."

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Panopticon Working On New Material

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following update about upcoming releases:

"For some reason i am not able to respond to messages on myspace. The 'body' section won't let me type in it, so i am unable to respond to anyone. Sorry for the inconvenience. All box set orders have been shipped except for a few trades and some that are going to friends. If you don't receive your box please notify me and I will respond to you the best I can.

"Also, the 'online shop' or essentially 'me selling cds and shirts via this page' is being closed down for a while. I simply dont have time to meet the demands on me and write new music for panopticon and seidr, so i am closing down till further notice.Everyone who has ordered this week will receive their stuff, I am just not taking anymore orders. The rest of the copies of the lake of blood/panopticon split and my copies of collapse will be sold via the end records, pagan flames, ear x tacy and a few other distros. If your interested in distributing cds get in touch, but there is a minimum of 5 cds or more.

"As for shirts, there will be distros that carry them and they will be posted here. Sorry to make this stuff less available,but i just simply cant keep up while maintaining my other pursuits and personal life.

"There are two more splits coming out this year and after that there will not be anything else until the next full length due some time in 2010.

"Take care and wish me luck writing. i will post samples of new material as it is completed.

"as always,dont let the fire burn out."

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Panopticon Finishes Recording New EP

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following statement about finishing the recording of a new EP:

“The new EP: ‘existence:..on the subject of mortality’ is complete. it will come out on cd as a split cd with when bitter spring sleeps. The second part of it will come out on a split with skagos and throndt Both parts will later be released on a vinyl only release as a compilation full length. No details have been worked out on the vinyl so please dont write trying to pre order it or anything. i havnt even found a label to partner with for that release,so if anyone is interested get in touch.

“This work is very different than anything ive done before. It's sorrowfull, gut wrenching and introspective... Focusing on the atmospheric end of panopticon, forsaking its darker side to yeild an atmospheric yet passionate record. I hope you will like it. If your expecting ‘the death of baldr’ or ‘i, hedonist’ you will be disappointed. it leans towards ‘speaking’ and ‘aptrgangr’ but even more in that direction.

“As for the boxes, i have received the boxes today.finally. they will be printed and finished,stuffed and shipped by the end of the week. after all orders are filled,i'm taking some time away from the stress of mail order and will be sending the remainder of what i have to distros that will be posted on this page. you guys can deal with them rather than deal with me direct for a bit,as i am taking some time away from selling cds and merch to focus on writing new material.

“Thanks for your patience and see you all soon.”

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Panopticon Comments On Delayed Box Sets Shipments

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following statement about delayed shipments of a box set release:

"The first 6 boxes have been sent out to their people. I haven't received the supplies for the other boxes, so i spent my day off this past week trying to find another place that has the type of wooden boxes i need. To be frank, I'm pretty frustrated with not having them,and im sure you guys are too, so im asking again for your continued patience while i wait for the rest of these damn boxes to arrive. As soon as they do they will be finished, packed and shipped to you guys.

"Sorry for the delay."

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Panopticon Comments On New Album Leaking

Atmospheric black metal band Panopticon has issued the following statement regarding the new album "Collapse" being leaked on the Internet:

"As some of you may know,some one has leaked the record onto the internet. the version leaked is not a final mix and master of the album. It was ripped off of myspace on ostara most likelly using audacity or some other recording program and converted to mp3s.I have seen complaints about the sound quality and this is why. if you choose to download this version ,rather than wait for the release date,you are not hearing the album the way i originally intended.

"i had specifically asked on ostara that the album not be distributed in this way for that very reason.alot of folks will not buy the album,but instead listen to this crappy ,clicking,poor quality version of the album.That sucks.

"for those of you who choose to buy the album when it comes out next month,please feel free to upload and distribute it in this way.i ask that you include the lyrics and explanations by making jpgs of the booklet and instert,to ensure that others get the concept of collapse,but in general i have no problem with my work being pirated,as long as its decent quality and after the release date.

"for those of you who took it down off your blogs at my request,my sincerest thanks are n order.thank you for not blowing me off and thank you for respecting the work i put into "collapse".for those of you who have it now,i hope you enjoy the album despite the poor sound,but i encourage you to obtain the official release,as it will be both aesthetically and sonically superior."

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